Where do I belong?

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Chapter 4: Wanna know my favorite number? Here's a clue: starts with a six, ends with a nine.

Tidus snored lightly and he turned onto his back. The blond woke up breifly, making sure Squall was asleep he discreetly removed his breifs and slid under the thin sheet covering his bed. He closed his eyes once again and fell asleep.

"Rinoa!" He was jolted awake sometime later, sitting up with a start in a cold sweat, eyes of aqua opened wide in the wake of a nightmare as he gasped for breath. The whole Ultimecia ordeal was beginning to take its toll on his mind. He huffed a tired sigh. Rinoa. . . gods. . . he hadn't thought of her until now. Maybe because the strongest feeling he had was that of a sibling. . . hm. Rubbing at his scar, Squall glanced down at his semi-clad form and arched a brow. Tidus must've put him to bed. He felt a smile pull at his lips. How thoughtful. Glancing around, the, now, wide awake eyes rested upon the figure of the sleeping blond.

Tidus moved a bit in his sleep. His snoring had subsided by now but he was drooling a tiny bit. The tanned figure rustled a little more under his sheets and finally found a position and stayed there. Meanwhile, a soft chuckle fell from Squall's lips and he climbed out of bed to pad quietly over to Tidus', standing over the blond with a small smile. This man had done more for him than his own father had in all his years. Without thinking, he reached out, wiping the salivia from the corner of Tidus' mouth with the corner of the boy's sheet.

Tidus yawned a bit and turned over falling off the bed. The blond tangled in white sheets didnt budge from his slumber.

Squall blinked for a moment, not quite sure what to do. He leaned over the fallen teen shaking him gently. When he got no response he went to help the blond back into the bed. The sheets that had been tangled around Tidus though fell, exposing the nude figure, causing Squall to drop the boy onto the ground on accident.

Tidus mumbled. "Crap.. fell outta bed again..." He said mindlessly, still half asleep.

The blond put his arm up and pulled himself onto the bed. He flopped back on his back and started snoring again.

"Okay. . ." Squall murmured as he shook his head and picked up the fallen sheet, draping it back over the blond, his hand brushing over the other's shoulder as he did so. Not like it would really wake the guy, since he fell out of bed and nothing happened. "Heh." Shaking his head, the brunette padded back to his own bed.

Tidus lifted his head, awaken from some dream. "Shit..." He shook his head. "Squall?" He whispered.

He turned to glance back down at the blond, retracing his steps to perch himself on the edge of Tidus' bed.

"Yeah?" Shifting in his spot, Squall turned on the mattress to lean over the blitz player.

Tidus rubbed his forehead. "Thought none of this happened... I figured I was dreaming... but I wasn't, that's always good that your here." He chuckled, "Sorry.. must sound crazy right now... jus' never mind." The blond put his head back on the pillow, "Damn, now I can't sleep..."

"Hm, I'm sorry," he murmured.

He hadn't meant to wake the blond from his slumber. A smile curved Squall's lips though at the comment. It was good to know he was wanted somewhere where he wasn't required to give anything back in return; though he really felt he should. "Tidus, I. . .I really don't have the expenses to pay you back. . .is there anything else I can do for you?" He could maybe work at the stadium and pay him back in small amounts or something. . .?

Tidus shook his head, he had ideas, but he knew Squall pobably had some chick back where he was from.

"That's okay... you will probably pay me back by getting my salary raised." He smiled and ruffled Squall's hair. "You most likley gonna make our team alot of money.,. which is good for all involved!" Tidus sat up fully. "Don't worry I slept in yesterday..." He brushed his hair, and it fell back into place. "Now what..."

Pushing back the long bangs, he huffed a sigh. "Hn, beats me."

Squall eyed the clock, finding that it was about early morning. They still had a good five hours before the sun would be up. Well, if he brought the team money, then that would be his way of repaying Tidus for all that he's done, mainly saving his life. Soemhow, though, he didn't think he'd be able to re-emberce the other for the latter.

