The Truth In His Eyes

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A tall blonde stood one the shore of the ocean gazing into the giant mass of water. He wore plain jeans with a white-collar shirt. His hair, no longer slicked back, fluttered slightly in the breeze. His emerald eyes shone brightly from the reflection of the sun off the water. This man stood there at the edge of the land, hands in his pockets, completely oblivious of the world around him.

'Maybe...I could go back and see him. It's been months.' Seifer looked up at the clear sky; 'His eyes are about the same color...only clearer.' He smiled slightly. 'Gods how I miss his face...I-I have to go see him.'


The Truth in His Eyes-Chapter 2:Why didn't he stay?:

By: Neophyte (novice_artst)

Pairings: Z+S, Z/S, S/Z, R+Squall (MAYBE), Irvine+Selphie (Naturally)

Author's Notes: THANKS FOR THE REVIEWS!!!! I greatly appreciate them! ^O^ Oh, if there's anything you would like to be in the story just email me at: and I'll be sure to try and see if I can work it in! ^.^ Thanks again for reading!

Oh! I know the last chapter's format was a little confusing...I'm going to work on that in this one! I hope I can make it easier to read! I'll go back and change the old some point in time... ^^;;; OK now...continue reading... ^O^


Zell walked out of his room, dressed in his usual blue jean calf length shorts, black skin tight shirt, and blue and red jacket. His hair, however, wasn't in its usual style. His bangs, which he was currently holding back from his face, fell in his eyes.

'Perfect day to run out of hair gel Zell.' The seven-teen-year-old walked down the hallways shaking his head while thinking of the dream he had last night.

'It's amazing how real that felt.'

The short blonde strolled aimlessly around Garden and found himself in the Infirmary. 'Why did I come here?' The boy shrugged and turned to go when Kadawaki called him.

"Zell, is there something bothering you?" The doctor looked at him the way a mother would.

'Funny how she always asks me that when I come here...wait. Did Seifer really take me here?' "Yes actually..." He looked down a faint blush of humiliation coloring his cheeks. "When I was fourteen....did..." He trailed off not willing to admit what had happened out loud.

The Garden doctor looked at the boy. 'Oh dear...he remembers. This can't be good.' "When you were fourteen did Seifer bring you here one night? Is that what you wanted to ask?" She looked at the teen with soft caring eyes. 'How can I put this gently.' "Dear, sit down please." She motioned to the chairs in front of her desk. Zell took the right one and she took the left. They turned their chairs to face each other and Kadawaki leaned forward, taking Zell's hands in hers.

"Dear, I'm sure you already know the answer to your question, however, I'll answer it for you anyway." She gave his hand a squeeze. "Yes, Seifer did bring you here. He told me everything about what happened in the showers that night." She saw Zell tense. "Do not worry child, I have told no one. It is a secret I will take to the grave if you wish." She smiled when she saw Zell nod furiously.

"But..." he started.

"What happened to the group of kids? They're still in Garden."

Zell looked up at her wide-eyed. "They're still HERE!" 'Why would they let them stay here?'

"Well you see, we saw no reason to-"

"NO REASON TO REMOVE THEM AFTER WHAT THEY DID!!" Zell was standing, his hands clenched.

"Dear, sit down and let me finish." Zell obediently complied, sitting immediately. "We saw no reason to remove them BECAUSE" she stressed the word when she saw Zell about to protest, "because Seifer made sure that they wouldn't be able to abuse anyone at the manner that they did to you. Do you catch my drift?" She had a small smile on her face.

'They can't abuse anyone the way they did oh my goodness!!' "Seifer removed their..." He motioned to his nether regions.

"More like ripped off, dear. You have NO IDEA how long it took me to get them all back on. And now they're afraid to use the restroom." Zell looked at her slightly confused. "They seem to think that someone will come 'them' off again." She shook her head, chuckling slightly. Zell just looked at her.

'Should a doctor be laughing at that?'

"Oh, don't worry. It's nothing to worry about. A few X-potions and a needle with some thread and they were as good a new." She started to laugh harder. "You should've seen their faces when they were told I was doing the surgery! They totally forgot the pain and began to protest! PROTEST!!"

Zell, now wondering how sane Dr. Kadawaki was, moved slightly away from her.

"Oh dear, I'm sorry if I worried you. It's just that..." She couldn't finish her sentence because of her laughter.

"Okaaay... I'm going to go now doc."

Kadawaki just nodded, waving her hand at him, still laughing.*


Squall was sitting at his desk on the third floor talking with the construction supervisor.

"Look...I want all of this in Garden by the end of the year." Squall placed a map of the Garden on the cherry oak desk.

The construction supervisor picked up the map noting the many changes the young headmaster wanted. 'A theater, for plays and movies, a restaurant?, an extension on the dorms (which of course doesn't include the extension we just finished), and an extension for classrooms. How the hell are we supposed to do all of this! There's no where to extend anything.' The middle aged man frowned at the map.

Squall noticed the man's upset look. "The extensions will start when we return to the Garden's point of origin." He leaned closer resting his forearms on the desk. "That's not a problem is it?" Squall's eyes flashed menacingly.

"N-no, not a problem at all... We'll start the plans. How-how long until we reach our destination?" The man asked nervously.

"In two weeks. That's enough time, right?" The man nodded. "Perfect. You can go now." Squall turned from the man and returned to his computer typing quickly. The man stood and quickly left the headmaster's office.

