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~Still thinking of you, chapter seven~

Rufus stared at his monitor in a blank stare, leaning on his left hand as his right moved the mouse. It was a little after ten, and he was already falling asleep. He could feel the drool dripping off his chin, but he didn’t care. He was too tired to do anything other than blankly read and reply to the Mako orders he was still receiving, namely from Costa Del Sol and North Corel. The phone suddenly rang, sending Rufus toppling off of his chair screaming. He quickly got up and answered the phone, the room spinning around him.

“ ShinRa Inc. Mainstream Department, how may I help you?”

“ Rufus, you know better than to answer unscreened calls.” Rufus froze. He looked down at his phone. His father’s number was blinking on the small screen. His father never, ever called him, ever.

“ Y-yes, father. I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.” President ShinRa snuffed through the line.

“ See to it that it doesn’t. I’m afraid I have some rather bad news for you.”

“ What is it?” Rufus asked timidly. If President ShinRa told him to stay later Rufus swore he was going to have to break a few limbs.

“ There’s been a core meltdown at Junon and I have to go straightaway to work it out. Seeing as how you are to head the company while I’m gone, I’m sending down some reports for you to look over and sign. Make sure that they get filed as well. Once you’re done with that, you can go home.” Rufus breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe he could stream through them quickly and get the hell out of here early…

“ Alright. How many are there, if you don’t mind my asking?” President ShinRa sighed.

“ A damn lot of them if yok mek me. There’s a few from Rocket Town and one from the Gold Saucer, along with a couple from Wutai.” Rufus groaned. The Gold Saucer one alone would take a half-hour, but the ones from Wutai would add on an unwanted share of time as well.

“ You don’t have to do all of them tonight, boy. Just make sure I get them by ten tomorrow morning, understood?” Rufus’ heart skipped a beat.

“ I don’t have to file them all tonight? Are you serious?” His father snuffed again very impatiently.

“ Yes, I’ve already said that, haven’t I? Now look, I have to go. Don’t fuck anything up.” The phone line went dead. Rufus shakily put the phone back onto the recr, ar, and smiled. He’d never gotten a let-off like that! His fax machine started beeping, and it pushed the faxed reports through at blinding speed. Rufus sat down once again, feeling that, for once today, he was finally back in control as he picked up the Gold Saucer report and started to sign away. He only had one thought as he absently signed all the lines: thank God it was Friday.

Cloud was almost ready. He kept looking at the clock in a panic. Ten thirty-seven. Plenty of time. He bustled around the bedroom fixing even the littlest mistakes, and at ten fifty finally stopped. He was nervously chewing his lip, over looking everything for one last time. He took a deep breath, and sat down on the bay couch to wait, all the while watching the clock and getting up now and then to change another quirk he found. His heart was racing as he anticipated Rufus’ arrival. Would he like what he would see? Maybe he’d get home early? Cloud wrung his hands together as he waited, still chewing his lip. He hardly expected this to go as well as he planned, but he would soon find out that everything would go according to plan… and a hell of a lot better.

Rufus was finally on his way home at 11:13. He had just barely finished the Gold Saucer report before 11 and decided to go through the Rocket Town reports as well. He had filed them accordingly but had decided to take the Wutai reports home and perhaps work on them tomorrow morning. However, the work craze was catching up to him as he found himself reading the Wutai reports on his way home. Rufus cursed aloud and stuffed the reports back into his bag, further busying himself by looking out the limo window. Street lamps sped by almost as if they weren’t even moving, their ts bts blurs. Rufus almost fell asleep against the windowpane, but all too soon the limo stopped, sending his head sliding off the pane and crashing into the seat in front of him. Cursing his pitiful luck, he exited the limo with a slam and stormed up the stairs to the front door. Rufus opened the massive oak doors silently, creeping into the hall without a sound. The lights were all off, and not a maid was in sight. Rufus was puzzled. He always came home to a bright house that bustled with maids, but this was just a little out of the ordinary. He suspected it was because he was home so late, shrugged and, closing the door, dropped off his briefcase and headed up the stairs. He was too tired to want to know what was going on completely, and besides: he had a sleeping beauty to attend to.

