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Heyas!! Taimai here once again! Everyone will be happy to know here is chapter 6! Be prepared for some angst! you have been warned.

Suppressing soft chuckles, he retied the towel around his waist because it was slipping and peered out from around the hallway wall to see if Tidus was coming after him. With a grin, Squall returned the blondeís call,

"Catch me if you can!"

With that, he raced into the living room, skidding on his bare heels and making his way to the deck in a fit of laughter. Tidus ran after the brunette, his legs working overtime.

"Come....back, here!" He skidded to a stop at the door.

"Squall.... you wouldn't make me go outside at noon without any clothes on would you? Think of the fan girl rush!" Squall frowned at that, glancing behind him to find a small g of of Tidus' stalkers (fan was an understatement) gaping at the barely clad brunette. With a quick swear, he dashed back to the door, offering Tidus the towel.

"Would've made for great entertainment." He winked and went to slip past the blond, hoping to get away with the prank without punishment.

Tidus smirked, "Left yourself open Squally-boy...." With that he moved his arm quickly to grab onto the back of Squall's arm, pinning it behind the brunette's back. "I appreciate the towel.... one thing to notice....tinted windows, and.... Your gonna pay."

He gave an evil grin. The blonde smirked, "Okay.... since we are on a tight schedule.... later tonight......" He grinned evilly. "But for now.... I have a question.... should we bring the relationship to light.... or secrecy for now?"

For a few moments, he was quiet, thinking over the question. It wasn't his reputation at stake here, it was Tidus'. Moving his shoulder some, Squall frowned to find his movement was still restricted some.

"Whatever you want. Remember, it's you who will be plagued by the media."

Staying silent for a moment, he then blinked at the blitz player. "In the meantime....will you please release my arm?" Tidus nodded,

"Fine.... I am willing to go through with this.... not like the Abes can fire me, eh?" He laughed, "Okay let's get dressed.... wait.... I found your payback.... slave." The blonde grinned maliciously.

Squall clicked his tongue, arching a brow as he tried to eye the other. "Excuse me?" He went to wrench his arm free from Tidus' grasp. Soft laughter fell from his lips. "You're joking." It was more of a statement to ease himself than to get clearance from the blond.

Tidus shook his head, "Nope.... and I'm not lettin' go of your arm 'till you cave." He smiled. "It won't be that bad."

Squall scoffed as he went to move his arm from the other's hold once more. After failing countless times, he huffed a sigh, watching as brunette strands defied gravity for a brief moment before giving in. Tidus chuckled and put his chin on Squall's shoulder and kissed his neck delicately. "So??" He smirked confidently.

With a sigh of defeat, he eyed the blond once more before murmuring. "Fine, I give." Squall shrugged mentally. It's not like he'd be asked to do ridiculous tasks such as tie Tidus' shoes. . .right? Tidus smiled and licked Squall's earlobe as he leaned back and released the brunette's arm. "Good.... Knew you'd give...."

Tidus started to walk to the bedroom, motioning for the other to follow. "Mm." Stormy ds fos followed Tidus before he went after him silently in languid strides, rubbing absently at his ear. Letting out a huff of air, Squall entered the bedroom, blinking at the blond.

"Might as well have some fun.... I think you should dress me." He arched a brow. "Thatís my first order... don't worry..." And why was he not surprised? With a soft chuckle, he shook his head and rubbed at the scar along his forehead.

"Hn." Strolling over to the blond, Squall circled him once, and when he stood behind him, his arms slipped around Tidus' waist, purring into the other's ear.

"Yes, master."

Tidus smiled and stroked Squall's hair. "Get to it.... and make sure they are my clothes...." He removed his hand and took off his towel, throwing it into the laundry pile.

Nodding once, he backed up some, padding over to Tidus' closet and snagging a pair of shorts and a light T-shirt since it was pretty warm out. Squall stepped back to to the blond and showed him his choices.

"These fine?" Tidus nodded, "If you took out a parka I would still wear it 'cause you picked it...." He put a hand over his mouth and snickered.

"Remove your towel before you start dressin' me.... for fun that was for me."

