The Truth In His Eyes

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The Truth in His Eyes-Chapter 5:Can He Stay for Dinner?: By: Neophyte (novice_artst)

Pairings: Z+S, Z/S, S/Z, R+Squall (now not happening ^^;;), Irvine+Selphie (Oo;; I'm not so sure that that's happening still...)

Author's Notes: Sorry about taking soooo long to update... I wasnít really inspired so this chapter is me pulling at every single ounce of creativity I have left XD Lets just say that itís not much shall we?

solesethegreat you got your wish in this chapter! ^.^ Rara Avis your question is answered in this chapter too! WHEE!! Umm...lets see... Sorry Hawk-mun about the last chapter, this oneís happier! And thanks you guys for sticking with me!! ^O^ And thanks to everyone else whoís reading this! Itís for you that I write this fiction!!

THANKS FOR THE REVIEWS!!!! All...29 of them!!! I greatly appreciate them all!! ^O^ Oh, if there's anything you would like to be in the story just email me at: and I'll be sure to try and see if I can work it in! ^.^ Thanks again for reading! WAI!! I got more reviews

I'm glad that there are people enjoying this story! I might actually finish it because people are interested! ^O^ Wouldn't that be lovely! Anyway....on with the warnings...

Warnings: (I think I for got that last time.... oO;) Yaoi/shounen-ai, lemon/lime-ishness, a plot (gasp), language, maybe some OOC? I'm not quite sure. I haven't been able to truly catch the essence of the characters. Seiferís a pathetic bastard and I hate that...-_-;; But it fits the character.


A group of teens sat around the headmaster's desk each listening to what their headmaster had to say.

"He can not stay."

Zell was on his feet abruptly, "What do ya mean he can't stay?!?!" the blonde yelled, his fists clenched.

"Just that. He cannot stay." Squall, the headmaster, leaned forward on his cheery wood desk. "It'll cause to much animosity in Garden. No one wants him around Zell." Squall glared at his group thinking that they would agree with him. However, two women who looked like they were about to side with Zell and a man who didnít want to get involved greeted him.

"Why would it cause animosity? It's not like he's going to be bothering anyone. He's...he's to broken to do that." Zell looked down at his feet, his eyes glistening. 'Curse my mother and her "You must wear your emotions openly" up bringing.'

Squall raised legalegant eyebrow, "So, you're saying that he won't cause any problems?" He looked at the rest of the party. "Do you agree with this?" His eyes stayed a moment longer than necessary on a certain cowboy.

Selphie was the first to talk. "You didn't see him, Squall. You didn't stay with him in the infirmary for more than five minutes. If you had stayed, instead of storming out like a-" She stopped herself then continued, "If you had just stayed, instead of storming out like would've seen the affect your words had on him. It was a horrible sight. I just wanted to cry and cry and-"

Quistis stood and walked to Squalldeskdesk, interrupting the now babbling girl, "I know you don't think he'll cause much trouble Squall. I know that you also know that he isn't completely to blame for his actions with Matron, Adel, or Ultamicia. You'll make the right decision." She lowered her gaze to his desk and watched as she traces various patterns on the piece of furniture. Suddenly her eyes were on his and they seemed to say, 'Just try and oppose me. You may be headmaster but you don't stand a chance against me.' She smiled slightly, "Just think of it as a way to make yourself look good. You accepting an Ex-Sorceress Knight would show that world that they need to put the past behind them, just as you did." Her eyes narrowed, "Or, you could not accept, throw him out, and let him continue to live in the hell he was once in. Being hunted down and tortured until the brink of death just to be brought back to health to be tortured again...and again and again." She reinforced her words by faintly tapping the wooden desk with each 'again'. However, to Squall, it was like she was pounding on it.

"Fine." He mumbled while glaring up at the female blonde. "He can stay."

Quistis's smirk turned into a graceful smile and she turned to her friends. "Isn't this great? Squall is a great headmaster..." She turned and winked at Squall before leaving the room.

'That woman has gotten freakishly scary recently.' Squall thought as he watched Zell and Selphie hug each other then head to the elevators. He didn't blink when he felt a pair of strong hands run down his chest.

"That was a kind thing you did Squall." Irvine whispered from behind Squall, "Do you want your reward for being such a good boy?"

Squall smirked, and swiveled the chair around. Looking up at his companion he said, "And what kind of reward would that be?"

Irvine's hands ran up from their resting-place to Squall's shoulders then down to the brunette's hips, leaving Squall shaking slightly. Looping his fingers in Squall's belt loops he gently tugged for the other teen to stand. Squall complied, although he complied slowly, and stood before his partner.

"You still haven't answered me." He said coolly.

"Well, love, what do you want the reward to be?" Irvine smiled.


Zell ran down the hallway towards the infirmary a smile on his face. 'He gets to stay! He gets to stay!' He uper-cutted the air. 'This is great!' He grinned and continued on his way.

