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Chapter 3: Dressing the Lion

It took maybe a good hour before they were both situated and dressed. Because Tidus was bigger than him. . .in more ways than one, the clothes Squall had been dressed in looked entirely too baggy on his slender form, giving him a comical look. He had borrowed a pair of the blond's pants, which had to be rolled up some due to their length, a belt was definetly needed because of his own narrow waist, and the T-shirt he'd been given was a tad long, going well past his hips. The fact that he was wearing his own boots only added to the humorous effect.

Tidus was holding his mouth in a vain attempt not to laugh. "Okay.. let's go.... the subway should get us to the mall soon." He slapped Squall on the back, "At least your colourful!"

"Hn," he grumbled a few other "colorful" words as he looked himself over in a nearby mirror. He looked ridiculous. About as ridiculous as Tidus did when he wore Squall's pants, if not more. Huffing a sigh, he ran a hand through his unruly hair and glanced up at the blond.

Tidus shrugged, "The subway is close.. let be off then!" He started walking out.

True to his words, they arrived at the sub way in about a good fifteen minutes. So far they had no fan encounters until. . .

"Oh my goodness! Look! It's Tidus and his boyfriend!" one overly hyper red head shouted.

Thus creating a swarm of people around them in seconds flat. Squall sighed and sunk behind the blond, trying to keep away from prying eyes. It didn't help that he was wearing bright colors such as orange and yellow. Tidus was fond of those hues.

"I'm NOT his boyfriend," he grumbled.

"Newspapers say otherwise!"

Sure enough, on the front page was a picture of the brunette and the star Blitzball player, the caption under it reading in big bold letters: "Blitz Player Goes Gay!". Squall groaned and murmured several apologies in Tidus' direction.

Tidus shook his head. "No... the tabloids should read, 'Blitz player seeks out new star.' I have been considering Squall for the Abes... so if you don't mind.. we have to get to practice!" Tidus started to move through the crod when they seperated for him and at the end was.. Zeal. "Hey! Over here t's 's a car!" Tidus nodded, "There's our break Squall."

Hurriedly climbing into the awaiting car, Squall huffed a tired sigh as he collapsed against the cushioned side he was on. Geez. . .they were all nuts, he grumbled. Tilting his head back, he rested his head against the backing of the plush seat. As Tidus climbed in, the car was started and they headed towards the stadium. It looked like they'd go shopping some other time, then. . .

Tidus tapped Zeal on the shoulder, "We need to get Squall here some clothes... a uniform too. So lets stop by the usual place." Zeal nodded, "Okay.ut wut we only have 2 hours... and if you're late.. I'm dead." Tidus grinned, "I will take the fall, not like he can fire me, right?" Zeal nodded again, "One day he can... so watch out..." The car changed route.

"Oh, hell no." Were the first words to leave Squall's lips as the car was stopped and they stepped out in front of a clothing depart stt store. In the windows were various clothing, all the sort of stuff Zell or Selphie would be into. They held colors such as a really vibrant orange, a tacky looking green, and some other colors Squall wouldn't be caught dead in.

Tidus laughed, "Heh... don't worry... they have different items... but no more leather okay? We have to get you a uniform for underwater... it could look kinda like mine if you want... well let's just go in."

Tidus went in and a tall man came up, "Hello, Mr. Tidus... we heard you need some more fittings?"

Tidus nodded, "Yea for my friend Squall here... he needs a Blitz uniform and some regular clothes... since your the best you can help us correct?"

The taller man nodded, "Yes we can as always. Please step over here Mr. Squall."

After an hour of struggling and retaliation, he gave in and was sized for a uniform (one made to look amost identical to Tidus' except he managed to convince the tailor to stitch "Griever" onto one of the sleeves) and regular clothing for everyday activites. After being suited into one of his new outfits, he trudged out of the dressing room, frown in place. He was wearing a pair of denim jeans and a red tank top turtle neck that hugged him in all the right places. He'd refused to give up Griever so it sat upon his chest just like it would with any other outfit. "Well. . .?" He turned to Tidus, the annoyance in his voice quite noticable.

Tidus laughed a bit, "You were supposed to get something you liked! That tone suggests other wise... and we can put that in you laundry day pile if you want..." He smirked once again. "Go back pick something you WANT to wear..."

