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Chapter 4 - Human

"You are the most obstinate, reckless person I have ever had the displeasure of knowing," the silver general shook his head as he checked over Vincent's injuries, "and believe me, I've had to deal with quite a number of such individuals in the past." Namely Genesis...and Zack. But Vincent Valentine was definitely the worst of them all, Sephiroth decided this moment.

Silence and darkness had once again enfolded the slave ship. Genesis now lay limp and unconscious in his cage; N'geal was leaning wearily on his; the children were huddled in a corner, the girl's quiet sobs occasionally breaking the heavy silence. The plant-creatures have mostly recovered and had since wrapped themselves tightly in their hair to resemble flower buds. The imps had by now calmed and were twitching in their sleep.

Sephiroth took a firm hold of Vincent's damaged wrist and felt the ex-Turk tense and draw back. Letting out an impatient sigh, Sephiroth snapped the dislocated joint back in place none too gently. The pale gunman barely flinched. The man had an impressive tolerance for pain, the ex-general had to give him that.

During Genesis's ordeal, the firedrake's body had instinctively released pulses of energy in protest of the torture that was being forced upon it. The thick chain then took it as an attack and returned it in kind to the writhing form, as well as to all the other slaves through their chained collars. Sephiroth was certain that Gooey-Duck had intended it to be this way.

Despite his earlier outburst, Vincent had maintained his usual calm demeanor through it all. When it was over and Sephiroth insisted that his injuries needed to be checked, the gunman adamantly refused. The silver general had to wrestle the stubborn ex-Turk into submission, as awkward as that was since both of them were restrained, not to mention naked. Just what in the name of Gaia had Valentine planned to do about his broken wrists without any help was beyond the ex-general. Or his cracked ribs. Granted, there wasn't very much that any of them could do about those at the moment, but Sephiroth knew that the ex-Turk had sustained heavy damage to his chest area during their fight with the dog-creatures, and his panicked thrashing might have done himself serious harm. Sephiroth listened to the barely perceptible hitches in Vincent's breathing as he ran firm fingers over the man's chest and along his sides. It would seem that the ex-Turk's internal injuries had been healing well. A few of the curved bones suffered minor cracks but nothing was broken or seriously out of place. They would heal on their own provided that the ex-Turk doesn't engage in any strenuous activities for the next few days or so, which was highly unlikely anyways given their current situation. The bruises that were forming over those cracked ribs might be more of a problem if they don't fade by morning. Depending on how bad the bruising looked by then, they just might have to try to convince Gooey-Duck that those bruises were acquired from rough sex with Fenris. Sephiroth's lips twitched in amusement at the thought.

Speaking of the young men, they too have proven to be more than capable of handling themselves in the face of pain and danger. That could either mean escape could be easier than Sephiroth had first estimated, or much, much more difficult. For now all three were sitting quietly watching the two men with curiosity.

Satisfied with his inspection, Sephiroth sat back and coolly regarded the ex-Turk. The gunman coldly glared back, his limbs gathered close about his body in a clearly defensive posture. Sephiroth resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Really, did the ex-Turk really expect Sephiroth to attack him now? Right after all that licking the ex-general had to go through to save him from Gooey-Duck's sadistic paws?

"You said you would explain." the ex-Turk said quietly in his soft monotone. There was nothing soft about his crimson eyes however.

"I did." Sephiroth paused and let the silence stretch, but the crimson gaze remained steady and unfazed. Sephiroth smirked. It's been a while since someone could go toe-to-toe with him like this. For now, the silver general gave way.

"In short, we are in Hell. And I don't mean figuratively. This vessel belongs to a slave merchant. You saw him a moment ago, torturing that unfortunate firedrake who had failed in an escape attempt. He is currently transporting his cargo—us—to one of the major trading ports of Hell so that he may sell said cargo to demon lords. I'd suggest you refrain from doing another stunt like the one you did earlier. I've no wish to be tortured along with you." Sephiroth carefully watched as Vincent slowly digested that information. Silver brows furrowed slightly in puzzlement when the pale gunman simply relaxed and accepted it.

