Unnamed Story

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Unnamed Story

Author’s Notes: This is set just after Dirge of Cerberus. I’ve always thought of the spin-offs of FFVII as both a blessing and a curse on fanfic writers. On the one hand they gave us a lot more characters and ideas to work with, on the other they filled up a lot of the gaps that had once been free hunting grounds for creativity. So expect me to shamelessly take plenty of creative license on those.

Also, English is not my first language, and verb tenses will be my eternal enemy DX

Anyways, enough with the babbling and on with the disclaimer and warnings! ...And then the story.

Disclaimer: Square Enix owns all their stuff, which includes all things Final Fantasy VII. Cross-over characters are owned by their own respective owners. To avoid spoiling, I will give more detailed disclaimers on those at the end of the chapters in which their names are revealed. I own nothing but my own stuff and make no money from this story whatsoever.

Warnings: Violence, eventual yaoi (male x male relationships/physical intimacy), threesomes and other naughty stuff. You have been warned.


Prologue - Fallen Angel

The silver warrior raged. He was fighting a losing battle, he knew that. But his stubborn heart refused to give up, not just like that. Not again. All around him, above him, behind him, inside him, she cooed, whispered and wrapped her tendrils around him and through him. About them the green life force of the planet pulsed and ebbed and rushed upwards towards that huge winged WEAPON. Partially hidden in the green glow floated a familiar silver-haired form. His body.

How in Gaia do these blasted scientists keep popping up, seeming to have no other purpose than to clone him, he’ll never know. But he knows through painful experience that if she succeeds in dragging him to that body, he will have lost.

Perhaps he would have been better off to have dissolved into the Lifestream just like the countless souls around him. Maybe then he’ll finally be free from her and her constant presence. But by Gaia, he didn’t want to let go. It’s not fair. His entire life he’d been controlled, manipulated, used. Especially now that he had flowed with the countless souls of the Lifestream, seen flashes and visions of bits and pieces of their past lives, he knew with painful clarity that he had never truly lived, never been allowed to truly live. It’s not fair. He never even found the answers he sought his whole life. Who was he? What was he? His parents...

Listen to mother, love, mother will make it all alright...

No! You are NOT my mother! The silver warrior snarled, but it was no use. The sweetly soothing voice never ceased and only grew louder as unseen tentacles dragged him closer and closer.

Why does she insist on having him? Why couldn’t she just use the empty vessel herself and leave him alone?

Gentle laughter grated against his core, Silly child, of course I am your mother. Who else could it be?  

He had no answer. She slipped her fingers into his sliver of weakness and tightened her hold.

No! The silver warrior screamed one last denial, before she laughed in triumph and pushed the unwilling spirit into the waiting body. Instantly the poisoned veins carried tainted blood to every cell in his body, strangling him, bending him to their will. Her voice reverberated in a deafening clamour in the confines of his skull. Her music rang its dissonance through every fibre of his body, dissolving his last resolves.

Suddenly, something shot past them, and her music abruptly dimmed. Sephiroth blinked the eyes that were suddenly his again. But that thing was already speeding away, and the clamour rose once again.

He knew her goal. All this energy, the entire Lifestream, if she succeeds in absorbing it all into this body, then she will become unstoppable. A God. Unrestrained. Undying. And there was nothing he could do to stop her.

Vaguely, through eyes that were still partly his, he became aware that the thing had passed the WEAPON and has stopped right in its path. What is it? What is it doing? Doesn’t it know that if it didn’t get out of the way of the WEAPON soon, it will be destroyed?

It doesn’t matter love, all that matters are you and me now. Jenova’s soft, unseen fingers clawed into his mind, dragging his thoughts away from him. But somehow, Sephiroth was able to keep his eyes on the thing, as they, along with the rest of the Lifestream came closer and closer...