"You said no leather," he offered. Which he had a point. Leather was the only thing he felt realy comfortable in other than a pair of baggy sweats. With a soft grumble, he headed back in and came out with a pair of loose jeans and and a black shirt, identical to his tattered white one, and a pair of sneakers (something he wasn't used to wearing). "I give up." The words were grumbled as he flopped down in the spot next to Tidus before pointing to the rack of clothing. "You go pick." Squall HATED shopping. Hated it with a passion to be more specific. If it wasn't leather or it wasn't issued to him by Garden, he didn't bother with it. After this last hour, he was exhausted.

"Okay then." The blonde bounced up and went through the rack. He grabbed a uniform that was jet back with some light yellow on it. He looked to Squall, "Good?" He looked to the tailor again. "Can we get this blitz uniform with the Abes and greiver symbol?" The man nodded again, "We can do that and get it fitted within 30 mins." Tidus beamed, "You asked me to pick... so I did!" He sat back down. "Go the practice is in an hour... go on... Squally..." Tidus grinned.

With a sigh, he got back to his feet and was led to a back room where he was stripped, sized and fitted. After a good twenty minutes, he was sent back out where collapsed once more into the chair. "The guy said fifteen minutes and it should be done." Squall's measurements took so long because he kept arguing with the poor tailor. He yawned and tilted his head back into the chair, eyelids falling shut. Great, after wrestling with the clothes shopping, he then had to practice that whole blitzing thing. This day would bring a whole lot of fatigue on him by the time it was over.

"Okay the suit's done... let's get changed then..." Tidus grabbed the suit and also held his. "C'mon." He started to walk into the men's changeroom all were used except for one and the pratice was in 10 mins. "I think we have to use the same one..." He shrugged.

"Whatever," he murmured as he took his own suit from Tidus, entering the only room that wasn't being used, holding it open for the blond. Once he was in, he turned his back to the other and shed off his new attire, hurriedly changing into the new uniform.

Tidus shrugged as well, he's seen other guys before every time before the game.. locker room, but never this close... but he changed anyway, trying so hard NOT to get an erection. Tidus gasped when he realized something, "Squall... my uh... breifs are stuck to your suit..." He noticed they were on the shoulder of his suit. So once again there the natural blonde was naked in front of Squall a little dependant on him. 'I hope he doesnt get me back for the pants incident' He gurmbled in his head.

Blinking, he glanced at the article of clothing on the shoulder of his new uniform. Frowning, he picked them off and looked at them with an arched brow as he held them over his back, not wanting to turn around to greet the nude teen. "You mean these?" A smirk curled his lips and he turned around, locking eyes with the other to keep his gaze from wandering south.

"That'd be nice." Tidus attempted to grab them, but ended up falling into Squall.

The smile faltered and stormy depths went wide, an automatic reaction was his hands shooting out to sturdy the taller teen, a blush painting his cheek at his own actions and Tidus'. Clearing his throat, Squall glanced away.

"Uh... sorry Squall..." He laughed a bit and scratched his neck. Tidus started to put his breifs on and when he lifted his leg he hit somethingon the wall and fell over. "Ow..." He tried to get up but the only thing that happend was his butt faced Squall.

He felt himself cringe at the teen's antics. Ignoring the awkward position, he helped the blond up, about to ask whether he was all right as he headed for the exit when his foot caught in something on the ground, sending him falling back some into the other. This was madness! Squall swore as he collided into the poor Blitzball player.

Tidus exhaled, "Wah!" as he fell face first onto the ground, his bikini breifs were still on his left ankle. He hit the floor with a 'thud'. "This is hurting... don't suppose you could just put these on so we don't keep falling?" He chuckled a bit.

Groaning, he rubbed at his scar with a muttered obscenity. Straightening, he looked away from the site before him, huffing a sigh. "I'm sure you can do it on your own." Quickly, he helped the blond back to his feet, opening the door some and slipping out, shutting it quickly as he breathed a sigh of relief.

Tidus nodded to himself, "Gimme a minute!" The blonde put his uniformon, after having a bit of trouble with his hardon... but after a bit and his hormones calmned down. He stepped out. "Okay off we go to the stadium!" He whispered to Squall. "We never speak of this to anyone else; Unless you want more tabloids."

