The Truth In His Eyes

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The Truth in His Eyes-Chapter 3:Almost reunited:

By: Neophyte (novice_artst)

Pairings: Z+S, Z/S, S/Z, R+Squall (now not happening ^^;;), Irvine+Selphie (Naturally)

Author's Notes: THANKS FOR THE REVIEWS!!!! I greatly appreciate them! ^O^ Oh, if there's anything you would like to be in the story just email me at: and I'll be sure to try and see if I can work it in! ^.^ Thanks again for reading! WAI!! I got more reviews

What the format of the last chapter easier to read?? I hope soo...cause I'm going to use that format in this chapter too!

I'm glad that there are people enjoying this story! I might actually finish it because people are interested! ^O^ Wouldn't that be lovely! Anyway....on with the warnings...

Warnings: (I think I for got that last time.... oO;) Yaoi/shounen-ai, lemons, a plot (gasp), language, maybe some OOC? I'm not quite sure. I haven't been able to truly catch the essence of the characters. Still need to get into Squall's head.. That's SOOOOO hard! And Seifer's just being difficult -_-;;


A tall blonde sat next to the window on the fast moving train. To everyone else the teen looked pale and tired as he looked out his window. His eyes were like empty orbs that had seen and done too much in one lifetime. In short, the blonde looked tortured both physically and mentally. Though they didn't know that the mental torture was done by him and the physical probably done by someone they were probably close friends with or related to. Seifer's arms, which weren't covered by his baby blue tee, were covered with various bruises and scars, some paling some just forming. The new group of items that marred the green-eyed boy's body were from the night before. He had been waiting in line to get his ticket when a group of 'thugs' (that's the only way Seifer could explain them) pulled him out of line claiming they needed to have a little chat. Seifer moved slightly as the event replayed itself again in his mind.


"You filthy bastard! Why'd you come back here after what you did!" A red haired man, who was shorter than Seifer, spat at the teen in disgust. "We don't want your kind here! You fuckin' baby killer."

Seifer's eyes, which had been down cast, abruptly raised his gaze to the shorter man. 'I killed not only men and I had killed children too.' Shame filled the blonde. 'I'm a worthless piece of-'

"Don't forget how you slaughtered my whole family because they said they wished for the old President!" A second man growled, his hair a soft brown, his brown eyes glinting with anger.

"Look..." Seifer started, but didn't finished as the group of five men began what they had really called Seifer off to the side for. Seifer felt blows contacting with his spine, head, and stomach at the same time. He groaned, but didn't fall. 'This is my punishment...and I must live through it.' He grunted when he felt another sharp pain in his stomach. His vision blurred from the pain, but he could still see the blood drenched knife ced ied in the red head's right hand. 'Are theyng tng to kill me? Please let them kill me.' Seifer's head hung limply while he continued to stay standing.

The short red head grinned to his brunette friend, who happened to have a similar knife in his hand, and with a nod to each other they began to quickly lash at Seifer. Slash after slash hit him, and the blonde didn't respond, he just stood there dumbly.

'If this will ease the pain I've caused then...let them have they're way. It will ease the pain of us all...please let them finish me.' he pleaded in his mind

The rest of the group, which were just watching seeing how Seifer was making it soo effortless, began to feel unsettled by the blonde's actions, or lack of action.

"What kind of person just stands there and lets some guys cut him up like that?" A lanky, black haired guy in his twenties whispered the man standing beside him.

"One that be sorry fo' what he done." The man replied, moving to stop what was beginning to look like a murder. "Oi, Rage, I be thinkin' that he done had it." The man motioned to Seifer, who could barely keep his eyes open. "The foo' just lettin' ya do what ya done did." The red haired man and his slag cog companion stopped in their actions and stared at the blonde for the first time realizing that he wasn't fighting back. In fact, Seifer was just standing there, his body shaking with the effort to remain standing.

"You're right. Let's get out of here. Obviously, with out a sorceress around to help he ain't worth shit." They left laughing.