"You're right...jeez." He checked his watch. "If you're tired you can go back to sleep... I can read a book or somethin... one idea is we could talk? Dunno."

Squall shook his head. After that last nightmare, he wasn't sure he wanted to go back to bed. "Talk. . .?" Once more, the brunette was still developing his conversation skills. "Sure." But who better to try it with than Tidus, who was just like Zell?

"Who is this Rinoa? Or was that jus' me dreaming again?" He raised an eyebrow at the brunette.

And this was why he didn't like to socialize. Explaining personal things were sort of hard for Squall; he didn't do it often.

"She was part of my group." He looked away for a moment. "For awhile, I swore I was in love. . . but. . . over these past couple of days, she really hasn't been in my thoughts. Which is odd if I'm supposed to be in love with her, you know?" Okay, that was a lot better than the usual: it's none of your business.

"I see..." Tidus smiled, "That musta ben hard to say... well if your interested to know." He sighed, "I had a love, once... but she... well... dumped me when Blitzball took up my time... this is actually our anniversary! One year ago we broke up..." Tidus shook his head, "I jus' don't know why..." A tear came to his eye. "Sorry..." He wiped his eyes, wetness leaving. "Next subject?"

"I'm sorry to hear that." He sighed, trying to come up with something to talk about. He couldn't 'talk-shop' with Tidus because for all he knew gunblades didn't exist here. "Um, how about current loves? With all those fans, surely there's someone else?" Unless all his fans were crazy and psychotic stalkers. . .

Tidus laughed a little loudly. "Nope... there is never time to figure out who the fans really are... to many, to crazy for my tastes... I have a feeling I won't find someone uelyuely love while I'm the star of the Abes..."

He looked at Squall who was still leaning over him slightly. 'Of course unless you were gay... I would consider it...' He thought.

"What about you? Find anyone so far?"

"Love doesn't look to me too kindly." Actually, love just liked to abandon him. Hell, Squall wouldn't be surprised to find Rinoa and Seifer back together when he got back to his own world. Laguna, Sis. . .everyone eventually leaves him.

"Sorry man... but who knows.. you may find someone here.. your life sounds like hell from where you come from..." He put a hand on the brunette's shoulder. "I should never have brought this up..." His blue eyes turned downwards. "I'll just shut up now..."

Did his life sound that bad? Wow. Squall eyed the hand on his shoulder, but said nothing.

"How long have you been playing blitzball?" A change in the conversation was needed. The brunette felt something for Tidus, he didn't need to be reminded when he couldn't even name what it was he felt.

"I have wanted to play since I was 6.. trying to show up my dad.. he wanted me to be a blitz player but was always taunting me... he started the Abes and was the star." The blond sighed, "I have been playing professionally on the Abes a yea year. But have played the sport since I was 10."

"Hn." When comparing Tidus' father to his own, Laguna sounded almost perfect. The again, Jecht didn't leave his son at an orphanage to go rule some far off country. "Well, you're good at what you do, so whatever he said must've had driven you to become what you are today." Squall noticed the look Tidus was giving him and he shrugged his shoulders. "I'm not saying teasing you was right, but it did get you to be as passionate of the sport as you are now."

Tidus shrugged as well. "You're right... but man.. why can't we ever tak about something non-depressing?" He smirked. "Sooo bored.... gotta be somethin to do... and to tell you the truth... the talk bout girls earlier..." He blushed a bit, "Kinda made me horny..."

'Good lie...' The blond told himself, 'Even though it is most likely Squall doin' it!' Tidus shook his head a bit, "Well... I gotta learn to shut up."

Squall arched a brow at the comment and said nothing for a few seconds, eyes fixating on his newly designed ring for a moment. "I'm assuming you know where the bathroom is since this is your house." It was a more. . .subtle way of saying: if you're going to whack off, I'd rather not hear about it in gross detail.

