Where do I belong?

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Where Do I Belong?

by: UsagiSam and Taimai

editted by: UsagiSam

Disclaimer: Okies, boys an' girls, this fic contains YAOI. That's right, yaoi. Meaning two boys who fuck like rabbits. . .with each other. *gasp* Yes, that's what yaoi is. Don't like yaoi? Don't read yaoi? Now, next thing is the legal process: Don't own 'em, don't sue. You won't get much from us anyhow since the only thing in our pockets is lint. You're welcome to that though. Also, this is a cross over fic (derived from an RP) starring Squallnharnhart from FF8 (done by UsagiSam) and Tidus from FFX (played by Taimai, the ever loving Zell wonder). Wonder how these two bishounen meet? Go on and read. . .

Chapter 1: Welcome to Zanarkand!

Squall felt light headed and awfully sore. Pain radiated through his body from the battle recently fought against the Sorceress Ultmecia and the ground upon which he lay was hard against his bruised side, where he surely had broken ribs. Lifting his head up, he blinked open his eyes, light blig hig him and forcing them shut again. The last thing he remembered was wandering around a rock plain and feeling alone. . .horribly and utterly alone. He felt his chest constrict in emotional pain and something warm slid down his bruised cheek. Was he still alone? . . .Where was he?

Children began to circle around the injured teen, often poking at him with sticks and whispering idle comments.

"Who is it?" one of them asked, daringly reaching out to touch the fur collar along the black jacket.

"Is he alive?"

"What d'ya think happened to him?"

Everything around Squall though was blurred and incoherent. He was barely able to comprehend just what was going on around him.

Tidus walked quickly down the road, he was late for his game. He saw a small crowd, little kids poking at something black. The blond went over to check it out.

"Hey! Stop it!" He noticed it was a human! The tanned boy quickly knelt down beside the black garbed figure, he placed a strong hand on his neck to check for a pulse... there was one. "Hey... buddy... youre?re?"

Managing a low groan, Squall cracked open his eyes once the poking and prodding stopped. Aqua depths blinked into focus, eyeing the blond before him. "Z-Zell. . .?" he managed, voice raspy from lack of use as the word spilt forth from the chapped lips. The blond hair was really all he noticed, his vision blurring as his side gave a spasm of protest to his talking.

The blond shook his head, "No... I'm not Zell... C'mon, let's get you out of here..." His ng ang arms picked up the brunette and he carried him a little ways to a nearby bench, where he set him down then joined beside the injured boy. "Hey.. I'm Tidus... you are?"

Eyes fell shut again as brunette strands of hair fell before his tired eyes, fatigue filling his mind as he was picked up. When he felt a somewhat softer surface beneath him, the tired eyere ere revealed once more. 'Tidus' he had said? It was certainly not a common name where he was from. "Squall. . .Squall Leonhart," he croaked in reply, vision sweeping over the built form in puzzlement. "Where. . .where am I?"

Tidus scratched his head, "Squall Leonhart, eh? Hm.. mabye your from north section... your in south section E6 of Zanarkand... does that sound familiar?"

Zanarkand? ll hll his yearsualluall had never heard of a Zanarkand. Could it be he was thrown into another time? So many questions right now, though his voice and injuries refused them to be spoken. "No. . .not at all." Blinking, he shifted his postion some, black leatehr crinkling as he did so.

"Look.. uh you look like you have a nasty bump... mabye you have amnisea? Come back to my place.. we can figure it out, okay?" Tidus stood up and held out his hand. He was curious as to why this Squall person was dressed strangley and why he called him Zell.... odd.

Weakly, he accepted the hand stretched out and pushed himself into a sitting postion, immeaditly regretting it when his side convulsed in a wrenching pain. Curling up some, he cursed and wondered what had happened to Shiva and Edean and theythey were not junctioned to him. He would give anything for a Curaga now. Slowly but surely, the brunette got to his feet, wobbling a little as his head swam, a feeling of nausia sweeping over him for a brief moment.

"Jeez man.. your messed up... lemme help ya.." Tidus placed and arm around the brunette's waist to support him. "Put you arm around my shoulders. We can get you treatment soon... my mom is a nurse." Tidus moved slowly to his houseboat. They got to the door and Tidus placed Squall on the couch, "Wait here nutenute..." He ran up the ramp, "Mom!" He yelled, looking for her.

The invitation wasn't need, he collapsed onto the couch, ignoring the throbbing in both his head and side as he stret out out as comfortably as his injuries would allow. Dizziness swept over him again and this time he didn't protest as his world went awash with black and unconsciouness took over.

