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Chapter 15: The Call


We spent several minutes just holding each other. Me, basking in the afterglow, and Seifer... well, I think he's about ready to come. Smirking to myself, I trail a hand down his body and slip it into his loose pants. He yelps and tries to push me off, "I know you want this Seifer," I whisper into his ear, smiling at the small shiver it produces. "Let me-" I pause to tug gently at his hard cock, eliciting a gasp, "let me please." He moans and nods, finally relaxing under my touch. Easily slipping the pants down to his thighs, I wrap my hand around the thick member and start pumping it, similar to the way Seifer had done it to me. I smile when he yells loudly and comes. Well, that was quick.

Looking down at the milky white liquid covering my hand I frown. It's definitely different compared to... hers, when she used to make me pleasure her in this way. Hesitantly, I bring it up closer to my face. Smells different' to... better actually. I tentatively lick it. Salty and somewhat bitter, but a hell of a lot better then hers. Lapping up the rest of the come, Squall raised his eyes, meeting the jade green of the other man's, wide in surprise. "What?"


'What?' He does all that, and then produces the most erotic display ever and he actually has to ask, 'what'?

Shaking my head, I lean in and press my lips to his, tasting myself on his tongue, I moan softly and back up before we go another round. Pulling up my pants, I look over at the seated brunet and put down a hand, "Let’s go to the kitchen. I'm suddenly famished."

"But you just ate...” I smirk down at him,

"I'm a growing boy," he blushed and ducks his head, but takes my hand, accepting the help. Both standing now, we make our way down the stairs and into the kitchen. I seat Squall down on one of the chairs around the small, square table and pull out the materials needed to make a sandwich. Turning to the brunet I ask if he wants one, to which he declines. I frown, slightly worried as I look over his incredibly slim figure. But considering he just ate a little while ago, I guess it's not that big of a deal.

Slapping together a toasted tomato sandwich, I sit across from Squall and happily dig into my sandwich. He rolls his eyes and takes the time to look around the kitchen while fiddling with the long cotton skirt covering the table.

"You're going to call dad today aren't you?" I jump and looking somewhat guilty, nod. He hums quietly.

"I figured I'd call him today since it's Sunday. Maybe we can talk some sense into him," Squall sighs, but nods. Looking down at the bright red table top. I smile weakly and reach over to grab his hand. I squeeze the frail hand gently, "it'll be okay. Things always turn out for the better when you're with Almasy!" He smiles slightly at my weak joke. I know he's worried... but there's not much else I can do.


"Shit!" I yelp, realizing that my foster parents are home. Squall's eyes widen as he looks out the open doorway to the long hallway. Where the front doorway is slowly being open.

"Squall! Hide under the table!" He scrambles to obey, quickly going underneath the small space. Moving my chair back so there's more room underneath, I make sure the table cover is neat before looking up to greet my foster parents. "Hey," I say when they finally reach the kitchen's doorway.

"Hi Seifer," my foster 'aunt' replies, while my uncle just grumbles out a,

"Shouldn't you be doing homework?"

"No, I've finished everything."

"That's nice dear," sometimes you would think she was older then hery yry young age of thirty two the way she talks. I smile weakly in reply. It's not like they're bad people... just strict. Although I don't like uncle much. Aunt isn't too bad, but when it comes to school and staying in it (blah, blah, blah) she raises a real spit over it.

I bite my lip nervously when they take their seats at the table. Aunt reaching over to the tabletop to grab the lukewarm coffee there and setting it down between her and uncle. My teeth sink in even further when I feel Squall press closer to me, his head making a bump underneath the long tablecloth when his head is almost resting in my lap, obviously trying to get away from the other feet underneath the table. Luckily, aunt and uncle don't notice. Although my cock sure is...

Shifting nervously, I reach a hand down underneath the cover to rest lightly on Squall's head. I feel him smile against my lower thigh as he leans into the touch.

Several, very long, silent, min pas pass before aunt and uncle finish their -by now- cold cup of coffee and stand up. "We're going to head to bed sweetie. It's been a long night," I nod and preteo goo go back to eating my sandwich. The pair finally head up the stairs into their room.

I sigh in relief and sag back into my chair. I try not to moan when Squall pops his head out from underneath the tablecloth, resting his chin on my knee while looking up at me. Does he have to be so damn erotic looking? Jeez... it's like looking at a live playgirl’s magazine.

"Are you going to call my dad now?" He asks, licking his lips innocently. Jesus... I swear he's going to be the death of me one of these days.

"Yeah Squall, I'll call him." The brunet nods and pushes my chair further so he can get out.

"So, where's your phone then?" I sigh shakily, cock still semi-hard from the images of Squall between my knees, as I stand up. The slim brunet follows me to the living room where an old fashioned phone sits on top of the stand beside the bright blue couch. He plunks himself down in the big comfy couch as I hesitantly pick up the phone.

Dialing the numbers as he recites them, I listen to the ring tone; the back of my neck is actually sweaty from nerves.

"Hello?" The low males voice makes me jump. God... it sounds like Squall, only a bit more masculine.

"Uhh... hi. This is Seifer Almasy."

A pause.


"Uhh... umm... I'm uh... well, I've been uh... visiting your... umm... son in the hospital."

A gasp.

"Squall! You've seen him? How is he? Do you know where he is?" He spits rapid fire questions. I try to answer them without stuttering. I can see Squall is raising an eyebrow at my speech problem that has suddenly manifested itself.

"Well, yeah, I've seen himd hed he's fine. Hell, he's better then fine," I smirk when Squall blushes, "and he's... well, he's right here."

A pause. Then loud curses.

"What the hell is he doing there?" Shit... now, why didn't I see *this* coming?

"Well, you see, it's like this..."

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