Vincent wasn't surprised that he'd end up in Hell. He wasn't even very surprised that he'd end up in Hell alongside Sephiroth, the child-turned-monster whose existence he had failed to prevent and whose life he could not save. It seemed a fitting penance. Except...Vincent was quite sure that he was not yet dead. In fact, his demons had quite vehemently confirmed that no, he wasn't dead. They also confirmed that Sephiroth was telling the truth when he claimed they were in Hell. The demons recognized the feel of the place. They've been here before, and it comforted them.

All of the demons' memories were fragmented, but Chaos and Galian Beast remembered the beings who shared their cage: the ones with animal ears were of a race of animal sorcerers who wielded great strength and power, and who could transform and take on human form; the one with a demonic arm was the progeny of a demon and its human mate. Vincent looked down at his own demonic arm. Unlike Sephiroth and the animal sorcerers, who had both their wrists bound by plain metal bands, the band around his demonic wrist was marked by elaborate symbols. A faint hum of power surrounded the shackle, and the arm it encircled felt numb and was barely capable of movement. Vincent looked to see the silver-haired boy's demonic arm bound the same way. If he remember correctly, he had heard the other young men call him 'Nero'. Noticing Vincent's attention, Nero flexed his demonic claws slightly and unflinchingly returned the gunman's gaze.

A faint tap sounded from somewhere under the floor. Vincent watched as the dark-haired young man's wolf-like ears twitched and as said young man removed one of the floorboards and pressed one of said ears to a vent on the floor.

"Hey cat... Yeah, Gooey-Duck caught someone trying to escape... We're all alright... It was a firedrake... I think he's going to be alright too, he's very stubborn..."

The gunman blinked when he recognized the voice coming from the vent to be Cait Sith's. It did not go unnoticed by the silver general.

Just then, one of the imps kicked another in his sleep. The victim then woke up with an angry screech and proceeded to savage the offender. Their bout of violence only lasted a few seconds or so, as both imps vented their outrage and then settled back down to sleep. The noises they made however, were terrible, and it drove the already sobbing and shaking blonde-haired girl into a wailing cry.

"Hey hey..." said Fenris softly as he moved to the front of the cage to get closer, "it's alright, those imps were just bickering, they won't hurt you, see?"

Hearing Fenris's soft voice, the girl's crying quieted a little and she looked up at the wolf-eared young man from her desperate grip on the boy's arm. Fenris wiggled his ears, opened his eyes wide and made a very puppy-like face. The girl broke from her tears and giggled.

"There, that's better." Fenris smiled, "There's that warrior princess who dared to take on mean old Gooey-Duck." The spiky-haired young man's face turned serious, "That was a very brave thing you did back there, distracting the slave trader for us like that, and very quick thinking too. Thank you."

The girl shook her head franticly, "No...I really was very scared. I didn't want to see anyone hurt like that. It was bad enough that..." her green eyes darted to the unmoving Genesis, and her young face tightened, "if you were beaten like that too then...then... I couldn't bear it..." The girl pressed her lips together and her large green eyes once again began to shine with tears. The boy's arms tightened around her.

"I know, Nana," he said quietly, his voice was surprisingly low and rough for his age and effeminate appearance, "but that was still a very reckless thing you did."

"That it was," agreed Fenris, "you shouldn't do anything to upset the slave trader again. I'd hate to see a pretty girl like you get hurt." The girl smiled and nodded and relaxed into the comforting arms of the boy. Fenris too, relaxed and smiled when he saw that.

"So your name is Nana huh? I don't believe we've been properly introduced. I'm Fenris."

"...I'm Husky." the guarded and quiet bluish-haired boy answered in his oddly gravelly voice.

Fenris's eyebrows rose, "That's...a fitting name..."

Husky tossed him an unamused look, then looked away as he hesitated, "Will you...will you tell your friend..." he looked to N'geal, "...that we are grateful for his interference? If he hadn't helped us when he did, then Nana really could have gotten hurt."