"Hn. Should've grabbed that turtle neck in there just to make you suffer," he murmured with a small smile, to show he wasn't serious. Neatly setting the items down on one of the mattresses, Squall placed a hand on his towel, pausing for a moment, before removing it with a faint blush. Tidus looked the brunette over once again.

"On second thought.... shouldn't we uh... shave first?" The blonde rubbed his chin again, a little unsure.

"Yes, that would be nice." He hated stubble as much as he hated being put into the spotlight, and each time he was looked over, Squall felt himself internally cringe. Tidus stood up.

"Stop bein' so scared of my opinion...." He smirked and walked by Squall. "The only complaint I have is your not naked enough."

"You can't get more naked than this," he murmured, watching the blond for a moment. Squall ran his fingers along his jaw, frowning in displeasure when he felt the hair growing there. With a soft sigh, he headed for the bathroom.

Tidus shrugged, "I meant you should be naked more of the time... kinda like I usually am..." He ked ked and picked up some shaving cream, he snickered to himself, "There is a spare razor... um.... oh! Bottom drawer under the soap. But...."

He trailed off and handed Squall the container, "I think you have another job to do slave...." The blonde winked, "I'm gonna milk this for all I can."

The can of shaving cream was taken and he blinked once at it before looking up at Tidus. Shaking his head with a small smile, he poured a decent amount in the palm of his hand before setting the aluminum can down.

Squall looked back up at the blond, patting the white spongie foam along the other's jaw before positioning himself in front of Tidus, razor now in hand. He had to lean up some, due to the height difference, before he could begin ridding his lazy "master" of his stubble, making smooth, clean strokes, occasionally leaning forward , purposely brushing his chest against Tidus, to wet the blade.

Tidus smirked a bit, "Man.... why don't you just set up a shop.... I admit... I just overused my power...."

The blonde took the blade from Squall and finished quickly. He wetted the blade and passed it back to the brunette. "I'll go get dressed." He walked out, quickly turning his head to wink at Squall.

"I'll take the ones you picked out." The blonde swiftly walked to his bed and started to slide on his briefs.

With a light chuckle, Squall eyed his appearance in the mirror and frowned, lathering up the area which consisted of facial hair and quickly went about to shaving. After a few minutes, he set the razor down and stroked his chin with a pleased smile. He sighed and brushed his hair and teeth, using the blonde's toothbrush since he didn't have one, before padding back into Tidus' room. Tidus stood up, his top still bare.

"Hey...." He glided up and pecked the brunette on the cheek. "Feelin' better?" He gave another one of his smirks. He nodded and went over to the closet, leaning down to rifle through the heap of clothes at the bottom, looking for a pair of the boxers they'd bought for him yesterday. Finding a pair, Squall pulled them on before finally replying. "Hm, much."

"Good.... here, try these on...." Tidus grabbed a t-shirt and shorts from his dresser and tossed them over. He slipped on his own t-shirt and shook his head fixing his hair.

"Ah... well... did we ever figure out if we should tell or not?"

The clothing was caught and frowned in disgust at the items. Squall missed his leather pants. With a sigh, he substituted the shorts for a pair of navy blue pants and tugged them on instead. The shirt was slid into and he buttoned up the gray article, leaving the two buttons undone for comfort's sake.

"Mm. . .no, I'm not sure." Squall glanced over at Tidus, thinking for a moment. "Oh, you said something about the Abes, so. . ." he shrugged, not really knowing what else to say. He hadn't really been listening, more intent on getting his arm free at the time. Tidus smirked again, "We can figure it out later...."

The blonde stood up and hugged the brunette. "Sorry... I know you'd probably like your leather but.... it is quite hot outside...." His own arms went to wrap about Tidus' waist, setting his chin on the other's shoulder. "Mm, yeah. I'll get over it." The leather pants were just another sacrifice he'd have to make, and it wasn't as if it were a huge loss.

With a sigh, he nuzzled his nose against the blondeís neck, kissing the patch of skin there. Tidus moaned a bit and lifted the brunette's head with his hand. "Now, now...." He looked into the aqua depths, and kissed Squall furiously, then pulled back.