Rufus reached the landing and headed towards his room. He pushed the door open, walked inside, and shut the door again. He felt the lids of his eyes starting to droop, and he quickly undressed and put on his robe. He tied it shut, but suddenly realized something that made his eyes go wide. This robe was red! His was white, and made of silk, but this one was red and made of satin… and that’s when he noticed. He looked up, and felt his heart explode.

The room was painted from top to bottom with red rose petals. He couldn’t even see the white of his couch. At least a hundred candles littered the tabletops and spots on the floor, and in all different sizes: bowls, spirals, tapers, tea lights… they illuminated the room with a prowess. There was a slightly sweet quality to the air that Rufus could only assume was there from the roses, and as his eyes scanned the room in awe he saw something that made his heart stop.

Cloud was standing in front of the bay window, which was open, his back to Rufus. He too was wearing a red satin robe, but the left corner of his was sliding off of his shoulder, leaving a sexy quality that somehow reaped of innocence. Cloud turned around, his sea green eyes heavy lidded with desire, thick blonde hair hiding them involuntarily.

“ You’re late, you know…” He lifted his left index finger to his lips, and for the first time Rufus noticed that Cloud was holding a bowl full of strawberries and whipped cream. He had a bit of whipped cream on his finger, but stopped just short of his mouth. Rufus now realized that his mouth was open, and quickly shut it. He walked over to Cloud, all the while keeping eye contact. Finally he stood before Cloud, took the bowl of strawberries and, putting it down, pulled Cloud into a tight hug.

“ Cloud… it’s beautiful,” he breathed into his love’s ear. He felt Cloud shiver with desire and, pulling away, kissed him. He ran his tongue across Cloud’s lips, demanding access, and was rewarded when Cloud’s lips opened slightly. He plunged his tongue into that sweet abyss, and soon started to explore his own little private cave. Cloud tasted slightly of strawberries and cream, but there was also a hint of chocolate. Rufus pulled away, licking his lips, while Cloud took a breath and opened his eyes.

“ You taste wonderful, my love,” Rufus whispered deeply, tracing his finger along Cloud’s bottom lip. Cloud giggled softly and raised a strawberry to Rufus’ mouth.

“ There’s more where it came from, you know,” he replied with a saucy grin as Rufus took the strawberry from his hand and swallowed it with one gulp. He leaned in and pressed his forehead against Cloud’s, and closed his eyes.

“ So,” he whispered, “ Was there anything special you had planned for tonight?” Rufus had decided to put special emphasis on the word ‘special’ and had ground his hips into Cloud’s, which had extracted a soft moan from Cloud’s throat.

“ As a matter of fact, there was…” he answered. “ Would you like me to show you?” Rufus nodded, and taking his lover’s hand Cloud led him to the bathroom.

Rufus let out a small gasp as he walked through the door. There were tons more candles in here, but there were also drapes of deep midnight blue that hung from the ceiling. They criss-crossed in every which way, from low to high. His eyes traced them to their point of origin, which was the bathtub, and it was overflowing with bubbles. He tightened his grip on Cloud’s hand, and Cloud smiled back at him.

“ I figured you needed to relax somewhat,” he said as he led Rufus over to the bath. He tested the water with his toes and, removing his robe, stepped in. He hissed from the heat, but quickly overcame it as he turned around slowly. Cloud was, in one word, ravishing. His tan skin led all the way down to his feet, which were submerged beneath the bubbles, his thighs were rippling, his calves looked almost as if they’d been made from clay. He held out his hand to Rufus and said quite seductively, “ Care to join

Rufus answered with a growl as he practically ripped off his robe and jumped in. Water splashed everywhere as he got into the tub, eliciting giggles from his beloved. The both sank into the water, Cloud behind Rufus. The bubbles went up to Rufus’ shoulders, and he felt Cloud push him forward. He turned around to face him, but was instead met with a variety of different massage oils and lotions.

“ Any preference, Ruff?” he asked in a silky voice. Rufus shook his head, turned around and closed his eyes.