Tidus laughed. "You're too funny..." He winked. "Don't worry.. jus' stating a fact, that's all. Not lik I'm plannin on doing anything while I have a guest here!"

'Unless it's with the guest.' the blond thought.

Squall blinked. He wasn't trying to be humorous, but okay. . . "Hn." The ring was rubbed absently as they lapsed intoenceence once more.

Tidus layed back again as he looked up at Squall. "You look so ominous in this lighting, eh?" He smirked. "I was thinking... you would make a good defenceman, or possible forward... but that's my opinion... what do you think?" He arched a golden brow.

"Ominous?" Once again, he blinked. Did he really look evil in this lighting? Wow. That was sort of a comment since he had such a feminate figure and facial structure. He most likely got it from a father. Squall shuddered at the thought. To bear any resemblence to that moron was a scary idea. "Defence?" A shrug accompanied his response. "Whatever."

"Your starting it again! Dont digress into that 'whatever' thing..." Tidus scolded. "Well.. I didn't mean ominous per say.. more like... whats the word..." He stroked his chin thoughtfully. "Ah! You look mysterious! In a good way of course."

"Hn," was the curt reply before he murmured an apology. Huffing a sigh, he ran a hand through the unruly mass of brown hair. "I guess mysterious is better than looking malicious." The latter was Seifer's fortè.

"Yeah... also Squall.. stop apologizing so much... it makes people think you're muttering insults or somethin.. I dunno." Tidus closed his eyes breifly. "This is not a very productive night is it..." He glanced to the kitchen. "I was supposed to have a party tonight... damn..."

Squall nodded. He used to never apologized, Hyne only knows what got him into the habit now. Letting out another sigh, the brunette looked over to the clock once more. "You still can. . . though it's a bit late for one." Giving the clock one more look, a soft chuckle left his throat. "Actually, it's a little early for one."

"Well, you just need to people to have a party..." Tidus looked around nervously. "I did stock up the house with booze y'know.. even though I'm not a big drinker myself... my friends..." He rolled his eyes. "Interested?"

That usual shrug accompanied his answer once more, "Whatever." Realizing his mistake, he frowned and was about to apologize but paused when he remembered he'd been scolded for that, too. "If you'd like."

Tidus nodded, "Can't sleep anyway..." He sat up and slid out of bed, sheet tightly clenched to his waist. He walked over and guestured for Squall to sit on the couch. "I'll get some.." The blond went into the kitchen and pulled out some strong bottles, he poured it into glasses and went back out. "Here.."

Shifting in his spot along the plush sofa, he accepted the glass and tilted his head in a silent thank you. Squall had never been a heavy drinker. He didn't care too much for the taste. Still, not wanting to be rude, he sipped at the alcoholic beverage and did his best not to cringe at its sharpness. "This is strong," he stated simply, glancing down at the glass in his hands.

"Told ya... they picked it, I hid it... I don't drink much either... but waste not, want not.. whatever the hell that means!" Tidus smirked and drank the glass quickly, scouring only slightly. "Not the best choice..."

"Hm." Squall wasn't too keen on finishing his own glass. He didn't hold alcohol that well and this one glass would most likely leave him buzzed. Slowly, he nursed his drink, finishing his own a few minutes after Tidus before they lapsed back into silence once more.

Tidus was a little intoxicated after this and he stood up, clumsily forgetting his sheet. He walked over a bit shakily and sat down beside Squall. He looked at the brunette. "I think... that's all I'm gonna have..." The blond was completly oblivious to the fact he was naked.

Squall's brows lifted, blinking at the other's nude form and even though the other may have been oblivious, he was not. Snatching a pillow to drop into Tidus' lap, he sighed. He may have been buzzed, but the brunette was not yet at the stupor of drunkeness. "Mm, yes. It might be best to lay off the alcohol for a little while."