"Let's go...."

Blinking some, he nodded, fingers going to brush against his kiss swollen lips for a moment. Wow. With a small smile, Squall tilted his head to the door and started for it, picking up his new sneakers on the way and tugging them on. Tidus slipped into his vibrant yellow sneakers and walked out the door, leaving it open for Squall. The usual swarm converged.

Heading out, the brunette closed the door softly behind him, squinting in the bright light as he caught up with Tidus, staying behind some as he eyed the crowd of fans that had grown. Tidus glanced at the people and smiled. He reached in his pocket and pulled out two cases with the Abes symbol on them. He tossed one to Squall and smirked. Tidus opened his and took out a cool looking pair of sunglasses, he put them on.

The case was caught and he eyed the blond incredulously.

"Geez," he murmured, "I wouldn't be surprised if you had an Abes umbrella somewhere in there."

The sunglasses were taken out thoand and Squall slipped them on, handing casecase back to Tidus since his own attire had only pockets in the pants.

"I could probably fish one out.... maybe I'll give yaí a poster later.... heh." The blonde laughed and almost tripped on a pot hole.

A fan-girl came up and started gushing something or other. Tidus looked around and smirked to Squall. He didn't speak he just sided up to the brunette and put an arm around Squall's waist.

The fan-girl's eyes went wide. She ran away sobbing. Tidus looked a little displeased, "That hurt.... but better than being swamped again... 1 down 500,000 to go?"

Squall looked between Tidus and the girl who was busy running off in tears. So much for that. With a soft chuckle, he snuggled up along the other's side. "Mm, d thi think all the otherll rll react similar?" He frowned at that. Squall didn't want to cause the blitz player his popularity. Tidus shrugged and kissed him on the forehead. "Well lets see.... girls most likely like gay couples.... and that would make the guys come outta hiding... might actually boost it... but for some of the guys on the team.... I dunno."


The aqua depths swept over the array of fans who had noticed their position and took in the looks that surrounded them. Cheers of 'I knew it', 'He's mine!', or 'Aww. . .' lifted to his ears and Squall shook his head, leaning closer into Tidus.

"What do you think your boss would say?"

"If Joe says one word.... I'll just remind him.... what I say goes, which includes his employment status." The blonde smirked again and waved to the crowd.

"Did I mention there was a tiny sect that is homophobic?" The loud shriek that reached his ears caused Squall to cringe.

"No, you didn't, but I kin fig figured as much." A cat fight had broken out between two girls. One who was apparently trying to stop another fan from screaming homosexual remarks. This was getting out of hand. Tidus sighed, "Come on...." He started to walk over, finally releasing Squall. The blonde wandered over to the fight. "What's going on??!!??" He demanded. The last thing he needed was a riot, best to stop it small. The first girl sniffled and wiped away the tear that had rolled down her cheek. A group had formed around the once fighting pair and there were murmurs circling about.

"She called you a fag and I told her to take it back and then we get into a big fight," the girl murmured, head bowed. "I'm sorry."

The second girl sneered, flipping back a lock of golden hair. "Hmmph, well it's true. It's not my fault he prefers to ass-fuc--"

Squall cut her off though before cou could finish her obity,ity, "Just because you happen to think differently than her gives you no right to make snide remarks. Besides, for someone who is supposed to be his fan, you certainly can bad-mouth him pretty quickly."

That caused the homophobe to blush, and then stomp her foot like an angry child before storming off, muttering "fags" under her breath. Squall only shook his head and thanked the somewhat disheveled girl for standing up for Tidus. Tidus smiled. "Thanks... its not much but...." Tidus removed his sunglasses and put them in his case, he grabbed a pen and signed the case. He put the pen back in his big pocket then grabbed something else. The blonde smirked once again. He passed the case to her and the new object. "Second Row to the game tonight.... hope you can be there, it's people like you who makes me believe in the masses." Tidus winked and turned on his heel, "Let's go... can't be late."