He entered the infirmary flushed and insanely happy. "Seifer?" he asked Dr. Kadowaki. She smiled softly at the teen and pointed to the cubical that Seifer rested in. "Thanks!" He offered a smile and continued on to the back of the small infirmary. He was at Seifer's 'room' and pulled back the curtain.

"Hey Seifer, guess what?"

Seifer looked up from the book that Kadowaki had let him borrow. 'It's a romance novel, but when you're bored out of your mind anything will do.' he had thought when she had handed it to him. Now he sat on his bed leaning against the windowsill, with a pillow for a back cushion, white sheets covering his legs and bandages covering his torso. He wore an amused smile on his face and his eyes flickered slightly with calm. When Zell came through the curtain his smile died slightly and his eyes filled with worry.

"What am I guessing?" He asked to humor the boy.

"You're staying!" Zell bounced over to Seifer sitting beside the tall blonde on the bed. "Squall changed his mind and yea...we're all with ya man!" He started bouncing on the bed. "Isn't that great?!" He looked at the now smiling Seifer.

"Yea, it's great." 'I get to see you everyday.' He added silently.

"So..." Zell stopped bouncing and looked at Seifer seriously, "You wanna...go celebrate or something? I mean we could...go out to Balamb and have dinner...or..yea...if ya won't wanna go of Gof Garden we could eat at my room. Ma sent me a complete dinner plate when we landed. It got here just before you woke" he fidgeted with the sheet of the bed.

Seifer stared at the short blonde utterly confused. 'Is he asking me to have dinner with him? Why would he do that?' He cocked his head to the side, a recent trait he had acquired, and asked what he had asked himself. "Zell, are you asking me out to dinner?" When Zell blushed and nodded he smiled softly. "Okay..."

Zell looked up at him. "Okay as in yes or okay as in I'll think about it?"

"Okay as in yes..he she said still softly smiling.

"Great!! So...where do you wanna eat?"

"HE CAN'T LEAVE GARDEN, ZELL!" Kadowaki called from her desk.

"I guess your room?"

' room... did I clean my room today?.........Yes.' "Okay then, my room it is."

He blushed furiously and leaned in kissing Seifer on the cheek and was about to pull away when Seifer's hands found his face. Zell stared into Seifer's deep green eyes transfixed. Then he purred slightly as Seifer's hands ran gently down his cheeks to behind his ears and rested in his hair. Zell looked at Seifer questioning silently, 'What is it?' Seifer just looked back at the blonde as if he was searching for something. When the tall blonde's gaze and hands did not release the smaller blonde Zell shifted slightly from his bent pose. Seifer noted this and his hands released the other teen, but his gaze still held the younger teen. Silence grew around them, but it wasn't uncomfortable. It was a silence that neither could place but both found it comfortable.

"Seifer?" Zell asked quietly. The tall blonde finally blinked breaking the spell. Zell smiled softly then, for no reason he could think of, hugged Seifer. "It's good to have you back." he whispered. "Real good." Then he released the teen and left the Infirmary saying, "I'll be back in 30 minutes!"

Seifer watched the teen go, a great need growing in the emptiness he had once called his heart. With a sigh he returned to his book, Cindy was about to be swept off her feet by John but that's only if the Duke didn't get to her first. He hadn't realized he was really into the story until a faint coughing disturbed him. He blinked and looked around only to see Zell grinning at him.

"When did you get here?" He placed the book to heft eft while looking at the teen to his right.

"Oh, only...twenty minutes. Not long." Zell rocked on the balls of his feet, still grinning. "Well, dinner's ready though it might be cold."

"Why didn't you say something?!"

Seifer started to get out of the bed. He threw the sheets aside and flung his feet over the side of the bed. Then he slowly stood. Zell was beside him at this point ready to catch the older teen. Seifer sighed, 'I really do hate being weak.' Shaking his head to Zell, he walked to the curtain and pushed it aside.

"Doc?" he looked around for the short woman.

"You're clothes are on the chair by my desk." They heard her say in a tone that said 'I'm busy, don't ask for anything else.' in the next cubical.

Seiwalkwalked to the desk slowly and, at the same pace, began to dress. 'Damn, it didn't seem this bad before. What exactly did that woman do to me when I was sleep?'

"Oh, Seifer!! Before you leave," they heard her call again. "The clipboard under your clothes is for you to keep."

Seifer looked down at the clipboard and read the first line.


He raised an eyebrow at the paper, but picked it up anyway. 'So that's what she did. Ugh, I hated the first one and now they did another...'

Zell looked at Seifer, "At least you were sleep, eh? I hated those tests." He shook his head and shuddered. 'Needles...all those needles.' When Seifer nodded he asked, "You wanna go to my room now or do you wanna walk around Garden?"

"...Could we just go to your room. I think I need to sit down." Seifer placed he free hand against his forehead.

