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Chapter 8 - Port

As the slave ship entered the trading port, it was stopped and inspected by some solemn-looking people in all-black suits carrying scythe-like weapons with black handles. Watchers, Fenris later told his cellmates. They gave especially close scrutiny to the rare slaves, and questioned Gooey-Duck on Husky and Nana. Gooey-Duck fended them off with practiced ease, skillfully burying the Watchers in a flurry of words and paperwork. Neither Sephiroth nor Vincent caught the Watchers' attentions though. As the Watchers turned away from his cage, the deceit unnoticed, Sephiroth caught Gooey-Duck smirking to himself behind the Watchers' backs. In the end, the Watchers found nothing incriminating and allowed the ship to continue on its way.

It was a wonder to watch the ship change itself into a slaver's stall. It apparently didn't stop at the harbour but continued on inland somehow until it reached the slave market. Once there, coloured lights ran down its walls, and those walls receded and shrank to become poles connected by colourful flags. It looks like Gooey-Duck had amassed an impressive collection of slaves, who were now revealed to Sephiroth for the first time.

The weakness hex on the slaves' collars were turned off. The chains that bound their hands and feet were removed. It was so that the slaves will look more lively to their prospective masters. Sephiroth stretched his muscles for the first time since what seemed to be an eternity. The rest of his cellmates did the same, except for Vincent and Inuyasha. Sephiroth supposed that the rumours he heard about the ex-Turk sleeping in a coffin for thirty years straight were true. Maybe even that ridiculous rumour that he had back-flipped out of his coffin right out of his thirty-year-long sleep had been true too. Muscle atrophy apparently means nothing to the man.

Despite their new freedom of movement, their chances of escape had not increased. One measure of security was replaced by another. Gooey-Duck's lackeys littered the premises, carrying wicked-looking chains and whips. And there was a great number of various kinds of demons walking about the stalls.

The demons were mostly humanoid in physical appearance. They had some variations: some had horns some did not, some had scales some did not, some were more human-like, some where more animal-like, etc. But they all had long pointy ears, clawed fingers and long sharp canines, if not an entire mouthful of sharp teeth. With the help of his own demons, Vincent found it easy to differentiate between what was called 'demon lords' and other demons. From the feel of their energies, demon lords were markedly more powerful, and had an additional layer of energy buzzing about the distinctive swirls of energy that was typical for all demons.

"Hey, it looks like Gooey-Duck put K-6 back in with the other Mechas." pointed Fenris. Sephiroth and Vincent looked over to find that indeed, there was a familiar-looking black-and-white cat trying to offer fortune-telling to its cellmates as a gesture of peace. The other Mechas were not impressed though. They growled at K-6 and the dejected robot cat retreated to one corner of the cage.

Sephiroth soon worked out that the different coloured flags indicated the rarity and consequent price range of the different sections of slaves. Since their arrival, most of the buyers that had come by seemed to be lesser demon lords. They came and gawked at Sephiroth's section with raw desire and envy in their eyes, but then shook their heads at the price and chose something from the lower-end sections.

N'geal, now back in his own cage, recognized a lot of these demon lords and pointed out some of the more interesting ones.

"That's Tuesti, or better known by many as 'The Reeve'," the centaur nodded towards a familiar mustached man, "he's from a family of minor demon lords, but he is much valued and respected in Hell for his skills in city-planning and his talent and ingenuity for anything mechanical. He's responsible for the planning of most of Hell's newer cities, hence the nickname."

"He is also known for his kindness towards others and towards his slaves," N'geal studied the Mecha slave-girl that Tuesti had brought with him. She had long pale-yellow hair, large, innocent brown eyes, and a pair of down-turned white-and-pink animal-like mechanical 'ears' poking out from the sides of her head. It appeared that the demon lord was letting the slave-girl do the choosing of his next slave.

"Rumour has it that he is particularly fond of one of his Mecha slaves, one who looks like a young girl with very long hair. That's probably her. It looks like he's here to find a companion for her."

The Mecha girl seem to have suddenly noticed something; she tugged at Tuesti's sleeve and pointed towards K-6.

"What an interesting-looking Mecha," the demon version of Reeve went over and studied the robot cat, "do you have a name?"