"Mom!!!" Tidus cried once more.

Hearing her son's calls, she sighed and put down the plate she had been washing. Padding quietly out onto the deck, she sighed and placed her hands on her hips impatiently. "Tidus, what is with the yelling?" When she did not see her son appeare gre growled and yelled his name. "Tidus!" After he husbands leave, everything seemed to be a chore with her. . . living seemed to be a chore to her.

Tidus ran over to the deck, "Mom! Get your stuff... there's a guy I found. He's hurt badly... c'mon!" The blond ran back to Squall. He looked him over. "Mom! He's out cold!"

"You found someone? Injured?" she muttered a few impatient curses as she hurried back down to collect her medical kit. "Why didn't you say so earlier?" Rushing back to where her son stood, she looked the brunette over, burshing back the strands of hair that hid the boy's face. "How long since you found him?" Her equipment was pulled from the bag and she lifted up the tattered white shirt, exposing the pale flesh that was decorated in bruises. "Help me get him undressed."

"Um.. do I hafta?" Tidus rubbed his neck slowly, "Want me to get one of your staff?" He almost immediatley knew the answer. "I'll uh get the shoes.." The young blitz star started to pull off the black boots.

She clicked her tongue. "You're beginning to sound like some nervous teenage girl that's never seen a half dressed man." Shaking her head, he gingerly peeled the leather jacket from the boy. "Tidus, lift him some, I won't be able to get his shirt off without your help."

Tidus nodded, "Mom..." He said warningly. He lifted the pale up up slowly to let his mom do her work.

Giving her son a brief scowl, she lifted the torn shirt from the injured figure, revealing pale skin, dark bruises, and a necklace of solid silver laying upon the bare chest. Frowning, she removed the heavy pendant from the brunette's neck, setting it aside with the other garmets before removing the gloves from the deceptively slender fingers. "Hm. . ." Being a doctor, she was familiar with a lot of people in Zanarkand, but. . s bos boy didn't look at all familiar. "Did he tell you his name?"

Tidus raised his head, "Yea... weird name... Squall Leonhart. He doesnt remember anything about Zanarkand... he actually called me Zell when he first saw me."

"A foreigner, maybe?" This was odd indeed. With a dismayegh, gh, she began cleaning the small cuts along the boy's figure before bandaging the broken ribs, hiding the various bruises there with the soft cotton in which Squall's side was wrapped. Rising back to her feet, she smiled at her work and began to pick up the articles of clothing she'd removed from the teen. Checking the pockets of the bomber jacket, she found a thin wallet with a couple hundred gil. Other than that, it was empty. "Hm. . .that's funny. No ID. . . no credit cards. Weird."

"Yea... want me to stay here? I can miss the game." He glanced at the clock on the wall, "Mom! You're gonna be late!"

Qucikly glancing down to her wrist, she sighed and shoved the boy's clothes into her son's arms. "Stay here until he wakes up. Make him something to eat and make sure he gets plenty of water into his system. He appears to be dehydrated." Sighing, he kissed Tidus on the cheek and collected her bag, darting out of the house in one swift motion.

Tidus nodded and waved, he quickly grabbed a cube and popped it into the replamat. He sat down on a chair watching over Squall intently.

Slowly, Squall became aware of the soft cushions under his back which was funny because the last thing he remembered was being on solid ground. With a groan, he blinked himself back into consciousness, opening the dep depths to the world again. His futile struggle to sit up was won and he leaned his back against the arm of what appd tod to be a couch. Weakly, he ran his naked fingers through the damp strands of hair in front of his field of vision. He was in a living room of some sort. His glance was casted downward towards his now bandaged torso and he frowned in pumentment.

Tidus yawned, "Good, you're awake.." He stood up and went to the kitchen to grab the tray now in place of the cube. The blonde youth brought it back. "Here..." He placed the tray beside Squall. "You need some water and fo. fe. feeling any better?" He smiled meekly.

Glancing to the blond, a look of puzzlement settled across his features before it was masked behind a stoic expression. Tidus was it? He couldn't recall, but he remembered him. Giving the room one mlooklook over, he glanced down at the food before him. He was hungry, but he was trained to be cautious at all times. The food could be poisoned or he may be allergic to whatever product that was on the tray.

Tidus shrugged, "Okay then.. well.. I'm hungry!" He grabbed a drink from the same tray and gulped it down, he then started munching on some of the food. "There is some there for you too..." He said while eating.

