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Warnings: Violence, blood, torture


Chapter 3 - Nightmare

Night finally fell over the slave ship. The stars that Sephiroth could see through the slits above the plant-creatures were not organized into any constellation that he recognized, but he had expected as much. The light that the slits allowed in was faint, but it was enough for Sephiroth's enhanced eyes to see all he needed.

All was quiet, except for the clinking of chains from Genesis's continuing efforts to escape his bindings, and the sound of heavy, ragged breathing from the sleeping ex-Turk. Sephiroth watched as the demon-ridden man battled his nightmares. Whatever Valentine was dreaming of, it was sure to be a dreamscape in which Sephiroth wouldn't want to walk.

"Should we wake him? It looks pretty bad from here." Fenris asked worriedly. Sephiroth shook his head. His own memories of the things he'd seen in Hojo's lab and his own nightmares during his time there surfaced unpleasantly in his mind.

"He'll get through it. If we wake him now, he may not thank you for it."

Fenris nodded in understanding and sat back. Unfortunately it was at this inopportune moment that Genesis chose to let out a roar of frustration and directed all his fury onto the chain that ran between his collar and the thick chain on the floor. The thick chain that bound him—and everybody else—pulsed with energy before sending it right back to all the collars that were attached to it. Everybody jerked as bolts of energy ripped through their bodies, but it was clear that Genesis was the one who got the worst of it. The pain from the rebound only put the firedrake into an enraged frenzy, and soon the room was filled with flashes of fire and red energy and agonized screams of all its occupants as Genesis screamed in pain and fury and recklessly attacked the chain again and again.

"STOP! You'll destroy us all!" N'geal's voice rose above the deafening clamour.

"Leave me be!" snarled Genesis, "If I must face my destruction, then I shall willingly accept my fate...but I'll not be afraid to take the world with me!" The firedrake threw one last ball of pure-white fury at the unyielding chain, before the backlash and exhaustion finally overcame him and he collapsed into unconsciousness.

The whole room stank of heated metal and pain and sweat. Most of the plant-creatures were out cold; the two children only stayed in the world of the conscious for their own coughing and trembling; the imps were in a screeching frenzy. N'geal and those in Sephiroth's cage fared better than most, but Sephiroth knew that the crisis was not yet over. Vincent was now awake, and the look in those gold-flecked red eyes was NOT one that the ex-general had hoped for.

Sephiroth barely had time to curse under his breath before the pale, slender gunman let out a soul-rending, inhuman roar.

Vincent woke to pain and the sounds of suffering. His unfocused eyes made out the blurred shapes of cages and deformed humanoid creatures around him; the familiar cold of shackles bit into his skin. Shadows of his nightmare of being back in Hojo's lab flitted across his vision. In unison, he and his demons screamed their denial. They thrashed violently against their restraints, not caring when skin broke and bone crackled.

"SHIT! We have to stop him!" A youthful voice reached his ears through his delirium, then warm weights dropped onto his legs and torso and strong calloused hands attempted to hold him down. Vincent bucked and fought them tooth and nail, and when it became clear his own strength was not enough, he called upon the aid of his demons. Both man and demons gasped in disbelieve when they found their transformation painfully blocked by some sort of magic barrier that originated from somewhere in the vicinity of his neck. Chaos roared in outrage as he sent a wave of destructive energy in an attempt to break the barrier. The resulting clash of magics sent jolts of agony through their damaged body and elicited harsh curses from those that held him down.

"You better find a way to make him stop! The slave-trader will be here any second!" a low masculine voice hissed from some distance away.

"He's coming! He's coming! I can hear him!" a young female voice whimpered.

"Seph, what should we do?"

"Damn it Valentine!" a familiar voice growled, "everyone brace yourselves, this may or may not work."

None of it made sense to Vincent's fragmented mind, all he understood was pain, and danger, and he struggled to get away, thrashing against anything and everything that blocked his escape.

