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Hit the showers!

Squall awoke, his eyes staying shut as he struggled further into the blissful heat he was pressed in to, dozing. He felt himself in and out of sleep, and at that time he didn’t care what mode he was in. Hyne, last night had been incredible. He had never experienced anything like that before and he found it to be the most incredible thing that had happened to him in so long. A smile tugged at his lips as he nuzzled his face against Tidus’ shoulder, eliciting a small sigh.

Tidus stirred slightly, opening his eyes. “Good morning.” He murmured, as a smile spread over his face.

Reluctantly, Squall opened his eyes, blinking as they adjusted to the brightness of the room that had been dark. This time he grinned, leaning over to press his lips to the other’s in a quick kiss.

“You’re quick today.” Tidus touched his lips, frowning. “We should get cleaned up. Before we end up sticking together from this stuff.”

“Hm.” The brunette nodded before rolling over with a yawn. “Mm. Need to brush my teeth.” Squall frowned as he ran a hand through his hair, fingers stopping at a tangle where he then winced before pulling the slender digits out. He needed to wash his hair and get washed, and then he would brush his teeth. And shave, he added. He needed to shave. There was already a bit of stubble growing along his jaw. And if there was one thing Squall hated, it was facial hair.

Tidus got up, noticing that he was peeling himself off the sheet. “Let’s go, there’s a problem with the water heater so we have to share.” He paused. “Wait. Jus’ come in with me, eh?” He grinned, and softly rubbed the brunette’s chin. “You need a shave. So do I.Hm. Oh well, we’ll deal with that later, c’mon.” He started to walk to the bathroom, grabbing two towels on the way.

Rising, Squall blushed at his own nudity and was hesitant to follow behind the other. He dismissed this though, since the acts they had performed last night were nothing compared to a bit of bare skin. Padding into the bathroom, the brunette eyed his reflection in the mirror and scowled at the disheveled mess that greeted him.

Tidus looked at him, shook his head, and sighed. “Squall, don’t worry "˜bout it! I hate that mirror in the morning. Trust me. You look fine in my eyes. I most likely look worse, ne?” He bent over and started to turn off the water.

The stormy depths eyed the blonde fondly, taking in the other’s appearance. The golden hair that always looked so fluffy to him held a rumpled look, yet still managing to look feathered and perfect. The tanned skin held a glistening tone to it which was most like a sheen of sweat reflecting off the light. Tidus still looked handsome, though; his appearance still desirable to the other. Squall had to grimace at his own looks. Still. The other bent over before him was an exceptional sight.

Tidus gave a satisfied noise and stepped into the tub, holding a hand out to Squall. “Water’s fine.” The blonde smirked as he said this, agtakitaking in Squall. The brunette’s hair was clumped together in some spots, due to a certain liquid. Other than that, he was perfect, aside from the barely noticeable brown stubble invading his perfect complexion. “Stop worrying "˜bout yourself. I guess if you were a blonde it wouldn’t matter as much, eh?” Tidus rubbed his chin again, a bit annoyed at his own growth, but not mortified by it.

A little bit of time passed and the blonde still held out his arm. “Squall? Coming?”

The comment alone made Squall blush as he scowled at his mind for running on a dirty streak. With a nod, he took Tidus’ hand and stepped into the shower with him. Tidus, in turn, helped the smaller figure in, closed the curtain, and frowned at Squall. “Now what should lil’ ol’ me do?” He said as he laughed, and turned on the showerhead.

Tidus sighed at the contact of the water against his skin, before repositioning Squall so that he was the target of the water’s spray. The blonde then picked up a sponge and began to wash Squall’s shoulders. “Well, this is nicer than I thought.” Tidus said as he reached behind the brunette for something, and their cheeks brushed. He smiled and pecked Squall on the cheek. “Let’s get cleaned up.”

The faint pounding of the water against his back was relaxing, and Squall found himself smiling at the light touches and the small kiss. Leaning forward some, he wrapped his arms around the other’s waist and set his chin in the hollow of Tidus’ shoulder with a sigh. “Mm. In a minute. comfy.” His own lips planted feather light kisses along the smooth skin up along the side of the blonde’s neck as he stood there for a moment.

Tidus smirked. “Whatever you say. I’m comfy too.” He dropped the sponge after speaking, and then began to rub Squall’s back, receiving a purr from Squall as the brunette began to trace Tidus’ jawline with his lips, frowning at the light stubble he found there.

“Mm. You need t’ shave, too.” Squall hadn’t believed the blonde when he said that he had to shave, because he hadn’t seen any, but then again him being a blonde, the hair would be less noticeable.

T nod nodded. “Told ya.” He purred a little. “We do have to get washed soon, before the water turns too cold.”

Squall pulled back some with a pout before reluctantly nodding. “Fine,” was all he said with a tired sigh, as he leaned back into the water; allowing it to soak through the thick strands of his brunette hair. He was about ready to wash it.

The blonde shook his head with a smile. “We can snuggle lateut yut you gotta meet the manager today, remember?” He sighed as he began to put shampoo into his hands. “Jus’ enjoy this right now.” He smirked again, as he began rubbing the shampoo into the brunette’s hair with one hand, his other working on the hair at his groin. “Like this for instance.”

“Mm.” Squall moaned lowly, arms rising to encircle around the other’s shoulders, with one hand going to massage the back of his neck. Tidus sure did know how to make showers enjoyable!

Tidus sighed as he reluctantly released the other. “I hate to break this up. But we gotta meet the manager. Now turn around and rinse. Then you can do me.” He crossed his arms as he waited. “Trust me. If you want there will be more fun later.” He finished with a smirk.

He clicked his tongue with a scowl, murmuring "˜tease’ under his breath as he rinsed off before turning around and snagging the shampoo. Pouring a decent amount in the palm of his hand, he set it back and leaned over to run his fingers through the soft, blonde hair. Squall grinned as one foamy hand lowered to run through the blonde curls below the boy’s waist before deft fingers ran lightly across Tidus’ member. His hand rose again, though, and he offered the blitz player a small grin.

Tidus looked amused at this. “You’re calling me a tease?” He chuckled as he finished the sentence. “Not that I don’t like it.” He said, as he licked the other’s earlobe, receiving a groan from Squall as he moved away with a smirk before he removed his hands from Tidus’ hair.

“Hn, rinse off before we’re late.” Squall leaned in and rinsed off his hands before placing a quick kiss on Tidus’ lips before stepping out of the shower.

Tidus nodded. “Yes sir!” He gave a quick salute with a smile, before he winked at Squall and gave a squeeze to one side of his rear. Turning, he began to rinse of his hair.

Squall yelped and pushed aside the shower curtain, giving the blonde one last look before shutting it with a chuckle. Snagging one of the towels Tidus had brought with him, he dried off hurriedly before giving an impish grin. He snatched the other towel before heading out of the bathroom with a soft laugh.

Tidus turned off the water and stepped out. He surveyed the empty room. “Squall?” He called out, uncertainly, as his hand reached down to pick up the towel that wasn’t there. “Squall! cal called out this time, a little annoyed, before he gave in and started laughing. He stepped out of the bathroom.

And started to hunt for the brunette.


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