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Warnings: Sex. Dead ahead. Venture forth at your own peril…or glee…whichever…

Chapter 6 - Culture Clash


According to N'geal, one other reason that demons favour youkai slaves is that the two beings share many similarities with one another. Apparently one of the things they share is their rather...liberal attitude towards physical intimacy. Sephiroth had always been a light sleeper. That trait had helped him many times in the past, but at this moment it is more of a liability. The ex-general scowled as he found himself an unwilling witness to Fenris's so-called, 'rabid libido'.

The wolf-youkai was currently pounding into the dog-hanyou underneath him. Inuyasha was on his elbows and knees, and since both boys' hands were restrained, it made the whole act a tad ungainly...with some obvious inconveniences. The hanyou growled impatiently as his neglected member started to weep its protest.

"I know, puppy. I'm...sorry...ah...," whispered Fenris as he nuzzled a silver-white ear, sweat beaded upon his handsome brow, "just...a little longer... then...nng...I'll be able to...take care...of you."

Inuyasha growled again and thrust back into Fenris.

"Oh Gods! Puppy!" Fenris moaned and buried his face into Inuyasha's thick silver mane.

Sephiroth glanced down at the effect that this was having on his young, male body, then glanced around the cage at the rest of his cellmates. None of them were asleep either. Nero was also scowling in his place at the far side of the cage, obviously similarly affected and not appreciating it. Vincent...was meditating. Sephiroth has seen other Turks practice the same thing. Apparently it lets their minds shut out the outside world, lets them focus inwards, and helps them through difficult situations. Sephiroth cursed whoever it was who decided to omit the training of this technique for SOLDIER.

At another barely concealed moan, Nero abruptly got up and flopped himself down underneath Inuyasha. The hanyou startled when he felt the hybrid's lips around his sensitive, engorged shaft, then grunted and shifted his position so he could return the favour. Fenris sucked in a breath at the sight and his pace became erratic.

Sephiroth shot another begrudging look at Vincent. The ex-Turk remained perfectly cool and comfortable in his own world. Sephiroth decided right then that he absolutely refuse to give in to his treacherous body and jerk off in front of the ridiculously adaptive ex-Turk. Not that he really could anyway the way his hands were bound. Perhaps mental images of Hojo in a tutu will be of aid?


Sephiroth was suddenly brought out of his rather disturbing self-inflicted thoughts and found Fenris staring at him barely a hand's length away. Behind him, Inuyasha and Nero dozed on the floor beside each other.

"Sorry about that... I can help you with that, if you like." Fenris offered apologetically.

Sephiroth stared into the familiar face of Zack Fair.


Fenris blinked in puzzlement, he hadn't expected Sephiroth to refuse the offer — especially not in that condition.

"You sure?"


Fenris was obviously not convinced, but he didn't push the issue. He then glanced uncertainly at Vincent.

The ex-Turk remained completely unchanged and unmoving in his meditation. He could have been a statue for all the effect that the antics of Fenris and co. had had on him.

"He seems to be in no distress." Sephiroth said dryly.

Fenris nodded slowly with a thoughtful look on his face. He looked back at Sephiroth when the ex-general shifted his weight uncomfortably. A questioning eyebrow raised under the messy bangs.

Sephiroth sighed, "For the last time Fenris: yes, I am sure. I'm fine."

N'geal's suppressed chuckle reached his ears from a few cages down, as well as Genesis's soft snort. Sephiroth frowned. Apparently these long-time residents of Hell were quite used to such liberal and public practice of sex. Although the young males had tried to be as quiet as possible, both the centaur and the firedrake had long since been awakened. And both of them simply glanced towards Sephiroth's cage and then went back to a light doze as if nothing out of the ordinary was going on. Not like the human children. Husky was still sound asleep, but Nana's apparently enhanced hearing was not doing her any favours. She had her back firmly turned to the rutting trio, and even under the pale starlight from the plant-creatures' 'window', she looked like she was blushing from head to toe.

"Actually Fenris," said Sephiroth, "there is something I'd like you to help me with."

Fenris's ears perked to attention, "What is it?"

Sephiroth paused as he considered his question. "Have you...ever seen anyone in this world that looks very much like someone you knew from your own world?"

Vincent's mind had refocused on the outside world as soon as Fenris approached Sephiroth. Despite his tranquil outward appearance, he had been very busy, fighting a battle within his own mind to keep a tight rein on both his own body's reactions to the youths' activities, and the restlessness of his demons.


Why not?

They are strong.


Looks fun.

I like them.

We like them.

And they are not human, so you do not need to worry about infecting them with your 'monstrosity'. Chaos protested bitterly.

Doesn't matter, we are NOT rutting here.

Why not?

Why not?

It HAS been over thirty-years... perhaps you don't remember how? Hellmasker gave Vincent a mental poke with his chainsaw, and the other demons immediately perked up at the proposed explanation for their Host's strange refusal to participate in the mating session, especially when there were such fit and ready partners right in front of him.

We remember.

We know how.

We can teach you.

We can show you.

It's easy.

You just...

I said, NO! Vincent growled mentally at all of them. The demons then settled back grudgingly, muttering about hosts and idiocy.

Well it was good to know that all his demons had been recovering well from their flight with Omega and subsequent rough landing in Hell. To think that he had actually been worried!

Even through all this mental bickering, however, Vincent had vigilantly kept a part of his mind alert to the outside world — particularly on Sephiroth. It was clear that the actions of the young males were making the ex-general increasingly aroused...and...he is Hojo's son... At the back of his mind, his demons gave a low growl at the memory.