Then suddenly, as if a bucket of icy water had been dropped onto his head, his panic dissipated as if it never existed. An eerily familiar green light flitted away from the edge of his vision, and the sounds and sights of the world around him began making sense again.

"Valentine! I know you can hear me, so listen! I don't know what you've been dreaming, but you are NOT where you think you are! Cease your futile struggling or we will all suffer the consequences!"

Sounds of a familiar voice gradually coalesced into words and meanings, and a familiar face swam into view. Sephiroth. Vincent blinked. He glanced about and caught the glint of silver hair on the blurry shapes of the young men who were holding him down. Vincent's eyes widened. He was the one who had rescued Elena and Tseng from the Remnants. What the silver-haired youth had done to the two unfortunate Turks... And that green light...that spell that was just cast on him...that was Sephiroth's...Sephiroth had cast...

NO... In an instant the demon-ridden man reacted. An ancient voice reverberated through the air as Vincent's lips moved with his demons' incantation, shadowy tendrils of energy twisted about the ex-Turk's body as he and his demons prepared to fight for their lives.

"Ok...that is not creepy..."

"By Gaia...VALENTINE!"

The ex-Turk barely registered the sound of a door handle being turned before the world came to a screeching halt when he felt Sephiroth's surprisingly soft lips pressed upon his own.

Sephiroth had barely had time to breathe a sigh of relief. His limit break "Heartless Angel" originally had the effect of draining his opponents of their battle rage, crippling them from using their own limit breaks. When it was augmented by Jenova's power, it had the much, much more potent effect of draining his opponents' life force, rendering them vulnerable to a knockout as soon as the next attack, any attack, hits. The former general had assumed, hoped, that since he was no longer under the power of Jenova, the effect of Hearless Angel would have also reverted back to its much milder version. He couldn't be sure though, and there was that slave collar to get through. He had mentally ran through all his options, trying to come up with a way to quickly stop the ex-Turk's struggles while avoiding further damage on the already injured and unstable man; and also trying to not end up with a scenario in which Valentine would be knocked out, but his demons not, leaving Gaia knows how many confused and angry demons for them to deal with.

The former general had steeled himself as he prepared to cast his limit break. Genesis had quite thoroughly demonstrated that the slave collar didn't block all abilities, and limit breaks had always been...special categories of abilities of their own. The chains might still counter the limit break with more backlash, but then again, what was one more shot of agony for this night?

Thankfully the limit break bypassed the hexes of the slave collar, and the chains only gave a weak pulse, probably because it was not a direct attack. And when the green light of Heartless Angel faded away, Valentine — thank Gaia — had the desired reaction of suddenly relaxing, the delirium gone from his eyes.

Unfortunately, Valentine also just happened to be one of only a handful of people out of the entire population of Gaia who had directly fought a Jenova-powered Sephiroth. Sephiroth had hoped that the gunman would be too disoriented to recognize Heartless Angel being cast on him, but luck was not with him this night. And so instead of a delirious ex-Turk who think his life is being threatened, he now has a non-delirious ex-Turk who still thinks his life is being threatened.

The door handle clicked. And Sephiroth moved.

The former general didn't know what made him do what he did. Perhaps it was that his hands were occupied pinning Vincent's down, so that the ex-Turk could not further cut himself on his shackles. Or perhaps his lips and Vincent's lips were just the shortest distance from point A to point B to his objective: stop Valentine from finishing that incantation.

One couldn't argue with the results though, for the demon-Turk instantly stilled the moment their lips touched, his incantation and gathered energy abandoned. And just in time too: Gooey-Duck and his lackeys came charging into the room but a fraction of a second later.

The old demon's beady eyes immediately trained onto the still-warm bars of Genesis's cage.

"Well what have we here?" the slave merchant sneered at the firedrake, who was now just regaining his consciousness and was struggling to his feet.

"Strap him down." Gooey-Duck ordered his lackeys, then went to check on the other slaves.

