The Truth In His Eyes

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The Truth in His Eyes-Chapter 1:Thougths:

By: Neophyte (novice_artst)

Pairings: Z+S, Z/S, S/Z, R+Squall (MAYBE), Irvine+Selphie (Naturally)

Warnings: yaoi, lemon, rape, swearing, not for children.

Authors Notes: This is.well a bit depressing but.yea.I still like it! I hope you do to!

The sounds of Zell venting his pent up anger could be heard throughout the training center. The blonde's grunts and growls of frustration were more than enough to tell anyone, that should happen to cross his path, that the blonde was beyond pissed. Zell attacked the medium leveled T-rexasaur with a vengeance. The poor animal, which was trying to run away, howled in pain as blow after blow contacted with its body. Zell, obviously, had some issues that he needed to work out.

'Where the hell is he? The war's over and Ultimicia's dead so...he should be back!' Zell slammed his fist into the dino's stomach. 'Does he not want to return to Garden?' At that thought Zell's eyes narrowed to pinpricks. 'Who the hell does he think he is! Telling me that he wanted to be noticed by me and then ignoring me when I tried to talk to him the next morning...and all those times when we were fighting.' Zell's memory went back to a cer poi point in particular.

Seifer was standing proudly by Edea openly flirting with Rinoa right in front of the blonde. Zell's eyes had widened at Seifer's flirtatious attitude completely confused. He tried to get the taller teen to look at him, even tried to ask him why he was working with Edea. But Seifer attacking Squall had interrupted him and before he knew what was happening...Seifer was attacking him too. The tall teen's eyes never looked at Zell's during the fight though.

'Actually, he NEVER met my gaze when we ran into him...' Zell sighed. 'Why am I letting this get to me? It's not like he said "Zell, I think I'm in love with you." He just said "It's the only way I could get you to notice me."' Zell's eyebrows knitted together a slight pout on his face. 'What did he mean by that?' Frustrated again because he knew he would never be able to find out he drew a flare from deep inside of him and sent it flying towards the retreating T-rexasaur. The poor animal was reduced to nothing but a pile of ash.

Squall walked down the halls of his Garden.

'ardearden...this is my Garden.' A strange look that almost appeared to be satisfaction crossed his face. 'Sure, I didn't want the job in the beginning...mainly because of how incompetent Cid was and the paper work I knew would be waiting for me. But now that I've resolved all of the annoying ex-headmaster's past issues the job isn't as stressful as I thought.'

Squall continued down the hallway, his usual frown slowly slipping into place. It wasn't until he spied Zell that the frown settled to it's place.

The small blonde was walking towards Squall with his head down, shoulders hunched, and hands buried in his deep pants pockets. He appeared to be in deep thought, which wasn't unusual now and days. It seemed that Zell had made the change to a semi-Squall about three months after returning from time comprehension. No one knew exactly what had happened to the teen, all they knew was at the mention of Seifer Zell would either become enraged or look as if he was trying to hold back tears.

"Zell?" Squall asked in his monotone voice when the blonde was about to brush past him.

Zell looked up, blinking rapidly as he was pulled out of his little world. "Yea?" He gave Squall a shaky smile.

"You okay?"

'Simple question....complicated answer. Why do I fell this way? What's up with me!?! I'm standing here mopping after a guy that, for all I know, doesn't return my feelings.' Zell frowned slightly, 'Why do I like the guy? He was NEVER nice to me.... well there was that one whe when I was about fourteen and some kids were... But that was only once... so what if that was the one time that made me...'

"Zell?" Squall was now shaking the boy.

"What? Did you say something?" His voice sounds strange even to his own ears.

"Is there something you need about?" *Way to go Squall, just make it obvious that you don't want to hear what's bothering him.* Squall glared, 'Shut it Diablos. I should've unjunctioned you a LONG time ago.' The devil just laughed in his head, *And leave Shiva all alone in this barren land that you call a 'mind'?!* The summon laughed again and then let out a sound of pain. ~Why don't you listen to Squall?~ Squall shivered involuntarily. Whenever Shiva spoke his body temperature always lowered about fifty degrees.

Now it was Zell's turn to look at Squall and ask, "Yo man, you okay?" Zell knew the look the brunette had, it was the same everyone got when two GF's were arguing. Zell still remembered the mind-numbing headache he got when Siren and Quezacolt went at it. 'You'd think for a Siren she'd be more mellow.'

"Yea, yea...I'm fine. You?" Squall looked at the shorter boy, not letting the subject drop.

"Hey man," Zell forced a grin, "I'm great! It's all cool!"

"If you say so..." Squall narrowed his eyes at Zell.

"Well I do. Look," Zell looked a the fountains to his left, "I really gotta go." He then proceeded to run past Squall and into the hallway leading to the dorms. Squall just stared after him. 'What's wrong with him?' ~Isn't it obvious?~ 'What?' Squall thought continuing down the hallway to the library. ~The child's experiencing one-sided love.~ Squall stopped short and turned around, looking in the direction Zell had run. 'You sure?' Shiva laughed coolly, ~I'm a woman, I know these things.~ Squall stared off at the boy for awhile longer then remembered he was supposed to be meeting Rinoa in the library.

