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~Still thinking of you, chapter ten~

The sun had been down for four hours, all the reports were signed and in the out box, every e-mail was either forwarded or replied to, and it was still before ten o’clock. Rufus had been napping for the last ten minutes, but he wasn’t aware of anything in the room or outside his window. In short, he was asleep. Zonked out, snoring, drooling, every aspect of sleep had bestowed itself on the young, almost VP. His legs were crossed on the top of his desk, one arm hanging over an armrest, Rufus’ head resting on his right shoulder. He was in such a blissful state of calm that he didn’t hear Cloud clamber into the office, tripping over his feet in the dark.

“Ouch! Stupid slippery floor, it should be sent to hell… hey, Ruff? Are you in here?” Cloud squinted through the dark room, the only light coming from the vents that were stationed at even intervals on the floor. It looked as though Rufus’ monitor was still on, but a black screen saver had flashed on. Cloud felt his way around the cabinets on the right side of the room, his eyes becomincustcustomed to the light reflecting off of the waxed floor. He could make out the shape of a white trench coat lying in the chair behind the desk, and as he crept closer the sound of light snoring reached his ears. Cloud felt himself grin as he reached Rufus, his eyes fluttering in dreamland. Cloud scratched his head, a hand on his hip.

“Hmmm… looks as though you’re out for the night, Ruff.” He said more to himself than anyone. Moving as silent as the grave, Cloud slung Rufus out of his chair and over his shoulder, shut down his computer, and left a note for whoever came in later that evening or early the next morning. Hefting his love slowly as not to wake him, Cloud walked out of the office, locking the sliding door behind them.

Cloud had almost reached the reception office when Rufus started stirring. His weight shifted uncomfortably on Cloud’s shoulder, making his knees buckle slightly and sending him towards the floor. Grunting, Cloud kept walking, afraid to quicken up his pace lest he wake Rufus. But it was too late for that. Rufus was indeed awake, but he waso tso too tired to do anything about it. The world was a white blur in front of him, and he was dimly aware of where he was or where he was going. His arms swung rhythmically to and fro, none of his self control present to care. Rufus was sure that Tseng was carrying him home, but it wasn’t until he stopped moving that Rufus could somewhat coherently hear what was being said.

“I’m taking Rufus home for the night. I went o cho check on him and he was asleep. Judging by the way he was propped up I’d say he’d been in deep sleep for a while.” It was Cloud. Rufus’ head swam in sleepiness as he forced himself to smile faintly.

“Yes, young Master Strife. I will phone the President immediately to inform him of young Master ShinRa’s departure.”

“No, there’s no need for that. ve lve left a note upstairs on Rufus’ desk in case anyone should care that he’s leaving.” Rufus smiled a little more. Trust it to Cloud to be left with the smooth talking.

“Of course. Have a pleasant evening, Master Strife.”

“You too, Miranda. Good night.”

“Good night, sir.”

Rufus started moving again. He felt velocity gain as Cloud walked through the spinning glass doors and into the night air. A cold blast of October air greeted them, the skin on Rufus’ face contracting as he shivered slightly. Cloud shivered too, but continued to make his way to the limo that was parked out front. Rufus hazily heard the door click open and another voice speak up.

“So he was dead working, eh Cloud?”

“Yeah, quite an entertaining site to walk in on, let me tell you. Hey John, could you turn up the heat in the car? It’s freezing out here.”

“Certainly, Cloud. Happy to do it.” Rufus felt Cloud chuckle lightly.

“Thanks John, I apprec it. it.”

“You’re welcome, sir. Always a pleasure.” Rufus couldn’t keep his eyes open anymore. The cold air topped with the blinding streetlights glinting off the limestone sidewalk was too much for his eyes. He let himself be guided into the back seat of the limo, Cloud’s gentle hands fastening a seat belt over him. Rufus felt his head loll around from side to side as he heard Cloud get in and shut the door. He heard him laugh.

