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Chapter 2: Good night, sweet heart

"It's no problem," Tidus replied with a smirk.

He went up the ramp yet again and entered his room. There were two beds against the corner. Each of the heads were right next to eachother. They were just beds, no head board or anything and had the abes symbol adorning the sheets. Tidus smiled proudly, "Well this is my room... not much, eh?" He kept smiling for a bit and pointed to his book shelf, "There are some good reading material over there... history on Zanarkand etc... and wel~l there is also the 'off' record books which are under the bed of course." He winked a bit. "Feel free to browse..." He then flopped on the bed, "Or we could always have another one of these wonderful one way conversations, ne?"

He eyed the beds, and taking a wild guess as to which one was his, and set his clothes down on one of them before padding over to the bookshelf, running his fingers along the spines of the novels, reading the titles, pulling one out and flipping through it. It was Zanarkand's history and he frowned in dismay when he read nothing of the Gardens or of Galbadia, Balamb, or even Trabia. Squall slowly backed up until the back of his knees his the mattress and he sat down numbly. I'm in a completly new world. . . And that meant he was stuck here. Without a sorceress. . . he was screwed.

"What's wrong? You look like you have seen a ghost!" Tidus sat down on his bed and layed down. "You don't have to tell me of course...."

It took a few moments of mental anguish and obscenities that never left his mouth before he was able to collected himself. "I'm. . . I'm fine." Sighing, he rose and returned the book to it's rightful position before pushing his clothes to the foot of the bed and kicking off his shoes.

Tidus nodded, "Okay... well one of these'll cheer you up.. I think..." He reach under his beed and tossed Squall one of the 'off the record' books. "Always cheers me up for while at least!" He gave another wicked grin.

Squall eyed the Adult magazine in his hands, arching a brow uni uninterested in porn as he was at the moment, he scanned through it anyway, often stopping to look at a model that caught his eye only due to the fact that they happened to resemble someone he knew or to appreciate the elegant figure. He even found one that looked like Selphie. Twitch. It brought a smile to his lips though. Selphie had that effect on people, even when she wasn't around.

Tidus laughed, "Okay maybe this isn't the shallow side.. it probably runs deeper... don't worry though! We'll find where you're from soon.. then you can go home!" He smirked again, "I'll be back in a sec... gotta get a drink of water, I'll bring one back for you too." Tidus left the room a bit quickly. On his way to the kitchen, he cranked up the knob again on the heater. He poured two glasses of water and went back humming a little. He turned up the heat again then walked back into the room, "Here ya go." He then gulped his drink hastily and flopped onto the bed .

He tugged irritably at the front of his shirt, not at all enjoying the warmth of the room one bit. Heh, who would've guess that Mr. Frost King himself would get hot so easily. Gratefully, Squall accepted the glass, bringing it to his lips to sip at the cool liquid, which was welcomed in comparison to the heat radiating in the room.

Tidus complained about the warmth silently in his mind... "It's quite warm in here..." He said to Squall. Tidus sat up and started to undo his belt, he let his shorts fall to the floor and he lifted his legs back up to the bed. He stretched out lying there in his bikini briefs as he sighed. "I am not looking forwards to the finals... I get another trophy.. which is good... but then the fans... it gets really rough..."

He polished off the rest of his water, setting the empty glass to the floor as he flopped back down against the soft mattress, huffing a sigh and watching as his bangs defied gravity for a split second then fell back against his face. Gods, it's hot in here. . . His shirt clung to him and he swore silently, pulling it off and tossing it to the foot of the bed with the rest of his discarded clothing. His chest was still banadaged and he frowned at that, figuring that was the cause for his uncomfortability.

Tidus looked over, glancingly... he almost felt sorry for trying this.. but it was alittle fun.. hyne, he must have be a saidst... "You don't need those any more, eh?" Tidus lazily scratched his rippling stomach. "Remind me to fix the heater tommorow..."