Zell closed the door to his room and began to pace out of habit.

'Come on know you like Seifer. You just don't have a clue as to WHY you should even want to be friends with the guy. Well...there were those few moments when he was nice. And when he smiled...' Zell sighed happily, then shook his head violently. 'Ok...why do I like him? Why shouldn't I like him?' That answer came easier. 'Because he's an egotistical, arrogant, self-centered, self-righteous, rotten, no good bastard who was terrible to me!' Zell stopped pacing and walked further into his new SeeD quarters. The one room dorm that he had be expecting when he returned from fighting Ultimicia was already the home for another student and his room was in the back of the dorms on the second floor that was still under construction. Now he had a small apartment completely furnished with a love seat and two comfy reclining chairs, a 24 inch TV, kitchen with stove, microwave, and fridge, and a bedroom that contained his bed and clothing. Zell still had boxes of nick knacks pushed against the east wall by the TV.

When Zell entered his bedroom he jumped on his bed, landing face down, then rolled onto his back.

' why do I like him?' Zell looked at his three drawered nightstand and noticed one of his pictures sticking out.* He nonchalantly reached over and pulled it out of the drawer and looked it over. It was the design of one of the pendants he was going to make for his friends. Interestingly enough this was Seifer's design. It was a simple design of a snake wrapping itself around Seifer's Hyperion. 'Why do I like him?!' Zell threw the picture to the floor, angry with himself rather than Seifer.

'Because...' Zell covered his eyes with his right arm, 'he's Seifer...' The blonde finally began to feel the negative side of beating the day ts ots out of a Dinosaur and felt his eyes grow heavy with exhaustion. Seconds later he was dreaming.

Zell looked around seeing nothing but pitch black. He strained his eyes to see something out of the emptiness surrounding him. Suddenly everything went white and he had to shield his eyes.

"What the hell's going on?" His voice echoed through the white void around him. "HELLO?!?" Zell yelled, hoping for some kind of answer. It was too quiet.

'I don't like this....where am I?'

Just as quickly as the white void had appeared it disappeared and Zell was left disorientated as he tried to place his new surroundings. He was in Garden but...everything was slightly different. It was like the Garden from when he first... 'Oh no...' Zell looked down at himself and saw the scrawny kid he had once been. 'This isn't has to be a dream! It has to be a-'

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard his name being called by Mike Laqstine. Dread filled him as his body stiffened.

"HEY! Zell, why don't you come over here and join us? You gotta shower sometime!"

Zell blinked confused and...he was in the dorm showers. He looked up at the small rectangular windows that lined the top of the walls and saw darkness greet him. ''s after hours.' He thought to himself. "No, I'd rather wash in the morning." Zell shrugged and tried to leave but the exit was blocked by a very tall and very bulky seven-teen year old. "Hello Mason." Zell said in a small voice.

"Why don't you want to wash with us Zell?"

'Gods I HATE how they say my name!' "No, really...thanks anyway but I gotta get to bed." He mumbled and tried to squeeze past Mason. However, he was thrown back strait into Laqstine's arms.

"I'm flattered Zell, but I'm not like that." He laughed causing Zell to cringe. "Wait," he looked at the others like he just remembered something, "I AM like that aren't I?" He laughed again. "Lucky for you isn't?"

"Look...I don't want any please just let me go." 'Please...please not again... Not again....'

"Aww. But I thought you liked 'showering' with us." Mike suddenly grabbed the blonde's hips thrusting into them.

"I-I...don't want to..." His voice failed him as he felt panic consume him. 'Please'

Mike leaned low and whispered in Zell's ear, "I think...we'll let Mason have his turn this time. What do you think?"

Zell's eyes widened and his body stiffened. 'Oh my god...NO!!'

Mason licked his lips and adjusted himself through his towel. It was more than obvious that the brute's body was huge and everything, except for his brain, was anything BUT normal proportioned. Zell felt his legs start to weaken and sweat grow on his brow. 'This can't be happening! It's NOT happening... If I just close my eyes they'll disappear and everything will be fine. Everything will be fine.'

Zell was thrown back across the shower room to Mason's arms. He hit the brutish teen with a thud and would have fallen to the ground if it weren't for the fact that Mason was holding him by the waist.

'This is going to hurt....' Zell squeezed his eyes closed as he felt Mason turn him so his back was facing the freakishly huge teen. Mason violently pulled the blonde's pants down to his knees. He grinned with anticipation as he forced Zell to bend over. He spread the blonde's cheeks and with one motion buried himself in Zell.

The blonde screamed in agony, his body being ripped apart from the inside. Tears formed and fell freely down his face from both pain and shame. 'OH GODS IT HURTS!! IT NEVER HURT LIKE THIS!' Zell cries of pain continued as Mason continued to bring himself to his nirvana, uncaring of the boy beneath him. Zell squeezed his eyes closed as he felt himself being torn apart time and time again. Over and over, each wave of pain worse than the last as his passage was completely violated and shredded.

