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Chapter 8- Fun in the sphere

Squall blinked, glancing around the vacant locker room before his eyes rested upon the nude blond, a single brow rising at him.

"First off..." Tidus went to all the showerheads and turned them on the hottest they could go. "A little mood steam..." He then trotted (yea, that’s right) to a locker and opened it. The blonde grabbed a key and then finally came back, "Now there are two choices... One, stay in here.. or Two, go into the third room..." He pointed to another door with a padlock on it.

Both brows had risen as Squall watched the blond before finally breaking out into a soft chuckle. "And what, exactly, is in the third room?" One brow lowered at that, the other staying up for added effect. The heat wafting in from the showers floated in through the locker room, warming the somewhat empty area. Tidus scratched his head, "Something like a um... hm..." He shrugged. "I don't remember.. all I do know is only the captain of the team that wins can go in it."

The brow was finally lowered and he eyed the door curiously before shrugging. "Whatever." It didn't really matter where they were, they'd most likely end up doing. . . something in either room. Tidus shook his head, "Ok.. fine... It's got a hot tub and a sauna... and a mini-bar." He shrugged. "I don't care where we go...”

"Neither do I," he replied with yet another shrug. The temperature seemed to be climbing each minute, a nice sheen of sweat already coating Squalls well-toned body. "That mini-bar sounds pleasing, though."

Tidus nodded, "Room number three it is..." The blonde went to all the showerhead and turned them off, the desired effect already done. He unlocked the door and walked into a wood paneled room. There was the hot tub in the middle, a mini bar at the side and another door leading to a sauna. Tidus sighed, "This is nice..." He flicked on the hot tub and turned waiting for ll. ll.

"Mm, it is," he murmured, stepping in behind the blond, eyeing the room's plain decor. The mini-bar was glanced at, but Squall avoided it for the time being, climbing into the hot tub Tidus had turned on, slowly making his way in, as to adjust to the heated temperatures. With a sigh, he leaned back and closed his eyes, relaxing for the time being.

Tidus opened the door to the sauna and popped his head in, he frowned and turned it on, letting it preheat, they may need it later... He stepped back and looked at Squall relaxing. "Mind if I join you?" Already knowing the answer Tidus put one foot in then the other. He stood in front of Squall smiling, the brunettes face was about waist level to the standing blonde. Tidus, being playful, turned around and bent over, playing with the hot tubs controls, making it quite foamy. He then grinned and plunked down on the seat across from Squall. "Nice... you, and the hot tub I mean..."

Cracking an eye open, Squall glanced at the blitz player seated across from him and offered a small smile as he laid his head back, closing the eye. "Mm-hmm," he murmured, clasping his hands behind his head for padding. The water felt great and he could already feel his muscles loosening.

Tidus leaned back and slowly moved his foot up Squall's leg. He reached the groin area and flicked the hanging piece. The blonde removed his foot and looked around, he then proceeded to sink lower and lower into the water, enjoying it.

Squall moaned softly, lifting his head to glare playfully at the other before moving over to him to straddle Tidus' hips, wrapping his arms around the blonde’s neck as he leaned his forehead against the blitz player's. "You are such a tease," Squall murmured before placing his lips upon Tidus' in a brief kiss.

Tidus grinned, "I know.. what 'cha gonna do about it Squally-boy?" The blonde took his arms and placed them on Squall's back, rubbing it gently. "There is something more special I wanna show you..." Suddenly the lights went out everywhere, the only lights on were the ones in the hot tub.

"It's closing time... I knew Jyou wouldn't say anything..." Tidus got up, letting go of Squall. "Grab your breather, meet me at the entrance to the pool." He grinned again, grabbing his own breather, he ran out the room, into the darkness, leaving a small flashlight for Squall.

"Bah," he cursed silently as he rose, the air feeling chill now that he wasn't in the hot tub. Shivering some, Squall climbed out of warm water and snagged the flashlight, flicking it on. Illuminating the semi-dark room, he padded out into the locker room and left to enter the Abes'. Heading to his locker, Squall hooked the flashed light under his arm as he opened the locker, pulling out his breather and placing it in his mouth. And just what exactly was Tidus up to? He sighed and made his way to the sphere pool as instructed.

Tidus' voice came out of the radio. "Come on in... water's fine...” The brunette jumped some at the break in silence, swearing some before he let out a soft chuckle. Setting down the flashlight, Squall climbed the steps to the pool, diving in, in one graceful motion.

Tidus was swimming around, still naked of course. He waved to Squall. "Ever had fun... underwater?" He asked slyly. The blonde swam over and did a little spin, forcing himself right between Squall's legs. He swam past, making sure to give a tight squeeze on Squall's slender butt with his hand.

A soft laugh escaped his lips after he yelped, shaking his head before swimming after the blond. Upon catching up to him, Squall offered the other a smirk. "No, but I'm willing to try." He reached out and ruffled the other's hair before swimming past the blond with a chuckle.

Tidus rolled his eyes, "I'm faster!" He raced after the brunette, and grabbed his foot. The blonde kept grabbing progressively higher until he was on top of the other. He turned Squall around and he rubbed his groin into Squall's. "I have a game for ya... its tag, but in order to transfer it..." He grinned wickedly. "You have to touch the other person with your tool..." Tidus’ laughed loudly. "It'll be fun... besides.. I believe your still my slave for the day."

Tidus had succeeded in eliciting a moan from the brunette, but after that received a scowl for the suggestion. Squall smirked some though as he bit the other's shoulder some before reaching between them to give a playful tug on the other's length before collecting his own and poking the blond in the thigh with it. "Fine. You're it." Squall stuck his tongue out at him and pushed away to swim off as fast as his legs would take him as a laugh left his lips.