Squall eyed the other as he scoffed. "Who am I going to tell?" It wasn't as if he knew anyone here. As they climbed back into the car after gathering all of the brunette's new clothes, they headed off to the stadium, arriving after a few minutes. Climbing out of the car, Squall yawned and then gaped at the mass amount of people holding various signs and screaming Tidus' name. "Oh my gods," he groaned.

"I don't get it... guess they got wind of our practice schedule..." He started to walk. "Just stick close again..." The blonde waved to all the fans, he yelled out. "Thanks for the support! Hopefully you'll be cheering for Squall too our next game!" With that he went in the doors to the stadium draggin Squall quickly as the crowd converged. "Whoa... close..."

"Geez." //Stalkers// he thought bitterly. "Don't those people have lives?" Squall sighed and followed quietly behind the blond as they headed to the locker room. The uniform he wore was surprisingly comfortable, though he'd never admit it aloud.

"Apparently we blitz players are their lives..." Tidus walked in and beamed, "Hey guys!" He said cheerily. "How do you like Squall's new outfit?" The tall blonde moved out of the way to reveal Squall.

"Yo," one of the players greeted the slim brunette, reaching out to ruffle his hair with a grin. "I'm Jyou. Nice ta meet 'cha Squ'."

Squall nodded, reaching up to fix the hair that was sent out of place. "Nice to meet you, too."

Everyone was pleasent and welcoming to him. Well, all except one. This big burly guy who seemed to ignore him. That was fine, Squall wasn't one to socialize anyway.

"What's he doin' here, T'?" the man glared at the blond as he looked the brunette over.

"He's the one I told you about... I let him come here to test out his moves in the sphere. Okay?" He looked at Squall, "You can grab the empty locker beside mine."

His eyes never left the large player, aqua locking with crimson as the older man glared daggers at him. Geez, and Squall hadn't even done anything yet. "Yeah. . thanks," he murmured to Tidus.

"Kid ain't gonna last five minutes," the older man gruffed.

"Man, Raorke, give the guy a break!" Jyou stood up for the new player.

"I think he'll do a fine enough job of breaking things on his own," Raorke muttered.

Squall ignored the comments going on about him. He never brought up problems unless there ere forced upon him.

Tidus eyes glared at Raorke, "Are you telling me your forgetting your first year on this team? I'm betting Squall here will do better stat wise... so keep your mouth shut and we wont have a problem."

Sighing, Squall eyed the blond. "I can fight my own battles," he said softly. Raorke's comments didn't bother him because it wasn't as if he could do well in Blitzball. He'd never played in real life so he didn't want to say anything until he knew whether or not he was good.

Raorke just glared at the "star" player, snorting and muttering a few curses.

Tidus went to his locker, "Careful Raorke... you can be fired by a single word from me... and you know I hate us fighting amongst ourselves..." He then murmured to Squall, "Sorry... I will avoid helping from now on if that's what you want." He grabbed a towel and started to head for the door. "See you all out there in 10." He

Sighing, he shook his head and watched the blond go.

"Don't fall for him," Jyou said as he took a place beside Squall when the other's left.

Frowning, the brunette eyed him with an arched brow. "Who said I was falling for him?"

Jyou shrugged. "I could see it in your eyes."

"I'm not," he insisted again, snagging a towel and walking out.

As Squall left, Jyou sighed. "You're just gonna get hurt, kid. . ."

Tidus was doing a few moves in the pool, he was pissed off at his teammates cockiness. He was also hoping Squall would do well, he really was. He continued practicing his shots on a drone goalie.

Jyou caught up with the brunette, laughing some when their other team mates eyed him with a funny expression. Leaning in he whispered, "Look, Tidus is straight, if you haven't noticed. He was even in some porn magazine with some random k. Yk. You're better off just having him as a friend."

"That's all he is," Squall growled, moving the other from his shoulder.

"I'm just looking out for ya, man," and with that, Jyou was gone, diving into the sphere pool in one swift and graceful motion.

Muttering a few curses, he climbed the steps Jyou had and peered down into the clear water. He glanced down to the mouth piece Jyou had given him earlier, arching a brow.


Raorke laughed as he shoved the lithe brunette into the water, watching as he made a huge splash when submerging. He panicked. The piece he'd been given had been dropped when he was pushed in. Squall tried to calm himself and he got his bearings under the clear liquid, careful not waste whatever air he had left by thrashing like an idiot. Tidus. He had to find Tidus. That was first priority. Hell, he would've resurfaced if there was a surface to kick up to.