Leaning over to the best of abilability, Squall picked up the other glass and cradled it in his hands. If he was here. . .what happened to the others? Something tightened in his stomach and his frown deepened. Putting his thoughts away for now, he brought the glass to hiss ans and sipped the cool beverage slowly, eyes fixated on the blond. . .who in many ways reminded him a lot like Zell.

"What?" He noticed Squall staring at him. "Um... I do have a game in a bit... if you wanna go." He checked his watch, "But Mom told me to stay here.. but you are awake... erm." He scratched his neck again. "I dunno."

Game? . . .Sports weren't that common in Garden, but Squall knew of them. Gods, what time period was he in?? Removing his stare, he glanced down at the near empty glass in his hands.

With a shrug of his shoulders, Squall murmured, "Whatever." in that indifferent tone of his. He had to find out what happened to the others; that was top priority. He was unarmed, unjunctioned, and unequipped with any knowledge of this world. . .time. . . how the hell was he supposed to find the group when he didn't even know where he was?

Tidus laughed a bit, "Well I can get you a good seat! Me being the star player of the Abes and all. Mabye you'll see someone? But I will be back in a moment, gotta get dressed. You just eat your dinner." He went back up the ramp to his room, carelessly leaving the door ajar, he grabbed his uniform and started to change.

He ate what the Tidus had not already consumed, silently observing the room. It seemed like that of a normal living room. . .what one would have in a normal household. . . so, where exactly is he? Squall figured if he had gone foreward in time, possibly the room would look a bit more modernized, but. . . it wasn't. It was homey little place that reminded him of Cid's flat. Frowning, Squall shifted into a sitting position, swinging his feet onto the floor. Another world perhaps? Hm. He frowned at that, not at all liking the possiblity. Collecting the boots that had been removed, he pulled them on and got warily to his feet, precariously standing as the room seemed to spin for a moment and he fought down nausia.

Tidus came back and went down the ramp, "Whoa... I don't know if you should be up or not... need help?"

He put out his arm, in case the brunette needed to be stabalized. When it wasn't accepted he pulled back. There was a beep, and Tidus went over to a screen on the wall, he pressed a button. "Hey! I was just about to call... I know I'm late... Listen I need a good single seat ticket... I know... I'm on my way now!" He turned off the vid-phone and turned around and looked at Squall, "We gotta get going now... but I can still cancel if you want?"

Squall shook his head, declining the blond's offer to cancel his. . .game. Surveying the room once more, frowned and ran a hand through his unruly hair when he got his bearings. "My clothes?" His hand went to his bandage chest, noticing a lock of weight around his neck, thus deepening his scowl. "Griever?" It was bad enough he no longer had Lionheart, but to lose the one possession he's hinceince coming to Garden was unacceptable.

Tidus shrunk back a little at the tone, "Oh, my Mom took it off to treat your wounds. Here are your clothes and the necklace, 'Griever' is on the table beside you. I think you'll like the blitz game tonight! Its the semi finals! We are going against th-" He noticed the uncaring expression. "Well hopefully you will find someone you know..." He tossed the clothes over.

He realized that he was shrinking back into everything he had once been; cold, heartless, indifferent, and antisocial. Sighing, Squall rubbed irritably at the scar along his forehead, a habit he'd picked up when aggrivated. Glancing back at the other, the brunette caught the articles of clothing that were sent his way. "I'm sorry," he murmured. "I thank you for your hospitality and kindness."

His head was bowed in another silent thank you before he carefully pulled on the battered shirt, careful not to jar his injured side or tear anything that might be trying to mend itself. It hurt and a soft hiss escaped the clenched teeth. Damn. . .he was lucky he wasn't immobile because of the whole Ultimecia thing. Shrugging on the jacket, which was amazingly in pretty good condition, Squall snagged his gloves and pulled them on, noticing his ring had managed to stay on throughout the whole ordeal.

Tidus nodded, "Its okay! I would be irratible too if I went through whatever it is you did." Tidus opened the door, "Ready? We gotta hurry." Tidus went outside gasped then ran back in, shutting the door. "Fans... this is gonna be more difficult than I thought..."

"Fans. . .?" he blinked at the other. Sports were never that popular but, there were groupies/fans for those who were in the Garden's Sparring Commission. He and Seifer had joined when they were juniors, but spotlight had never been one of Squall's favorite ways of recognition. Slipping on his necklace, he shot the other a side ways glance before leather clad fingers went to rub at his scar again.

Tidus shrugged again, "The stadium is close.. but I'm sure we can try to get past em... ready?" He opened the door, "You may need my help again."