Vincent? He didn’t know why that name came to him so easily. Or how he had recognized him in his demonic form. But he didn’t get a chance to dwell on these mysteries for in the next moment, the winged demon raised an impressive-looking gun, and fired.

The impact was unlike anything he had felt before. He was...very impressed. Jenova was screaming inside his head. All her triumph was falling away from them, back down to the planet. Vincent was falling too. His body had shrank back to his thin human form, limp and lifeless as it was buffeted this way and that by the residue shockwaves.

No! Sephiroth’s eyes widened. His wing unfurled from his back, and he fought against both the shockwaves and Jenova’s screams to reach the crimson, fragile form. For a moment it felt as though he would fail. Jenova’s grip on him was still very strong, and his shoulders, chest and wings ached from the strain of having to fight through wave after wave of energy. But then suddenly, two pairs of hands gently pushed him from behind. He wasn’t able to take a look at who it was though, for it took every last ounce of his strength, both mind and body, just to reach out towards the pale gunman.

Floating inside a tank of mako green, the pale man stirred. Crimson eyes opened and stared straight into his soul. His lips moved.


Sephiroth gasped at the sudden memory and stared into crimson eyes that were now open and staring back at him in astonishment. His hand was clamped tight around a gauntleted claw. For a moment, they just stayed there, frozen in time. Then suddenly, a blinding flash of light washed everything in white. And then everything was falling, falling...


Sephiroth let out a groan. He forced his aching shoulder to work and dragged his hand under his body in an attempt to push himself off the ground, then abruptly stopped. His hand...his shoulder...they were his again... Sephiroth held very still and listened. No music, no whispers, nothing. Jenova was gone. Well, not quite. Her presence was still there, but it was faint, distant. The presence that had once encompassed his entire existence was now not even half as substantial to him as the faint breeze that brushed his skin. Sephiroth counted his own breathing and tried to convince himself that this was real. He tried to move again and found that his other hand was still tightly clamped to a certain gauntleted gunman.

Vincent Valentine. That was his name. Sephiroth remember seeing him with the rest of Cloud’s ragtag group. He remembered that the gunman fought like a Turk, though that must have been a past occupation seeing that he never wore the uniform and was fighting as a member of AVALANCHE.

“Pitiful Turk, even now you insist upon interfering with my genius.” Hojo sneered as he jabbed his bony finger into a button on the control panel. The pale demon in the mako tank screamed.

Sephiroth blinked at the memory. He had definitely seen this man before...in the lab... Right now the man was lying motionless beside him, his eyes closed, his face deathly pale.

“By Gaia, you had better not be dead.” the former general muttered under his breath as he placed his fingers against the ex-Turk’s neck to check for a pulse. He wasn’t. Good. There are some questions that Sephiroth would very much like to ask him. But with the circumstances as they are, that’ll have to wait.

Sephiroth sat back and studied his surroundings. He was in a barren land littered all over the place by large, strangely shaped jagged rocks. The sky was heavily overcast; the invisible sun cast its cheerless light from behind thick layers of clouds the colour of sickly yellow. Silver brows furrowed. He had travelled the planet quite extensively in the past—not to mention his clones, and no where that he remembered resembled this strange landscape.

A movement from the corner of his eye caught his attention. He heightened his senses and listened to the wind. There...an exhale of breath. And there...the faint sound of a footstep. Not human. Very big, very heavy. And there are more of them. From all directions.

Sephiroth slowly and carefully wrapped his arms around the unconscious ex-Turk, trying his best to not let their stalkers know that they’ve been detected. Then in an explosion of movement, a black wing shot out from his back and he took into the air.

Instantly dark shapes leaped out from their hiding places behind the rocks. Their strange dog-like outlines did not belong to any creature that Sephiroth knew, but what he could recognize told him quite enough. These creatures were huge, had sharp claws and teeth...and wings.

