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Chapter 11- Fireworks

"There! We got the rare slaves, you happy? Twenty Jin...we could have bought a gnome for twenty Yem!"

"You're exaggerating my lord, the cheapest gnome was 50 Yem. And a gnome is not nearly befitting enough for an Archdaemon. They are simply not acceptable."

"The Archdaemon of 6th Circle has a gnome."

"Only because he already has 26 rare slaves, and he only wanted something expendable to test his new whips on."

"A new slave just for testing whips...a frivolous expenditure I'd say. You don't need a gnome for that." the Archdaemon glared hotly at Tseng, obviously imagining him to be that gnome.

"And my lord, what will the other lords think if they see lash marks on your First Counsellor?" Tseng raised an unintimidated eyebrow at the Archdaemon.

"They'll think we've had hot kinky sex. Speaking of which, I think you owe me just that after that slave-buying shit you dragged me through."

Reno guffawed, "Hey hey, don't think to leave me out of the fun!"

"Never crossed my mind." grinned the Archdaemon.

Tseng gave his sovereign a hard glare, "Well I'm glad that you two can even think of these things when there's a full stack of reports to be reviewed before the end of today."

"You really know how to kill the mood, don't you?" the Archdaemon grumbled darkly while Reno groaned.

"And we have an additional stack of forms that need to be filled." said Tseng mercilessly.

"Whatever. Reno, get us out of here." the Archdaemon huffed and flopped herself into one of the seats of a waiting aircraft that resembled a helicopter.

Sephiroth silently followed the demons to the aircraft, extremely annoyed that they seemed very confident that their new slaves would not try to escape while they bickered, and even more annoyed that these demons have every right to their confidence. The busy streets of the bustling port were filled with demons. Many of them stared or sniffed at him and Vincent with greed and ill intent flashing in their eyes, but then they would catch sight of their earrings and their company and quickly retrieve their wayward stares. The contraptions and vehicles that sat here and there along the confusing jumble of winding streets that the demons navigated with easy sureness were foreign to his eyes and many of them beyond his experiences to guess their function. The former general had to admit that he was currently most ill-equipped to execute an escape plan of any sort. The ex-Turk was sure to have come to this conclusion as well. Those calculating eyes of his were also taking in those streets and contraptions as he too followed obediently behind their new masters.

Sephiroth paused however, when he got to the aircraft. The two front seats were obviously for the pilots, which in this case looks to be Reno and Tseng. The Archdaemon had seated herself in one of the seats the immediate row behind, leaving just enough room for two more passengers in the same row on either side of her, and behind her were two more rows of seats. Sephiroth had no idea what he was supposed to do or where he was supposed to sit, and the demons were busy minding other things and were not giving him any directions or hints. Sephiroth remembered prior to the Wutai War he was often sent on bodyguard duty for ShinRa executives when they met with Wutai businessmen and leaders (his presence there was really more for intimidation). For ShinRa executives, the most important person sat in the passenger seat beside the driver, while the secretary sat in the back. Wutai was the opposite, the most important person was the one sitting in the backseat while the secretary was the one sitting in the passenger seat. Getting such seemingly minor details as seating arrangements wrong often had consequences that ranged from public embarrassment to breakdown of diplomatic relations. And in formal dinners between the top leaders of the main continent and Wutai, the seating plans for the attendees were carefully and meticulously planned for weeks in advance.

As Sephiroth hesitated, the Archdaemon looked over at him and Vincent impatiently, "Well what are you waiting for? Get in already!"

Gritting his teeth in annoyance and steeling himself for whatever was going to come, Sephiroth briskly shoved himself into the seat that seemed the safest bet—in the row immediately behind the Archdaemon. If she was going to strike at him or taunt him, then at least she'll need to expend a bit of time and energy to turn around. And whatever she does, he was not going to cower in the seats farthest away from her. Vincent followed after him and sat in the same row, but kept himself as far away from the ex-general as possible. The Archdaemon turned and looked at them, and both men tensed.

"The seat-belts are over there" pointed the Archdaemon, "you'll want to strap yourselves in. Reno's flying is a bit...infamous."

"Hey!" protested said infamous pilot good-humouredly.

Sephiroth blinked. Beside him, Vincent quietly clicked his seat-belt into place. Sephiroth gingerly followed suit. Reno's hands flew over the various switches and controls with easy confidence, and the aircraft obediently hummed to life.