Tidus nodded. "Yeah.. what was the pillow for?" He lifted the pillow briefly and his eyes went wide and he started laughing uncontrollably. "Sorry! Oh Hyne.. that was so stupid of me... Ha!"

The blond sounded high, not drunk. Blinking thrice, Squall rose from his spot. "Let's try getting some sleep." The room had been strangely quiet when he first came, now Tidus' laughter seemed almost ear splitting to the once deafening silence.

Tidus got up and shook his head. "Dammit... remind me not to listen to my suggestions anymore..." Tidus grabbed his sheet and wrapped it around his frame again. "Sleep sounds good..." He went to his bad and flopped down on his stomach.

"Heh," he let out a soft chuckle and followed behind the other before collapsing onto his own bed with a short yawn. The aqua depths glanced to Tidus, a small smile gracing his lips at the sight before the eyelids fell shut with another yawn.

Tidus yawned and closed his eyes drifting into the world we call sleep.

"Mm." Squall moaned as he opened his eyes, quickly shutting them as light filtered through the window. He must've drifted off. With a sigh, he rolled over, tugging the sheets around him with another groan of dissatisfaction.

Tidus' eyes opened and he yawned, "Hey Squall..." He said as he got up. The blond went to the washroom slowly, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes he turned on the hot water, waiting for it to heat up. "I'll jus' be a minute..." He said to the wall, still not turning his head. The blond in his tired shuffle had forgotten to close the door and get a towel.

"Hn," he grumbled, kicking the sheets off as he sat up with a yawn. Glowering at the clock for a moment, the slender frame was lifted out of the bed as the stormy eyes were revealed once more, blinking them back into focus. Rubbing at his eyes with the back of his hands, he then stretched his arms above his head, enjoying the satisfying pop he heard from his back. With a sigh, the brunette padded into the bathroom, ignoring the blond and went to use the toilet. There was only so much his bladder could hold.

Tidus stepped into the bathtub and turned on the water. He close the semi- transparent curtain and started to wash his body with some soap.

Grumbling, he readjusted his Griever chain and pulled at the collar of his shirt with a yawn. Flushing, he zipped back up and glanced toward the running shower, blushing as he did so before turning away, feeling something stir in his pants. "For Hyne's sake," Squall scowled quietly toselfself.

Tidus just smirked at the hushed comment and started humming a little tune he had heard. He didn't know the name of it though....

Squall frowned and turned on his heel to leave the bathroom, closing the door softly behind him with a sigh. The scar was rubbed in its usual ritual, bringing some comfort to the teen.

Tidus finished his scrubbing and came out, "Crap." He muttered. Tidus went to the door, feet squishing as he went. "Hey, Squall? Pass me a towel please! The close to the right of this door."

Squall sighed and muttered something before going off to fetch the towel for the blond, returning with a soft white one and opening the door to the bathroom. His eyes avoided the dripping wet teen and he set it down on the sink counter before leaving just as quietly as he came.

Tidus nodded to himself. "Thanks!" He started to dry off quickly.

Tidus emerged from the bathroom with towel around his waist.

"In the bed by the door are your other clothes," he informed the brunette. The blond went to his dresser and grabbed his clothes for the day and started to change.

"Do you mind if I shower first?" Squall had gone a good few days without one and he desperately wanted to feel warm water running down his back again.

Tidus looked up, "Oh! Sure! Not at all." He guestered towards the other room. "All yours."

"Thanks," he murmured, leaving to collect a towel for himself before entering the bathroom and shutting the door. Stripping himself of his clothing until he was only clothed in his necklace and earring, he leaned into the shower-like tub and turned on the water, testing its temperature before climbing in with a satisfied sigh.

Tidus finished dressing and waited for the curtain to close, when he thought he heard it, he knocked three times and opened the door. He went to the sink and started combing his hair, even though it was a semi-fogged mirror by now.