Nodding his head in another silent thank you, he followed behind the blond, walking alongside him. The fans certainly were odd. So criticizing over people they don't even know. Sighing, Squall rubbed at his scar for a moment before glancing up at Tidus.

"We walking?"

"Yea... just 'till we get to the metro. Joe arranged some training out of water, and thatís on the other side of the city."

Tidus started walking down the steps and paid for each of them. He stepped in the train and sat beside Squall.

"This should take about 20 minutes...."

Hushed whispers were all around them as the boarded the train and sat down. Feeling somewhat uneasy, Squall shifted in his spot, ignoring those around him for the time being. He hated public transportation. Always had for some reason. Mainly because he was never a people-person. Tidus put his arm around Squall's shoulder, he whispered "Relax...."

He then gave the usual lick to the earlobe and smirked. He shivered some, though it certainly wasn't because it was chilly. With a sigh, Squall leaned his head upon Tidus' shoulder and shut his eyes, deafening all around him except for the blond as he made himself comfortable against the blitz player.

Tidus smiled again and looked around. Some people were looking at him with odd looks, he just gave them one of his death stares.

A man slid past them to get to the door, he flashed a quick thumbs up, and the blonde nodded in response.

"Squally.... We're almost there...." He felt bad at awaking theepineping beauty.

"Mm," he moved to sit up, blinking open his eyes before running a hand through his unkept hair. Squall sighed some, glancing up at the blond, offering a small smile as he leaned up to brush his lips against the other's.

Tidus didn't seem at all concerned about approaching his boss about this, Squall just hoped the Abes would be as accepting as some of the fans. Tidus touched Squall's lips with his finger and smiled again. The blonde stood up and took Squall's pale hand and he nudged the brunette. "We're at the place... only about 10 minutes left to walk."

The brunette's stomach growled in protest and Squall frowned, dismissing the feeling of hunger as he entwined his fingers with the blonde's. As they left the train station, various stares were sent in their direction, Squall easily brushing them off since he used to receive similar looks back in Garden before he was a SeeD. . . that was probably because of that fur collared jacket he always wore. Still, he walked as close to Tidus as he could.

Tidus walked through the underground tunnel with the brunette close by. The blonde clenched his hand around the other's. He looked to his left at Squall.

"I'm kinda hungry.... well I'm usually always hungry...."

He arched a golden brow. "How 'bout some hotdogs?" He nodded in silent agreement, a small smile reaching his lips as he thought of the suggestion. Zell and Tidus were so alike. . . how strange.

"Hot dogs sound fine," Squall murmured, squeezing the hand in his possession as Tidus' grip seemed to tighten.

Tidust ovt over to a stand and ordered two hot dogs. "Here ya' go Squall." He handed over one and paid. The blonde started to move again, finishing his dog quickly. His eyes narrowed as he saw a symbol on the wall.

"Uh oh.... um... I think we are in that "sect" district." Squall hot dog was consumed just as quickly and he blinked up at Tidus, swallowing what was in his mouth before asking, "Sect. . .?" He wasn't familiar with Zanarkand or anywhere else in this world, but by the look Tidus was giving the emblem spray painted along a brick wall, this area wasn't a good one.

"The homophobes I was telling you about.... oh well, they wouldnít risk anything on me...." Tidus gulped, "I hope."

Reluctantly, Squall released the blondeís hand for a moment, aqua depths catching the occasional sneers sent in their direction as they walked. The slender fingers were run through the unruly brown hair as he glared in return at the looks they were receiving.

Collecting Tidus' hand once more, the smaller teen gripped it gently, the pad of his thumb stroking the skin there. Tidus smiled at the shorter teen. "Almost through."

He checked the wall again and grinned, "We're through."

The blonde stopped and turned around, he looked at some of the people staring, and with a quick wink he kissed Squall, tongue and all. He pulled back and smiled, "Let's go..." Tidus started to walk with Squall still clutching the hand when three people stopped them.

"Stop right there, fags."Ě

The blonde narrowed his eyes.

"These fairies can kick your ass."

Another one sneered, and pulled out a dagger, "Words... so which one's the bitch?"