As they steadily rose into the pale pink sky, Sephiroth and Vincent were regaled with the unobstructed view of the demon city for the first time. It was a trading city through and through. Markets of various kinds selling a wide range of commodities, some familiar, some decidedly strange, bustled in every corner of the city as far as the eye could see. Vehicles of many different shapes and sizes hurried in and out of the markets like ants from their mound. The sea-port that they had come through, and now were heading towards, was packed with huge ships as well as land vehicles and aircrafts. As they got closer, Sephiroth noticed that some of the ships and aircrafts that were coming from and going out to the dark-coloured sea seem to have suddenly appeared from or disappeared into nowhere, with coloured lights dripping past their hulls like droplets of water before they made their unexplained entrance or exit. Reno flipped a few more switches, and they began to speed up. Sephiroth looked out the windows to see those same coloured lights beginning to appear on and trail after the rotor blades of their aircraft.

Suddenly, a beeping noise sounded and Tseng reached into his cloak and took out what looked like a PHS. The dark-haired demon's brows furrowed ominously as he listened to the speaker on the other side of the line.

"What is it?" asked Tah'rh as she moved closer to the front.

"A fight has broken out in Sunless Harbour and is quickly escalating," explained Tseng grimly, "it's the Setarip and Sajnin gangs. Cissnei and the others are doing what they can to stop the fighting and control the damage, but it appears to be very serious this time."

"Blood and fire!" cursed the Archdaemon, "Can I not look away for 5 minutes before somebody gets on somebody else's ass!"

"Your orders, Boss?" Reno looked back at her, his hands poised over the controls.

The Archdaemon bit her lip in thought, "Even flying the Currents may be too slow, we'll have to take a vortex."

Her eyes started to turn gold again and her slitted pupils expanded to ellipses as she scanned the horizon.

"There, we'll take that one." she pointed.

Reno nodded and began steering the aircraft into the direction indicated. The coloured lights on the rotor blades dissipated.

Sephiroth searched where the Archdaemon had pointed, but there seemed to be nothing but the sky and the sea there. He squinted his eyes, and suddenly a flicker in the air darted in and out of his vision. He blinked and looked again. There, it's clearer now: a mass of what looked like the churning air that rose from hot surfaces on summer days. And the more he looked, the clearer it becomes to him. In fact, it was becoming less and less transparent and was starting to turn a peculiar shade of...blue? Sephiroth blinked again and looked in other directions. Now that he'd seen one, more and more were appearing to his eyes. There were quite a few of them—of different sizes and shapes—floating in the air all over the place around the sea port. The one they were heading for was one of the largest, and was circular in shape. Reno slowed the aircraft to a hover before it. The Archdaemon opened the cabin door and leaned out. She took off the string of beads that she wore around her neck, ran her thumb over one of her canines to break the skin and then smeared the droplets of blood onto the beads. Vincent and Sephiroth recognized that a lot of the other demon lords that they'd seen in the slave market had carried similar beads. The Archdaemon then tossed the beads at the bluish, churning air, and spoke a word that Chaos recognized as something that means "open" for doorways. Immediately, the beads began to gather the bluish swirls about them, and then expanded and stretched them out to become what looked like a flat bluish mirror that floated in the middle of the sky.

Reno flew the aircraft straight into the "mirror", and Sephiroth's stomach rolled with an oddly familiar sensation. Liquid energy wrapped around the aircraft, and Sephiroth and Vincent suddenly found the aircraft being rushed through what felt like a tunnel of fast-moving water. There were coloured lights all around them, rushing about, swirling and bumping into each other and the aircraft, pulling and pushing the aircraft this way and that. A cheeky grin appeared on Reno's face as he glanced at his passengers mischievously and dramatically adjusted his grip on the aircraft's levers—Sephiroth assumed they were somewhat akin to the cyclic and collective controls of the helicopters of his world—and the aircraft took off in a wild dance, swerving and rolling along with the chaotic flow of the coloured lights. The Archdaemon gave a joyful whoop while Tseng simply sighed. It's a good thing that both he and Vincent seemed to be immune to air-sickness, Sephiroth supposed. And interestingly enough, this didn't feel much different from the few times he had had to spend in human-Reno's chopper back when he was still ShinRa's Silver General.

When the lights finally unwrapped themselves from the aircraft, the scenery around them, the colour of the sky and the sea, the smell of the air, etc., were decidedly different from what they were just moments ago. And instead of heading away from the harbour of a bustling market city, they were now heading towards a heavily industrialized coast. The smoke from what looked like factories choked the sky, and the sun was nowhere to be seen.