Seifer finally collapsed. His entire upper torso was covered with bruises and cuts. Some ran long and deep, others shallow. But none were small. Shaking his head to remove some of the downiness he was feeling, he mumbled the words to cast cure on his body. The wounds closed slowly and the pain subsided enough for the blonde to return to the line, where he had left his bag, and go to the restroom to change and clean himself up.

While in the bathroom Seifer looked at himself in the mirror. 'Look at yourself Alamasy, you've become a weak coward.' Just then the screams of children filled his ears.


Seifer pulled himself out of his thoughts adjusting his shoulders. 'How much longer will I have to be on this train?'

As if the conductor heard the blonde's question a voice came on over the intercom. "We shall be reaching Balamb in 28 hours, Timber in 5."

Seifer mentally groaned. 'I guess that answers my question...I'll be here for hours.' Knowing what the trip would be like ahead Seifer relaxed into the soft train seat and closed his eyes. His plan was to sleep the whole way, however, that failed to happen when he heard...

"Did you hear? They intend to have Balamb Garden return to the island!" An elderly woman said to the young woman beside her.

The girl looked confused, "Why would they do that? It's such a small island and there's only one place to go on it."

"I know. But that new headmaster decided that it was time to expand that Garden because of the large number of new recruits." She said matter of factly. "I think it'll be a wonderful thing! That means I can go me Joe again..." she smiled softly at that.

"Joe?" the young woman had asked but Seifer was no longer listening.

''s back to Balamb then... 28 hours.' He sighed and, crossing his arms, decided he would sleep until he couldn't sleep anymore.


Zell didn't go back to sleep after his dream, he couldn't. So to unwind he went to the training center. However, before he even stepped out of his dorm room he had changed his mind and instead of turning left, when he was out of the dorms, he turned right and headed to the elevator. The Garden faculty watched the boy as he walked past them, but it didn't bother him as much as it had before. When he got to the elevator his pushed the up button and waited for the elevator to come. The door opened at once and Zell entered taking it to the second floor. There he went to the second story balcony.

The instant the short teen walked outside he was shivering. 'Didn't expect it to be THIS cold.' He wrapped his arms around his body in an attempt to warm himself. The blonde walked to the guardrail that lined the small metallic balcony. He looked over the edge eyeing the inky black waters below. There was no moon to light up the waters and change their mysterious visage. He sighed at the gloomy waters then looked at the sky. Little twinkling specks of white littered the midnight blue heavens. Not a c obs obstructed the teen's view, of which he was grateful. Suddenly the teens brown knitted together.

'Seifer's coming...' The thoughockeocked him and he shook his head violently. 'Come on Zell, it's been months and he hasn't come back, like he'll be looking for you now.' But he couldn't quell the lightness that had filled his heart or the slight shift of color in his eyes. Unwrapping his arms Zell rested his forearms on the cold metal railing, shivering slightly. He was silent and his body still as his eyes searched the darkness for the lights he knew should be appearing ahead any minute now. 'It feels good to be heading home. I'll get to see mom again.' He smiled softly, his grin not filling his face as it use to. Zell had changed. He knew it, everyone knew it. He spent more time in his room, alone, drawing designs for many different pieces of jewelry. He also spent his time learning to draw what he used to love most, people. Zell was a talented artist, he knew that, but he lackee ase aspect. He couldn't draw a human being. Metal smithing didn't require human pieces. So he had mastered weapons, animals, and various cultural designs. Now he regretted not learning how to draw the human speciHe wHe wished badly to draw Seifer and capture the blonde, as he saw him, on paper. Sulking Zell leaned forward trying to see around Garden to catch a glimpse of the small city he had known since he was a child.

'I wonder how mom's doing?' He remembered his adoptive mother's soft smile that would cause her eyes to shine. He missed being able to just go to his mother whenever he had a problem. 'She knew just what to say to get me to feel better' He smiled a true smile, 'I guess that's because she's a mother.' He chuckled slightly. His soft laughter was ended when he finally saw the lights of his home appear. 'Finally! It's been too long!' A tender smile gracing his face Zell wrapped his arms back around himself and headed back into Garden.