“ Nope. Knock yourself out.” Cloud smiled, and went about selecting the perfect oil. He raked his eyes over strawberry, banana cream, cinnamon… those all seemed too girly for him, and as he almost gave up hope he finally selected an almond-based lotion.
He unscrewed the cap and gently squeezed some of the lotion into his palm. He rubbed his hands together for a second to warm the lotion up, then proceeded to give Rufus a neck and shoulders massage. Rufus groaned and leaned back, letting his head fall to his chest. He felt all his pent-up tension leaving him, sometimes wincing from knots that refused to be worked out. Cloud grunted impatiently, and dug his thumbs into Rufus’ tight flesh.

“ Jesus Christ Rufus, how many knots do you have in there anyway?” Rufus sighed.

“ About three years’ worth, if you want to be specific,” he answered soberly. Cloud sighed, and it wasn’t long before he felt his fingers starting to break. After what seemed an eternity, every nook and cranny of Rufus’ shoulders des devoid of any and all knots. Rufus leaned back with a sigh, his head coming into contact with Cloud’s chest. He could hear Cloud’s heart beat, the rise and fall of his chest rhythmic with the beat. Cloud wrapped his arms around his lover, and kissed his neck softly. It was meant to be somewhat of a chaste kiss, but soon Cloud lost control, nibbling and nipping Rufus’ neck raw. Rufus moaned softly, giving into the pleasure that was threatening to overtake him. Soon he felt Cloud’s hands roaming all over his chest, tracing his muscles with a slender finger as his other hand moved towards another and completely different prize, whilst Rufus also had a very odd sensation run through his back as he felt something hard pushing against his tail bone…

“ Oh, so that’s the way you want to play, eh?” Rufus growled as he turned around and pressed against Cloud. Both boys gasped from the sudden contact, chest to chest, hips grinding into each other. Cloud’s eyes rolled back as he fell into oncoming ecstasy, immediately hard from contact. Rufus shut his eyes and moaned loudly as he ground his hips back into Cloud’s, creating sweet, delicious friction. Both boys were moaning as the friction grew sweeter, the soapy water a perfect lubrication. Rufus opened his eyes and, growling, placed a savage kiss on Cloud’s lips. His tongue ravaged Cloud’s open mouth, sweet and subtle moans coming from Cloud’s beautiful throat. He pulled away for air, Cloud’s eyes meeting his own. They were heavy lidded with desire once again, and Rufus could see that his own were as well from his reflection in Cloud’s deep green eyes. He traced Cloud’s kiss swollen lips with a finger as leaned in to whisper into Cloud’s ear.

“ You know, I think I’d like to continue this, love,” Rufus said softly. Cloud moaned in response.

“ I think I’d like to as well,” he answered back, burrowing his way into Rufus’ neck.

“ Maybe we should take this to the bed,” Rufus whispered. He felt Cloud’s head nod and, with one motion stood and got out of the tub. Cloud stood up, and was quickly swept away by Rufus and out of the bathroom. He laughed and giggled the whole way, soapy water dripping from his body and onto the floor, and was immediately dropped onto the bed. Rufus clambered in on top of him, noticing now for the first time that the bed sheets had also changed to red satin.

“ Going for a theme now, are we Cloud?” Cloud giggled.

“ Well, I thought it’d be nice!” Rufus smiled.

“ You’ve no idea,” he whispered back. There was a husky quality in his voice that drove Cloud crazy, the lust in his veins turning to liquid fire. Rufus felt the same, and leaning in planted a kiss on the younger boy’s lips. Their bodies rubbed together, the heat coming off of them in waves. Rufus felt his gut start to boil over as he feltselfself go from hard to granite in two seconds flat. Cloud pushed his hips up further, demanding more of the pleasant friction that gathered there, but Rufus forced his hips back down.

“ Ah ah ah,” he said with a smirk, “ Don’t go doing things you’ll end up regretting later!” Rufus was answered by a frustrated growl, sea green eyes harboring a firm determination.

“ I won’t regret anything, Ruff!” Rufus smiled.

