The Truth In His Eyes

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The Truth In His Eyes - Chapter 8: Aftermath and Endings

Pairings: Z+S, Z/S, S/Z, Squall+Irvine; kind of a AU.....but not.. ^^; I've added things that never happened in the game....but could have when we weren't paying attention. Plus, I still haven't replayed the game. ^^;;

Warnings: Yaoi, Strait-ness (that doesn't last) language?

A.N.: Thanks to EVERYONE of pushing me to update! Hope you're liking the fic so far! Thanks Luc for sticking with me! ^.^ I'm updating sooner than usual. Isn't that strange?

Going to be in POV. ~Name~ tells who's view it is.



Here I sit at this party that I don't want to be at celebrating something that I had no hand in doing. Sure I was there when Squall, Irvine, and Rinoa defeated Ultimicia. And sure I was there along the way. But what use was I in the final battI waI wasn't even-

"ZELL! There you are!" She said running across the room towards me. It's kind of strange really. I didn't really realize it before but Irvine's right. She does like me a lot. But she's trying way to hard. She seems a little desperate pushing her way through all the SeeDs and SeeD candidates to get to me. I wonder if she even realizes that- oh she's here.

"Have you seen Selphie? She's running around video taping everything. I think that's neat. What do you think?"

I think that I don't really give a shit right now.

"That's pretty cool!" I hear myself say. "Hey, ya know if they got any hotdogs left?" She nods. "GREAT! I'm gonna go gets some."

"Oh.well I could come too! Actually, I could go get them for you!"

I was about to protest but she was already heading to the snake bar. 'Great, just what I need. Can't she see that I just want to think about what's happened. There's way too much to think about and I don't want to have to talk to her. UGH! She's back.'

"I didn't know how many you wanted to I just got a plate."

"Thanks man! This is great!" I grin like my old self and shove a hot dog in my mouth. If I can't talk then there can't be a conversation.

' that dream Seifer had taken out of time comprehension, just like he did in real life. Could that mean that the dream could happen? But that's just crazy. You can't dream about the future. Can you? But if that's true than I know where Seifer is! I could go-what the hell.'

I look up and I see Irvine and Selphie taping me. Without thinking I hurl the closest thing to me I have-a hotdog. They laugh but go away. Now if only that librarian would go away. I look at her and find her smiling at me. I groan inwardly then swallow.

"Ya know.I really feel tired. I think it's a side effect or something." Great cover-up.

"You want me to walk you to your room?" Is that concern in her voice?

"No, no I'll be fine. Just need ta lie down or somethin'" She nods and I take my leave seeing Squall kissing Rinoa out of the side of my eye. 'At least some of us are happy.' Shoving my hands in my pockets I leave the party and make my way to my dorm.

That night I dreamt of Seifer.

**** ~Seifer~
Blue, endless blue. Seifer sighed thinking of another person with those eyes. I wonder what Zell's doing right now. I saw Balamb Garden fly over a few days ago. I guess I could go and see how he's doing.

Maybe later.

**** ~No one~
'Balamb. He's in Balamb.'

Zell tore the sheets from his body and quickly put on some fresh clothes. Seconds later he flew from his room after brushing his teeth and combing his fingers through his hair. Zell ran through Balamb Garden as a blur, dodging the few people that were up at..what ever time it was. Zell guessed it was about 5am but he hadn't checked his alarm clock.

The blonde came to the gate leading out of Garden and realized that the mobile school wasn't rooted in the ground. It was floating several hundred miles above the forests below. The forests of Balamb, Zell quickly realized.

'I have to get down there! I can't wait. I don't want anything to happen to him! I have to bring him back!'

Zell turned back towards where he came from and headed to Squall's office. Yes, the silent boy had decided to remain commander. When Zell reached Squall's he was relived to find the brunette in his office.

"Squall, we have to land."

Squall looked up at him.

"No, we don't."

"What?!? Yes we do! Seifer's down there! We have to go get him!!"

"Actually, Seifer's the reason why we are not going to Balamb right now."

"You're kidding." Zell's eyes flashed while Squall's remained cold.

"No, I'm not 'kidding'. Seifer's presence would cause too much animosity in the Garden. As commander I can't allow that."

Zell looked at his 'friend' in disbelief.

"I don't know what's going on," Zell started, "but you're really-"

Squall glared hard at Zell. "Really what."

"being a fuckin' PRICK!" Zell's foot came down on Squall's oak desk splitting it two. Then the blonde stormed out.

In his office Squall slouched into his chair sighing. 'I'm sorry Zell.' ~Zell~
'I can't believe this! Squall but me under house arrest! HOUSE ARREST!!! I can't leave the fuckin' garden!! It's been days! DAYS!! I can't take it. I have to see him. I HAVE to see Seifer. He's suffering, I feel it. I know it. UGH!'

I slam my fist into the punching bad hanging from the ceiling of my dorm. Then I growled and continued to beat the bag ruthlessly. I don't stop until I can't gather the strength tond and and I fall to the floor panting.

'Why can't I just go see him? Why?'

Tears of frustration threaten to fall but before they get a chance I fall into the wonderful world of sleep.

Once again, I dream of Seifer.

**** ~Seifer~
I feel the fist slam into my jaw and the kick to my back. I stagger unable to fall backwards or forwards from the blows. This is the third time this week it's happened. Guys in town get tired of seeing my face and decide to do something to avenge their families. I groan out loud when I blow to my gut causes me to double over.