Squall was not in any condition to be running, never the less, he nodded his head and slowly made his way to the opened door. The mass of people gathered outside the boathouse though, was not expected. By fans, he thought Tidus meant maybe five or ten. . .not fifty or a hundred. Stormy eyes went wide for a moment as if this were a shock to him. . .which it was really. They were like teenieboppers or something. The kids that hang out in front of stars' houses in hopes to see them or get their autograph; in short the whack jobs that were obsessed with certain people.

Tidus smirked, "Told ya..." The blonde waved at some people and smiled, he whispered to Squall, "It's not that bad today..." There was a flash and some reporter smiled, to his buddy, "Good story! Blitz player goes gay!" Tidus just glared at the man, "This is a friend... he is going to the game... period." He then led Squall to the clearing and they walked undisturbed down the road.

Gay??? Aqua depths narrowed and Squall swore under his breath. He would give anything for a Firaga and a Curaga right now. The latter for himself and the former for the journalist who accused them of being together. Following silently alongside the other, he glanced occassionally to a couple of screaming girls, blinking at their stupidity. With a sigh, Squall glanced up at the blond. "Are all your fans this immature?" One brow arched when a woman flashed them.

Tidus shook his head, "No the smart ones know to stay away... and they email me or something."

He sighed. If he wanted to get back to his day and age, he would need to know how his world worked, whether he wanted to or not; it was more the latter than anything else. "What sport did you say you played?"

"I play the best sport in Zanarkand! Blitzball!" He smiled proudly. "Well here we are... come on I can get you into the depth of the stadium."

Wow. Squall gaped in amazment. He'd expected some tiny field or something, but not this. . . The stadium was huge, far bigger than both Galbadia Garden and Balamb combined. The structure and size awed him for he'd never seen something quite like it. He could only nod and follow silently behind Tidus as he was led into the massive dome.

Tidus grabbed something from the wall, "Wear this, so security doesnt kick you out." He passed the card back. "I'm going to the locker room, oh!" He fished something out of his pocket, "Your ticket as well." He passed that back too. "You wanna stick with me or go find your seat?"

Squall sighed and glanced around then back down to the ticket in his hand. He hoped he'd be able to find his seat by himself, but Tidus was his only connection in this strange new world. As much as he didn't want to, he decided it was best to stick with the blond. "If you don't mind, I'd like to stay with you?" It would be total chaos if he ended up getting lost in this collossal arena.

"Sure, when the game starts I can get someone to help you to your seat." He grinned,"Its first row." Tidus went in the locker room and held the door open.

Stepping in through the door which was opened for him, Squall made himself a position against one of the wall, arms folding over his chest as he stared silently at the floor, thinking over his plans on what should be done now that he was stuck in a world he knew little to nothing about. Plus, he didn't want to become an inconveinance to the boy.

Tidus nodded to his teammates and pointed at Squall. "This is Squall Leonhart. I gave him my guest ticket for tonight." He went next to Squall, "Squall, these are the Zanarknd Abes! Best team in the city!"

Glancing up at the team introduced to him, he tilted his head in silent recognition before his stare went back to the tiles beneath his boots. Tidus. . .Zanarkand. . .Blitzball. . . Squall was quite a ways from home. . .

Tidus scratched his head again, "Uh.. guys we should get ready?" He glanced at the clock, "Games, now... crap... Zeal! Take Squall to his seat please." Tidus looked back to Squall, "See ya after the game?"

"Um, yeah," Squall gave a weak wave as he was led out. "Good luck."

As he was guided to his seat, Zeal asked several questions along the lines of "How'd ya meet T'?", "What 'cha doin' in Zanarkand?", "How long you gonna stay?", "Who's your favorite Blitzball team", etc... all of which Squall replied: "It's none of your business." Sliding into the stands, he sat back in the seat with a groan as his side began to throb again. Need less to say, the big security guard didn't look too pleased that he'd been brushed off. Whatever. . .

Tidus waited for the sphere pool to form. He was laying at the player entrance to the pool. The blond sighed heavily and stood up as he went up the steps, the crowd cheering like mad... he nodded as the pool formed and jumped in, blitzball in hand.

"Here we go folks! The beginning of the semi-finals! The Zanarkand Abes versus the Duggles! As the game starts off we have the Abes' star player Tidus with the ball! It looks like this is going to be a good session for them this year. They've got a record of four wins and zero losses. Anyone against these guys should know they're dealing with legends. As you all know folks, Tidus, the star player of the Zanarkand Abes, is the son of the famous Blitzball player Jecht! Jecht was known. . ." the announcers voice continued on, even though Squall began to tune him out. Were these people even human?! He watched as the match took place underwater. How peculiar. . . Humans aren't able to breath when submerged in liquids, right? Still intrigued by this new world, he watched with interest as the game played on. It seemed to go by so fast. . . before he knew it, it was already half- time.