Seifer tossed and turned in his Balamb hotel bed. He let out a soft grunt as he clenched the sheets with his hands. His eyebrows were drawn together and his face was twisted in pain. Sweat trickled down his face as he let out a cry of pain. Suddenly he was sitting up right in his bed breathing heavily. He drew a shaking hand through his hair as he started to breathe in short gasps.

'Come on Alamasy, pull yourself together. It was in the past, it already happened and there's nothing you can do about it.' His eyes shone unusually bright in the dim room. 'But all those people.' Images of the people he had sentenced to death and murdered with his own hands flashed through his mind. 'I did all that...because SHE told me to... Why didn't I fight it? Why didn't I refuse?' Seifer brought his hands in front of his face and he drew a startled gasp as blood appeared on them. He frantically tried to wipe it off on the bed sheets but his hands refused to come clean. Tearing the sheets away from him he ran to the bathroom. Turning the water on full blast, and at its hottest setting, he scrubbed his hands harshly. He continued to wash his bloodstained hands when he noticed the blood appeared on his forearms. His eyes widened at he began to wash there too. Finally, he looked at himself in the mirror and the face that looked back at him was twisted with anger cov wit with blood.

'I-I can't get it off!' He was hysterical and beginning to hyperventilate when he looked back in the mirror and saw his own pain stricken dull eyes looking back at him. He looked down at his hands and found them red from his 'washing' 'My god Seifer, you're losing your mind!' Shaking his head he returned to bed with two thoughts in his mind. One being, 'The blood is there...all of their blood still stains my soul.' And the second, 'Balamb garden will be here in the morning.' He fell into a fitful sleep, haunted by his innocent victims.

The next day Seifer was up an hour before dawn. He had showered and now wore the finest clothes he had. A baby blue collar shirt and tan slacks. He didn't like the outfit but it made him look different than the man that had taken over the very town he was now about to leave. No one truly recognized him here, mainly because he kept his eyes down and purposely changed everything he could about himself. It also helped that he had the personality of a broken man, which was enough to keep people away. The citizens of Balamb were too kind hearted to get in the face of a man who looked around him and seemed like he would collapse in tears.

The tall teen sighed, looking ages older than what he truly was, and left the hotel room his duffel bag in hand. He walked through the small city quickly making eye contact with no one. It wasn't until he got to Zell's house that he looked up. Before he could stop himself and think Seifer was knocking politely on the Dincht door. A woman came to the door immediately dressed in, what was obviously, her nightgown. Sleep still filled her eyes but she offered the stranger at her door a smile anyway.

"Hello." she said stifling a yawn.

Seifer was silent for a few seconds then spoke. "You probably don't recognize me right now but you will when I'm gone. I just want to apologize," Mrinchincht looked up at the teen puzzled.

'My, what has this boy been through? His eyes look soo...tired.' "Would ya like ta come in, son?" She began to step aside but Seifer just shook his head.

"Trust me Mrs. Dincht, you wouldn't want me in your home. I just came by to apologize, though I know it isn't much for the pain I caused. I hope you find that you can forgive me for what I have done..." he looked lost for a second. 'How can I ask someone to forgive me?' "I'm sorry again..." He whispered, "And I'm sorry for waking you up this early. I was just lea-"

Mrs. Dincht raised her hand, "No need ta explain. I don't know what you're apologizin' for but...I'll try and see if I can forgive ya." She gave him a motherly smile and then pulled him in for a fierce hug. "Now you take care of your self." When Seifer nodded she offered another smile and softly closed her door behind her. 'Poor child, I wonder what could cause someone so young to look so old. Was it what happened after he left here? Most likely, but what was he apologizing to me for? Nothing he did in Balamb was that serious.' She smiled a sad smile. 'I sure wouldn't want to be in Seifer's shoes right now.'*

Seifer looked at the closed door for a few minutes then turned and walked out of the city and headed on the long walk to where he was almost sure Garden would be by now. 'Now,' he though, 'I just have to find a way to get back into Garden to actually see him.' At the thought of Zell Seifer's demons were quieted for a few moments.