"My name is whatever you decide, m'lord," K-6 answered nervously, "my serial number is K-6 1337-HAX-0R."

"Would you like me to take him out and have a closer look, my lord?" Gooey-Duck promptly appeared at the prospective buyer's heel.

"No, that's not needed," said Tuesti as he affectionately patted the Mecha girl's head, "if Chi likes him, then we'll take him. Your serial number is a bit...odd though. Hmm...how about I call you, 'Cait Sith'?"

The robot cat's tail raised in happiness, "Oh that's a wonderful name! Thank you master! Cait Sith! From now on, I will be Cait Sith!"

"Ya think the Reeve would be interested in taking a wolf-youkai as well?" Fenris looked on in envy.

N'geal chuckled, "Not unless that's clockwork ticking away in your chest there pup. Tuesti is also known for his many quirks. One of which is that he always has his nose buried in his work and seems to have little interest in anything organic." Fenris's ears drooped.

As Reeve led his slaves to exit the stall, Cait Sith suddenly turned back and struck a dramatic pose: "Good bye my friends, this is the final, final farewell! Don't forget me, even if another K-6 comes along! You take care of yourselves!"

The Mecha girl blinked and tilted her head at her new companion in curiosity, then she mimicked his pose. Reeve chuckled in amusement and gently ushered his slaves away.

"The little lucky bastard," Fenris sighed as he waved back at the receding form of the black-and-white cat, "I sure am going to miss him."

Vincent and his demons watched as Gooey-Duck and Reeve haggled over Cait Sith's price. He knew that this world's Cait Sith may not be exactly the same as the one in his own, but he was pretty sure that the small robot cat didn't have half the abilities and talents that Gooey-Duck was boasting. It was only moments after Reeve's departure that Gooey-Duck turned to another buyer and claimed another slave to be something that his demons' senses and insight disagreed—probably at an inflated price. Raven brows furrowed.

"Does the merchant not risk angering the demon lords when he deceives them about a slave's origins or price?" Vincent wondered out loud.

Fenris came up beside him. The wolf-youkai probably assumed that the gunman was asking for himself and Sephiroth.

"Only if they catch him in the act, but usually they don't make too much of a fuss about it. Heck, slave traders are expected to try to deceive their buyers. All of them do it. But of course, some are better liars than others. And of course, someone like Gooey-Duck would know how to deal with demon lords. Demon lords are very fussy about their reputations. If they don't notice anything and only find out later that they've been deceived, then it is seen as a sign of their own incompetence. So when that happens, they'll be more concerned with hiding their blunder than getting revenge on the merchants. "

"And what of the slaves?" asked Nero.

Fenris shrugged, "I don't know. It depends on the master I guess. They probably won't be too happy about it, but still, slave are very expensive. And honestly, I don't know if those slaves would be any better off if a demon lord finds out the lie before they buy them. Every slave trader is sure to have at least some connection to the crime rings. The crime rings are after-all, major providers of new slaves...and...in some cases...like when it involves suspicious vortices...they encourage these deceptions." The wolf-youkai finished with a meaningful look at Vincent and Sephiroth.

Sephiroth watched quietly as more and more slaves were sold and taken away. As the minutes wore on, more and more customers crowded into the stall, and demons in more and more elaborate robes, who exuded an air of power and arrogance about them began entering the stall and ventured ever closer to the rare-slave section. He looked towards the ex-Turk. It may be now or never.


Once again, those red eyes snapped to him and those muscles tensed. Sephiroth bit down his temper and continued, "Vincent, I've seen you before, haven't I...? In the lab..."

Just then, a group of three demons entered the stall, and suddenly everybody seemed to freeze. Even Gooey-Duck's face went slack. Vincent and Sephiroth instantly recognized two of the trio to be demon versions of Tseng and Reno. They both had downward-pointing horns poking out of their hair from the back of their skulls, and had the characteristic long pointed ears of demons. Tseng's hair was longer and tied in a loose ponytail. Reno was missing his goggles, and instead of having twin red tattoos on his cheekbones, he had twin dark dashes under his eyes that somewhat resembled teardrops.

Standing between the two men was a petite young woman who looked to be around Cloud's age. Her hair and eyes were a shade darker than Reno's red mane. She had no horns, though she did have the long pointed ears. And she had a long, dark-coloured tail that resembled that of a lion's.