Tidus swam out of the pool. He stepped into the locker room and shook his head, "Jeez... we almost had them... crap time to go back out..." He went back to the cheering masses. The blonde looked up still soaking. He waved to Squall and chuckled a bit as he jumped back into the pool.

A small smile played on Squall's lips as he watched, acknowledging the wave with a simple nod of his head. Everyone was up on their feet cheering on the team of their choice. With all the excitement going on, he would probably be standing too, if his side didn't give him hell every time he moved. All too soon the buzzer sounded, signalling the end of the game, leaving half the crowd disappointed and half the crowd screaming in victory. What an intriguing game this was. . .

"And there you have it folks! The Zanarkand Abes win again! Thank you for joining us tonight and don't forget to buy a blitzball on your way out. Don't wanna miss getting an autograph from Tidus himself!" The crowd began to disperse at the announcer's voice and Squall patiently in his spot, watching as the pool was slowly drained of it's contents and the players headed back to the locker rooms.

Tidus shook his head, he wanted to do his main move... but decided to wait for the finals. He saw Squall still sitting in his seat as the stadium emptied. He spoke to Zeal for a moment and the bulky guard went back to fetch Squall. The blonde went back to the change room.

"Good game guys!" The whole team was excited, they were now in the finals for the Jecht Memeorial Cup! Tidus grinned to himself and started to undress at his locker.

Rising upon seeing the burly man, Squall made his way slowly up to him, waiting for his escourt to the locker rooms. Aqua depths took in everything he saw, observing and calculating. As they reached the locker rooms, he was shown in and was forced to give up his pass now that the game was over and he'd be leaving with the blond. Squall sighed and glanced up from the floor, a tinge of pink gracing his pale features when he caught sight of Tidus changing. Exhaling quite audiably, he looked away and focused on a far corner. The Blitzball player had quite a remarkable body. Like Zell, he was fit and in incredible shape, but this blond was a lot tanner than his tattooed comrade. Zell. . . Squall sighed, grief flickering in his guarded expression before it was masked all over again. He prayed they all made it back safely.

Tidus looked up and blushed. "Squall! I didn't erm.. sorry I..." He shut up and scrambled for a towel, he slipped one over himself. "I'll just be a second." He quickly put his bikini breifs on and then his teammate Toi grabbed it. "I need it man!" Tidus whined. Toi just shrugged.

The scar was rubbed in its usual ritual as he continued to stare at the blank wall while Tidus went to get himself situated. Big deal, Squall thought to himself. It wasn't as if he'd never seen a nude guy before. There were showers in Balamb Garden's locker room, after all. Well. . .this was true, but just the sight of Tidus in all his glory had him blushing faintly and his blood rushing south. It was his hormones, he told himself simply. That's it.

Tidus got dressed in his normal street clothes and he went back to Squall. "Ok.. I would hate to be in that uniform for a long time... it gets uncomfortable." The blonde had noticed the growing lump in Squall's pants but dismissed it. "Ready?"

Discreetly clearing his throat, Squall nodded and followed behind the blond as he led the way out. And who should come in their path? Why the gigantic crowd of fans of course! His somewhat noticable hard-on did not help deminish that gay rumor, either, which had the brunette glaring at each person who questioned them about it.

Tidus waved to the fans and signed some blitzballs and some posters too. The blond finally managed to get through the thick of the crowd and he waved back to them, they got back to the almost deserted road once again.

A fangirl came up and jumped on Tidus and started kissing him wildly she jumped off and screamed, "Go out with me not this stoned guy who dresses funny!"

Tidus shook his head, "I..." He was getting annoyed.

Squall sighed and shook his head, somehow remaining calm throught this whole ordeal. "We're not going out. . ." he insisted to the girl---thing (yes. . .that sounded more appropiate) latched onto the blond. The leather pants no longer seemed to confine him since the buldge that had been there was long gone, the psychotic fan girls and all the bustling around working better than a cold shower ever could.

Tidus smiled meekly, "Yea.. what is wrong with me having a friend?? Jeez..." He akwardly took the girl off her, "Here!" He gave her his autograph pen. "Please leave us alone?" The blonde started to walk to his house, "C'mon Squall..." He was really upset at these fans... they were getting crazier all the time.