Seifer had been slightly off on his prediction because half way to his destination Garden soared over his head. Zell was once again on the balcony and he was still looking back at the shrinking city when something caught his eye.

'Hmm...I wonder what that guy's doing? Is he coming to become a recruit?' When the man looked up at the Garden that had just pasted him Zell nearly fell over the railing. 'SEIFER!?!?' He kept looking at the blonde that was quickly becoming smaller and smaller. 'No, it couldn't be. You're just imagining things! That guy didn't even have Seifer's trench coat and you didn't see a scar-' Zell was cut off by Siren, who he had just recently rejunctioned, *You know you weren't close enough to tell.* Her voice was soft and calming almost putting the be toe to sleep. Snapping himself out of his reverie, Zell turned from the railing and re-entered Garden. He wasn't running like mad down the hallways as he would've done months ago. He just walked at a casual pace because he knew it would take at least half an hour for them to land and get everything properly situated for the inhabitants to disembark. Yes, Zell had truly changed.

'Could it really have been him? Is it possible? Siren is right, I couldn't see every detail.' For the first time in months Zell was grinning. "It's about damn time." He said beneath his breath and his pace quickened slightly.

The small blonde pasted Selphie on his was to the exits, totally lost in his own world to hear the girl calling after him. He even ran into Quistis but didn't seem to notice. He was focused and giddy. However, Zell was thrown, literally, out of his own mind as the Garden landed in the giant crater that had been created by her leaving. Everyone who had been standing was thrown several feet and landed face down. Those who had been luck enough to be sitting all fell from their chairs. After everyone in the entire structure was on the floor Squall's voice came over the intercom.

"Prepare for impact."*2

Zell glared up at the third floor, as did everyone else, muttering about how he could've said that a little sooner. However, unknown to everyone in Garden, the reason for the lack of warning was because Squall had been greatly distracted by a mischievous longhaired cowboy. Standing Zell continued to his destination. When he arrived at the gates to exit the now stationary Garden Old Man Joe was no where to be seen so Zell jumped the gate and looked out at the green grass the now grew where a concrete path had once been. Garden had aligned well with the crater, amazingly enough, and Zell simply jumped the five-foot drop. Hands in his blue jean pockets Zell looked around coolly, watching for any monsters that could be in the area. Luckily for him, they had all been scared away and, removing his hands from his pockets, he made a mad dash to the road that laid a mile a head. Just as he reached the road a bite bug tried to attack him. However, it was fried to a crisp by the magic field that protected all the roads on the planet. Zell shook his head at the animal.

'You'd think they'd-' His thoughts died as he was a tall figure walking toward him.


Well...another chapter finished ^.^ I hope everyone likes this!! Thank you everyone for your reviews! I truly appreciate it!! Well I don't know how long this story is going to be... Oo;; I don't even know what's goto hto happen between Seifer and Zell...neither knows that the other likes him. -_-;; My muses aren't helping me with that yet... they just led me up to this point! -_-; Well...I'll TRY to post the next chapter! Sorry this one took a little while longer >< Oh...and you may have noticed a difference, though slight, in my vocabulary. I'm trying to reach deep within my brain and draw out the vocabulary that should be in having much luck so far though. :P

*Yes she knows!! And like the kind person she is she...well...forgave him. Heck I'd forgive him! Can't you picture it. Seifer looking so old for his age completely wracked with guilt for what he did. *cries for Seifer* Poor guy. Oh...and I did the same thing to her that I did for Zell ^^; I think she's a highly intelligent woman but speaks with the accent of everyone else just to fit in. ^.^

*2 That's just funny....I don't know why but that amuses me to no end!! LOL

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