Still thinking of you

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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VII, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

ryu-chan: hey there, everyone! thank you for checking out my story!
Cloud: don't you mean OUR story?
Rufus: yeah, it's all about us, anyway!
ryu-chan: well i'm the author, and just remember that i can make you guys do whatever i want.
Cloud: no you can't, that's SQUARE'S job.
(ryu-chan writes "Cloud dances around like a chicken")
Cloud: (dances around like a chicken)
ryu-chan: NOW do you see my power!? Well, DO YOU?!
Rufus: (bowing down) i am your humble slave...
ryu-chan: ^^

Quick Note: this is a Rufus/Cloud fic that follows their relationship from five years before the game to two months after the ending. It IS a yaoi (lemons “coming” soon, mwe heh heh) … You have been warned.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of Final Fantasy VII or their elements… except me. Steal me, and I’ll hunt you down.

~Still thinking of you, chapter one~

5:34 am. That was the time that the digital clock read, it’s red glow shimmering across the white room. Rufus couldn’t sleep. Even if the world suddenly came to a screeching end, he still felt unable to sleep. He sighed, shifted the covers and got out of bed. He slipped on his slippers and stretched, and slowly ambled over to the giant bay window. Pushing the curtains aside, he looked out the window to the coming day ahead, and smiled faintly.

Rufus was excited, and that was all there was to it. He had been excited all week, and finally the day had come. Rufus’ best child hood friend was flying in this evening, a friend Rufus hadn’t seen or spoken to in two or three years. The last time the two had met was on Rufus’ fourteenth birthday party back home. Rufus was turning seventeen this year, and was going to be made the vice president of ShinRa Co. He wasn’t at all ready for it and did not want to me made a part of his father’s prospering company, for he had other ideas, like traveling the Planet and spending time away from the big city. Midgar was just too bland and confining for his tastes, and he couldn’t wait to leave. Leave for good if he could manage it.

Rufus had been ecstatic when he received the telegram from home. His mother had written that his best child hood friend had decided to fly in for Rufus’ birthday a few months early, and that he would be at ShinRa Co. at seven that Friday. So naturally, Rufus had been bouncing off of the walls in anticipation for Friday to hurry up and get there, wanting to skip his private lessons and wait at the heliopad on the top of the ShinRa main building. However, Tseng had gotten there before he could think it, and he was promptly sent back to wherever he was to be every time. But now it was Friday, and Rufus could barely keep himself from screaming out loud. So he watched the sun rise to keep his mind off of things, and thought of the evening to come. Just then the clock’s screaming alarm came on, signaling the start of the business day.

Rufus smiled briefly, turned away from the shower of pink and gold, and walked to the bathroom to freshen up to the day.

Lunch had passed slower than a turtle, and the rest of the day had passed at a snail’s pace. It was 3:04 in the afternoon and Rufus was looking out the window, chewhis his eraser as Tseng lectured him. They were in the middle of a lesson on summon materia when Tseng noticed the young president-to-be daydreaming out of the nearby window. Tseng coughed loudly, but Rufus did nothing: he just continued to stare out the window and think of the evening. Finally, Tseng took action.

“ …Rufus, sir?” he said loudly. Rufus leapt from the seat with a squeak, his pencil hitting the ground with an audible thunk.

“ Um, yeah Tseng?” he answeremidlmidly. Rufus had only been caught thinking out of terms once before, and the result hadn’t been pretty. He bent down to pick up his pencil mainly avoiding Tseng’s eye, while Tseng sighed and closed the book with a snap.

“ Sir, I know you’re excited for this evening, but if you do not learn about summoning materia…”

“ Yes, Tseng, I know… father will scream and yell and give me time in the filing hall?” Rufus said blandly. President ShinRa was very strict when it came to work, and if Rufus didn’t know even one minor detail about one minor thing he would then send him down to the filing room and see to it that Rufus did not leave until every last thing (or detail, whichever worked best) was filed.

“ Not only that, Mr. Vice President, but I will be detained and removed from my job.” Rufus winced at the words “Mr. Vice President.” He knew that Tseng knew very well not to call him that, but he couldn’t blame him in the currant situation.

“ Yes, of course. I’m sorry, Tseng.” Tseng shook his head.

“ No need to be sir. Now if you’ll kindly pay attention we may be able to finish this lesson before your friend arrives.” Rufus felt his face lighten as he suddenly remembered about later that evening.

“ Yes, Tseng, of course. Please continue.” Tseng smiled slightly and opened the book back up to the chapter on summoning materia, continuing with the lesson at full speed.