"Hyne," he scowled once more, drawing the curtain shut quickly as Tidus entered the bathroom, his cheeks taking on a rosey tint to them. Shaking his head, he stood beneath the running water and allowed it to gently massage his back, knotted muscles slowly relaxing.

Tidus had one hand playing with his hair, pretending to gel it, while his eyes focused on the teen inside the shower. The blond watched eagerly, completly ignoring the arousal in his pants.. mainly because he wanted that to happen.

"Mm," he reached around to rub at his shoulder, the eyelids falling shut as he tilted his head back in the water, soaking through the thick strands of chocolate hair. It had been so long since he'd had the pleasure of a hot shower. Right before that whole Ultimecia thing actually. It was at the Presidential Palace. With a sigh, he then ran his hands through his bangs, slicking them back as he let the water continue to cascade down on him.

Tidus sighed, a bit too loudly for his tastes. He shook his head and still couldn't stop staring. The blond was transfixed on the blur in the shower... stupid curtains...

Blindly, Squall reached for the shampoo and upon finding it the aqua depths were opened, glancing down at his palm where he poured a reasonable amount before setting the bottle back down as he massages scs scalp with the peach- scented wash, aqua depths hiding behind lids of silk once more. Rinsing his hair out, he opened his eyes once more and noticed he had company before washing up in a hurry. Rolling his shoulders back, he let out a satisified moan when he heard a nice pop resound. Peeking his head out of the shower curtain, the brunette blinked at Tidus as the shower was turned off.

"Can you hand me that towel?" Squall gestured to the white item on the floor.

Tidus managed to pull away long enough to realize he had to goto the washroom. He waited for his exent ent to die down then he went to the toilet to do his business. Tidus zipped his pants back up and flushed the tiolet. "Sure." He picked up the towel and handed it over. "I'll wait outside." He left and closed the door, even though he just wanted to stay there.

After Squall was dressed and ready, the two headed out to explore some of Zanarkand, the pair often stopping to appreciate some of the city's finer sites. Tidus was lucky enough to have only run into a few fans, the cap anasseasses he wore serving as a make-shift disguise that worked pretty well. By the end of th day, the couple were exhausted, having tracked more than half of the huge city. As they walked onto the boathouse, they found yet another note from the blond's mother stating that she had to do another shift at the hospital and wouldn't be back until late afternoon tomorrow. With a heavy sigh, the fatigued brunette began stripping off his clothing as he headed for Tidus' room, collapsing on the soft mattress. Clad in the gray boxers they'd boughten for him, Squall yawned and closed his eyes, mind already shutting down.

Tidus yawned, "Oh.. that was fun but exhausting.." He said outloud to no one in particular.

Tidus turned off the light and removed all his clothes. He then dropped onto his bed, and fell asleep the second he hit the pillow, he didn't notice his bed was already occupied by a certain brunette.

"Mm. . ." Squall groaned, his whole body aching from the day's events and he wrapped his arms around the closest thing to him, snuggling against the warmth of Tidus' body as his mind drifted off somewhere far away into slumber.

Tidus snored softly, he arm wrapping around what he thought was his pillow....

Sometime later, the brunette awoke to find himself pressed up against a something firm and strangely warm. . .which def definetly not his pillow. Blinking his eyes open, he found it was still dark out and that he must not have been asleep that long. The next thing he noticed was who was snuggled up against. Tidus. Squall gasped silently and went to move back, but stopped when he found the arm wrapped about him. Frowning for a moment, he dismissed it and settled back down. The room was a bit chilly anyway and he enjoyed the extra warmth.

Tidus felt a little movement and was awoken, he looked around with one eye open and saw what had happened. He smiled and closed his eye, going back to sleep. The blond had made sure to move closer while he was awake.

The subtle shift in the other's movement was taken into account and he glanced up at the blond to find him snoozing peacefully. With a soft sigh, he set his chin in the crook of the other's shoulder, his cheek pressed into the side of the other's neck as the eyes were hidden away once more. A small smile curved Squall's lips, the reassurance that he wasn't alone right now a great comfort to him as he drifted off to sleep again.

