The Truth In His Eyes

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The Truth In His Eyes - Chapter 7

Pairings: Z+S, Z/S, S/Z, Squall+Irvine; kind of a AU.but not.. ^^; I've added things that never happened in the game.but could have when we weren't paying attention. Plus, I still haven't replayed the game. ^^;;

Warnings: Okay kiddies this is the lemony chapter! I think everyone, mostly Lucifer, has been waiting for this chapter for tooooo long we are! ^.^;; Language? Bondage? Not right images being put into your minds? Maybe. *cackle* Oh.and if you haven't gotten it yet. YAOI!

A.N. Thanks to EVERYONE for the reviews! Sorry for the lack of updates. School's started and everything's been more than hectic lately. ^^;;

I'd like to thank Fallen Angel, Blizzard Angel, DarkOne 101, and Lucifer Marque de Forcee for sticking with me for sooo long! Thanks for pushing me to update you guys! And thanks to everyone else who's read this!

Lucifer, there is going to be a twist. It happens in this chapter actually. What could it be I wonder?'ll just have to read.


Zell moaned in his sleep. His sweat dampened body jerking slightly. Voice flittered around him but he was to lost in his dream to fully comprehend them. All that mattered to the short blonde at the moment was the man moving above him and the feeling that grew with each purposeful thrust. He opened his eyes, not misted from lust, and moaned softly at the sight the appeared before him. Seifer with hies ces clenched shut from concentration and complete ecstasy moving with Zell. Zell's moans grew louder as he felt Seifer's pace quicken and the tall blonde's thrusts grow stronger. The tattooed teen's back arched and eyes widened when Seifer found his prostate. A scream fell from his lips as that spot was his again and again and again and.


Zell groaned.

"Zell, you have to wake up."

'Now why would Seifer be telling me that? I'm not sleeping.' A moan fell from Zell's lips as the pace quickened.

"Zell, you really have to wake up." Seifer nibbled on the blonde's ear then looked Zell in the face, all the while increasing his efforts of bring them both to release. "Love, you really need to wake up."

"Seifer." Zell half whispered half moaned, "I'm not sleeping."

" up." Seifer's eyes locked onto Zell's. "Wake up Zell."

Zell's eyes shot open and his body jerked into a sitting position. His blue orbs searched the room blindly, unseeing. He blinked several times, willing the blurred vision to leave. After a few moments it did.

The first thing he saw was the cold deep gray metallic walls of the D- district prison. And the first thing he felt was the incredibly cold metal floor beneath him.

"Zell?" He heard Quistis say softly. His head turned toward the woman. "Zell are you okay?" He found himself nodding. "Great.I was beginning to." She shook her head. "Selphie's been worried."

"Selph's here?" His voice cracked slightly as if from misuse. 'But.I've been using my voice for years.' "Where is she?"

"In the corner sleep. Squall, Irvine and Rinoa are not here though. Squall was taken about two hours ago by guards. Irvine and Rinoa.well we don't know where they are." Quistis' eyes narrowed on the martial artist. "Zell are you sure you're okay?"

"How'd we get here?" He motioned to their surroundings. His eyes showed how confused his was.

"We were captured after being defeated by Edea and.Seifer."

Zell saw the malice the threatened to break out of the ex- instructor's demeanor. "But." 'we've done all of this already. I broke out when some guards came and got all of our weapons back. Then we went to find Squall and we all escaped after Rinoa and Irvine showed up. We've done all of this before.. Haven't we?'

"Zell please tell me what's wrong."

"It's nothin' Quis." She raised an eyebrow at the nickname but didn't remark on it. However, Zell saw the reaction. 'What's wrong with her? I've called her that ever since we got back from time comprehension. Unless.' His eyes widened. 'Unless none of that happened and I was just dreaming.' The thought came unbidded from his mind but it came nonetheless. 'NO! No that's impossible! What about Seifer! What about what we did! It took me forever to get him to.'

Then the realization hit him. He couldn't remember how he had gotten Seifer to return to the person he had been. Zell couldn't remember the months or years it would take someone to recover from what had happened to Seifer. *

'It couldn't have been a dream. That's.that's impossible.'

Quistis watched as emotions flooded the blonde's face. Anger, sadness, horror, shock, and then finally sadness. She saw the spunky teen's shoulders slouch in defeat. She saw his whole persona change and she did not know how to help him.

"Quistis," he turned to her, "how long have I been out?"

"For about ten to eleven hours I'd say. Why?"

'Only ten hours! How could I have had such a realistic dream.come one Zell. You could have had just a real of a dream, if not more real, in five minutes. That's just the way dreams work.' The blonde sighed. "So, how are we going to get out of here?"

"We're not sure. With your injuries"-- 'Injuries? What injuries? I feel.HOLY SWEET MOTHER OF PAIN!'-- "and with the inability to use magic along with our weapons being gone. I don't know how we're going to get out of here."

Zell's mind still screamed at the pain his body was emitting and his mind was still trying to figure out why he hadn't felt anything before. However, his mouth was speaking for him at the same time and he really had no control over what happened next.

"-when the guards come in I'll kick their asses and then go find your weapons. All I need are my fists anyway." He hehimshimself say. Then he saw Quistis nod. "Do you think we should wake Selph?"

Quistis nodded again, while hiding the look she was about to give Zell, and went to wake up Selphie. 'What is with the nicknames all of a sudden?'

Selphie's green eyes opened slowly as she was gently pulled from sleep. "Zell's awake and he has a plan-"

"ZELL!! Oh my gosh! I thought you were in a coma or something! You wouldn't wake up!! You just kept saying something about 'Seifer'! I swear I'm going to kill him when I figure out what he did to you! Don't doubt me either! I'm-"

"Selphie," Zell said with a smile, "calm down. Seifer didn' do anythin' to me. Don' worry!" His eyes shined from hidden laughter.

"Oh.well.if he ever does though!" She made some obscene gesture, which made Zell laugh out loud.

Quistis sighed inwardly, glad to hear Zell laugh and not see the look up loss and hopelessness in his eyes. However her relief was short lived. Just then, the cell door opened with the ear splitting sound of metal on metal and two* guards came entered.

"You coming with us."


*Did anyone else wonder about the giant change in Seifer between Ch. 5 and Ch. 6?

*I don't remember how many there really were. ^^;;

~AN And there you have it. you all know what happened in the game.hopefully.. If you don't here's a short telling. They all Balamb Garden from being blown up but can't save Trabia Garden, B.G. becomes mobile.pointless plot comes in. Squall and Co. save the world and defeat great powerful Ultimicia, who is the ultimate boss (hence the name) and save the world.wee.

I know this one's kinda short..but it just seemed like a great time to stop. Everyone knows what's happe.I'.I'm just going to change the ending know from the ending credits with the vid. Cam. to fit the story. Yea. ^^;

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