"Guess not," he murmured. He snorted though as he sat up and began unravelling the cloth from around the once battered side, looking over the no longer discolored skin. Gingerly, he ran his fingers along the pale skin, checking for anything the potion might have missed.

"I gave you the good stuff, not a single scar, eh? That vile I gave you was a hi-potion/regen mix... it would have cost over 10,000gil," Tidus said matter of factly.

One brow arched and he frowned at that. "Once I get settled in, I'll pay you back." Squall left no room in his statement for arguments.

Tidus shrugged, "Ok... I got it for free you know... we do get perks us star players..." Tidus then raised his eyebrow, "You look quite pale... dont get out much? I assume the way your.. um.. built... you do a lot of gym work with that complexind and all..." He trailed off.

You try waging a war against an all powerful sorceress and let's see how well you look, he grumbled mentally, running a hand through through the brunette strands of hair. "Actually, I traveled most of the world on foot for awhile. . ."

Tidus nodded. "Well." He sighed. "Some people just don't tan." He scratched his ear. He looked over to Squall, "You shouldn't wear leather in this kinda heat... it'll chaff."

Well, considering he wore nothing underneath, pulling off his pants just might offend his host. Then again, with the way Tidus has been passing complements to him, maybe not. Sighing, he glanced over at the other, quickly looking away when he saw just what the blond was clad in. Squall scowled and rubbed at his forehead in frustration, cursing his body when he felt something twist in his stomache.

Tidus noticed something in the corner of his eye. "Hm? You dont look that well... oh.. if you want there are some other clothes for you to wear.. feel free to browse."

"I'm fine, but thank you." Too many thank yous going on today, Squall thought miserably. He shifted onto his side and curled up some with a yawn.

Tidus smirked, "Okay the offer is always open..." He started to close his eyes. He clapped once and the lights went off. The blond shifted in his bed so he looked asleep, but his eyes were alert and staring at Squall.

With darkness envading the room, he relaxed and stretched some, tucking one arm under the fluffly pillow, the other going to drape around his waist as his mind floated elsewhere and ran over a million and one questions. How the hell was he supposed to get back to his own world when he knew nothing of this one? Squall huffed a sigh. He'd have to do research on this place before trying to find a way home.

Tidus half chanted in his mind, 'Take your pants off, take your pants off...' But he shrugged it off. Tidus gave another noisy sigh and wiped off his forehead which was covered in sweat. He then, a little akwardly, removed his bikini breifs... it was too hot to wear anything right now...

Screw it. Tomorrow, he'd fix the damn AC himself, whether he knew all the components or not. With another sigh, Squall shifted in his spot before moving again another five minutes. With the sweat collecting along his body, it didn't take long for him to cave, sliding out of the leather pants in one swift motion, throwing them aside for now. Much better. Lifting up the sheets, he slipped under them, the wonderful chill he got now gone, but at least it covered his nude form.

Tidus blushed a little at the sight of Squall naked, but oh well. The blond did stay above the covers though, he knew it would get really hot under them... he moved on his side and tried to sleep. He didn't know his own ploy would make unc uncomfortable too...

The covers were kicked off only after ten minutes of being under them. "Hyne," he muttered under his breath as he ran a hand through his sweat damp hair. Being nude didn't bother him, not at all, but the fact that he was in his birthday suit in front of a guy he'd only know for about eight hours. . .that was uncomfortable. With another bored sigh, he glanced up at the ceiling.

Tidus raised his head abit but stopped. 'What are you doing?!?!' His mind asked him. The blond shrugged and kept on his side, eyes moving from Squall to the poster on the wall.

Turning over onto his side, Squall set his back to the other, trying to get some rest in the room which had temperatures like the Fire Cavern. For a modern civilization, their air conditioning sucked.

Tidus sighed, "Sorry... someone busted it a while ago... this is getting sickening!" He brushed his hair back again. Tidus noticed his whole body was almost damp, he scratched at his groin which was of course... itchy.