At one point Tidus woke up but only breifly enough to open on eye, and move his other arm down, and settle it upon Squall's rear, groping for a moment. Tidus chuckled softly to himself as he began to commence his latest plan, feigning slumber a awa awaited the brunette's reaction.

It wasn't as if he was uncomfortable, it was more of the fact that the other was unconscious of what he was doing, therefore making Squall snap back into the living world with a soft sound of pleasure. Revealing the aqua depths, he blinked, looking over his shoulder to eye the hand on his rear. He frowned and bit his lower lip, at at all liking the predicament he was in more because of the pending results it could lead to if Tidus woke up than because it was the blond who was doing it. With a soft sigh, he moved closer, getting a bit istaistance between him and the intruding hand, all the while absently pressing further up against the warm body. Tidus smirked when he felt the other move closer to him.

He whispered quietly, "It's cold in here.. isn't it? I don't mind."

The brunette pulled back for a moment, blinking at the blond in shock before it eventually died. Tidus was awake? Squall frowned for a moment glancing away before moving back to snuggle against heat he'd left, placing his chin back into the crook of the other's shoulder. "Mm-hmm."

"Wouldn't want our new player to catch a cold.. nor would I let a friend get one either." Tidus smiled and closed his blinked. There was no way he could sleep right now... he was trying hard enough to keep is member down, because if it decided to spring up, no clothes were stopping it.

"Hn." Squall nodded some, his eyes eventually falling shut. A shiver crept down his back, though whether it was from the chilly room or because of Tidus, he didn't know.

Tidus smiled again, he decided to take a gamble. "Squall.. what's is your orientation anway?"

The eyes were opened and Squall moved back some, the cool air hitting him causing his body shiver. To be perfectly frank, he didn't know. He always figured he was straight, but when presented with the question as he was pressed up against the other was. . .well, his answer didn't seem fit.

"Erm. . ." Aqua depths shifted nervously, looking away from Tidus for a moment. "I'm not too sure." Came Squall's honest answer.

Tidus arched a brow. "Well that makes two of us then..." The blond tried to get closer again because he was starting to feel the sting of cold as well.

His usual frown made its way to his lips, but Squall moved back against the other, wanting that wonderful warmth he had gotten used to.


Another shiver trailed down his spine and he pressed the length of his body against Tidus to find the heat he'd moved away from.

The blond clenched his eyes shut as he felt something in the lower section of his body move. He knw this would not be the best of times... mabye Squall wouldn't feel it through his boxers? Probably not, a bare erection is hard to miss, especially this close...

Squall blushed, the hardness that pressed against his thigh a bit noticable through the thin material of his underwear. He was about to make a comment, but said nothing, biting his lower lip softly as he rubbed his nose against the side of Tidus' neck, his own arousal slowly growing.

Tidus smirked a little. "You're enjoying this aren't you?" He slipped a hand down to Squall's waist and rubbed the other's outer thigh, on the inside of the brunette's boxers. "I'm enjoying it too.. but what about that girl?"

"Mm," he made a small noise in the back of his throat which sounded suspiciously like a moan, pressing his face against the other as if to hide his reaction before regaining some of his composure. "What I felt for Rinoa wasn't love, more like a kinsmanship." Squall sounded awfully collected for someone with a hard-on who was right up against a naked (and terribly good looking) blond.

"Ah, I see.. so that means you're avaliable?" Tidus smirked and continued rubbing the thigh.

"Nn. . ." The aqua depths blinked and he leaned back, a small smile on his face. "And what if I am?" Squall murmured teasingly.

Tidus grinned, "Then I can find you some cute fangirl..." He trailed off, inching his finges down the thigh towards Squall's groin. "Or take you myself?"