With an irritated sigh, he frowned in annoyance when a little girl glomped onto his leg. He was never good with children. . .never good with people in general, let alone a five year old teeniebopper.

"Let go." The irritation in his voice was controlled, barely.

Prying the child from his leg, Squall shook his head with a sigh before making his way to the clearing. He stopped though, pausing as his side spasmed, causing him to wince in pain. He would kill for a Curaga or Potion right now. Shaking it off, he managed to continue on their way.

Tidus looked around, "Here... grabbed this from the medkit in the locker room." He tossed Squall a vial. "Sorry 'bout the fans... didn't know they would do anything.... well now that you know me almost with blitz and all... hey you an impartial viewer... how did you think i did?" He smiled a bit... 'Stop acting like an idiot!' his mind was screaming.

The item was caught and prayed it was what he thought it was. Yes!!! Squall's mind screamed in happiness, though only a miniscule smile reached his lips.

"Thank you," he murmured. If he were alone, Squall'd be doing cartwheels. Using the Hi-Potion on himself, he wd und until he felt its effects before answering the blond. "Blitzball. . .it's an interesting sport. From what I saw tonight, and considering how much the fans love you, you must be a really great player." His gloved hand slipped under the thin T-shirt he wore, gently rubbing his side, searching for any areas the potion might not have healed. Upon finding none, he gave a small nod of satisfaction before folding his arms across his c.

Tidus put his hands behind his head and yawned a bit, "Yeah.. I know what the fans think... but I want your opinion!"

Squall shrugged his shoulders, glancing around for a moment before his attention focused on the player. "It's fascinating." Again, he shrugged. "The fact that you all seem to be able to breathe beneath water also intrigues me. Your sense of style when you play. . .it's," the brunette paused, looking for the right words, "unique. You seem to be really passionate about the sport and it reflects when you play." That might have been the longest sentence he spoke since arriving here. Sighing, he unfolded his arms from their position and ran a gloved hand through his unkempt hair.

"Well the breathing part..." Tidus put a hand in his pocket and pulled out a little clear object. "This is what we use... its kind of like fish gills. It goes in your mouth..." He laughed a bit, "Someone tried to get this from me a couple of days ago... they said it could be worth 200,000Gil.. can you believe it?"

They reached the house boat and the blond walked in, flopping on the couch. "I'm exhausted... by the way thanks for the compliment earlier." He said eyeing Squall groin momentarily. "I'm joking of course."

Squall had the grace to blush at that, but it was gone as fast as it came. He had followed behind the other up until the blond flopped on to the couch where he veered around the furniture and collapsed into a large and comfy arm chair.

"Hn," was Squall's only response as he leaned foreward to pull off the fur collared jacket and throw it across his lap to hide anything that might "grow" while talking (more like listening since he really never spoke much) to Tidus.

Tidus sat up and looked around a bit nervously. "So... mind telling me what you do remember? I would like to know who this Zell person is... oh!" In a sudden burst of energy he bolted into the kitchen and came back. He tossed a wrapped item to Squall. "This should help you in anymore of my fan based encounters." He winked and laughed a bit before laid back on the couch facing Squall. "Want a drink?"

He sat up and caught the object thrown toward him (Squall seemed to notice that people liked hurling things at him, be it items or heavy objects meant to kill [i.e. Sorceress Edea]). Unwrapping it from it's packaging, he cocked a brow when it was revealed, though said nothing and shook his head, re-wrapping it silently. The brunette was never a good conversationalist, but he was a lot better than before he was a SeeD. Had he been asked these questions a few months earlier he would have told Tidus that it was none of his business.

"I was a SeeD," Squall began. "SeeD is a military group, designed for hire to protect the public." The aqua depths were hidden away as he closed his eyes, remembering what was now lost. "We were on a major assignment. . .sent to destroy a threat to society. . ." Collapsing against the unbelievably soft cushions, his lips curled back into a sneer. "Something went wrong and here I am. . . ." This must have sounded unreal to the other, but in his mind, he knew this was not just a horrible nightmare he would wake up from. Squall sighed. "Zell. . .heh. . .he was one of the soldiers in my group. A friend of mine. You look like him. . .act like him. Who knows, maybe you're some far off decendant of his."