"Hn," he grunted in response, shifting in his spot, body slick with sweat and catching in the sheets below him. This was pathetic. He might as well sleep outside for all the luck he was having. Sighing, he was turned to glance over at Tidus, about ready to claim he was going to out on the boathouses' deck when his breath hitched in his throat and he forgot what he was going to say. The image of the naked blond causing a stirring in his lower regions and he turned his back on the other once more, growling at his body's inability to control its hormones.

"Uh.. sorry..." Tidus grinned, "I'm sure you dont need me laying here like this..." He started to slide into the sheets, knowing full well it would be hotter... he didn't want to make Squall that uncomfortable.

"Whatever. I'm not looking." Tease, he thought, eyes narrowing at the wall as he huffed a sigh, running his fingers through his sweat damp hair. Squall sighed and gave up, he couldn't handle this weather. Where was Shiva when he needed her? Getting into a sitting position, he collected his pants from the floor of the bed, pulling them on. "I'm going outside, if that's all right."

Tidus nodded. "Yeah.. good luck... wait... I'm coming too!" Tidus sat up to grabbed two sleeping bags and headed outside, still nude. He grinned at Squall before stepping out, "No one can see... heh."

"Heh. . ." Squall chuckled at Tidus' antics. So like Zell, he thought gloomily. Padding on bare feet out onto the deck, the brunette breathed in the cool salt air, welcoming the change of temperature against his torso.

Tidus shook his head, "Ah... better... feels weird down there though... so free!" He laughed aloud. "I'll just set up here..." He placed his sleeping bag down and set up Squall's as well. The blonde layed down on his back stretching out, in view for all (being Squall) to see.

A brow arched at the glouriously nude teen before Squall headed over to the rail to glance beyond the horizon, folding his arms on it as he gazed intointo the ocean, then glancing at the bustling city that could also be seen from the boathouse. His pants felt a little tight and he knew the cause for this already, hiding his growing arousal from site as he leaned a little further over the rail with a sigh, chocolate locks of hair whipped about a soft breeze.

"Whats up? I mean.. wrong" He scratched his head a bit and leaned back. He wanted to get up but his muscled finally gave in. The blond laid there quietly, trying not to get a hard-on over Squall's arousal for him!

"Up. . .?" Peering over his shoulder at Tidus, a finely sculptured brow rose at the first question before it was shrugged off. "Nothing's wrong. . ." The stormy eyes focused back onto the ocean, such a lovely shade of aquamarine. . . . Squall sighed and looked down, rather than out into the horizon, watching as shadows moved beneath the water's surface.

"It's a nice view!" Tidus jumped up; another one of his energy jolts. He peered over Squall's back, not like that was hard with the height difference. "The sunrise is cool and... I'm standing behind you naked... Hyne what was I thinking?" He went back slowly to his sleeping bag, and went into it. He hoped Squall didn't mind sleeping so close in the next sleeping bag.

He felt blood rush to his cheeks, painting them a nice shade of crimson as he felt the other behind him, before his presence quickly vanished back under his sleeping bag. "Erm. . .yes, a very nice view." Squall wasn't sure if he was speaking of Tidus or the horizon. Sighing, he made his way to his own sleeping bag, making sure his slowly fading erection wasn't in site as he slipped under the warm material, pulling his pants off under it and setting them to the side as he rolled over to turn his back to the blond, intent on getting some rest.

Tidus chuckled softly, "Sorry... oh well. Hmm... I haven't slept under the stars in ages..." He smiled and closed his eyes, "Night Squall."

"Good night, Tidus," he whispered in reply, eyelids falling shut as he let sleep over come his sense, welcoming the silent abyss in which he was dragged into. Apart of Squall wanted desperately to go to sleep and when he awoke he'd be back in Balamb Garden, everyone waiting for him with open arms, saying how happy they were he was safe. . .yet another part of him wanted to stay here with Tidus. . .

