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Chapter 2 - Companions

Apparently being property to one of Hell’s best slave merchants had some benefits. They were well-fed, well-watered, and their surroundings were kept clean. This is because, as Fenris had explained, top slave merchants, like the one who currently owns them, cater to the richest, most powerful demon lords of Hell. And those were a finicky bunch. They won’t tolerate filth or disease, and they want nothing but the best, strongest, healthiest stock. Fenris had been in the last slave market, but he got into some trouble and didn’t catch any buyer’s eyes. One of the bits and pieces of optimism that he had somehow managed to find in his sorry situation was the fact that he was at least not enduring the horrendous conditions that he had seen in the lesser slave merchants’ holdings. The downside was that their future owners also had a reputation for being the cruelest and most volatile of slave masters in Hell.

“Not all of them are like that—well, some of them are even worse,” Fenris grimaced, “but there are some that are kinder than others. I hope I get lucky and get bought by one of the better ones... otherwise...” Wolf-ears flattened against spiky hair as the young man gave a shudder.

“I wouldn’t recommend an escape attempt, especially not in your condition,” warned Fenris upon catching Sephiroth testing the strength of his chains and the bars of the cage, his normally playful face serious and severe, “I can smell the scent of lingering injuries in you. And don’t underestimate the slave-trader. He handles the strongest slaves for the most powerful demons. And he definitely did not get to where he is by his looks.”

One of Sephiroth’s silver brows arched in amusement: the slave merchant who currently controled their fates was a wrinkly ugly thing. According to N’geal, his name sounded something like ‘Gooey-Duck’. Sephiroth first saw him during feeding time.

Their food was nothing but brownish pellets. The pellets were put in a tray, which was then put on the floor and slid into the cages between the bars. With their hands bound to their collars, to reach the food the slaves had to lower their bodies to the ground in a submissive posture. Gooey-Duck made no attempt to hide his enjoyment of this, and the food was taken away as soon as either he was bored with it or the slaves have stopped taking food from the trays. The same was done for water. Sephiroth had given serious thought on abstaining from food and water to spare his pride, but gritted his teeth when he concluded that the sooner he can recover his strength, the sooner he can find a way to escape this place. The unabashedly smug look on the slave trader’s repulsive face when he noted the submission of his new slave was absolutely infuriating. Sephiroth scowled darkly as he chewed the tasteless handful that he had quickly grabbed before retreating to the furthest side of the cage. Being bound and humiliated like this was bringing up too many memories of his early days growing up in ShinRa labs. Sephiroth brutally shoved them back down to the depths of his psyche.

His cell-mates retrieved their rations in much the same way, their faces showing varying degrees of distain, with Fenris’s showing the least. The two silver-haired boys who shared their cage both looked to be around sixteen years of age. The look in their eyes and the way they moved however, revealed awareness and discipline beyond their physical age. Sephiroth knew a fellow warrior when he saw one.

According to Fenris, the one who had dog ears on the top of his head, yellow cat-like eyes and thick long hair was named ‘Inuyasha’; and the one who had short hair, blue eyes and a demonic claw in place of his right hand was called ‘Nero’. Sephiroth glanced at the still form of the ex-Turk. His gauntlet had been taken off along with the rest of his heavy layers of clothing, and his once-hidden purplish-black demonic claw was now lying in sharp contrast against his pale scarred chest. The ex-Turk wouldn’t be needing to hide his claw here though. Or his scars. All the other occupants of the cage sported scars of some sort, some nastier than others. Inuyasha looked like he had once been run through the stomach by a jagged pole the circumference of a fist by the look of the scars on his abdomen and his back. So apparently—Sephiroth noted sardonically—in Hell, the realm of demons, monsters like himself and Valentine fit right in.

Other than their names, Sephiroth knew very little about the two youths. Neither of them spoke much and they both kept mostly to themselves—a wise course of action given the circumstances...unlike Fenris, who was again chatting away beside the silver general. Aside from a few obvious differences, Fenris was exactly like how Zack had been when Sephiroth first met him—right down to the hair style. His eyes still shone with the youthful, naive optimism that later dimmed and tempered after Angeal’s death. It made sense...in a way...since this world’s version of Angeal was trotting around his cage just a few paces away. Although...even though Zack had always been out-going and talkative, Sephiroth didn’t remember him to have ever talked quite as much as Fenris. ...Perhaps Fenris didn’t just have a wolf’s ears, but also a wolf’s need for a pack? Considering the “company” that Fenris had available around him: plant-creatures who communicated with each other by intertwining their vine-like hair together, imps that were little more than smarter-than-average beasts; the silent Inuyasha and Nero, the two frightened and withdrawn children, and the slaves beyond N’geal’s cage who were too far away...perhaps the wolf-eared young man had reason to be a little excessively sociable.

“Hey... if I’m talking your ears off, you can tell me you know. I can shut up.” Zack...Fenris gave an apologetic smile and a casual shrug. Sephiroth’s eyes lingered on those expressive, treacherous ears and those painfully familiar steel-blue eyes.