All of the men in Sephiroth's cage held perfectly still as they watched Gooey-Duck turn to the cages in the opposite direction. Then suddenly Fenris muttered an apology to Vincent and started to lick furiously at the ex-Turk's bleeding wrists. Vincent, to his credit, stayed still and only watched the wolf-eared young man with wide eyes. To Sephiroth's surprise, Inuyasha soon joined Fenris and began licking Vincent's ankles in similar enthusiasm.

"What are you doing?" Sephiroth whispered, not bothering to hide the incredulity from his voice.

"The imps, they're reacting to the scent of blood. If we don't clean it off, and if Gooey-Duck finds out that...Va-len-tine...has tried to escape, whether it was in his right mind or not, then things will get VERY nasty." Fenris barely stopped his licking as he hurriedly explained.

Sephiroth turned to the imps' cage to see that indeed, the savage little creatures' eyes where beginning to glow, their fangs were bared, and their pained screeches were turning into excited, predatory snarls. Sephiroth cursed inwardly when Gooey-Duck's long ears twitched and dark beady eyes turned toward their direction. Even in the short time he'd spent here, he had seen enough of Gooey-Duck's antics to at least partially understand Fenris's urgency. And the dark, predatory look in the slave trader's eyes when he studied the firedrake had looked uncomfortably similar to Hojo's when... The ex-general looked back at Vincent to find that even Nero had now joined the other two boys, and was hurriedly licking up the blood on the floor around Vincent. Gooey-Duck was beginning to advance their way, and although Vincent's enhanced healing had stopped the bleeding from his wounds, the gunman had practically shredded himself in his efforts to break free—at this rate they were not going to make it. Sephiroth cursed inwardly again at what he was going to have to do. He glared at the ex-Turk, hard.

"Do NOT move Valentine. I will explain everything later." With that, the ex-general lowered his head and joined the young men. Vincent, for his part, could only remain frozen in place as his not-yet-fully-functioning brain struggled to process the bizarre scene.

Their combined efforts were soon paying off but the scent of blood did not lessen as much as it should. Puzzled, they turned Vincent onto his stomach to find deep still-seeping wounds on the back of his neck. The wounds did not puncture anything important but they will not be able to heal fast enough to stop bleeding in time. Gooey-Duck had by now reached the other side of the imps's cage and was studying the excited creatures. If he came to their cage now, then he would definitely be able to smell the scent of blood and know that something was amiss. Sephiroth felt, rather than heard his cellmates hold their breath as Gooey-Duck moved in their direction.

Suddenly, the blonde-haired girl started to bawl at the top of her lungs. Her volume was most impressive. Gooey-Duck snarled and yelled at her to shut up, which only turned her volume to an even higher notch. The bluish-haired boy yelled back at Gooey-Duck even as he tried to comfort his friend, which had Gooey-Duck spitting vicious threats at his insolence, and then N'geal launched into a lecture about honour and the treatment of children at the slave trader. Finally, the fuming slave merchant smacked his whip across their cages, sending sparks of energy crackling along the bars.

"ENOUGH!" he bellowed, "One more sound from any of you and I'll remove your worthless tongues!"

At that they all fell silent. Even the girl had managed to reduce her crying to a hitching sob. Gooey-Duck gave them all a final glare for good measure before he turned to check on the last two cages in the room...and found Fenris with his hands on one of the new slaves' rear.


Sephiroth let out a breath that he found himself holding. The commotion had distracted Gooey-Duck just long enough for Vincent's wound to clot. They had just finished cleaning off the rest of the blood when Gooey-Duck managed to silence the trio. Inuyasha and Nero retreated to their usual places at the back of the cage with a swiftness and smoothness that impressed even the enhanced swordsman. Fenris...not so much. The wolf-eared young man stumbled on his chains and ended up with his hands squarely on top of Vincent's bare, well-toned nether cheeks in his reflex to catch himself from his fall. Vincent stayed perfectly still.

"Wolfling! You with your rabid libido! Tone it down! You're agitating the worm-eaten imps!" Gooey-Duck barked.

