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The scars of ignorance


Heyas people! Once again I am running outta title ideas" >< welp hope you enjoy this one!


"Come on," Squall whispered gently, brushing his lips over the other's forehead.

"We have to get you to a hospital. Is there one around?"

Tidus' wounds were far worse than his own. The poor blitz player had taken a nasty blow to the chest and had about an inch long slash going down his cheek. If the blond was treated fast enough, nothing would scar.

Tidus shook his head. "Nearest hospital.... far away...." He sobbed between words. "Don't let me go, Squall." He pleaded. Tidus shook his head.

"I won't, I won't," he assured, rocking back and forth some, trying to calm his injured partner. Collecting the trembling body in his arms, he ungainly brought himself to his feet. A few pedestrians spotted them and they immediately called the incident in on a hand held phone. With the help of the three strangers, Squals abs able to carry Tidus in to a nearby shop, where the owner quickly called for an ambulance. Tidus latched on to Squall, it could have been considered protectively, but it was mostly of fear.

"Squall...." The blonde went to touch his face, "How bad?"

The hand that went to touch the gaping wound was taken into Squall's and he brought it up to kiss at Tidus' knuckles.

"Ssh. . . you're still beautiful," he offered. Releasing the hand, Squall accepted the damp wash cloth that was offered to him and he began to wipe away the blood that had fallen from the gash, careful not to touch the wound until he began to try and staunch the blood flow.

Tidus flinched a bit, "I want to know.... how bad is it?" he blonde was serious, "Look's like we're gonna miss practice..." He chuckled a bit, but went into a fit of coughing.

"You'll live," he murmured, leaning down to capture Tidus' soft lips, the copper tang still on his taste buds. Pulling back, Squall smiled sadly and gently ran his fingers along the blonde's jaw line. The counter top Tidus had been laid upon was now stained with both their blood and he had to briefly wonder if Tidus was going to be as fine as Squall claimed.

Tidus coughed again, "Remind me... not to go in that section again...."

He smiled meekly, "You, ok?" He smiled and nodded. "Fine."

Squall's side had been forgotten for the time being, Tidus' injuries far more worrying than his own. Pulling back some, he looked up at the woman standing beside them.

"I can help," she whispered.


The woman nodded and Squall glanced down at the other, looking for his permission.

"Sure... I can deal with a small scar...." Tidus looked at her, "Ready."

He said flatly, trying hard to hide the pain, even though it was so obvious.

Squall moved away from the counter, gripping Tidus' hand for reassurance as the woman came toward the blond, leaning over him some.

"Rest, my son, you're going to be fine," she said with a warm smile, her hand hovering over Tidus' face before casting a Cura on the boy.

Squall watched with fascination, magic always seemed to intrigue him, as the wounds slowly closed, mending themselves together in a white light before the illuminescence vanished.

Tidus touched his cheek, only a tiny mark remained on it.

"Thank you, so very much. He got up a bit shakily, and went to Squall, "C'mon... your next...."

The woman nodded in silent recognition, smiling at Tidus, who was looking much better by the seconds.

"I'm fine," Squall murmured, declining the offer of being healed. He wasn't sure how magic was stocked here, but if it were like his world, he didn't want the woman's Cures wasted on him.

"Nonsense," she said, that same smile still across her lips. And with that, the Cure was cast, leaving Squall with a small scab along the side of his torso.

The woman nodded in silent recognition, smiling at Tidus, who was looking much better by the seconds.

Tidus bowed and said, "How can we repay you?" The elderly woman shook her head and made a gesture with her hand before eyeing Squall curiously before looking to Tidus.

"He is not of this world. . . watch him closely." With that said, she bowed and left through the front door of the shop, disappearing around the corner.

Squall's brows knit into a frown, eyes fixed on the path the woman took before glancing at Tidus. "Mm. . ." he frowned for a moment before glancing down at his blood soaked shirt.

"Maybe we should get to the stadium and change before meeting with your manager."

Their appearance was less than acceptable. The aqua eyes rose, though and the crowd surrounding the store caught his attention. Teenagers were screaming things such as "Are you okay?!" and various le wle were silent, looking at their tattered looks.

Tidus still had Squall by the waist. "Yea... it's close... maybe 5 minutes away... no guys with knifes this time."

The blonde walked through the crowd. Every so often he touched his now healed injury, "Any marks?" He asked the brunette, concerned of his appearance. Squall shook his head, glancing up at the blond.

"You have a small scar, but nothing too noticeable."

Leaning into Tidus, he sighed and rubbed at his own scar, all the noise beginning to give him a headache. He never knew so many people could so be sud. ud.

Tidus continued walking, they made it to the stadium in one piece. The blonde let go of Squall and whispered, "They don't know yet.... sshhh...."

He chuckled a bit.... but it sounded like more of a giggle. Tidus' face went back to normal and he opened the door, he started to walk down the hall, turning into the change room.

"This is more of a gym really.... we need to do out of water training."

Tidus opened his locker and checked out some of the stuff. "Ok... so lets get changed...." Tidus removed his shirt and placed it on the bench, he went for his other one. Squall took his place beside the blond and removed the blood soaked article of clothing.

