The Truth In His Eyes

BY : baythyme
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The Truth In His Eyes-Prologue

by: Neophyte (aka BayThyme)

Artist notes: 1. You may not some things different from the game...but that's because I either didn't like it...or I haven't taken the time to sit down and replay it...again... 2. Zell has a correct vocabulary in his thoughts! Yes! I mean come on. If he's a metal smith AND an engineer you'd think that somewhere along the line he listened enough in English to get a proper vocabulary ^.^ I know what he sounds like in the game so his speech shall be that way... but his thoughts are free for my little imagination to mess with! *grins evilly*

Warnings: yaoi goodness....eventually...lemony goodness....eventually... Cute shounen-ai now. Some swearing.

Pairings:Zell+Seifer, Zell/Seifer, Squall+Rinoa(MAYBE), Selphie+Irvine(naturally)

Zell stood in the darkened dorm room hallway waiting for Squall to finally arrive from...where ever it was he had gone to during the dance. The brunette had wondered out of Zell's vision for a few moments but in the amount of time the dark brooding teen had disappeared for hours.

'Damn, how long is he going to take? I swear! I don't know why I agreed to do this! Why is it always ME who gets stuck doing these things?!?' Zell sighed and shoved his hands in his pockets. ' know these uniforms aren't that bad' He grinned, 'They're actually pretty cool! Don't confine my movements.' Which he demonstrated on his imaginary target. 'And they're light as air!' He was in the middle of these thoughts with his hands, which were once again resned ned in his pockets, itching for another go at his invisible foe when he heard Squall's boots echoing off the tile floor.

"Yo man! It's about time! I just wanted to let ya know that you're new room is across from your old one. They moved all of...your..." The blonde trailed off as Squall gave him a look the clearly said, "I don't give a rat's ass."

Squall continued past Zell with out a word.

'Man! He could've said SOMETHING!' The blonde pouted, 'But then again...he's always like that. Never answering my questions...never talking to me unless he has to...' He kicked an imaginary object and then, taking his hands out of his pockets and resting them behind his head, he turned to follow the path Squall had taken to the dorms. Naturally, Zell's room was in the back of the dorms, thus eas earlier resentment for the quiet SeeD, and naturally, just when he was about to reach his room Seifer had to come along. The taller blonde was still wearing his gray trench coat and his gunblade, Hyperion, was still resting in its sheath against his hips. Zell took in the taller blonde's appearance, greatly appreciative for the fact that Seifer seemed to be too busy thinking to notice Zell, much less the fact that the blonde was practically undressing him with his clear baby blue eyes.

'Gods, he has GOT to be the BEST looking guy in Garden!' Just as that thought passed through the boy's mind a mental image of Seifer naked in the shower dripping wet, sweat mingling with hot water, eyes closed with his mouth slightly opened, as his breath quickened slightly from the pleasure he was receiving, made itself known in Zell's young mind. Zell shivered with delight as he thought of himself being the cause of Seifer's pleasure. 'Man. how I'd love to do that.' He thought as another, more detailedm vision filled his mind.

"Hey chicken wuss! Were you waitin' up for me?" Seifer's tease came easily and it got the exact reaction he wanted with a little extra. 'Was that a blush?' Seifer raised his right eyebrow. 'And what's going on down there?' Sr smr smirked. "Are you happy to see me, Chicken?"

'Curse him!! Curse him!' Zell's face burned red from embarrassment and partial anger. "I am NOT a chicken!" Zell's hands were clenched by his side as he ground the words out.

"Whatever you say...Chicken" the tall teen continued to tease. Then, as if something suddenly occurred to him, he glared at the smaller teen and pushed past him. Zell stared after him, too pissed to wonder what had caused the change in Seifer's demeanor.

Pissed and no longer tired, Zell joged the rest of the way to his room, punched in the code to his room in seconds, and entered the dark roSwitSwitching on the light he quickly looked over his new quarters. He noted the boxes in the corner that needed to be unpacked, then he continued to his closet picked out a pair of calf length black jean shorts and a black tank top. He changed quickly, throwing his SeeD uniform neatly on his bed and then, adjusting his gloves, headed to the training center. Thoughts of how infuriating his secret crush could be swimming around in his head, fueling on his anger.

Zell arrived in the training center his whole body humming for the thrill of a good fight. His senses heightened as he entered the forested section of the now quiet Garden. He's steps lightened his his breath came in small- excited gasps.

'I love this feeling!' He grinned happily, then his smile was lost from his face and a look of a man intent on causing some serious pain took its place. Not many saw this side of Zell. The side that loved the thrill of the hunt and the rush that runs though his body when he knows he's out of his league with an opponent. 'Okay everyone...'


Zell sprinted across the metal bridge barely making a sound and ran across the body of mine bridges to the main section of the training center. It was there that he saw his crush fighting, and losing against, a T-rexasaur.

"SEIFER!" Zell's entire body language changed. He rushed in front of the taller teen blocking the attack meant for Seifer with his own body. A bit stunned by the attack but coherent enough to understand the situation Zell promptly summoned Quezacotl. The dinosaur fell to the ground in a sizzling browned heap of flesh. 'Thank you Quezacotl, thank you!'

Seifer looked at Zell's back and saw the e hug huge bruise forming where the dino's tail had whipped the boy. Zell's entire back was starting to turn black and blue and for some reason Seifer couldn't explain...that angered him.

"Dammit Zell!"

Zell turned sharply and stared up at Seifer wide eyed. "If "If I wanted, or needed you help, I would've ASKED FOR IT!!" The tall boy yelled down at the other blonde. "What the hell did you do that for?!? I don't need your pity or your help!!" He continued, stilllingling, his left hand clenching and unclenching while the right still held Hyperion. "What the hell is with-"

"WELL SORRY FOR TRYING TO SAVE YOUR LIFE!" Zell shot back, his face red with anger. "NEXT TIME YOU'RE ABOUT TO I'LI'LL JUST LET IT SLIDE AND PRETEND I DIDN'T SEE YOU!" When Seifer just shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly he exploded in anger and with a yell of aggravation slammed his fist into Seifer's abdomen.

Seifer doubled over, grunting in pain. Zell, however, failed to take note of this--or the fact that Seifer was already injured beyond belief--as his foot connected with Seifer's jaw sending him backward, landing on his back. Zell immediately jumped upon the fallen blonde, landing on his chest, and grabbed him by the collar. Shaking the slightly conscious blonde Zell proceeded to yell.

"What the hell is your problem? Why do you insist on insulting me? What did I ever do to you?!?!"

Seifer's eyes cleared ell ell continued to rant into his face.

"Ever since I can remember you've done nothing BUT tease me! What, do you get some kind of sick joy out of-" Zell was cut off as the wind was knocked out of him by Seifer pulling his knees out from under him and slammed him into the ground.

Seifer growled softly, his teeth bared. His eyes glowed with raw emotion. "You want to know why I insult you?!?"

Zell looked up at the blonde stunned.

"It's because it's the only way I'd get you to notice me!" He growled the last few words then shoved himself off of Zell and stormed out of the training center, his trench coat bellowing behind him.

'What the....'

Well that's the end of the Prologue! WHEEE!! It was fun! Zell and Seif are going to get together! YAY!! ^O^ It's gonna be cute! I can't wait until it comes!! *dances with her muses and Zell* Seifer's not participating... it's against his code of looking cool...oO;; well comments are GLADLY welcome!! Any thoughts, positive or negative, will be logged away as exp in my writing experience!!! However, flames will be...well... ignored. After I'm finished crying my eyes out! ^.^;;;

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