The rest of the guys watched with sadistic smiles on their faces, all seven of them knowing exactly what Mason was feeling. Then, suddenly, their attention was drawn to the doorway of the showers. Seifer stood there about to ask what was happening and who was screaming when the scene before him began to unfold. Mason t int in front of him thrusting wildly into a, still screaming, Zell, Mike and his group, all with their dicks hard as rocks, watching him now but Seifer knew what they had been watching before; the event that was still happening in front of him.

"You fuckin' bastards." Seifer's growled, eyes colder than steel, his teeth bared. "You fuckin' BASTARDS!" He clasped his hand together above his head and brought the powerful weapon down on the back of Mason's neck. The giant dropped Zell, who feel limply to the ground letting out another cry of pain, and swayed turning to see Seifer. His eyes widened as Seifer's right fist contacted with his gut sending him to his knees. Then Mason made a choking sound as his head was slammed into Seifer's knee. He collapsed then, unconscious.

Seifer growled and hunched over he walked over to Mike with such stealth and quickness that Zell couldn't help be amazed. Through half lidded eyes he watched as Mike received several jabs to the face by Seifer. Zell smiled slightly thinking, 'About fuckin time he got what he deserved.' Then he winced in pain from his burning, pulsing backside and passed out to the sounds of the group of rapists getting what each of them deserved.

Zell woke up in a soft bed a pillow under his behind. He turned his head looking for someone, though he didn't know who. When his eyes found Seifer sitting in a chair in a darkened corner on the other side of the room he felt joy and calm settle over him.

'I'm safe. Seifer's here so I'm safe. They can't get me here.' He let his head fall back to the bed with a groan. 'Damn, it hurts like hell!' Just as that thought crossed his mind Seifer was beside him a glass of water in his right hand and two white pills in his left.

"Take'll help with the pain." the fifteen-year-old blonde didn't help Zell sit up until he saw the small blonde trying to do so. "Heyheyhey, don't do that...." Seifer set the items in his hands down on the nightstand beside the standard issue garden bed. "This...this may hurt." He looked at Zell who looked down at his hands, which were clasped tightly together, his eyebrows knitted together. The fourteen-year-old took a deep breath and nodded to Seifer that he was ready and Seifer hoisted Zell into a sitting position on the pillow.

Zell let out a soft hiss of pain through his clenched teeth as a sharp pain flew up from his rear to his brain. Seifer let go of him, but when the boy started to sway slightly he reached for Zell once again. Using his right arm to steady the younger boy he reached blindly for the pills and the water, which, luckily enough, he found with out knocking them off the nightstand. He offered one pill to Zell first, which the blonde gladly accepted swallowing it without water. He took the other one the same way and then finally reached for the water. Once Zell was medicated Seifer laid the small boy down again as softly as possible. Zell still let out a noticeable gasp as he was placed down.

"Zell...I'm going to go get Dr. Kadawaki... I don't like this."

Zell's eyes widened. "NO!" he yelled, suddenly able to sit himself up. "NO! I don't want anyone to know!! I don't want anyone to know what they...what...what they...." Zell buried his face in his hands sobbing.

Seifer was at a loss. 'What should I do? Should I hold him? That's the logical thing to do...but those guys...' His eyes darkened. 'The fuckin pricks!!' "Zell...Zell listen to me!" Seifer's voice, for once, was soft and full of emotions besides the negative ones he usually portrayed. This got Zell's attention. Still crying he looked up at the taller boy. "I don't know what to do!'re still bleeding and I don't know how to stop it. We HAVE to get you to Kadawaki!"

Zell still shook his head, "I can't do that. Next time'll be worse if they know I've told someone. It-it's already gonna be bad already because I was helped." He whispered the last sentence as if the thought had just occurred to him. "No one can know Seifer! No one!" The blonde looked pleadingly into Seifer's green eyes. "Please..."

"Zell...I'm sorry but...I'm taking you to Kadawaki."

Zell's eyes misted over more as the shame and humiliation filled him once more. 'Why did this have to happen to me?' He looked up at Seifer.

The alarm clock in Zell's room brought him awake with a start. He ran his still shaking hands through his damp hair looking around his room.

'Where am I?' He looked down at the sheets and then up at the few posters hanging on his wall that Selphie had hung up. 'I'm back in was a dream?' The alarm clock continued to buzz, but the inhabitant of the room forgot the noise. 'Was it a dream?' Zell was silent as he sat on his bed, then suddenly his eyes widened. 'That...that happened three years ago!!' He sat there in shock for several minutes. Finally, he turned off the still buzzing alarm clock and got out of bed. 'I remember...that really did happen... and...' his thoughts trailed off as he saw the picture of Seifer's pendant. 'He saved me...'

*Everyone thinks Zell can draw do I.but I want to stay with him drawing what he's good at making.metal things ^.^;

WHEE!! First Chapter finished! *dances* for Zell....he was once a scrawny kid... and he was a victim! Feel sorry for him, I do!!! More to come! Please review and tell me what you thought! Many thanks!!

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