"Do you have any extra shirts I might be able to borrow?"

The now ruined shirt was set upon the bench, and he winced when he watched the damp material stain some of the metal crimson. Running his hands over the now healed wound, he smeared away the blood that had been left behind, wiping his hands on the shirt which would most certainly be thrown away.

Tidus smiled of course. He grabbed another shirt from the locker and tossed it to him. Tidus looked down at his chest, he ran his hand over where the gash had been.

He shook his head, "Jeez... after that I don't wanna train.... I just wanna go home and.... rest." He sighed and jumped a bit when the noisy team came through the door.

Squall pulled on the shirt that was thrown at him and offered Jyou a small smile when he greeted them.

"Hey, guys! What's happening'? Man, Josie and I were at the mall yesterday and-- what the hell happened to you?!" Jyou eyed the new scar along Tidus' chest.

Tidus looked at Squall, he couldn't say they were attacked by homophobes... that would say they were homosexuals...... Tidus went over to Jyou and put and a hand on his shoulder, "Come here...." He whispered, he motioned for Squall to follow him to the blonde's locker.

Jyou blinked and followed the pair to Tidus' locker, leaning along the metal compartments as he glanced at Squall and then the blond.

"What's up, man?"

Squall also looked up at Tidus, arching a finely shaped brow, waiting for the other's explanation. "You, team! Meeting in my office! Hussle!"

Squall looked up and over at the heavy set man who had just yelled at thnd hnd he watched as the people began to filter out. Tidus started to speak, he heard Joe's voice yelling something.... the team filed out with the exception of Jyou, Squall and Tidus.

Tidus looked at Jyou, "What I.... we" He glanced to Squall. "Are going to tell you is something odd... but you can't tell the others!"

Tidus was sweating a bit. "Jyou.... Squall and I were attacked by the Homophobe Sect.... they left their mark on my chest and face...."

He sighed and sat down, slowly losing his composure. Squall frowned as he watched the other's composure crumble and he immediately went to wrap his arms around Tidus' shoulders.

". . .So you guys are gay?"

"For lack of a better word, yes," the brunette glanced up at the strangely calm player.

"Dude. . ." Jyou began, "this is friggin' awesome!"

Squall blinked in confusion. "Pardon?"

"Well, y'know I figured since our star player is gay, we'll attract a wider variety of fans," he explained excitedly. "And that means more cash. Which means. . .hello" house boat!" Jyou cheered and grinned down at the pair before winking at Squall. "Guess I was wrong, then, huh?"

He flushed and shrugged. "Guess so."

Jyou frowned and reached out to ruffle Tidus' hair. "Aw, T', don't cry. The guys and I'll back you up. Anyone who tries to hurt 'cha now will hafta face the great Zanarkand Abes!"

Squall brushed away the tear that had fallen from the corner of the beautiful baby blues, kissing Tidus' cheek before nuzzling his nose against the side of the blonde's neck.

Tidus smiled briefly, "Thanks.... I... just need some time, that's all guys...." The blonde got up and went into the adjoining room. He removed his clothes and stepped under a shower head. He turned it on and let the warm water trickle down his body.

Jyou sighed and patted Squall on the back as he headed off to the manager's office to hear what the "Big Guy" had to say.

With a sigh, the brunette glanced in the direction Tidus had went off to and rose to his feet, padding over to the entree way of the showers, where he leaned against the wall, arms folding neatly over his chest as he watched the other quietly. The blonde stood there hunched over watching the water flow down his front.

He was still marveling at the scars.... why had these people done t The These thoughts started Tidus crying again.... Watching as the shoulders shook with silent sobs, Squall stepped out of his clothes and stepped around the blond to stand in front of him, hand going to hook under Tidus' chin and raise his head to get the other to look at him. His silence said everything while he said nothing and he wrapped his arms around the taller figure, pulling him close in an embrace.

Tidus hugged back, "Squall...." He trailed off. "I'm so sorry...." He sighed and rested his chin upon the other's shoulder. "It wasn't fault.... there's no need to apologize." Squall's lips planted light kisses along Tidus' collarbone, his nose going to nuzzle the base of the blonde's throat softly.

Tidus sobbed a bit more, "Its my fault.... and I got my punishment for it...." Tidus looked at Squall. "You deserve better...."

"Ssh. . ."

He looked up and placed his hands on either side of Tidus' face. "Stop blaming yourself." Squall brushed his lips against the other's for a moment. "I don't want anyone, but you." The pads of his thumbs caressed the water/tear stained cheeks as aqua depths locked with those of light blue. Tidus gave up.

"Your right.... I still don't wanna go to practice though.... maybe...."

He looked around. The blonde gave an evil grin, He grabbed Squall's hand, "Come on...." He tugged a bit.

Tidus went into the door connecting to the other locker room. He chuckled a bit and went in.

The blonde held open his arms, "Our temporary play ground...." He winked to the brunette, "With no clothes of course." Tidus noticed the sudden mood change, but right now he was bent on having fun.


Thanks everyone for reading this! Once againm thanks to our editor and my co-author! Reviews are always welcome" so what are you waiting for? GET TO IT! ^_^


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