“Heh, my little roller coaster.” Rufus felt Cloud’s hands wrap around him, pulling him close. His head dropped onto Cloud'’ shoulder, jolting his eyes open again. Cloud noticed, and bent over to look at him.

“Hey, you’re awake!” he said softly, kissing Rufus’ forehead. Rufus grunted a little bit as he straightened himself up.

“Where are we?” he asked, his voice a slur of words. He rubbed one eye with the back of his hand as Cloud took his other in his own.

“In the car, on the way home.” As soon as Cloud had said that, the limo started moving. Rufus’ eyes were beginning to focus somewhat, and he looked out the tinted window, watching lights, buildings, and trees shoot past. He rested his head on Cloud’s shoulder again, his senses slowly regaining each of their own composure. It wasn’t until a few minutes had passed when Rufus spoke again.

“Hey Cloud, what time is it?” Cloud looked down at him.

“Ten thirty. Why?” Rufus brought his head up to look Cloud in the eye. The limo made a left turn onto St Viridian’s Ave.

“It’s only ten thirty? I have to work until eleven.” Cloud’s face turned to a look of anguish. But Rufus grinned in the dark.

“Oh well.” He lent in and lightly kissed his love, who had just started to laugh. Cloud smiled into the kiss as Rufus pulled away.

“‘Oh well?’ That’s all you have to say is ‘oh well?’” Rufus shrugged.

“Well, you left a note and took me home, what else have I got to worry about? My father?” Cloud was shocked, and he knew his face showed it.

“Wow, Ruff. You’ve never had this type of attitude when it came to work.” Cloud leaned back into the seat some more as Rufus shifted his weight off of Cloud.

“Eh. Big deal.” Cloud looked at Rufus, his profile dark and imposing in the limo. He smiled.

“You know, I’d say you were almost wide awake by now, babe.” Rufus smiled and slid his arm behind Cloud’s neck.

“You know, me too. I feel the same way.” Cloud snuggled closer to Rufus, burying deep into his chest. He was greeted by the almond-cinnamon scent that always lingered around Rufus, and smiled lightly.

“Rufus, have I ever told you how wonderful you smell?” Rufus laughed a deep-throated laugh that filled the back seat.

“No, but I always assumed I did. I always liked it, anyway.” Rufus buried his face into Cloud’s thick hair, his left hand entangling itself there too. They took a right onto Haylight Boulevard. The two sat in silence the rest of the way home, sitting there in the back seat as they took everything they could in about the other. It wasn’t long until they reached home, the limo pulling up to the back yard entrance.

“Cloud, why did we pull up here?” Rufus asked quizzically as Cloud moved to open the door. He stepped out and offered his hand to Rufus. He smiled.

“Ancient Chinese Secret.” Rufus couldn’t help but laugh as he took Cloud’s outstretched hand.

“Oh, wait, don’t tell me. Let me guess. Is Tseng anywhere back here as well?” Cloud shook his head.

“Nope. I sent him off to do whatever he does late at night. He didn’t like the prospect, claimed I could’ve gotten abducted, but he went anyway.” Cloud shut the door as John drove off to park the limo in the garage. Silently, Cloud led Rufus into the ShinRa Mansion back yard and gardens.
Rufus thought it was just a trick of the light, but perhaps it was that mingled with the fact that Rufus was never back here that made the gardens look different than usual. Dew dripped off tree leaves as flowers stood straight and still in the freezing weather. Rufus had no idea where Cloud was leading him, but it was soon apparent when Cloud stopped outside of a hedge maze. He let go of Rufus’ hand.

“Ok, I’ll explain the rules. We’re racing each other to the center of the garden. Whoever gets there first obviously wins. But there’s a catch. You can’t make any sound whatsoever, even when we’re both at the center of the maze. Alright?” Rufus’ eyes narrowed.

“What exactly are we racing for Cloud, and why are we racing in the first place?” Cloud grinned mischievously.

“That’s for the winner to decide, and for no apparent reason at all. Ready… set… GO!”