"Sure thing...come on." Zell pulled Seifer along by the tall blonde's upper arm. Then, when Seifer lowered his hand from his face, he led Seifer by the hand.

They went directly to Zell's room, Zell ignoring all the glances they were given and Seifer not seeing them. Feeding his key card into the security mechanism, Zell opened the door and waited until Seifer entered to close it.

"You room looks more like an apartment to me, Zell." Seifer smiled slightly as he walked in and found the sofa. He looked at it and looked at Zell.

"Go ahead, have a seat." When Seifer was seated Zell went to the kitchenette. 'That's so unlike him. Before he would sit anywhere he wanted. Hell, he'd do whatever he wanted anywhere he wanted. But he's asking permission to sit on my couch.' He sighed and put the food in the microwave. 'Fifty seconds should be enough.' The device made a 'beep' and then the whirring noise of the microwave filled the room.*

Seifer sat on the sofa reading his records intently. 'Okay...drugs- negative (naturally), any and all STD's-negative (really? I thought that I would...well I'm not going to shun a bad thing.), illnesses-positive. (Positive?)' He continued to read, unknowingly, out loud. "Subject suffers from manic depression, self-disillusionment, chronic nightmares and mental unsuitability." He raised an eyebrow, and continued reading. "Subject also appears to have a weakened bone structure and a low white blood cell count. Suggestions...therapy for the mental illnesses, anti-biotic for low cell count until recovery, and calcium tablets three times a day." He looked at the paper blankly and was about to continue to read when Zell's hand rested on his shoulder. He looked up at the blonde and then back at the paper.

"Seifer, are you okay?"

Seifer laughed harshly, "It doesn't seem like it does it? Were you reading this?" He looked at the boy who was shaking his head. "Good...I don't want you to know."

Zell gripped the tall boy's shoulder tightly. "Come no man, it can't be that bad. You've been through a lot. Anyone else would've died by now but... You're a fighter Seifer. You'll get through this." When Seifer just nodded numbly, Zell walked from the boyís side to his front. He knelt in front of Seifer. "Come on, Seif." He half grinned.

Seifer lifted his head and stared down at the boy below him. "What do you want me to do?" He lo los lost and...pathetic.

"Be yourself, that's all." He rested a gloved hand on Seifer's knee. "You don't have to do anymore than that. you." 'Who ever that may be...' he thought to himself.

Seifer nodded, "I guess I could do that." He offered a smile.

"Good, because I've got this dinner that's probably cold again waiting to be eaten and I want to eat it with Seifer." He stood and went back to the kitchenette to restart the microwave again.

While in the small kitchen area Zell got out two cans of Root Beer and was about to reach for the cups when he felt someone behind him. Turning quickly, he was met by Seifer's chest.


"You be myself." He whispered, slightly unsure of his actions. "So...this is me." He reached down pulling Zell's face up with on hand as the other wound around his wait. He lowered his face to Zell with enough speed so the small blonde could escape if he wanted. But when Zell didn't move Seifer's lips found the shorter teens in a soft unsure kiss. Zell moved his hands from his sides to Seifer's chest. The tall teen took that as a move to get him away and Seifer began to back off but just as he was about to take a step back he was pulled sharply forward by Zell. The small teen held Seifer at his level deepening their kiss. Seifer gasped slightly in surprise. The gasp left his mouth open long enough for Zell to run his tongue across the inside tall blonde's lips then out again. Finally, Zell released Seifer's mouth and let go of the tall teen's shirt.

Seifer stared down at Zell for a few moments dumbstruck. 'I didn't think he'd do that...I thought he'd push away or...something...not...kiss me.'

Zell stared up at the blonde wondering if he had gone to far in fulfilling one of his secret fantasies. "Seifer?"

Seifer blinked then pulled the small boy close to him again. "Yes?"

"Nothing..." Zell smiled as he rested his cheek against Seifer's chest. Then he sighed as the microwave announced the food was done. ďI should go get the food.Ē He looked up at Seifer and found himself kissing the tall blonde again.

Their lips melded together as their hands found each other. Seifer pushed Zell against the kitchen counter. Zell broke their kiss again and hoisted himself up on the counter. He sat with his legs open and reached out a demanding hand. Gripping Seiferís baby blue shirt he pulled the taller blonde against him. Their lips met for a third time in a violently passionate kiss, each taking and giving dominance at the same time.


Well thatís another chapter...this one also feels shorter but I guess it is or something huh? Yes, we finally got some kissing. You have no idea how long it took me to get that scene and I STILL donít like it. It sounds soo fake to me or something. But yes...I think Iíll just rewrite this chapter and chapter 4 again...^^;; I donít like those two chapters. Well thanks for reading. If you have any pointers for me or any constructive criticism to give me please feel free...Oh and a note. Iím trying VERY hard to not make Zell like I girl. I think the whole kiss thing established his male demands though... ^^;

*You can't not have a microwave no matter how far in the future you are!!! They're timeless! ^.^

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