The Truth In His Eyes

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The Truth In His Eyes - Chapter 6

Pairings: Z+S, Z/S, S/Z, Squall+Irvine

Warnings: Okay kiddies this is the lemony chapter! I think everyone, mostly Lucifer, has been waiting for this chapter for tooooo long so…here we are! ^.^;; Language? Bondage? Not right images being put into your minds? Maybe… *cackle* Oh…and if you haven’t gotten it yet… YAOI!

A.N. Thanks to EVERYONE for the reviews! Sorry for the lack of updates. School’s started and I’ve been drawing more than anything. ^^;;

I’d like to thank Fallen Angel, Blizzard Angel, DarkOne 101, and Lucifer Marque de Forcee for sticking with me for sooo long! Thanks for pushing me to update you guys! And thanks to everyone else who’s read this!

Note this is just the ROUGH DRAFT! I just want everyone to know that I AM still working on this…just not very quickly! OH! FLASHBACK!!! FLASHBACK WARNING!


A short blonde sat at his teacher’s desk attempting, and failing, to grade the bundle of term papers that lay scattered on his desk. All he had succeeded in finishing so far was reorganizing aestrestroying his pile of assignments repeatedly. It didn’t help that he had to wear his SeeD uniform for this job either. With a frustrated groan he let his head fall onto his desk with his arms ing ing limply at his sides.

“Why can’t I get him out of my head.” Zell sighed again.

It wasn’t that Zell wanted a certain tall green-eyed blonde teen to leave him in peace, in fact it was the opposite. The only problem was that, Seifer was away on a ‘mission’--or a “lets see if you’ll screw up so I’ll have an excuse to fry your ass field trip” as Seifer put it--and Zell was being assaulted by images of the two of them fucking each other until neither could move. He particularly liked their first time together. That night when Seifer had come to his room for dinner…


The short blonde continued to suckle Seifer’s neck, eliciting more calls from his partner. He was still sitting on the kitchen counter but now his legs kept the taller teen tightly to him while he assaulted Seifer neck.

Groaning, Seifer pulled back and lifted Zell’s face for another kiss. Is chs chaste at first but filled with hidden longing that Zell was more than eager to bring out. Zell parted his lips slightly allowing his tongue to slip from its cavern and play across Seifer’s lips begging silently for entrance. He retreated when he was denied and when he saw the smirk on the withholding blonde he decided to take an alternative route to t the the green eyed blonde. Bringing his lips to Seifer’s again, Zell slipped his left hand to Seifer’s waist and then to the tent between the standing blondes legs. A low moan fell from Seifer’s lips allowing Zell access to the scarred teen’s mouth.

Their tongues battled against each other, each wanting dominance and finally Zell relented. Seifer’s hands, which had been kneading Zell’s back, lowered to Zell’s hips and pulled the small blonde to him allowing their semi-hard erections to feel each other through clothes.

“Seifer!” Zell’s head feel back and Seifer took the chance to torment the area just below the moaning blonde’s ear. Zell mewled in delight as he felt Seifer swipe, nip, and suckle on the new discovered sweet spot and buried his fingers in Seifer’s hair.

Seifer smirked suddenly and released Zell’s neck. “Zell, lets continue this in your room.” Zell moaned in protest, but allowed himself to be pulled by Seifer. Hopping from the counter, they proceeded to Zell’s room, lips meeting and hands roaming making the short journey longer.

At Zell’s room the short blonde pushed the taller against the wall beside the door. His first target was the annoyingly small buttons that held together Seifer’s shirt.

“God damnit. Stupid…dumb ass…UGH!” With a frustrated growl Zell ripped Seifer’s shirt open sending small blue buttons flying. Seifer chuckled slightly then gasped as Zell’s lips closed around his right nipple.

“Zell…” he breathed. A deep moan feel from his lips as he felt Zell’s tongue run across his chest to his other nipple, while nimble fingers worked his pants open. Another moan escaped Seifer’s open mouth when his now fully erect member was freed.