However, the ex-Turk did not miss the subtle tension in Sephiroth's well-defined muscles when Fenris gave his offer, and was as surprised as Fenris was by Sephiroth's resolute refusal. Odd behaviour, considering Sephiroth appears to be a healthy young male on all accounts, and was undoubtedly the receiver of much amorous attention as ShinRa's most celebrated war hero. And there was no disgust in the ex-general's tone when he refused Fenris, only something...something that Vincent couldn't quite name.

He's trying to court you. Chaos suddenly said.

...WHAT? In their shared mindscape, Vincent stared at his most powerful demon, dumbfounded, and together in a flurry of excitement, all his demons piped up.

We've been keeping watch too.

He wasted no time.

No time at all.

Made sure he had the strongest Claim on you than the rest.

...He had what?



He licked your wounds

Wrestled you when you refused to accept his Claim.



Successfully pinned you.

Looked at your injuries.

Despite being unable to strengthen his Claim.

Took care of you.

Trying to court you.

Vincent resisted the urge to rub his temples. Took him and the demons 30 years to learn how to co-exist with one another and communicate with one another like this. Likely will take another 30 before they actually start to make sense to each other.

...What is this..."Claim"? Vincent tried again to understand the reasonings of his feral, incoherent "roommates".

You need a strong Claim to become bonded mates.

Very strong.

He doesn't have that yet.

But you do.

...I what?

He doesn't remember though.

He could have had a stronger Claim if he did.

But the other males recognize that his Claim is the strongest out of them all.

The Spirit Wolf asked his permission to approach you.

He said no.

He said no for himself too.

He refused the Spirit Wolf's invitation to mate.

The Spirit Wolf is a fine partner.



But he refused.

He's trying to court you.

As Vincent had expected, understanding was impossible.

The demon-ridden man bit back a long-suffering sigh as he felt the beginnings of a headache. None of the demons' fragmented thoughts and feelings made it any more likely that the Silver General of all people, would begin to try to "court" him any time soon. The reasons for his rejection of Fenris's offer of "help" more than likely stemmed from elsewhere, and he had some ideas as to where.

Being a former Turk, Vincent had been helping Reeve dig up and organize some of ShinRa's old classified files in order to understand the extent of the damage the power company had done to the planet and to innocent lives. He had seen the files on

Sephiroth, Cloud, and Zack, as well as the files on Genesis Rhapsodos and Angeal Hewley and Project G. He hadn't failed to notice the similarities between his fellow prisoners and the photos and descriptions on those files. Sephiroth's question to Fenris had pretty much confirmed his speculations on those similarities. Likely that Sephiroth rejected the offer of "help" from Fenris because the wolf youkai looked too much like the long-deceased 1st class SOLDIER, Zack Fair, who, according to the files and Cloud's memories, had been one of the very few people who been close to the former general.

What about that thing that he did...

We've seen it before.

In Host's memories.

You humans call it...'kissing'

It's in books.

Colourful ones

With pictures.

Oh! I saw those too!

There was a princess, and a prince, and fairies...

Wasn't he supposed to do it BEFORE you wake up?

Is it bad if he did it after?

Don't think so.

The kissing couple ALWAYS become mated with one another in the end.





Then the demons all gave an impression of looking at their Host expectantly.

Vincent gave up trying to talk to his demons, and chose to re-focus on Sephiroth and Fenris's conversation instead.

"Someone who looks like someone else I knew?" at Sephiroth's question, Fenris tilted his head and cocked up an ear in confusion, "What do you mean?"

"I mean...someone who looks and acts exactly like...like an old friend you once knew, but he is...somewhat different. And you know that he can't possibly be the same person." Sephiroth's brows knitted together as he tried to sort out the words to explain his questioning thoughts.

Fenris hummed in thought, then he nodded, "Yes, yes I have. It's because...hmm...how did he explain it again... Well, apparently, the multiverse is not...linear... It's all twisted and folded and mirrored and whatnots. So it's possible that different versions of the same person exists in different worlds...or something like that. In all honesty, I don't quite understand it myself," the young man scratched his head, "but it's like, you have the same person at the base, but they're also somewhat...different, because they lived through different events, met different people, and...yeah..."

Sephiroth considered the broken explanation for a moment, then he noticed that Fenris's steel-blue eyes had drifted towards N'geal's cage. Sephiroth followed his gaze. The centaur had already fallen asleep. Both steel-blue and mako green lingered for a moment on the familiar, yet not familiar form, before meeting one another again.

"In my world..." said Fenris quietly, "he...was a member of my pack. He was my teacher, my guardian. After my father passed away, he took me under his wing as if I were his own." The wolf-youkai lowered his eyes, "I wonder how he's doing now..."

"In mine, he was...a good friend. One of the few I've had..." Sephiroth paused, "I've not seen him for a very long time..." not even in the Lifestream... "...and likely never will."

Fenris nodded, and the two men sat silent for a few moments.

"...Have you ever thought about going back, to your own world, to see your teacher's present condition?" Sephiroth suddenly asked.

Fenris's eyes snapped up.

"I know what you're thinking," the wolf-youkai whispered urgently, almost pleading, "please Seph, listen to me: don't try it. You will only get yourself hurt. No matter what you really are, you and Valentine both look and smell too much like true hybrids. Even if you manage to escape from Gooey-Duck, the rest of Hell will eagerly hunt you down. Demon-human matings are taboo, and by law, hybrids are to be caught and enslaved on sight."

"What about yourself then?" Sephiroth's mako eyes burned steadily into steel-blue, "Have you never thought about it? Never tried?"

Fenris sighed, "Seph, the Axis is a very complex place. There are many things that you haven't seen, many things that you haven't yet come to understand. All I can tell you right now is that there are very, VERY good reasons to be cautious. And besides..." the young man's calloused fingers drifted towards the tattoo on his shoulder, "It's too late for me. I can't go back... Not anymore..."

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