Tidus laughed, "I will count to 10..." He closed his eyes. "1...2...3.0!"0!" The blonde started to swim. He spotted the brunette and smiled. "Here we go..." Tidus swam up behind Squall, around 9 inches away he smirked, "You're it!" He laughed and swam away, erection still raging from when Squall tugged on him.

He turned after being "tagged" and eyed the blond swimming away. Blushing some, he changed his direction and sped after the blond, always just a few feet short fratchatching up to him. Stopping for a moment to catch his breath (as odd as that sounded since he was underwater), he watched as Tidus swam about with an abundance of mirth. For a moment, he just watched, a smile upon his lips as he watched the blitz player's swift movements. After a few more moments, he headed in a different direction, intending to cut him off.

Tidus saw Squall coming, he smirked. Squall tried to tackle, Tidus said slyly, "Watch you mouth..." With a quick burst of speed he went upwards, so Squall's face was at his groin. Squall moved back out of instinct, but with a wicked grin, his hands went out to snag Tidus by the hips, leaning down to flick his tongue out at the other's semi-erect length before pulling back wickedly and "tagging" the blond. "Tag. You're it," he purred before kicking away in the opposite direction.

Tidus caught up to Squall, "You win.. but now... your prize." Tidus started to stroke himself and Squall. Squall moaned some, arms going to wrap around the other's neck as his hips moved into Tidus' touch. His own arousal now apparent to him around the other's strokes.

Tidus moaned as well. "Now, for the rest of the prize." Tidus smiled and went down, he encompassed the tool with his mouth and started sucking heavily. With nothing to lean back on or fist his hands in, he placed his hands on the back of the other's head, his own thrown back as he cried out some, running his fingers through the golden hair. As his eyes fell shut, Squall moaned, the warmth of Tidus' mouth the only thing his mind focused on.

Tidus' tongue circled around the swollen head and he sucked to the hilt. He started humming, to maximize the pleasure. Right now his hand was busy taking care of his own erection. "Ahh!" His hips bucked and he did his best not to pull at the fluffy blond hair in his hold. Tidus' mouth was doing wicked things to him and his mind couldn't even process coherent thoughts, the other's humming driving him into pure bliss.

Tidus felt the brunette tense up. His humming did not stop, he thrust the member deep into his throat and waited. The blonde felt his own erection getting quite hard, he knew the second Squall went, he would.
With one more loud cry, Squall came in the warmth that was wrapped around his length, falling over the edge as spots danced across his vision before he went slack, his breathing uneven and his eyes opening wearily to glance down at Tidus.
The blond swallowed all the fluid, he then fell back drifting below the brunette. He had not released yet, he decided to leave it 'till later... "Good?" He asked through the radio.

Panting some, he smiled and nodded, looking down at the other. "Incredible," Squall breathed. Moving some, he floated above the blond, eyeing Tidus' erection for a moment. "Need some help with that. . .?" A wicked grin reached his lips as he leaned down to purr into the other's ear, "Master?"
Tidus smiled, "You read my mind. I will allow it." The blonde gave the brunette a quick kiss, "I would appreciate it actually." He said seductively.

Squall lowered himself to hovering just above the blonde’s erection. Biting his lower lip for a moment, he slowly leaned forward, tongue flicking out to circle around the tip before his lips parted and he took in the head, sucking gently before working his gag reflexes and pushing the engorged erection down until his nose came in contact with soft hair. The tip pressed against the back of his throat, bringing tears to his eyes which were blinked away as they duel sapphires were hidden away and he moved his head back some.
Tidus moaned, "The water of the pool just adds doesn’t it..." He then started to moan the brunette's name.

His hands rested upon the other's his as his head moved back and forth as he sucked earnestly at the other's arousal, not quite an expert in the field of sex, butall all was at least going to give it a shot. Mimicking the other's moves, he hummed in the back of his throat as he deep throat Tidus once more. Tidus squirmed a bit in pleasure, he sighed loudly as he felt himself releasing finally.

Squall's brows dipped into a frown and he swallowed what he could, the rest falling from his mouth and floating in the crystal clear water. Pulling back, he opened his eyes and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand before offered Tidus a smile. Tidus floated down to where Squall was. He took the brunette into a kiss. "That was.. excellent."

"Mm," with a contented sigh, Squall wrapped his arms around the blond and set his chin in the crook of the Tidus' shoulder. He nuzzled his nose against the other as his body relaxed and his eyes fell shut for the moment. Tidus rubbed Squall's neck. "We should go..." With a groan of disagreement, he reluctantly pulled back, eyes opening to glance at Tidus. Stretching some, Squall ran a hand through his hair before yawning.

Tidus sighed as well, "We can't stay in the pool all night.... unless you wanna do more." Leaning back some in the water, he placed his hands behind his head, smiling a bit. "And if I do?"
"Then we have more fun." Tidus floated more, letting his genitalia float. "Lotsa things to do... there is just no equipment here."

"Hm, tempting," he murmured, eyes falling shutWhatWhatever you want to do," Squall replied with a shrug, ankles crossing as his head tilted back a little.

The blond smiled "Right now I wanna be inside you.."

The aqua irises were revealed once more and he eyed Tidus curiously, a blush creeping across his features. How exactly was he supposed to respond? Biting his lip gently, Squall unfolded his legs and nodded once, hesitating at first as he replied, ". . .I want you inside me, as well."

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