Zell’s eyes widened slightly in surprise when he saw all Seifer had to offer. The blonde’s erection was, for lack of words, amazing. He lowered himself to his knees eyes still on the impressive shaft, before licking his right hand and allowing it to cover the swollen appendage. Seifer jumped at the contact and let out a small cry when Zell gave his erection a firm stroke. Zell continued to pump Seifer’s member while he leaned in and allowed his tongue to flick across the tip. Seifer’s hands flew to the back a Zell’s head and fisted in his hair. Still licking the tip of Seifer’s erection Zell continued to pump Seifer. Then, opening his mouth slightly, he took the head of Seifer’s member in his mouth, sucking slightly. Seifer’s hands clenched harder in Zell’s hair, but it went unnoticed to the small blonde, who slowly took more of Seifer’s member into his mouth.

When half of Seifer’s erection of in his mouth, Zell pulled back and then took all Seifer had to offer wrenching a scream from the taller blonde. Zell’s name spilled listlessly from Seifer’s lips as Zell began to suck on Seifer’s erection while he made swallowing motions in the back of his throat, quickly bring Seifer to the edge.

“Oh…oh gods! Don’t stop…I-I…” Seifer eyes clenched shut. He was soo close. And then…Zell stopped and pulled away. “Zell?” Seifer pleaded, his eyes questioning the small blonde.

Zell smiled and began to take off his shirt.


Then he removed his shorts while his eyes looked at the arousing sight in front of him.


Seifer, shirt torn open with his pants and briefs around his ankles panting and practically begging for release.


“That’s right baby, say my name.”

“Zell? Are you alright?”

The blonde teen blinked as his fantasy was shattered.


“Huh…” He lifted his head from his desk and stopped the hand that was pumping his fully erect, and somehow freed, penis. Blinking again, he finally realized who was speaking to him. “SEIFER!!!” He was on the tall teen in seconds.

“Were you thinking about me, lovely?” Seifer whispered as he allowed Zell to wrap his legs around him.

“Seifer.” Zell looked up at his lover, lust clearly in his eyes.

“Here? Now?” A blonde eyebrow raised slightly.

“I NEED you NOW!” Zell half growled half whined.

Seifer grinned, then position Zell over his desk and let the short blonde fall on thshevsheveled place.

“Seifer!?” Zell’s eyes flickered with anger as well as hunger and pure lust.

“You know how I like to watch.” A smirk replaced the tall teen’s grin.

Zell pouted, but when that didn’t work he growled lowly. “Fine, I don’t need you to get off anyway.” Growling again, he stood from the desk and pushed all the items on the desk to the floor then he hopped back on the desk. Seeing how his fly was still unzipped he lifted his hips and then pushed his pants to his knees. Then, he suddenly leaned down, untied his laces and pulled his boots off throwing them half-heartedly towards Seifer, who was still smirking. Now, he pulled his pants off fully and sat there staring at Seifer with his lower body naked.

“Are you sure you don’t want to help me?” He asked, his voice dripping sex.

“No deal, love.”

Zell sighed again, and then glared at his lover, “Fine.” Then, his glare softened and he looked at Seifer seductively. He brought two fingers to his mouth and began to suck them softly, while his other hand went to his shirt, unbuttoning it slowly. He watched as Seifer licked his lips and shifted his weight. Smiling inside Zell finished unbuttoning his shirt and pulled his slick fingers from his mouth. With his dry hand he lightly played with his member while his other hand lowered down to his entrance. Before he could reach his opening Seifer was there his hands resting on Zell’s thighs, pushing them open further, while he ran his tongue along Zell’s puckered entrance.

Zell’s back arched like a cat and he moaned Seifer’s name loudly. Gaining confidence from Zell’s cries, Seifer began tonguing Zell’s entrance, bring Zell to a state of incoherent babbling.