“No...you’re not...” the silver general answered quietly as he looked away.

Fenris took a moment to get over his surprise at the seemingly cold and aloof man’s response, then a genuine smile spread across his youthful face.

“Thanks. You know Seph, you’re an alright guy.”

Just then, the ship they were in gave a lurch as it slowly came to a stop.

“Are we there already?” Fenris frowned.

“I don’t think so,” said N’geal as he studied the daylight above the plant-creatures’s cage, “it doesn’t look like we have yet left the Wastelands.”

Fenris hummed at that and went to one corner of the cage. There he pried open one of the floorboards to reveal what looked like an air-vent about the size of a palm.

“Hey, K-6, you there?” Fenris tapped lightly on the vent and then pressed his ear to it. A faint muffled voice answered him through the vent. Sephiroth’s eyebrows drifted upwards: the voice sounded at lot like that annoying robot cat that had fought with a megaphone and a moogle alongside Cloud.

“What did you do this time that landed you in Solitary again?” Fenris chuckled. From the vent came a long, impassioned tirade of muffled words that Sephiroth couldn’t make out and Fenris didn’t bother to listen to. Instead he turned to Sephiroth and explained: “K-6 is a Mecha cat. You know, one of those fully independent robots with advanced A.I. and integrated personalities. This one seems to have a few bolts loose up there though, so to speak. He ‘s a bit...quirky, and keeps getting into trouble with other slaves. Even other Mechas. Gooey-Duck keeps having to move him to the Solitary Room before trying to put him in a different cage. Don’t see why he bothers though,” Fenris shrugged, “Solitary’s practically K-6’s permanent home anyways.”

“And you’re his only friend?” Sephiroth allowed one corner of his lips to quirk up a little. Fenris’s cheeks coloured.

“What can I say? It’s hard to find good conversation around here.”

“Or another creature who can blab about nothing for as much or as long.” muttered Nero.

“Love you too Nero.” Fenris promptly flipped up one of his fingers—an obscene gesture, Sephiroth assumed—at the demon-clawed youth and turned back to the vent.

Although Fenris and K-6 kept going off on tangents and “blab about nothing” every chance they got, to the detriment of everyone else’s sanity (though Sephiroth suspected that the two might have been doing it on purpose just to spite Nero), the Mecha cat proved to be an invaluable informant. Apparently the Solitary Room had a window that K-6 could see out of—in case its prisoner were a plant-creature. And the robot feline had incredible hearing and could spy to a certain degree on their captors from the sounds he hears traveling along the various pipes that ran through the ship. It was therefore no surprise to them when Gooey-Duck and his lackeys came in with a groaning, half-conscious, newly-captured slave, whom they then unceremoniously tossed into the empty cage opposite of N’geal’s.

It was Genesis. Although he had red scales along his spine and on his forearms, black talons on his fingers and toes, and a long scaly tail, it was definitely Genesis. Sephiroth’s elegant brows furrowed. Beside him, Fenris gave a low whistle: “A firedrake! I’ve never seen one this close before!” Even Nero and Inuyasha moved closer to get a better look.

As soon as the firedrake regained some of his bearings, he lashed out violently against his bonds. Bursts of flames rolled with deadly intent towards the slavers, only to bounce harmlessly off the ensorcelled cage bars. Gooey-Duck and his lackeys laughed in Genesis’s face and cruelly taunted the helpless captive.

Sephiroth’s jaw tightened. Behind the cackling slavers, N’geal shot a stern look in his direction and subtly shook his head. Sephiroth wasn’t sure for whom it was meant, for it was clear that none of his cellmates liked the display any better than he did, and they were showing it much more obviously.

Mercifully, Genesis’s weakened body soon gave out and he fell into an exhausted heap on the floor. The rest of the day he just laid there and refused to speak to anyone. When feeding time came Gooey-Duck purposely shoved the food tray into the firedrake’s cage so that it hit his head with a resounding “BANG!” Genesis roared in rage and smacked the tray back out with his tail, spraying Gooey-Duck, and subsequently N’geal, with the brown pellets. Gooey-Duck wasn’t the least bit fazed however. He casually flicked his wrist and splashed the tray of water across Genesis’s face. Apparently firedrakes were not fond of water, for Genesis instantly flinched away. Gooey-Duck coolly regarded the drenched, coughing and sputtering brunette and chuckled darkly, “Good...very good... you will fetch me a good price yet... but before that... you will bow for me.”

Ignoring Genesis’s glare, the slave merchant continued down the rows of cages, basking in the forced obeisances of his helpless merchandise.


Additional Disclaimers: Inuyasha of the manga and anime franchise of the same name belong to Rumiko Takahashi. Nero of the video game series Devil May Cry belong to either Capcom, Ubisoft, or Hideki Kamiya, or all of the above. So basically, none of this roomful of bishies belong to me and I make no money from them. The only character I can really claim ownership to is…

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