“ We’ll see about that,” he replied, crushing Cloud’s lips in yet another brutal kiss. His tongue fought for entrance, and was greeted by an equally determined one. They fought for dominance while their hands roamed everywhere, taking in and memorizing each and every inch of the other’s bodies. Rufus finally won and, a smirk on his face, snatched Cloud’s wrists and hooked them above his head. Cloud growled.

“ Aw man, not this again!”

“ Hmmm, yes, this again. Only now you may not mind the situation so much.” Cloud shuddered and let out a small moan. Rufus smiled, and started his slow and inevitable torture. He placed small butterfly kisses down Cloud’s neck, sometimes open mouthed and sometimes purely chaste. Cloud lifted his head, allowing more access, but the almost VP took his own time and pace. Painstakingly slowly he moved his way down to Cloud’s collarbone, running his tongue along the protruding bone. Cloud arched off the bed, his legs thrashing violently underneath. Rufus continued moving down, and suddenly flicked out his tongue. Cloud nearly screamed as Rufus licked his nipple again. He smirked.

“ Like that, do we?”

“ Oh… oh GODS…” Cloud was starting to become incoherent as Rufus continued his ministrations, finishing with the now rock hard nipple and turning his attention to the other. He let Cloud’s hands free so he could run his fingers down his love’s sides, which extracted more moans from the boy underneath him. Cloud dug his hands into Rufus’ back, hissing and arching as his ghostly touch butterflied its way down his ever-sensitive sides. Rufus let out a small hum, and released Cloud’s second nipple. He kissed his way down Cloud’s abdomen, letting his tongue escape to tease his navel. Cloud slightly screamed, and hearing that made Rufus all the more interested in his destination. He soon reached it, Cloud’s manhood rock hard and drng. ng. Rufus decided to really take this further, so he took hold of Cloud’s erection and started to pump slowly. Cloud really did scream now, but it was quickly cut off as Rufus darted out his tongue to taste Cloud for the first time.

“ OH JESUS!” he screamed throughout the room, his fists clenching the sheets of the bed. Rufus smiled, and swirled his tongue around the head of Cloud’s weeping erection, tasting the pre cum that gathered there. Taking the moans he was receiving as a good sign, Rufus dipped down and took Cloud in to the hilt. Forcing down his gag reflex, he started to lightly suck in an undefined rhythm, changing the levels of force he applied. Cloud was truly screaming, his hands finding Rufus’ hair and fisting themselves into those golden locks. Rufus sped up presently, and let his right hand tickle its way up Cloud’s thigh while his left cupped itself against Cloud’s tender ass.

Cloud felt the heat pooling in his gut, his control slipping away. His breathing was coming in harsh pants, his eyes wide open as he tried to hold on. Rufus was so hot and so inviting that it was taking everything he had not to cum. It was then that Rufus decided to let out a hum as he brushed a finger against Cloud’s tender opening, and Cloud arched off the bed as the release took him. He screamed out his love’s name as he climaxed, spilling his seed into that hot and waiting chasm. Rufus lapped up every drop greedily, his lover’s seed the ultimate wine. Cloud tasted slightly salty, but it was still quite wonderful. Rufus licked his lips and moved back up to Cloud, who was panting heavily with eyes half-lidded. He lent forward and kissed the boy before him, caressing his face with delicate touches. Cloud moaned beneath him, his hands roaming there way slowly up Rufus’ back. One found his hair line and gently traced it’s way along, while the other cupped the back of his neck and pulled him closer. Cloud was just now landing back to earth when Rufus pulled away, a mischievous look in the back of his desire laced eyes.

“ Cloud…” he breathed, “ I think I really want to go through with this.” Cloud smiled.

“ I think I wanted to a long time ago,” he replied in a silky voice, “ but you’re just taking too damn long.” Rufus chuckled and traced the underside of Cloud’s jaw with a slender finger.

“ I told you that you’d end up regretting things you did earlier. Now I think that I’ll put that into effect.” Rufus left the bed and headed for the bathroom, and Cloud heard bottles being moved and shuffled around. Rufus came back a minute later, holding a small vial of amber liquid. He leaned back onto the bed, straddled Cloud’s legs, and opened the bottle. A musky scent filled the room, smelling slightly of almonds and cinnamon, one that Cloud was growing to love all the more with each passing second. After all, that was how Rufus always smelled. Rufus coated his hands thickly, aent ent forward to kiss his love. Cloud felt Rufus invade his mouth, and moaned loudly. But he let out a gasp as Rufus’ oil slick fingers found their way to his tight opening, one slipping inside ever so slowly.