Tidus squeezed Squall's hand harder, trying not to lose his temper. The pressure being applied to his hand was taken into account and he flinched mentally, having learned long ago not to allow such things to reach his expression. Squall's own temper was in check. . . but just barely. The blade that caught his attention enough to keep him from responding. The one with the dagger kept sneering.

"Aww... fairy can't speak now.... maybe I should cut him something else to speak with...."

The gang members started to move towards the couple. He growled, a sneer curling his lips as he released the blondeís hand to step in front of him.

"The only thing you'll be speaking through will be a busted lip, now back off."

The threat didn't sound as menacing as it should of considering his appearance. Who would be afraid of a wiry looking brunette?

The man stopped momentarily, "Oh... scary..." He then snickered and kept advancing with his friends. Tidus tried to move in front of Squall, but the brunette wouldn't budge. "Get 'em, Squally...." Was all he could manage to choke out. Hey, it's not like he had never been in a fight where the odds were against him. Look at that Dollet mission during the field exam. Squall had been faced with far worse things than a bunch of homophobes. Still. . . he had had his gunblade and his GF to aid him. As far asd tod to hand combat was concerned, he wasn't all that great. Where was Zell when you needed him?

"Heh, no more comments, fag?" the man asked, poising his blade.

The stormy depths glanced to the other two men, brows dipping into a frown at his disposition.

"Let's see if I can add another scar to that fairy complexion of yours."

And with that, the man lunged in an attack, the others going to tackle Tidus to the ground. He growled, a sneer curling his lips as he released the blonde's hand to step in front of him. Tidus clenched his eyes shut for an instant.

"Fine! You're pissing me off!" Tidus kicked the first attacker in the stomach, knocking him back. The man was met head on, Squall ducking to charge at him, catching the guy in the stomach and bringing him down to the ground. The brunette was kicked off and he curled into himself for a moment as pain seared across his chest were he'd been hit.

Rolling to the side, he narrowly missed the boot that had been sent to catch him in the face and he rose quickly, blade catching in his shirt and grazing his side. Tidus leaned back to avoid a blow, but received a strong punch to his gut. The blonde scrunched a bit before falling to the ground. He got up to one knee but the original attacker grabbed his buddy's knife and slashed at Tidus wildly.

"Ahh!" Tidus fell back,erinering his face with one hand, the other over his chest.

"Tidus!" The brunette lunged at the man attacking the blitz player, bringing the man to the ground, dagger clattering a few feet away. With one punch, his 'boyfriendís attacker was brought into unconsciousness before the other two dragged Squall kicking and yelling off of the man.

Tidus lay curled up in a ball, blood rushing over his hands. He started to cry from the pain. Squall thrashed in their hold, managing to nail one in the groin, which in return earned himself a backhand in the face. Crimson trickled down from the corner of his mouth, a metallic taste on his tongue.

Stunned for a moment, the man not holding him back managed a few good hits before the brunette began to fight back. After a few minutes, both men were down and the bleeding teen was stumbling over to Tidus.

Tidus was sobbing at the side of the hallway, he was still covering his face and chest, blood mostly dried but some still flowing. He was starting to shake more all the while tears mixing with blood. His side throbbed, the open wound small, but it still stung.

Squall leaned beside the sobbing blond, running his fingers through the soft blond hair sadly. "Tidus. . .?" The gray shirt he was wearing was already seeping with blood, the brunette could only imagine how bad Tidus was judging by the other's wounds.

"Let me see," he whispered, gently lifting the other to cradle the blitz player's upper torso. Tidus moved his bloodied hand from his face.

"S-Squall...." He choked out, tears still flowing.

"Oh, Hyne." Squall breathed, hand going to run through the golden hair again as he held Tidus closer to him.


And now for this chapterís credits!!! Thank you to Alex, Flea, Ice Cream, and Leigh lmao, which are all personalities of i seifer lover i (her fanfiction.net name)!!!!! She graciously agreed to edit because mousy is currently disposed of at summer schooll (ick!) Once again also, thanks to my co-author. and as per usual R&R!!!


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