'What a freaky guy...'

A few hours later Rinoa walked from the quad to Squall's office a scowl on her face. She didn't bother knocking before slamming the door open and storming in.

"Rinoa." Squall said, not looking from the computer, now reading a mission report.

"Squall." She stood there, arms crossed over her chest silently fuming, waiting for the teen to do more than just say her name. Finally, she gave in. "SQUALL!!! Look at me!"

A little startled by her attitude Squall looked at the girl. "Rinoa, what's wrong?" 'Why in the world is she yelling at me? What did I do?'

"You honestly don't know what's wrong." Her eyes narrowed. "Squall, this is the THIRD TIME this week that you've stood me up! What the hell's wrong with you?!"

Squall's fingers, on the own accord, reached up and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Look, Rinoa, I have a-"

"A lot of things to do now that I'm headmaster. I can't just spend time with you. I have a Garden to run." She said with him, sarcasm filling her voice.

He looked at her. 'Well if she knows that why is she here yelling at me? "I "Is this piece of shit more important than me?" She nearly screamed slamming her hands on his desk.

'Piece of....' Squall looked at her, meeting her anger filled eyes easily. "This 'piece of shit', as you put it, is my HOME! And I will do whatever is needed to keep it up and running smoothly."

"'s more important than me!?!" Her voice was thick.

'Huh? What is she...' Squall rethought what he had said. 'Damnit!' "Rinoa that's not what I-"

She lifted a hand to silence him. "Obviously I can't fit in your schedule. So, I'll just leave you with the Garden that you seem to love so much." Tears shone in her eyes but they didn't fall.

Squall stood rea reached for her, "No that's not it. I just meant-"

"Whatever Squall. I know what you meant!" She said harshly. "And now I'm going to do what I should've done when I first saw you becoming obsessed with this," she motioned around her, "I'm leaving Squall. I'm returning to Timber and I'm not coming back!"

Squall just stared at her.

"It's over." She turned and stormed out of his office.

Squall just stared after her. 'If that's her choice then I'll abide by it.' Shaking his head he sat down and, after a few moments, went back to typing.*


Seifer walked through his small one story home gathering the items he would need on her journey to find Zell. His house was much like Zell's apartment, only about 25% larger. He had a sofa and a reclining chair. A small television (that he barely watched), a kitchen (which was hardly used), the standard kitchen utilities, a washer and dryer, a bedroom with a simple bed and dresser. And a bathroom. This was Seifer's little haven, where he retreated to after he was banished from ever single town, village, and city he came across. He had found the house on day, after being turned away from Winhill. It was located about three miles from the shore and was surrounded by lush green hills and a small vegetable garden. The last inhabitant he found dead in the living room.

He sighed as he ran his fingers through his hair 'Well that should do it.' He looked down at the large sack the contained a months worth of dried food, clothes, and cleaning supplies. He turned to look around his home. 'I'll miss this little place...' He smiled on of his rare smiles. Then sighing again he went to the kitchen counter and placed a note that said 'I'll be back in a month, hopefully. Make yourself at home until then. There's nothing worth stealing but there is a warm bed, electricity, and running water (though it's cold).' Looking down at the note and then around his place again Seifer shook his head and left, heading east, the sun setting behind him.

At the same time, half way around the world, Zell dreamed. It was a common dream for him and usually took place every other day. Zell watched as Squall slashed at Ultimicia again and again with his limit break while Irvine fired round after round of AP ammo at the woman's bottom half. Zell had been one of those who the woman hadn't chosen to fight her so he stood there, silently fuming, thinking about how Squall, Rinoa, and Irvine* got to take Zell's revenge away from him.

"It's not fair." He said to Quistis, who just nodded not paying ation ion to him. "I mean-" he was cut off as Ultimicia finally died and they all fell into the strange world of time comprehension. Zell hadn't known where he wanted to go and so he was the last one to return.

While he was stuck in the strange dimension he ran into Seifer who, despite his ragged appearance, smiled down at the blonde. Zell, confused, started to ask the taller teen what was going on and why he couldn't find his way back, when Seifer grabbed his hand and led him to the field just outside of the small city Balamb.

"I leave you here. Stay safe." Then the taller blonde was gone. Zell stared at the space where Seifer had once been standing hoping, praying that the boy would reappear. When he didn't Zell collapsed to the ground feeling just as lost and confused as before.

'Why didn't he stay?!?' He slammed his fist into the ground. "WHY DIDN'T YOU STAY!!"

Zell awoke screaming the words from his dream, tears threatening to fall.


WHEE!! Another chapter finished! Seifer was in this one!! YAY!!! Poor Zell..he just can't stop having sad dreams can he? All well, at least he talked to someone about the last one, right? ^O^ Umm..I really don't know how I'm going to start the next chapter. Maybe with Seifer on a train or something. ^^;;; Well comments are welcome!!

*Yes I'm a sadistic person :P * muses demanded that that part be in this wasn't supposed to happen until a later one but what the heck! Let's see...I really think that Squall would just let her walk away...I mean he didn it once, he can do it again!! ^O^ Besides, this has a purpose...I think... oO;; *looks at her muses* This DOES have a purpose right. *yaoi muse smiles and nodOh dOh dear...

Just another note...I didn't feel like reading the last half of this so there might be errors...I'm really, REALLY tired and I don't feel like reading anymore! ^^;;;

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