Fenris quickly retrieved his offending hands. Gooey-Duck rolled his eyes and turned to leave, but suddenly paused and sniffed the air.

"Somebody's been bleeding in here." he fixed his hard, black eyes on the shackled men.

Nero shrugged towards Inuyasha: "Some cat got spooked by the noise and scratched me when he panicked."

"I don't see any wounds on you," black beady eyes narrowed in suspicion.

"I heal fast." Nero responded cooly.

Gooey-Duck didn't look completely convinced. He opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted when Inuyasha slammed into Nero, knocking them both to the ground.

"I'm a dog-hanyou you asshole! And I did NOT panic!"

"Then why do you have cat eyes and panic like a mewling kitten you species-confused piece of dog shit!" Nero retaliated.

"Enough!" Gooey-Duck banged on their cage with his whip, "You're lucky I've more important matters to attend to, or I'd have all of you flayed!"

The two boys obediently stopped their wrestling and patiently waited in their respective positions until Gooey-Duck went out of earshot.

"'Species-confused piece of dog shit'?" Inuyasha cocked up an ear at the boy underneath him.

"You heard me. Now get off!" Nero grinned wickedly and shoved the dog-eared youth.

Inuyasha humphed and flicked a sharp claw across Nero's collarbone, earning himself a venomous glare.

"Well what do you know," Inuyasha sat back and smugly licked Nero's blood from his claw as he watched the shallow wound on the other boy close itself, "you do heal fast."

Whatever Nero had planned to do then was cut short when Gooey-Duck began talking loudly so that all in the room could hear.

"Since both my new hybrids are now awake, let's make an example of you, shall we?" the slave-trader glanced back at them from Genesis's cage, "let this be a lesson to the rest of you on how we deal with wannabe escapees here."

==============================Scenes of torture ahead================================

The slave trader casually strolled into Genesis's cage. By this time his lackeys had had the firedrake chained spread-eagle on the floor. Genesis wasn't one to give up without a fight however; as soon as Gooey-Duck crouched down beside him, he opened his mouth to blast the slave trader with a face-full of flames. Gooey-Duck saw it coming though, and in a lightning-fast movement that belied his old and decrepit appearance, he shoved a pump-like device into the firedrake's open jaws and forced some kind of liquid down Genesis's throat.

"There, that should cool your fire for a while." the slave trader said calmly as Genesis gaged and chocked and convulsed against his shackles; whatever the liquid was was clearly causing him a lot of pain.

"You see, escaped merchandise is very bad for business..." Gooey-Duck handed the now-empty device back to one of his lackeys, then put his bony hands on Genesis's shoulder and twisted the joint out of its socket. Genesis adamantly refused to scream.

"...Not to mention for one's business reputation," Gooey-Duck continued to the other shoulder, "It's not easy making a living catering to the stringent demands of high-class clients you know..." the slave trader moved to the joint between Genesis's hips and thighs, hands lingering in their positions to let the helpless captive realize what was coming, "...and so I take escape attempts very, very..."

"Ngh!" Genesis couldn't quite smother his grunt of pain.

"...seriously," black beady eyes glinted evilly at the sweat-drenched face beneath them as bony hands pushed slowly but mercilessly against the other leg joint, "as well as personally."

Genesis struggled in vain as the joint was slowly and deliberately pushed out of its place. A sickening "pop" echoed through the room and Genesis's body shuddered limply under the slaver's cruel hands.

"Now that we're all set-up," Gooey-Duck stood up and undid Genesis's now-unneeded restraints, "let's begin, shall we?"


Additional Notes: Took a bit of liberty with Sephiroth's signature move, Heartless Angel here. It would definitely be too OP if I kept it the same as in the original game, which was that it reduces his opponents' HP down to 1. In Dissidia, Hearless Angel had the effect of reducing his opponent's "Bravery" stat down to 1, so I guess it could be somewhat translated to be the limit break gauge in FF7, which in real life mechanics would be that it takes away an opponent's battle rage? Adrenaline rush? Anyway, forget the logic, it just works because I say so XD

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