Tidus scrunched his nose. "Well, who knows... might be..." He laughed a bit. "Well since we are on the topic of history... I am a blitzball player as you know." He repositioned himself on the couch. "My father... oh my father... you may have heard about him alittle... his name's Jecht. He was an alcohalic and he treated me an' Mom so badly... I hate him so much." Tidus brushed his hair alittle. "He.. died ten years ago... and I remember, I said to my Mom that I hate him, and didn't care if he came back...puh." The blond smiled a little, "She... said to me that if he doesnt come back... I wont be able to tell him that I hate him so much... he was just so arrogant! He.. he... what am I doing? Boring you with my stories... I'm sorry... Look I will do anything I can to help you find your place, who knows maybe you were attacked by a fiend.. one did show up last week, it was in the news and stuff."

The blond fell silent. He just stared at Squall. He thought the brunette was cute, but he didnt want to think that way... because there was this fan of his who was... homosexual... he had talked to Tidus before and complimented him... Tidus had accepted the compliment and said 'back at ya'. He was plauged by the tabloids for weeks. Now that he was seen with Squall, Tidus was afraid those things would resurface... but he didnt really care. The thing that got him though was when Squall got aroused at seeing his body... that excited him as well, Tidus just hadn't physically shown it... maybe he should to fio figure out if it was just some fluke or Squall really liked him? It would be fun to try that's for sure....

Tidus broke out of his trance to Squall giving him a peculiar expression. "Sorry." The blond said smiling, "Jus' got lost in my thoughts!" He kept smiling and asked cheerfully. "So what did you think of that thing?" The blonde asked eyeing the wra obj object.

Hn. . .at least Tidus had a father. Squall had just found Laguna, his birth father, only to find out what a whack he was. In a way, he didn't mind. . .what upset him was that the old man expected him to be welcomed with open arms when---if, he got back. A sigh escaped hips aps and he looked back down at the pepper spray which had been wound in plastic wrapping.

Stifling a hearty chuckle, Squall shook his head. "You can't tell me you actually use this on your fans?" One finely sculptured brow rose, the aqua orbs lifting to glance at the figure strewn across the couch. Whether he got an answer or not, the item was placed in one of his jacket pockets before leather clad fingers ran through the fur alligning the leather material as if to pet it like one would a cat.

"Nope... that was a joke... Check the desk beside you, its the shiny silver thingy." Tidus folded his arms under his head once again and sighed.

"Hn. . .shouldn't have given it to me, I might just use it on one of those crazy stalkers. . ." he murmured sarcastically, shifting in his spot to lean across the arm of his chair, picking up the small item and placing it in the center of his palm. It was a symbol. . .or something. An earring with some sort of emblem. It looked familiar. Arching a curious brow, he glanced toward Tidus and found a similar stud in the blond's ear. "What is this?" He was a bit tentitive to remove the hoop earring, but did so and replaced it with the gift from the Blitzball player, sticking his old one safely into the inside pocket of his coat.

Tidus didnt move. "It's the symbol of my Blitz team. The Zanarkand Abes. My dad used to play on that team... he founded it actually.... he has it tatooed on his body.. heh..." He sat up. "Hopefully it will get you out of fans ways. Those official earrings are only given out to the team members, so you won't have any security problems anymore." He smiled brightly, "Your welcome."

It was odd to be accepted so easily and so fast by the other. No questions, no comments. Squall let the stoic mask drop and a smile graced his lips. "Heh. . .thanks." Absently, his fingers went to trace over the silver emblem, studying its pattern from under the thin leather gloves.

The blonde stood up and went over to the heater. He decided now would be a good a time as any to start his little 'test'. He turned up the heat a little making it look like he turned it down. "Hm.. thing's busted..." He went over to the TV and opened up the cabinet, "Care for a little video game? I can teach you how to blitz using this..." He smiled again, "Jeez.. hot in here... mind if I take off my shirt in a lil' bit?" The tanned one smirked inwardly.

The brunette gave an indifferent shrug as the leather gloves were removed. Setting them and his jacket on to the desk beside him, he yawned discreetly, hiding his mouth behind one naked hand. "It's your house," he murmured, careful to keep his eyes away from the darker when Tidus peeled the shirt from the well built torso; wouldn't want another incident like the one in the locker room, right? Sighing, Squall rose and stretched his arms above his head, quite aware of the fact that his own skimpy shirt rose a few inches, revealing his own taut stomache as he feigned another yawn. "Hn, teach me how this. . .blitz thing works." He eyed the taller figure for a moment, wise enough not to let his eyes wander past the tanned face.

Tidus nodded and patted the floor beside him, "Sit down over ." ." He sat cross legged on the floor. "Okay.. the basics... its here on the screen... you know its funny.. this is how I learned blitzing!"