Tidus went over to Squall and waved. He spoke into his little radio inside the breather, "Hey, Squall! Hold on, man." He noticed the brunette was going red in the face. "Dammit... guys, I need another breather in here!" Tidus swam over and grabbed Squall by the shoulder. He took a deep breath and removed the object. The blonde put it in the smaller man's hands.

He was going to kill Raorke. He was going find someway to junction Shiva back to him and he was going to KILL him. Aqua depths opened at the hand upon his shoulder, glancing down to find his fingers wrapped around the piece in his hand. Death to the burly one. Squall looked up at Tidus, an apologetic tint to his eyes as he inserted the mouth piece, hesitant to inhale, but did so anyway.

Tidus nodded and started to swim towards Jyou who had brought a second breather. He placed it in flashed a thumbs up to Jyou and spoke uneasily into it. "Squall... you okay?"

"Fine," he replied gruffly, glancing around until his eyes rested upon the many blitzballs strewn about. Swimming over to one, he picked it up and eyed Raorke, who had just come in. Narrowing eyes of stormy gray, Squall flung the ball at the older man, a smile of satisifaction curling along his lips when it beaned the man in the back of the head. As the blitz player turned, the brunette smirked, folding his arms over his chest in a silent way of saying "Payback's a bitch."

Tidus chuckled and shook his head. "Come on...lets practice shooting goals."

And they did. Since most of Squall's strength lay in his arms from wielding his gunblade, his kicks weren't as powerful as Tidus' and so he made maybe 24 out of the 30 balls he kicked against the drone. Smirking, Tidus clapped him on the back and gestured for Jyou to come over.

"Let's try passing," the blond suggested as he handed Squall a blitzball.

Jyou grinned. "A'ight. Hey, man," he eyed the newcomer. "Gotta warn ya: I play a mean blocker."

Squall shrugged indifferently, "Whatever."

Whatever was right. Every pass he threw made it to Tidus, his throws holding both speed and power behind them. Jyou laughed and shook his head.

"Man, guess we found his position!" claimed the senior Abes player.

Tidus smiled as he tossed Squall back the ball. "Not yet. Let's see how good he is at dodging and tackling."

Collecting the ball once more, the brunette waited until Jyou had distanced himself a good few yards away. Inhaling deeply (which still seemed odd to him because all common sense told him was NOT to breath underwater), he rushed Jyou, intending to shove past him, when he halted and the ball was stolen from him. Squall frowned upon this and tried once more. He failed. After about three unsuccessful attempts, Tidus took over.

"Hey, let's see if he can do better against a familiar face," the blond offered as he handed Squall back the ball.

Squall was frustrated with himself. He couldn't understand why he kept pausing, something kept holding him back and he didn't know what. Side tracked maybe? Clearing his head, the brunette nodded his head to Tidus and swam a good fifteen feet away. His mind devoided itself of any thoughts except his one goal: getting past the star player.

Since he was more of a passer and goal maker than a blocker, Tidus figured that the sides were evenly matched, even though he had the larger build, Squall had the lithe frame made for swift movements which he was sure could evade his tackles. Making sure the other was ready, Tidus smirked and offered a piece of advice. . .to both Squall and himself, "Give it all you've got!"

And he did. Things were going fine until Squall seemed to halt again and Tidus crashed into the poor teen. Sighing, he patted the brunette on the back and called for a break. As they clambored into the locker room, Tidus ruffled Squall's hair as he passed him by, snagging two towels, one for each of them.

He collapsed on the bench with a sigh, tilting his head down as he shook the water from the chocolate strands of hair before throwing his head back and rubbing at his damp hair with the towel Tidus had handed him. Squall sighed and shook his head once more for good measure before glancing up at the blond, arching a brow at the stare.

Tidus blinked himself from his almost perverse fascination of the water dripping from Squall's face, hair and body, blinking and offering a short laugh. "Sorry man, spaced out for a second."

Jyou appeared behind the star, "Yeah, he does that a lot."

Tidus shoved the other player away before turning his attention to Squall. "Hey man, check your locker."

"Why. . .?" Squall eyed him suspiciously.

"Just do it, man," the blond said as he plopped down where the brunette had once been seated.