Careful, that one is dangerous. Chaos warned.

The young woman took no notice of the tension of those around her and casually strolled around the cages, looking at the slaves. Everyone gradually resumed whatever they were doing before the three demons' arrival, but every so often, someone's eyes would dart their way.

"It can't be..." breathed N'geal, "that's Tah'rh, Archdaemon of the 7th."

Fenris looked in confusion at N'geal and Gooey-Duck's stunned faces, "What's wrong? We've been expecting one of them, haven't we?"

"But I didn't think it'd be the 7th..." N'geal muttered as his brows furrowed in thought, "Tah'rh had always been adamant against having slaves of any sort in the 7th, even for herself. But," the centaur sighed, "I supposed if the pressure is persistent enough, anyone can be persuaded to give way."

"I heard she's very temperamental, that she killed the previous Archdaemon of 7th Circle in a fit of rage, that even other Archdaemons fear her and shun her. Is that true?" Nero studied the unimposing petite figure. Unlike all the other demon lords, who came wearing their fine, formal, dark-coloured robes, the Archdaemon of 7th Circle was dressed only in casual-looking white sleeveless turtleneck and white pants that reached just below her knees. Oddly enough, she was also barefooted.

"It's true," nodded N'geal, "since taking over the position of Archdaemon, she has proven to be a maverick who willfully refuses to play by the rules. Her refusal to acquire slaves even as an Archdaemon is just one example. But more importantly, she's one of the Undying."

"What does that mean?" Vincent asked when N'geal went silent again in his thoughts.

The centaur's lips curved into a dark grin, "It means exactly what it says. The Undying are an absolute bitch to kill."

"Great," moaned Fenris, "with my luck, I'll probably be the first one she picks."

However, the Archdaemon didn't come to the rare-slave section for some reason, but stayed in the section with the common, low-price slaves. After a while she straightened from her scrutiny of the slaves and wondered out loud: "Why are there so many cages of imps all over the place?"

Instantly an odd sort of tension gripped the air, and by the looks in many of the onlookers' faces, Sephiroth got the distinct impression that the Archdaemon had just asked a very stupid and/or obvious question.

Reno coughed to divert his urge to laugh then explained, "They're different breeds, Boss. These ones here are the common Browns, those ones there are the mid-range Brindles, and the ones over there," the lanky redhead pointed to the imps beside Sephiroth's cage, "are the rare Diamond-backs."

"And that's where we should be going to find a slave befitting of your status, my lord." said Tseng, his dark eyes hard and insistent.

The Archdaemon sighed and crossed her arms in a pose that reminded Vincent very much of Yuffie.

"Fine, let's just get this over with." she said, then followed her subordinates grudgingly to the rare-slave section.

Gooey-Duck's beady eyes gleamed in predatory delight as he spotted the signs of a fat lamb ripe for slaughter.

N'geal frowned, "But then again, the Archdaemon of the 4th and several other demon lords have always said that Tah'rh is but a child trying to fill some oversized shoes, and that her ascension to Archdaemon had been nothing but a fluke."

Author's inner theatre of barely controlled insanity:

Just then, a group of three demons entered the stall, and suddenly everybody seemed to freeze. Even Gooey-Duck's face went slack.

"It can't be..." breathed N'geal, "It's a young, attractive female OC!"

Fenris looked in confusion at N'geal and Gooey-Duck's stunned faces, "What's wrong? Is there something the matter with that?"

"No…but this is a fanfiction…" N'geal muttered as his brows furrowed in thought.

"'Fan-fic-tion'? K-6 mentioned something about that the other day, I was just going to look it up on the internet…"

"No. Don't." Vincent suddenly spoke up in his quiet voice, "Trust me. You don't want to know."

Sorry, couldn't resist XD

So yeah, Tah'rh's mine.

Tah'rh: *burns* *pillages* *rapes* *kills* *eats kittens* *drowns puppies* *runs with scissors* *wears socks with sandals*

Author: Yep, your run-of-the-mill evil overlord of hell :)

Additional Disclaimer: Chi from the anime and manga series "Chobits" belongs to CLAMP. I don't own her nor do I make any money from her.

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