Tidus was having quite the dream, at one point he was winning the cup, and then he was beating up his dad... it was weird... for some reason Squall showed up sometimes... weird indeed. The blonde awoke slightly, he grunted and flailed a bit. As usual he opened his eyes to have a raging erection greet him in the morning. He grumbled some more and flopped his head back against the pillow, snoring back into sleep.

Being a SeeD, he was constantly on alert, whether Squall knew it consciously or not. So, when he caught a shuffle going on beside him, he was brought into the waking world. For a moment, he thought everything had been a dream and he was in his military issued sleeping bag, somewhere in the Galbadian plains, but when he cracked open his eyes, he was proved wrong. Squall didn't know whether to be disappointed or somewhat relieved. A hero's welcome was probably waiting for him when he returned, and the brunette was never one for being in the spot light. Sighing, he rolled over on his back with a yawn as he stretched hiss abs above his head, glancing up at the sky to guess the time. Almost dawn. Squall turned back onto his side, sitting up on one elbow to glance down at the blond beside him. Tidus. Aqua depths silently took in the sleeping figure, as if memorizing the larger teen's build, stature, complextion.

Tidus yawned again and his hands moved up. "Damn you Dad!" He said yelling, but in a quiet way. He started to punch Squall on the leg softly, having a fight in his sleep. The blond soon stopped and wrapped his arms around the leg and sighed, smiling meekly and started snoring again.

"Eh. . ." Squall blinked a bit dumfoundedly, eyeing the blitzball player snuggling against him. . . well his leg. Not quite sure what to do, he gently shook Tidus' shoulders. "Tidus. . ." he whispered. "Hey." When the blond looked as if he was not about to let go in this century, Squall sighed and shifted a bit, tentatively reaching out to pet the amazingly looking softr, sr, smiling when he found that felt just as fluffly as it looked.

Tidus suddenly flopped over and groaned more. "I want my teddy... I wont cry if I dont get him! I WANT teddy!!!" He shifted more and suddenly held out his arms a bit. "Mom! Gimme Teddy!" He started edging closer to his 'mom' which was in Squall direction.....

"O~kay," Squall mused quietly, not sure he wanted the blond glomping onto him while having such an odd dream. Looking about, he quickly snatched up the pillow he had been using and placed it in Tidus' open arms. How peculiar, he thought to himself, aqua depths watching the blond's reaction.

"Thanks!" He smiled happily and squeezhe phe pillow affectionatly, rubbing his cheek on it. "So fluffy!" Tidus tucked himself back in sort of and in his childish voice murmured, "Where's my good night kiss Mommy?"

Now that was a bit much. He could put up with the snuggling, the wanton of a teddy bear, but a kiss? Did Tidus really want to wake up to find Squall's lips upon his own? Honestly, now. . . . Huffing a sigh, he reached out and ruffled the soft strands of fluffly blond hair, that was about as close to a kiss Tidus was getting.

Tidus crossed his arms tightly around the 'teddy bear' and pouted, "Fine mom... go with dad more.. i hate him.. did you know that?" He turned around and then as before started snoring...

Weiwas was the only word that came to mind as Squall shook his head and rose from his spot, not caring he was nude because Tidus was far off in dream land or whatever. Stretching his arms high above his head, he yawned, smiling some when he heard his back give the most delightful crack.

There was a loud horn from a boat on the deck and Tidus jumped up. "Wha? Oh.. hey." He turned to see Squalls waist area right in his field of vision. "Wah!" He fell back form his sitting position. "Sorry..." The blonde said as he stood up scratching his head. He hadn't noticed that bag wasn't on him anymore.

The loud yelp the other let out quickly noted him of the problem and he swore, quickly pulling up the sleeping bag to cover his lithe form. He glanced away, blush painting his cheeks. "Hyne!" he gasped and then muttered an apology, managing to keep his eyes off of the tanned blond.

"Sorry again.... for many things... I didnt dream did I? I heard they can be bad..." He blushed a tiny bit and grabbed his bag. "Okay.. we could manage a few more hours of sleep, or are you even tired anymore?"