Sephiroth was already tired and sore from his earlier struggles to reach Vincent, and the awkward weight of the unconscious man wasn’t much help either. Two of those dog-creatures soon closed in on him and knocked him from the sky. Gritting his teeth and tightening his wings about himself, Sephiroth used the force of the impact to fuel a fast dive. Upon landing he twisted and rolled so that he ended up with his back against a sheer rocky cliff that rose straight from the ground. It wasn’t an ideal position but it was good enough for the situation at hand. At least this way he could not be ambushed from the back and the tilt of the cliff prevented attacks from directly above. The former general deposited his unconscious burden to the ground behind him and called for Masamune.

The katana was there, but it was distant, almost as distant as Jenova. Its answer to his call came from somewhere far away through what felt like a twisted, folded maze. Sephiroth knew that he could still summon it if he could just concentrate and find the right path, but there was no time for that. The dog-creatures that had knocked him from the sky were already diving towards him, and the rest weren’t far behind.

As luck would have it, there on the ground was a hard, long, flat piece of rock in rough shape of a sword. Sephiroth grabbed it and swung just as a crimson, sharp-toothed maw opened before his face. Blood splattered into the air. The force of the swing sent an arc of pressurized air sweeping forward, catching the creature right in the soft tissues that connected the top and bottom jaw. The creature screamed in pain as it was knocked backwards into another one behind it, and both landed hard into another group further behind. But three others immediately replaced them and came at Sephiroth from a different angle. Sephiroth sent arc after arc of pressurized air into the oncoming attackers, but the piece of rock was truly a poor substitute for Masamune—it was already cracking and crumbling at the edges from the force being put upon it—and the dog-creatures were fast, tough, vicious, and numerous. Sephiroth searched within himself for the power that had been there along with Jenova’s possession, and found that like Masamune, they too were present but distant. Sephiroth cursed under his breath. The dog-creatures kept up their relentless assault, and were fast closing in and surrounding him. They’ll be upon him in minutes if he doesn’t think of something soon.


Vincent blinked in an attempt to force his eyes into focus. He could hear sounds of battle very close to him, and his instincts were screaming at him to get up on his feet. The blurry lines wavered for some moments before finally converging upon themselves to reveal a most astonishing scene. Sephiroth, the supposedly dead ex-general, was standing with his back towards him, and was fighting off dozens upon dozens of huge, strange-looking creatures with a sword-shaped rock. The ex-Turk quickly scrambled to a crouching position. Mako-green eyes flashed back at him at the movement.

“So you’re awake,” grunted the ex-general and former world-destroyer as he slashed at another group of attacking creatures with his rock and then spun around to kick away one that had come up from his side, “care to help?”

It seems that there’s no time at the moment to dwell on the strangeness of it all. Vincent quickly took stock of the situation and reached for his hoister. It was empty. Cerberus was nowhere to be found. But like all good Turks, Vincent never relied on just the one gun. He drew Quicksilver from his boot and fired at any attacker that came too close and tried to flank his unlikely defender.

Fortunately, he had a Lightning materia linked with an Elemental materia in the small handgun and had a good supply of extra ammo on his belt, and the electrically-charged bullets were having a decent effect on the strange creatures. Sephiroth was obviously experienced with battling alongside ranged fighters, for he altered his position and his strikes accordingly to better work with Vincent’s shots.

For a moment Vincent and Sephiroth’s combined efforts were showing some success, but then the creatures also changed strategy. They reorganized their formation and harassed the two fighters from all sides, but this time, their attacks were less forceful. They danced back and forth, charging in but then quickly leaping out of the way as soon as the fighters retaliate. A knot of unease settled in Vincent’s gut, and from the look on Sephiroth’s face and the way his mako eyes scanned between the darting creatures, the former general was also aware that something was amiss. Just then, the creatures that had kept constant pressure on them suddenly leaped away, revealing behind them a group of their comrades who apparently had grown spikes on their tails. Those creatures spun and whipped those said tails, and the said spikes shot out in a rain of death upon the two fighters.