He arched into the other's touch, a s moa moan falling from his lips. "Mm. . . as tempting as the former was, I would much rather have you." Squall hoped he wasn't being messed with and also hoped this wouldn't have any reprocussions he'd have to worry about later on. He liked Tidus, enjoyed his company. Tilting his head foreward some, he looked over the other's expression, managing to dull what was happening so he could study the blond before leaning foreward tentivly and pressing his lips to Tidus'.

Tidus returned the kiss, a little aprehensivly. "I will take that as a 'yes'." He smirked and wrapped his hand around Squall's arousal. "Don't want that gettin' cold either, ne?" He smiled again, staring at the brunette's eyes.

Squall gasped, brows tugging down into a frown for a brief moment before a small smile spread across his lips. "Mm, no. That would be a shame, wouldn't it?" He locked eyes with those of baby blue for a moment, watching Tidus until the eyelids fell shut as he went to claim the other's lips again in another soft kiss.

Tidus close his eyes and once again returned the kiss. On instinct though, he started pumping the other's arousal.

Squall moaned, hips arching into the boy's hand, wanting more of that delicious contact. He was all new in this sort of experience and the pleasure that was derived from it was simply breath taking. . .almost literally.

Tidus gave another smirk. "This is fun... I admit... but you have more clothing... which is unfair.. I think you should remove 'em... after all I'm sure you have seen much more of me than I have you..."

A faint blush crept upon the pale features. It was true. Compared to Tidus, Squall was wearing less clothing. With a soft whimper, he moved back, missing the wonderful touch already and slid out of his boxers, tossing them to the floor. "We're even now," he murmured, the blush still upon his cheeks.

Tidus smiled and kissed Squall's neck, "Yes we are..." He sighed. "Don't suppose you could let me actually 'see' you naked?" He raised an eyebrow, "It could wait I guess..."

"See?" he repeated slowly, brows knitting together for a moment. Squall bit his lower lip and then sighed, rolling onto his back to expose hide fde figure to the cool air. It wasn't as if he had anything to be ashamed of, he was pretty normal as far as. . .size was concerned. He just never liked being put into the spotlight and having the eyes travel over him was sort of like being exposed. . . judged.

"Now we are completly even." Tidus rolled over so he was now on top of Squall, one arm holding him up. "So..." He gathered his courage, "Would you care to go out with me?"

Go out? Squall feared relationships, in all honesty, but that didn't mean he didn't yern for them. It's just. . .he was always left behind, always abandoned. The stormy irises softened for a moment as he watched Tidus quietly. "Yes." He was silent a moment longer. "If you promise," the slender fingers reached up to run along the blond's smooth cheek, "not to leave me."

The blond shook his head, "Why... when I just found you?" He took his unused hand and rubbed it against Squall's soft cheek, "My only regret is not asking you sooner..."

The smile he gave was an earnest one and he leaned up to place another kiss upon those irresistable lips that he found quite addictive. So fast. Squall had never felt so close to someone so quickly as he had to Tidus. Maybe him ending up inarknarkand was a blessing in disguise.

Tidus smiled, "You really like my lips, doncha'? That's okay... I dont mind yours much at all..." Tidus quickly dropped to the bed and turned on his side beside Squall, "Let's have somemore.." Tidust int in and kissed Squall fiercely, exploring the smaller man's mouth with his tongue.

They battled for dominance with their tongues, Squall reluctantly losing with his inexperience in the sexual field. With a soft moan, he broke their kiss in need of oxygen. Reaching up, the brunette ran the deceptively slender fingers through Tidus' h enj enjoying the soft feel it had with a small smile as his hand rested along the back of the other's neck, leaning up once more to brush his lips over the other's.

"Man, Squall.. I haven't felt this way about someone foout out a year... I really hit the jackpot with you..." He kissed Squall's forehead and started kissing down, he left a trail and he got to Squall abdomend, licking around his belly button.