They both set off toward the maze, Cloud taking the left entrance as Rufus took the right. He padded along, the cool chill in the air truly waking him up and sending the blood pumping through his veins. He turned sharply right, zigzagging down the lane. He turned left, left, right, middle fork, left, right fork, right again. It wasn’t long until Rufus heard the sound of running water, and presumed he was near the pond that was located in the center of the maze. He took a final left and stood all alone in the rectangular center of the hedge maze, panting slightly but just enough to send huge plumes of steam into the night air. The moon shone down on the pond in front of his, its circular waters rippling from the fountain at its center. Huge limestone pillars surrounded the grassy grounds, a gazebo stood across the pond from Rufus, and three benches were strategically placed around the pond. He was about to sit down on one of them as Cloud came tumbling through the entrance to Rufus’ left, rolling as he tripped over his own two feet. Rufus smiled and walked over to him, Cloud getting up quickly with a look of surprise and exhaustion on his face.

It took me a lot longer to get here than I thought it would, Cloud mouthed in between breaths. Rufus smiled, surprised that Cloud remembered to keep silent, took Cloud’s hand and led him to the pond. He stopped short of it, turned around and took Cloud into his arms.

That’s Ok, at least you made it here in one piece, Rufus mouthed back. Cloud’s boyish face was flushed, and he let a huge grin crack over his face as he wrapped his arms around Rufus’ waist.

What now, Ruff? You won, didn’t you? Rufus lowered his head so that his forehead was touching Cloud’s.

That’s very true. I did win, didn’t I?

Yes, you did. So what do you plan to do now? Rufus looked into Cloud’s eyes. The moonlight that was reflecting off of the pond shone in Cloud’s eyes, making them appear a steely green color. Rufus smiled as he lent down and kissed his shorter lovers has hands left Cloud’s back and made their way to his face, running through his hair and letting his bangs fall around his closed eyes. Cloud let his hands roam up around Rufus’ shoulders, slowly tracing paths up and down his back. Rufus started to walk towards Cloud, forcing Cloud to walk backwards. What Cloud didn’t know until the very last moment was that Rufus had lined him up with one of the seven limestone pillars that stood tall and quiet. He felt his back thump against the freezing stone, his eyes jolting open as he almost gasped in alarm. Rufus smiled.

You’re good at keeping quiet if you want too, he said. Cloud’s eyes were still wide open as he shivered in the dark, moonlit night. The stars twinkled overhead.
Rufus, this is really cold! Why the pillar, anyway? Rufus shrugged.
You’ll see. Rufus leaned in and kissed Cloud again, this time in a hungry kiss. Cloud moaned ever so quietly into it, causing Rufus to step back with a smirk.

Ah ah ah, no noise my love. For that you must suffer the penalty. Slowly Rufus lifted Cloud up until his legs were wrapped around Rufus’ waist, making Cloud look down at Rufus. His eyes showed his feelings: he was surprised, a little expectant, and a little scared.

Every time you make a sound, we go a little further until we’re all the way. But if you’re good, we’ll continue this inside where it’s warm and cozy. Got it? Cloud nodded as he shivered, and Rufus continued his treatment. He held onto Cloud lest he fall, and Cloud rested his arms on Rufus’ shoulders. Rufus leaned up and kissed Cloud’s neck, both openly and chastely. Cloud’s eyes rolled back as he let his head fall back onto the pillar, his mouth open in ecstasy. Rufus kissed up and down, causing the heat to rise in Cloud’s face, who in the meantime was trying as hard as he could to make no sound at all. Finally, Rufus bit into Cloud’s flesh, right above the jugular, causing Cloud to scream in slight alaRufuRufus pulled back.

You really are bad at this, babe, he mouthed as he took his arms away from Cloud’s sides. He pushed against his to keep him steady, and was greeted by a bulge in Cloud’s pants that was digging slightly into his chest. Quickly as he could, Rufus undid his pants and slid his boxers down, freeing his ever-growing erection into the freezing air. He suppressed a groan as much as possible, succeeding a few seconds later. He then went to work on Cloud, sliding his pants off his legs one by one and taking his boxers off after that. Cloud hissed when the cold air touched his arousal, causing Rufus to shake his head from side to side. Cloud looked down at him.