The SeeD eyed the spot where Tidus had gestured, wary to sit that close. Frowning some, he made his way next to blond, sitting himself down a few feet from the other. Unlike the Blitzball player, he wasn't able to sit in such positions because of the leather pants he wore, so he sat with one leg stretched out, the other pulled back some so he could lean foreward and wrap his arms around the knee, resting his chin there. His comrades had often found it amusing that their comander still held child like tendancies.

Tidus brought up the list and started prattling on about the rules of blitzball etc. Then he handed the controller over to Squall. "Any other parts you need clarification on? No? Okay... try a simulation game. The Abes vs... the Duggles! You get to be.. me of course!" He grinned in a dopey fashion, "Let's see how ya do."

It's safe to say, video games or simulations were not Squall's best fortè. With a soft sigh, he set the controller down to stretch his legs out in front of him. "I don't get the whole blitz thing when you've got like four people on you." He eyed tcreecreen which flashed the score 5-1. He, of course, was the latter. After having Tidus explain it again, he restarted the match, the pending score a lot better: 4-3. Amazingly, it was Squall who had won.

"See! You can do it!" He gave him a hit on the back in congradulations. "Now.. it may look easy here but.. it's quite hard on the field... maybe you can try out I mean you look fit enough." Tidus looked him over once again, "You interested?"

Until he found a way to get back home, what choice did he have? Besides, he just defeated Ultimecia, the toughest sorceress known to man. How hard could it be?

"Sure." Squall gave a shrug of his shoulders as he eyed the screen once more, still inwardly beaming at the score. He just hoped Blitzball wasn't tougher than destroying T-rexaurs.

Tidus smiled again, "Now.. how about going against a human? Much tougher than an AI..."

He turned to blink the aqua depths at him, arching a brow. "All right."

"Okay then... lemme just set this up..." He stood up and went past Squall. He came back in with another TV, he set up the wires and started it up, "Good luck... did I mention I have my all star team?" He grinned maliciously.

He was beginning to regret his decision. Squall was horrible with almost any electronic device. He'd resorted to smashing in the dashboard of Garden's control system just to get it off the ground and Tidus wanted him to go at it in virtual reality or something? The blond was asking for something in this place to be broken. . .

Tidus shrugged, "We don't hafta... but I think tommorow you should come to practice, I can show you some moves... an-" There was a spark and suddenly the TV went dead. "Aw, no!!! Not another... and we're outta fuses... oh well... looks like no more blitz today..." He sighed and got up again taking his position on the couch as usual.

Okay. . . Squall blinked and arched a well defined brow before shaking his head and rising, padding back over to the arm chair he has so lovingly adopted as his own. Collapsing his lithe frame into the comfortable cushions.

"So... now what? The TV is busted for now... at least we have food..." He yawned and streched a bit. "It's sorta late... but I dunno if you're tired or not... you can chime in any time you want.... even though--- You don't talk much... do you?"

The eyelids drooped closed, but that didn't mean he wasn't listening. "No, I'm not one to speak often. . . . My friends used to give me hell about that. I'm working on it." Usually, he would've made a non-commital grunt, but whatever. Squall gave a soft chuckle at his musings. Old habits die hard, I guess. . .

Tidus scratched his head, "Hm... I suppose I would too..." He laughed a bit. "Hey.. I just noticed something..." He got up and leaned towards Squall in the armchair, he brushed back some of the brunette hair and stared at his earlobe. The blond soon flinched back, "Sorry... jus' got lost for a minute... what I noticed was... it looks pretty good, it really compliments your necklace, you know?" He laughed a gain scratching his head, "Why did that sound so wrong coming from me?" He sighed as he usually did and layed back down.

Squall shifted in his spot, unconsciously going to rub at his earlobe, where the other had once been touching, fingering the silver piece there. "Hn," the stormy depths were revealed and he glanced back over to Tidus. "I'm just not used to compliments. . ." Especially coming from a guy, the brunette added silently. He wasn't aware of the stare he'd placed upon the blitzball player until he blinked out of his own little world. Squall did that often and it bothered him that it happened in the most awkward of times.

"Heh.. get used to it.. I'm a cheery person..." He sat up again locking eye with the brunette. "Still... it is gettin' late... c'mon I'll show you your bed.. then we can start the search tomorrow... 'kay?"

"Yeah, sure. . ." he murmured with a yawn, collecting his things as he headed over to the couch. "Um. . .thank you for. . .everything." Squall never liked charity, hated it in fact whenever it was offered to him. He believed in doing things for himself, earning what he worked for. At the moment, his principles had to go. He was sure he wouldn't have been able to survive without Tidus' help.


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