He said nothing, losing himself in the soft kisses, arching into the other's lips with another moan, fingers running through the fluffy blond hair as Tidus goi going lower, driving Squall mad with pleasure and lust.

Tidus stopped licking and continued down farther, kissing another trail. He stopped when he reached the erection. The blond looked up and smiled reassuringly. He then started to encompass the member with his lips, sucking slgihtly.

"Ah!" Squall threw his back against the pillow as his hands left the other to fist in the sheets, hips rising into the warmth of the other's mouth as he cried out.

Tidus lifted his head back up and crawlp top to Squall again. "So far you taste wonderfull Squally..." The blond kissed Squall on the lips. "Mind going to the opposite side of the bed? I have an idea."

Squall frowned for a moment as he sat up on his elbows, running a hand through his hair. Exhaling shakily, he nodded and crawled to the end of bed, as instructed.

Tidus looked down, "Don't look so displeased.. this'll be fun..." The blond nodded and looked at the erection in his face, he leaned his head in and started sucking, his mouth reaching all the way to the hilt.

He cried out, head falling back at the sensation of being deep throated. After a few seconds, the brunette collected himself, eyes blinking open to find the other's arousal before him. It seemed only fair he give Tidus the same treatment, right? That's just the way Squall worked. An eye for an eye, a life for a life, a scar for a scar, a blowjob. . .for a. . .blowjob. Seifer had once commented on his philosophy (of course the latter hadn't been present in his speech), saying that was all fine and dandy, but what happens when somebody decides they want you dead; gonna come back and kill them too? Seifer made his point then, but his words were forgotten as he timidly (what an awkward word to describe the gunblade specialist) leaned foreward, parting lips taking in what he could, his hand wrapping around the base of the other's erection, pumping as he sucked.

Tidus hummed a bit in the back of his throat to give Squall more pleasure. He moaned as well, seeing the brunette finally took the hint. The blond felt his muscles tighten a bit, but there was no way he would let himself go this early!

He almost forgot about the man in his mouth as his hips rose from the mattress, a moan muffled from around the other's erection before he remembered what he was supposed to be doing. Taking in as much as he could of the huge arousae foe fought back a gag as he felt the tip brush against the back of his throat. Squall moved his head back some and began sucking earnestly once more. After a few more moments of wicked torture from Tidus' hot mouth, he was brought over the edge, hips rising once more of their own accord as his mouth was removed from around the blond, head falling back onto the mattress as he panted for breath.

Tidus felt the muscles strain in Squall's member as he shot, releasing his seed into the blond's mouth. Tidus moaned as he swallowed the hot liquid. He was a bit dissapointed when Squall stopped sucking him, but he already had enough stimulation to release. Tidus removed the other from his mouth and sighed greatly as he too felt himself releasing.

The eyes shut and his head turned some instictively as the sticky substance splattered across his face and coated a few strands of tousled hair. When Tidus had finished releasing, he moved from under the heavier blond to sit up, wiping his face off in one languid movement, blinking at the seed now along his hand, he leaned foreward, tongue darting out to lick himself clean of Tidus, a small smile curling his lips at the bittersweet taste. Squall still looked a tad messy, his hair tousled and still coated in some of the other's fluids, a few spots across his face where he'd missed. With a tired sigh, he crawled back up to the head of the bed, collapsing beside Tidus.

Tidus sighed, "That was awesome..." He smiled at the brunette. "You missed a spot..." He smirked and licked up a little white glob on Squall's cheek. "We'll have to wash it all off later." The blond kissed Squall tenderly on the lips and closed his eyes. "Good night."

"Mm," he fitted himself under the other's arm, his own draping over the other's chest as he snuggled into the blond. "Night." With an exhausted yawn, he slipped back into a dreamless slumber.

Tidus lapped up another drop for the fun of it and smiled. He breathed in heavily and exhaled, falling into blackness as well, hugging his newfound angel close to him.

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