Rufus found himself in front of the mirror at 6:30, fretfully messing with his thin bangs and trying to get them to stay in place. He only had to wait another half-hour before he would be up on the heliopad, waiting for the helicopter to arrive and for all of his mounted tension to leave him. He growled loudly as he almost ripped his bangs out of his head in a final attempt to fix them. Rufus finally gave up and just combed them back, letting them fall around his crystalline blue eyes to their own accord. Rufus snuffed: that was the best they’d looked all day, and without any of his effort. Just then Tseng knocked on the door, and poked his head through.

“ Mr. Rufus, sir? The helicopter has just radioed in, and… they’re ahead of schedule. They’ll be arriving a few minutes earlier than planned.” Rufus spun around, and felt a huge smile break out over his face.

“ Really? When will they be here, Tseng?” The Chinese man looked a little apprehensive to answer, but answered anyway.

“ ETA read in seven minutes, but I don’t see how-“

“ Really? Sweet! I’ll be up there in three!” Rufus leapt off the stool he was sitting on and tore across the room, grabbing his jacket off of a nearby chair as he hurtled past Tseng and through the door. He ripped down the hallway, knocking over a nearby statuette, and all Tseng heard was a faint “Thank you” from down the hall. He smiled, closed the young teenager’s door, and followed to the roof.

Rufus was still buttoning his jacket as the elevator reached the top floor with a faint “ding.” He practically ripped the doors open in an attempt to get to the heliopad, and nearly wet himself as he found Tseng there waiting for him.

“ Tseng? How DO you do that?” Tseng smiled discreetly.

“ Ancient Chinese Secret!” he replied, getting a deserving laugh from Rufus in response. He watched as Rufus walked over to the edge of the building and looked up at the sky, waiting for what he had been waiting for all week. Tseng smiled. It was nice to see Rufus happy and joyful, not all bound up by his lessons and work. He was actually getting a chance to be himself, a 16-year-old teen who just wanted to have some fun. His birthday was coming up in a few months (November, to be more precise) and he had more things to accomplish by then that an acrobat in training. Suddenly, a cry brought Tseng back to reality, and as he looked to Rufus he saw that the boy was pointing up at the clouds, jumping up and down as if he were a six-year-old boy at a carnival asking for some cotton candy.

“ Look, Tseng, look! There he is, there’s the chopper!” Sure enough, a ShinRa Co. chopper was making its way across the bright flashing lights of Midgar towards the tall building. Tseng went and stood by Rufus, who was wringing his hands together and chewing his lip impulsively. Tseng smiled and put his hand on Rufus’ shoulder to calm the boy down.

Rufus felt Tseng’s hand on his shoulder no doubt there to calm him down, his he just couldn’t. He continued wringing his hands and bouncing up and down as if on a trampoline.

“ Mr. Rufus, sir, you might want to set a good impression on your friend by remaining composed to welcome him.” At these words, Rufus started to regain his composure, and decided to stand attentively in wait. The helicopter landed slowly, and finally managed the attempt. It shut down slowly, the blades slowing to their own accord and finally coming to a stop. Rufus was to busy watching them to realize that the chopper door had opened and that a boy’s figure was visible. An audible laugh brought him back.

“ Well, well… Rufus ShinRa, I presume?” The smooth voice cut through the air as Rufus turned to look at its owner. Sea green eyes met crystalline blue, thick blonde hair met wispy gold. A smirk met Rufus’ detained smile as he walked to the chopper, a hand extended.

“ Cloud Strife,” Rufus answered. Cloud suddenly burst out laughing and, knocking the hand aside, leapt on Rufus with the force of a bear, pinning him to the floor in a tight hug.

“ What’s with the formality? Long time no see, buddy! Jeez, it’s great to see you, man!” Cloud helped him up with a large grin, and Rufus caught himself laughing, his excitement boiling over.

“ Same to you, Cloud! Jesus, it’s been SO long, hasn’t it?” Cloud gave a small shrug.

“ I guess, if you call two a hal half years a long time,” he said with a laugh.

“ Well come on down to the living room and we’ll get to talking!” Rufus said as he started to lead Cloud to the elevator. The two were chatting the whole way, socking each other and fake tripping each other like old times. Tseng smiled and followed with the luggage, happy to see Rufus and Cloud back together again.

ryu-chan: yay! all done. R&R please, it saves lives! (no, that was not a threat)
Cloud: you lie.
ryu-chan: wanna go dancing again, Cloud? *evil glare*
Cloud: ... no, m'am...
ryu-chan: good. now then, flames are accepted, but to you flamers I have but one word: ZAKENAYO!!
Rufus: that's not entirely nice, you know...
ryu-chan: oh yeah?
Rufus: *runs away and hides in the closet*

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