"Sure thing," Fenris smiled, "Hey N'geal, they said 'thank you'."

The centaur chuckled, "Tell them it's fine, I've been around a few of those types before, I know how to handle them."

Sephiroth frowned in puzzlement as Fenris repeated N'geal's message...albeit somewhat...shorter...and less eloquent...to the children. N'geal's and the children's cages were but an arm's length away, right next to each other. Could they not hear each other's words?

"Fenris," Sephiroth asked once all was quiet again, "why did you need to relay the message between them? Couldn't they simply talk between themselves?"

Fenris gave him a puzzled look, "No, those children are human. They can't understand N'geal's language, and N'geal can't understand theirs."

Human? Sephiroth's brows furrowed as he looked towards the cages that housed N'geal and the two children. He had always wondered about his heritage. Once, he thought he had finally found it, but that had turned out to be a lie too. He was now very certain that he was not a Cetra, and he was fairly certain that Jenova's claim to be his mother was yet another lie too. So what does that make him?

"I can understand all of them..." he murmured, partly to himself.

"Of course you can," Fenris looked at him in confusion, "you're a hybrid." At Sephiroth's puzzled stare Fenris elaborated, "You know, a mixed-blood offspring of a demon and a human—like Nero."

Inuyasha snorted derisively. Both Fenris and Sephiroth turned to him.

"What," the dog-eared youth scoffed at Fenris, "your full-blood youkai nose can't tell that you have a human in front of you?"

"Human?" Fenris frowned. He studied Sephiroth for a few moments, then leaned forward and sniffed. Sephiroth frowned but resisted the urge to shove the young male away.

"He's...a little different from Nero... But he looks and smells like a hybrid to me." Fenris finally pulled back, face still scrunched up in puzzlement.

"In your world," asked Inuyasha, "are there any hanyou who were not born as they are, but made from humans who gave their bodies to be merged with youkai?"

"No," Fenris's eyes widened, "I didn't even think that was possible..."

"Well it is in mine." Inuyasha scowled towards Sephiroth and Vincent, "In my world, there are quite a number of humans who lust after the power of youkai. I've fought one who went as far as to deliberately destroy his own soul in order to gain it. These two might have been successful enough to fool you and the slave trader, but my nose doesn't lie, and neither does the taste of their blood."

Fenris stared wide-eyed at the two men, "Is that...true?"

Sephiroth wasn't exactly sure of what the two animal-eared young men were talking about, but he was getting a clear impression that they were accusing him of having done to himself whatever experiments ShinRa had done on him.

"I have had no hand in choosing my making." he growled angrily, "And..." he paused, "I do not know the circumstances of my birth."

"You don't know your parents?" Fenris's eyes blinked in surprise.

"Or whether I had any." Sephiroth muttered to no one. To his side, Vincent flinched.

"And what about you?" Fenris asked Vincent.

"I...was born human," said Vincent quietly, "though I too did not choose to become what I am."

"But...Gooey-Duck said you were hybrids, it's strange that an old fox like him can be wrong about these things..." Fenris went silent in thought for a few moments, then he suddenly straightened and frantically looked around the dark and quiet room. All was still. Even N'geal and the children had by now gone to sleep.

"What is it?" asked Nero, who had been very quiet this whole time.

"Shh!" Fenris hissed, then lowered his voice, "all of you, do not utter a word of this to anyone, especially you Inuyasha! Do NOT let ANYONE know that you can tell that they are not what Gooey-Duck says they are."

Inuyasha frowned in question, but before the dog-eared youth could ask him to explain, Fenris turned to Sephiroth and Vincent and continued, "Humans are not popular slaves among demon lords. In fact, a lot of them have very low opinions of humans. My guess is that Gooey-Duck does know what you are, but is trying to pass you off as hybrids so that he can sell you for a much, much better price. After all, no-one else here seem to have noticed any different, except for Inuyasha." The wolf-eared young male turned his eyes towards Genesis's cage, all the others followed his gaze, "And...we all know how Gooey-Duck reacts when someone interferes with his 'business'."

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