'I could kick these guys' asses in an instant if I didn't deserve this.' I think as one of them grips my hair, preventing me from falling to the ground. Then my head is slammed into concrete. Pain flows from my head and then down my spine.

Seconds later, blackness engulfs me.

**** ~no one~
Zell woke suddenly crying out Seifer's name. He came to his senses still reaching for someone who wasn't there.

'It's just a dream and dreams aren't real.' Zell ran his hand across his sweat-dampened face. He groaned as he stood bones cracking.

"I have to get out of here." He said to himse"I "I need to get to Seifer."

The blonde took a towel and grabbed a fresh pair of blue jean shorts and a T-shirt. Looking around his room he sighed and then headed towards the showers. He walks with his head down, not seeing the world around him. His mind was on how to escape, even as he felt the eyes of Balamb Garden's Disciplinary Committee on him.

'I don't know how I'm going to get out of here though. My room's rigged and there's more than three dozen people watching me. I don't want to get kicked out of Garden.but I think that I might just have to do that.'

He sighed to himself and came to a stop at the shower doors.

'I guess one dream has to die for another to be born.'

Zell enter the shower room. His blue eyes widened when he saw Squall standing in the middle of the shower stall filled room.

"You can't leave Zell."

Zell just looked at him, thoughts leaving as quickly as they were formed.

"We all need you here. You can't leave. Zell?"

"Squall, what are you talking about? Why can't I go?"

Squall sighed and his eyes lost their harshness. "My orders are to not let you leave. I-I'm sorry Zell but you cannot go see Seifer."

Zell's eyes flashed with anger. "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!?!" Zell yelled, startling Squall. "YOU HAVE WHAT YOU WANT SO WHY CAN'T I?!?!! WHY DO I HAVE TO SUFFER? Why do I have to suffer?" Zell shook his head then looked strait into Squall's eyes. "I've seen what well happen Squall." Squall raised an eyebrow. "I don't want to become who I'll become without Seifer here. I don't want the Seifer I saw to come into being." Still holding Squall's gaze he continued. "If I have to resign-"


"IF I have to resign from SeeD I will. You can not stop me, Squall. Just accept it."

Squall's shoulders slumped in defeat. "Fine, if you can find Seifer then he can come back. I don't know if he'll be able to stay though."

Zell's features brightened and a huge grin blossomed on his face. "Thank you Squall!" Squall just sighed.

However, Zell wasn't able to find Seifer in Balamb or any other city he could think of. Zell even went to the small cottage outside of Winhill only to find it occupied by a living old man. Zell returned to Balaevereveral months after his fruitless search with a heavy heart and a depressed soul. He took up his duties at Balamb Garden again. He became an assistant for the metal smithy and hand to hand combat teachers. And slowly, he began to shrink away from the world. He pulled away from his friends and became a 'mini-Squall' as Selphie like to put it. None of his friends knew how to help him. Mainly because none of them knew what was wrong with the blonde.

The months pasted and Zell made no change. He didn't date or go out. His life was a routine that some cadets based their watches off of. Even the news that Zell was getting a new and improved apartment AND that they were all returning to Balamb didn't raise the blonde's spirits. It wasn't until the day that he glimpsed the figure of a tall blonde on the road to B.G.'s original placement did his mood improve.

Zell was standing on the second floor balcony when he was the blonde on the ground below. His mind suddenly hit overdrive as he tried to decipher if it was Seifer or not he had seen.

'Seifer? No, it couldn't be. You're just imagining things! That guy didn't even have Seifer's trench coat and you didn't see a scar-' Zell was cut off by Siren, who he had just recently rejunctioned, *You know you weren't close enough to tell.*

He sighed accepting that her words were true and calmly left the balcony. He walked at a slightly rushed by slow pace with his hands in his pockets and his head down. He was so lost in this thoughts that he didn't hear Selphie and he didn't react to running strait into Quistis. His goal was to get to the exit gate and see if it was really Seithatthat he saw. All else was filtered out into white noise. Well all else except the impact that threw him to the ground and the belated warning of 'Prepare for impact' from Squall.

Zell got back to his feet and continued to the exit. He surveyed the distance to the ground from where Garden had landed amazed at Nida's piloting skill. When he thought that it wasn't too high he jumped off the ledge and ran to the road. He waited there are the blonde man slowly shuffled into view.

Zell felt his breath catch in his throat when he saw Seifer ahead of him. Memories of dreams came back to him. 'Please,' he prayed, 'please let this work out.' He saw Seifer stop short a little ways from him.'

"Hello Seifer. You look like shit, man."



And there you have it! Yes, they get together again! WHEE!!!! Do some of the lines sound familiar? Yes, no? They should actually.. ^^;;

So how did you like it? Hope you like the ending. it was kind of hard to make the ending chapter because it just restated everything that had already happened. Sorry to those that wanted to be in the fic! I'll write you in another one.

I've got another idea for a fic.. Seifer/Squall/Seifer one though.. no more Zell ^^:;; It's called Wedding Planner Blues. Squall's a wedding planner and it turns out that his ex-girlfriend, Rinoa, wants him to plan her wedding to....Seifer. (I know I know but I needed him to be engaged to an annoying girl. Rinoa fits.) However, things go awry for Rinoa. Will her wedding even take place? S/S, yaoi (I think you can guess if her wedding takes place or not.. :P)

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