The ships here were even bigger than the ones Sephiroth and Vincent had seen in Junon. Many of them carried giant crates, and some of them were equipped with cranes. Right now, those ships were being shepherded further into the sea, away from the harbour by tugboats and helicopter-like aircrafts similar to the one Sephiroth and Vincent were currently flying in. More aircrafts hovered about further inland from the coast, and occasionally, flashes of fire and lightning appeared from between the buildings and cranes and piles of containers and unfamiliar-looking goods. This must be Sunless Harbour.

Behind them, the bluish "mirror", looking exactly as it did back in Junon with the same beads acting as its border, hung silently in the sky. With a word from the Archdaemon that Chaos recognized to be something that meant both "return" and "power-down", the beads disengaged from the bluish energy and flew back to its master. Just as the Archdaemon looped the beads back around her neck and turned to look upon the harbour, a fireball flew out and crashed into a crate hanging from one of the harbour cranes, evidently having been left there in a hurry when the fighting broke out. The crate jerked on the chain it hung from as it burst into flames; its contents obviously did not like the heat and vibrations, as it exploded out as hundreds of pieces of shrapnel. One particularly large piece punctured into a huge canister. Clear liquid then gushed from the wound and ran into a large pile of yellowish powder, which then burst into flames. The flames, carried on the clear liquid, quickly spread to other piles of various materials, which included a pile of innocent-looking crates, which then exploded in spectacular noise and smoke. Within seconds, much of the harbour was either burning, exploding, breaking, or all of the above.

For a moment, Tah'rh, Reno, and Tseng simply gaped silently at the destruction. The fighting in the harbour too, seemed to have quieted. Then slowly, almost apprehensively, Reno and Tseng turned to their sovereign. But the Archdaemon was lost in her own world.

"6 cranes at 50 to 300 Jin per crane plus 15 tuns of ruphur times 476 Jin per tun plus 230 shun of perosene times 142 Jin per shun plus..." face slack and eyes unfocused, she continued this litany as harbour cranes keeled over with loud metallic groans, and more and more things around the harbour fell victim to chains of explosions.

"Umm...Boss...?" Reno asked carefully.

The rioters down in the harbour didn't seem to share the Archdaemon's concerns however. A streak of lightning shot out, and the fighting re-ignited. The Archdaemon snapped out of her stupor and growled deep and low in her chest. Her eyes were almost completely gold and her pupils were narrowed into thin slits. An enormous amount of energy began to swell and crack around her.

"Tell Cissnei and the others to get out of range. I'm going down there." she said from between her clenched canines before leaping out of the aircraft. White energy completely enveloping her petite frame as she shot towards the harbour in a speed that Sephiroth himself had never attempted. The ground trembled at her landing, and the white light expanded and burst to reveal a huge white tiger-lion creature with dark-red markings that towered over the buildings. Helicopter-like aircrafts frantically scrambled away from the growling creature. Even Reno back-peddled a little.

"You might want to plug your ears." warned the red-head.

And sure enough, the white tiger let out a ground-shaking roar soon after. Sephiroth clenched his teeth against the sound. Even at this distance, it reverberated right through him and sat every hair on end. A high-pitched, scream-like sound layered within the roar threatened to pull the air from his lungs and set his skull on fire. Beside him, the ex-Turk sat rigid with his hands clenched into bloodless knuckles. His pupils were constricted into pin-pricks as the crimson irises flashed wildly with flecks of gold.

Reno and Tseng sat with their jaws tight and their brows tightly furrowed, and Reno's knuckles were white on the aircraft's controls. Nonetheless, their aircraft hovered steadily in the air. Some of the other "helicopters" around the harbour faltered, but quickly righted themselves as if every one of them had been well-versed in the Archdaemon's violent tactics.

But the Archdaemon was not done yet. A large ring of red flashed briefly before a huge pillar of red light rose into the sky and enveloped the entire harbour. Screams of agony filled the air along with the roar of fire and the occasional explosion, which seemed to be sucked in by the Archdaemon to fuel the intensity of the spell. It was not long before all went quiet in the harbour. The fires and explosions were gone, as were any signs of movement except for the huge white form of the Archdaemon herself and the spinning rotors of the aircrafts.

More Author's Notes: Was very tempted to put "Pirates and Ninjas" as the two fighting gangs, but thought that might be a bit too distracting lol. So, Setarip and Sajnin it is :P

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