Sephiroth cursed as he fought to keep those spikes from himself as well as from the defenseless ex-Turk with his clumsy piece of rock. But those spikes came hard and fast, and, with a sickening sound, one embedded itself in his shoulder just as another one went into his calf. The silver general faltered from the injury, and the dog-creatures quickly took advantage of the opening and rushed upon the wounded warrior. As he was forced onto the ground by the crushing weight of one of those creatures, Sephiroth saw another barrel into the ex-Turk from the corner of his eye, knocking the slender man hard into the wall of rock behind him. Then two more jumped onto the ex-Turk and buried him from Sephiroth’s sight.

Vincent gritted his teeth against the explosion of pain in his chest. If he wished to survive this, he’ll have to risk a transformation. Chaos was still out cold from their battle with Omega, and the other demons were drained too. None of them had much energy to spare, so whichever one of the demons he chooses to transform into had better be able to make a difference. Vincent glared into the open jaws that dripped saliva down onto his face, drew together every last bit of energy that he had left in him, and transformed.

Sephiroth grinned in relief when red light flashed from underneath the pile of dog-creatures, which was then flung into the air as Galian Beast roared into being. Not missing a beat, the ex-general used the distraction to jam his powerful boots into tender underbellies and quickly ridded himself of the dog-creatures that were pinning him down.

Galian Beast roared again and sent a barrage of fireballs into the surrounding dog-creatures. The creatures quickly scrambled away. Sephiroth’s eyes flashed. The dog-creatures were vulnerable to the demon’s fire attacks!

“Beast!” Sephiroth called, recklessly hoping that the wildly-attacking purple-black monster possessed some semblance of sense, “If you can understand me, aim your fireballs at those ones!” He pointed to a group of dog-creatures that had re-gathered their bearings and was coming at them from the air in full charge. Golden eyes darted to him, then the beast did as was told.

Sephiroth aimed a swing of his make-shift weapon after the fireballs; the pressurized air made the fire flare out in an angry arc as it swept towards the oncoming attackers. It hit the charging dog-creatures head-on, sending their great bodies aflame as they came crashing down on their comrades on the ground.

The purple-black monster quickly caught on, and soon the area was flooded by wave after wave of fiery arcs and the rank stink of burning fur. It was not long before the surviving dog-creatures realized that their advantage had been lost and scampered away to find easier prey.

Sephiroth allowed the long sword-shaped rock to crumble from his hand, then he gingerly pulled the spikes from his shoulder and calf. A stream of blood came gushing out after each spike, but he wasn’t worried—his enhanced healing would take care of that before it became anything too serious. A cold metallic click drew his attention to the ex-Turk that now crouched behind him, his gun pointed at his heart. Sephiroth could tell from the ragged sound of his breathing that the ex-Turk was in poor condition, but those crimson eyes were steady and determined as they bore into him.

“How are you alive? And where is this place?” the ex-Turk’s voice came out in a harsh whisper.

Sephiroth slowly turned around to face the gunman. He stared straight back into those cold crimson eyes, hoping that the gesture would convince the ex-Turk of his honesty.

“Your guess is as good as mine. But in case you’re wondering: no I am not insane and I am not planning on destroying the world.”

The ex-Turk was quiet for a few moments as he weighed the former general’s words.

“What of Jenova?”

“Gone.” Sephiroth wasn’t going to waste words explaining the details, especially not when the ex-Turk clearly looked like he wasn’t ready to believe him. On the plus side, his once-enemy hadn’t shot him in the back...yet. Perhaps he could see it as a sign that their recent co-operation and the state of the ex-Turk’s injuries will eventually convince Valentine to be a little less hostile.

Suddenly, before their conversation could go any further, large heavy nets opened up from their flanks and forced them to the ground. Strange energy coursed through the metallic ropes. Sephiroth struggled to stay awake long enough to catch a glimpse of humanoid shapes coming towards them, and then everything went black.

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