What? He asked timidly.

Hissing counts as a sound as well, Cloud, Rufus replied silently. We’ll have to go a little further than planned now. Slowly Rufus undid his trench coat until it fell to the ground, leaving nothing between his granite hard erection and Cloud’s tender opening. Cloud bit his lip as hard as he could to keep from crying out. He was so alarmed at how fast this had gone that it took every bit of his self-control to keep from panting. His chest rose and fell quickly as Rufus took the initiative and placed his hands on Cloud’s hips, positioning him over his manhood. Suddenly Cloud placed his own hands on top of Rufus’. Rufus looked up at him, questioning the motives behind this.

You’re not scared are you, babe? He mouthed in question. Cloud shook his head.

No, but we have no lube and I haven’t been stretched yet! Rufus smiled evilly.

I told you there would be consequences for making sounds, my love. And with that, Rufus pulled Cloud onto his weeping erection, the heated abyss a welcome change from the chill night air. Cloud screamed loudly, grasping onto Rufus’ shoulders and digging his finger nails into his flesh. His eyes clamped themselves shut as he felt Rufus fill him, complete him. He pushed the pain as far away as he possibly could, quickly opening the doors to passion and lust. He finally sighed, letting his head fall back against the pillar which he had forgotten was there, his fingernails recessing from Rufus’ shoulders. And speaking of Rufus…

Rufus buried his face into Cloud’s neck to stop from crying out himself, but he couldn’t help but groan in pleasure despite the oath of silence the two had tried vainly to uphold. Slowly Rufus started to pumto Cto Cloud, moving him up and down with his hands as he slid in and out. Cloud wrapped his arms around Rufus’ neck and touched his own forehead to his lover’s, a quiet sigh of pleasure escaping his lips. It wasn’t long until Rufus started to pump faster, his breath coming in ragged gasps. Cloud was faring the same, his hands roaming Rufus’ back as his breathing came in shorter intervals. Rufus looked up at Cloud and, signaling to him with a nudge in the nose, kissed him deeply. Tongue battled tongue as Rufus continued to pick up the pace, leaving Cloud behind in a whirlwind of lust and passion. Finally Rufus hit Cloud’s sweet spot just so, sending exploding fireworks dancing across Cloud’s vision. He screamed out loud, not caring anymore than Rufus did now about keeping silent, as Rufus was started to moan loudly. Over and over again Rufus hit Cloud’s prostate, extracting moan after moan from his lover. Time seemed to stand still for the two lovers as they shared the most exquisite moment in life with each other. Cloud’s screams echoed into the still silence, Rufus’ gasps growing louder by the minute.

“Cloud… I-I’m gonna…” Rufus couldn’t contain himself any longer than now, and he let out a final moan as he released into Cloud’s tight passage. He slumped against his lover, panting loudly. Cloud was sent over the edge immediately after, heed eed splattering over the both of them as he screamed out a final note. His gasps cut through the chill air with Rufus’, the two of them entertwined with the other. Rufus was now starting to get the feeling back in his body again as he realized that his legs were going to give way at any second, so he lifted Cloud off his now limp manhood and set him down. Cloud landed unevenly, and he gasped as he fell inelegantly into Rufus. Rufus was still trying to get his composure back also, so they both tumbled down into the cold, wet grass. They looked at each other with wide eyes, and suddenly burst out laughing. Cloud nuzzled into Rufus’ chest as Rufus brushed Cloud’s sweat soaked bangs away from his eyes.

“What a nice idea for a game, Cloud. I enjoyed myself thoroughly.” Cloud laughed softly.

“You know,” he said, tracing a finger along Rufus’ chest, “I wouldn’t mind if you won our games every time.” Rufus held Cloud closer to him, burying his face into his lover’s thick hair.

“Me too, Cloud. Me too.”

Nearby the fountain continued to run as stars twinkled overhead. The silence steadily prevailed.

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