Doing as he was told, Squall opened his locker, frowning upon seeing the white envelope on the top shelf. Removing it, he opened it and poured its contents into his hand.

"I had it customized," Tidus explained as he glanced around the locker room before lowering his voice to a whisper. "Look kinda disgusted. That locker is usually used for practical jokes."

Well, in a way Squall was sort of shocked, and in another sort of weirded out. In the palm of his hand was his ring. Well, his ring with the blitzball insignia on it. He hadn't even known he'd dropped it. It must've happened when he was changing in Tidus' room. . .and it's possible that's when Tidus had it. . . 'customized'. "How did. . .?" the brunette eyed the other player for a second before looking down at the ring once more. How and when? . . .And why as well. How did Tidus manage to have this done with their busy schedule? The clothing department! Right next to it was a jewelers. . .the blond must've had it done while he was getting new clothes and arguing with that damn tailor. Next was. . . "Why?"

Tidus just laughed. "I'll explain later."

Jyou hopped over and clapped Squall on the back. "Something wrong, buddy?"

The ring was slid back on and the stormy depths looked at it for a moment before off shrugged Jyou's hand off of his shoulder. "No, just fine. Pick on the new guy, huh?" A small smile graced his lips for a moment.

"Ah, don't think much of it. Jus' means you're part of the team. Sorta. Right guys?" Jyou turned to glance at the other players.

"Right!" they all chimed in. . .aside from Raorke.

"All right! All right! Back to practice, let's go guys!" yelled Tidus.

After a few laughs and some idle comments, they emptied themselves from the locker room.

"Hn." As they filed out of the locker room, Squall made sure he was the last one out, stormy eyes still puzzled over the gift. . .well, the custimization of his ring. Frowning, he made his way back to the sphere pool, placing the breather into his mouth as he went in.

Tidus started to do his regular routine. He grabbed a ball and started to pass it to Squall.

Things went on normally. They had played a quick round of blitzball in which Tidus' team won (which was the side Squall had been on), and went about passing and blitzing. Practice went by in a blur, though, Squall's mind elsewhere until they were all back in the locker rooms once more.

The blonde grabbed his stuff and put it in his bag. "Ready to go? We gotta get back... I'm sure I'm gonna get hell from Mom for not making you rest..." Tidus scratched his head. "See ya later guys!"

"Hn." He followed the other out to the awaiting car and climbed in, body fatigued and mind still going 'round in circles. With a sigh, the brunette tilted his head against the back of his seat as the eyelids fell shut. What a tiring day. Absently, he ran a finger along the newly designed ring adorning his other hand. //Hm. . .//

"Whew.. I think we should sleep well tonight..." They reached the boat and Tidus stepped on the deck and walked in, Squall followed soon behind. He looked around and saw his Mom wasn't there... "Hm, weird... hey!" He picked up a note. It read: Had to do extra shift, be back tommorow afternoon, Mom.

Squall yawned and collapsed onto the couch, stretching out his lean frame as his eyes fell shut. "You going to tell me about the ring?" He folded his hands behind his head as he made himself comfortable, kicking off his sneakers, letting them fall to the floor.

"What about the ring?" Tidus asked quite innocently. He kinda flopped onto the floor, his muscles finally giving in.

"In the locker room, you said you'd explain later. Go on." One aqua iris was revealed as he cracked open an eye to glance down at the blond blitz player.

Tidus closed his eyes, "Dunno... Jus' an impulse, I mean you look so good with the earring.... and..." He sighed gloomily. "If you ever go back to your world... you can remember you came to visit and have proof." He opened a blue eye, "Good enough?:

"Yeah," was the murmured response. It was odd to receive so many gifts from the other. . .from anyone, really. Tidus had already done so much for him and he kept giving. Hm. Squall's mind drifted off and he sighed as fatigue wore more heavily on his senses and carried him off to into slumber.

Tidus sat up, wearily. "Crap... don't go to sleep on..." He sighed and went over. He shook the brunette but got no response. "That couch is notorious for cramps..." Tidus akwardly place his arms under the smaller figure and picked him up, carrying him to his room. Tidus carefully placed Squall on the bed and climbed into his own. "G'night Squall..." He whispered. Tidus quickly stripped, down to his breifs for Squall's benefit. Then he too succumed to the peaceful oblivion of sleep.

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