"It's fine," he murmured, that irritating glow still fresh on his cheeks as he kept his eyes off of the other. "And no, you slept like a baby," Squall replied. Quite literally, he thought. Well hell! He had to save the older looking teen some dignity! The brunette knew if he'd been caught sleep talking or anything, he'd be might embarrassed.

Tidus nodded, "Okay thats good then. So, lets just enjoy the weather, or we could pop by the stadium early... get you used to the pool?" He paused, looking over at Squall. "If you still wanna go of course!" He smiled brightly

Offering a weary smile, he nodded at the suggestion., "I'd like to get used to the whole. . . 'breathing underwater' thing." Well, obviously he still wanted to try out for the team if he just asked. Glancing around for his pants, Squall frowned when he found them upon the floor a few feet away, meaning he had to hold onto the sleeping bag somewhat covering his naked figure before awkwardly tried to grab them.

Tidus stroked his chin a bit. "Lemme get those..." He noticed Squall eyeing the pants. The blond let the bag drop once again as he picked them up and then winked, dashing towards the inside of the boathouse.

Huffing a sigh of aggrivation, he hurried into the house to the best of his ability as he kept the sleeping bag around him, scrambling after the blond. Ditching the bag, Squall dashed after the blitzball player, catching up to him halfway into the living room and pouncing onto him, bringing the larger man to the ground. "Got 'cha!" He smirked triumphantly as he made a move to grab the leather item, not really taking note to the fact that both of them were nude and he was on top of Tidus.

"You're gonna have to ditch these things, man... sacrafices for the game... one of the major ones is the underwear... but it grows on ya!" He laughed more and kept the pants just out of his reach. He was kinda enjoying the warmth on his back... it felt comforting.

"Bah." Squall scowled and climbed off of the taller teen, a frown across the soft lips as he collapsed onto the couch. "Fine, whatever." If he was going to be living in this world, that meant adjusting. Though he never thought his pants, of all things, would present a problem.

Tidus waved them in front of Squall, "Don't worry.. we can find ya some clothes... hm I wonder..." Tidus eyed the pants and smirked. He put a leg into them and then the other. "Wonder if they'll fit maybe..." He started to pull them up, and finished. "How do I look?" He beamed and did a quick turn laughing the whole time.

One slender hand rose to hide the smile curving his lips. Tidus' body was a lot more muscular than Squall's. Squall had a much more delicate looking frame as opposed to the Blitzball player who looked to be pure muscle, without looking like he was over doing it. "You look ridiculous," he replied simply, "in a charming sort of way."

Tidus put his hands on his hips. "Hmmph. You pull it off, barely..." He started to remove the tight pants but then stopped, "It does compliment my package though..." He said while flicking it with his finger, "Sorry.. couldnt help that one.."

Squall arched a brow at the action, crossing his bare legs to hide the stirring in his groin. Geez, what was up with it lately? . . .Literally. Sighing, the brunette yawned, covering his mouth once more. "D'ya have any clothes I can borrow, or are you going to make me run around nude?" Humor colored his tone, something not often found in the lonewolf.

"Huh? Yea.. you can wear some of my stuff for a bit and we can dro the the mall and I can get you some better clothes..." He looked at Squall. "You can't hide a hard-on with no clothes Squally-boy...." He covered his mouth in a fit of laughter. He walked up the ramp, wiggling his butt as he went. In a high voice, "Oh my.. does this make my butt look big?"

"No, but your head is starting to look pretty big from here," Squall grumbled after a few moments of shocked silence. Huffing a sigh, he snagged a pillow and headed upstairs, covering his. . ."essentials" with the stuffed item. It looked like it was going to be a lo~ng day. . .


A/N: Usagi: Whoo!! What adventures await our heroes??? You'll just hafta keep readin' to find out! Hmm. . .y'know. . .it's weird leaving author notes since this story't 't even on my pen name. . .even though I helped write it. . .I edited it. . .I-- hey!!! This is unjust! >

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