“Seifer…please…you…need…now…OH GODS!!!” Suddenly two saliva slick fingers filled Zell’s hole, thrusting into him deeply but at a moderate speed. But, that didn’t satisfy Zell for long. “Damnit Seifer! Don’t be a fuckin’ tease!” Seifer chuckled at that and stood.

“What do you want?”

Zell glared at him.

“You have to tell me what you want or I can’t give it to you.”

“God damnit, you sick twisted son of a bitch!”

“That’s not telling me what you need.”

“Fuckin’ prick!” Zell’s glared daggers. ‘He ALWAYS plays this game and it’s fuckin…fine.’ “Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME!” He screamed.

“As you please. But I’ll need some lubri-” He said while pulling his member from his pants. A bottle of cherry flavored lube suddenly hit him on the head and he chuckled. Then, he picked up the bottle, flipped open the cap, poured a generous amount into his hand and applied it to his erection. Pumping him self several times allowing himself to enjoy the feeling he closed his eyes. But, the suddenly shot open when he heard a cry of joy coming from the desk. He looked to see Zell; eyes screwed shut mouth open slightly impaling himself with three of his fingers.

“Okay, okay.” A smile still on his face, he went to Zell.

Grabbing Zell’s hand, he removed the fingers from the blue eyed blonde’s hole and pulled Zell from the desk. Then, he took the spot Zell had just been fucking himself on and pulled Zell on top of him.

“Do what you want.” He looked at Zell and Zell nodded before taking Seifer’s member in on hand and guided himself onto it.

“Oh gods Seifer!” He moaned as he felt Seifer’s erection fill him. He took in Seifer’s length inch my inch, moaning loudly. Then he rested his head on Seifer’s shoulder as he took Seifer to the hilt.

“Zell…please move…” Seifer ground out. Then he let out a shuddering cry as he felt Zell move above him. “FUCK!” He said through clenched teeth as Zell’s tight walls held his member in a vise. Zell continued to move on him moaning curses and Seifer’s name.

“Seifer!” Zell bit into Seifer’s neck as he continued to ride Seifer. Then, leaning back and thrusting down, Zell screamed. His eyes shot open and his mouth remained open in a silent scream as he thrusted down again and again. Each time hitting his prostrate harder and harder. “FUUCK!!!” Zell’s head fell back as he felt Seifer left him and flip them over. He moaned louder as he felt Seifer thrusting into him and heard Seifer’s moans and cries. Zell desperately grabbed Seifer’s shoulders and wrapped his legs tightly around his lover, drawing Seifer in deeper.

Sweat covered their bodies and both felt their orgasms coming. Then green eyes met blue and Seifer said four words.

“Come for me baby.”

“SEIFER!!!!” Zell’s back arched off the deck as his orgasm hit him like a tidal wave.

“Shit…” Seifer’s mouth found Zell’s lips and he continued to thrust into the wreathing body beneath him unwilline ste stop. Finally--with a cry--he came, burring himself as deep as he could into Zell’s ass. After his release, Seifer collapsed inside Zell unwilling to let the blonde go yet.

“Seifer?” Zell whispered while running his hands through his lover’s hair.

“Yes, love?” He gasped, lifting his head from beside Zell‘s neck.

“Can we…do it again?”

“Again?” The tall blonde raised an eyebrow.

“Yes…only…” he blushed, embarrassed.

“What?” Seifer looked at the small blonde.

“I want to…make love. Not just fuck, you know?” He asked, staring into Seifer’s eyes and then looking away.

“I know.” He whispered, smiling softly. “Just…give me a moment to recover. I don’t have your stamina.” He chuckled again.

“Okay…then you can just watch.”


Well that’s another chapter… ^^;; Finally got a lemon…I HOPE they both sound kinda guy like…yea… Not much dialogue in this one… But who really talks a lot while having sex? Kinda short…only 6 pages. I hope it’s okay…it’s just that it’s kinda hard to put a plot around a lemon chapter… ^.^;;

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