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Chapter 3: A Little Too Personal

Squall's room didn't have many personal touches. The walls were just as white as the halls outside, the floor was a plain white marble, or some kind of rock. Gauzy white curtains hung over a medium sized window, set low to the ground so Squall could see out of it. Though I don't know why he would even want to chance a look out there, the window was covered in thick black iron bars. Not the most cozy view. I wonder if the other patient's have the same treatment?

With the help of a nurse, the brunette was now lying on the bed, one wrist chained to the bed side's rails. It was a pretty sad sight. I asked the nurse why he had to be chained up all the time, but she just gave me a Look (it deserves a capital. Even if her glare isn't as affective as Squall's) and said "it's for your own safety." Sure it is.. Not like I can't take care of myself. Come on, I'm a 6'2 muscular man. And he must be around 5'8, that and he's so skinny it doesn't even look like he could throw an effective punch.

Shifting in the uncomfortable chair (I had to drag it out from next door since Squall didn't have any visiting chairs in his room), I cross my long legs out in front of me. All this white is really starting to hurt my eyes. I don't see how the guy could stand being here. I guess that's why he goes to the Lounge so often (I managed to get at least that much information out of the less then helpful nurse), that, and the windows don't have any bars to obstruct his view.

Leaning forward slightly, I grab the frame off of the nightstand. Turning it around to face me, I'm struck at the sense of familiarity with the woman in the picture. Looking at the long dark hair, (healthy) pale skin, lush lips, blue-grey eyes and slim build, I'm struck by the similarity of the woman in the picture and the man lying on the bed across from me.

"This your mom?" I ask, returning the photo back to the night stand. I raise my eyes and look over at Squall. He looks at me for a moment, cold blue-grey eyes meeting my own jade green. He eventually gives the smallest of nods, and turns over in the narrow hospital bed. Chain rattling as he tries to settle in a comfortable position with his left arm slightly bent back from his body to stay connected with the railing.

"She looks familiar." He doesn't appear to be listening, but the sudden tension in his shoulders prove otherwise. "She almost looks like the woman that took care of me when I was younger. I forget her name though, I know it started with an R. Do you know anyone with that first letter in their name?" He continues to give me the silent treatment.

"No? Well, neither do I. I was at an orphanage for eight years until some woman adopted me. I lived with her 'till I was sixteen, she died in some accident or other, and I ended up having to go to another orphanage. I'm living in my own place now, and unfortunately I still have to go to school. I only have one year left to go, then I'll be stuck trying to find a job. Unfortunately I ended up leaving my community hours until grade 12, so now I have to make it up fast. So, how old are you?"

I hear Squall sigh. I smirk, I'm probably really pissing the guy off. I'm obviously the first person that hasn't left him alone when he gave me the silent treatment and a few well placed glares. Even though there enough to send shivers down my spine, doesn't mean I'm just going to back away like a damn dog with his tail between his legs.

My musings are cut short when a nurse suddenly enters the room. "Mr. Leonhart, you called?" What? Oh, the little shit! He must have pressed the call button while I was talking.

Squall waves a hand vaguely in my direction. The petite nurse looks over at me, giving me a small glare. Heh, that's the same one that told me to 'befriend' him. What the hell did she expect? "Mr. Almasy, I think it's time to go now. Mr. Leonhart needs his rest." I snort, and move to stand up. Stretching out the kinks in my back, I give a mock salute to Squall before heading out.

"I'll see you tomorrow." The brunette sighs and rolls over again, away from the door way. Tch, bastard. Oh well, I'll be back tomorrow. I only got three hours in. And they were all spent on annoying Squall. I wonder if I can piss him off enough to talk to me? And what the hell is his problem anyway? Does he have fits of anger or something? I wonder why he needs to be hand cuffed all the time. It seem sort of cruel.


I sigh quietly. Trying to keep the handcuff from rattling in the silence of the room I shift to make myself more comfortable. The pounding in my temples makes itsenownnown again when I thump my head against the pillow in frustration. I hate this feeling of being trapped. I shouldn't even fucking be here. I shouldn't have my damn wrist chained to the cold railing.

I close my eyes when I hear the door open, obviously another of those perky nurses. God I hate them. They always act so skittish around me. Like I'm going to jump out of the bed and attack them. Yes, I think I'll just do that right now. Excuse me while I try saw this fucking handcuff off. Stupid staff. They all act like that.

I guess with what's on my personal records, I can kind of understand it. I might not like it, but I could understand why they would be so jumpy around me. I'm surprised that nurse even answered the call button as fast as she did. I couldn't stand to be with that man, Seifer was it? Any longer then necessary. And he was really starting to annoy me to. I was actually pretty close to talking to him, which is a first. And just to tell the idiot to shut up. He almost reminds me of Zell, with how he gon, on, and on, and on. Except, Seifer does it purposely to annoy me. I know that's what he was doing. Trying to wear me down, trying to see how long it'll take before I start screaming at him.

I wonder what he thinks? Does he think I'm a mute? A maniac that's a danger to the other people around him, so that's why he's chained up all the time? I bet he does. They all think that in this place. No one believed me when I kept saying I was innocent. So I just stopped talking. What was the point? I don't like anyone in this dump. There all either pumped up to heavily on drugs, like Zell. Or are delusional, like that cowboy (I can never remember his name).

I sigh and pull my knees up into a fetal position. Pulling the blanket over myself I try to shut down my thoughts and get some sleep. I know Seifer will be here tomorrow, and he'll start right back up again. Damn idiot. Why can't he just ignore me like everyone else has learned to do when I give them the silent treatment or a glare? Fuck, I have to stop thinking about all this. Especially those questions he kept asking. I don't want to talk about my family. I don't ever want to talk.

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