“ RUFUS!” Cloud heard himself scream out into the steady silence of the bedroom, but all he was truly aware of was Rufus’ finger invading him, stretching him, coaxing him. The feeling was all that of awkward, but Cloud soon grew accustomed to it. Presently Rufus added a second finger, scissoring his way deeper into Cloud, who was by all else having the time of his life. It was when Rufus added a third finger that Cloud saw white, his lover’s fingers hitting his prostate repeatedly. Cloud screamed over and over, Rufus’ name and other incoherent sayings escaping him as he felt himself become fully aroused again in no time. Rufus then withdrew his fingers, which extracted a small huff of disappointment frooud.oud. Rufus, who had also been preparing himself, positioned himself at Cloud’s entrance, slipping one arm underneath his back and his other hand finding its way back to Cloud’s face.

“ Are you absolutely sure that you really want this?” he asked, his fingers caressing Cloud’s cheek. Cloud looked back at him, a small smile escaping his lips.

“ I’ve never been surer of anything else in my life, Ruff,” he replied, placing a long and lingering kiss on Rufus’ lips. Rufus smiled, and slowly eased himself into Cloud’s tight entrance, the head of his cock slipping inside with the greatest of ease. Cloud’s head thrashed slightly, his eyes clenching shut from the unfamiliar intrusion. Rufus thought it’d be best to get it over with as as as possible, but he also didn’t want to hurt his love, so he slowly inch wormed his way into Cloud, centimeter by centimeter. It wasn’t until he was halfway in that Rufus heard Cloud let out a strangled sob, and he looked up to see tears flowing from his lover’s clenched eyes. Cloud wasn’t in what he thought was ecstasy. With every inch of intrusion, he felt himself being ripped apart, the pain cascading through him. It didn’t make sense seeing as how Rufus had taken everecarecaution thinkable, but still the pain came. He felt the tears keep coming, afraid of what Rufus was going to think. Rufus, however, kissed the tears away, making Cloud shudder.

“ Hush, babe, it’ll all be over in a minute,” Rufus whispered reassuringly. Cloud nodded and buried his face into Rufus’ shoulder, whimpering. Rufus closed his eyes, and pushed the rest of his length into Cloud. He let out a gasp: Cloud was so tight, so warm, that it was like a paradise. Rufus was soon buried to the hilt, and he looked back to Cloud. Tears were still coming, and he kissed those away too.

“ Shhh, Cloud, it’s supposed to hurt the first time.” Cloud let out another sob.

“ I know, but… but… it just h-hurts so much!” Rufus kissed his love, a small intimate kiss.

“ Just let yourself relax, it’ll all go away with time.” Cloud nodded, and taking Rufus’ advice, let himself relax. It wasn’t long before he felt himself grow accustomed to Rufus’ length buried inside of him, the pain disappearing and being replaced by subtle hint und undeniable pleasure. Soon afterwards Cloud was squirming around, trying to get Rufus to brush against him, to start moving and allo the the pleasure to no longer stay pent up and locked away.

“ Ruff...!” Cloud moaned aloud as he tried to get Rufus to go deeper. Rufus leaned forward and kissed Cloud’s neck.

“ Are you ready, then?” he asked breathlessly. All of Cloud’s squirming was starting to get the best of his self-control.

“ Rufus, for Christ’s Sake, I’ve been ready! Just FUCK me already!” Cloud leaned up and caught Rufus’ lips in a crushing kiss, his hands tracing their way up his smooth, tanned back. Rufus smiled, pulled out until just and inch was left, then rammed back in.
It was heaven. Cloud was floating amongst his own clouds, the feeling of Rufus taking him sending him into oblivion. Rufus was already low on stamina just by looking at his love, but actually making love to him drained him further. He was determined to wait untilud cud came, but he began to doubt himself soon after. He quickly picked up the pace, angling his thrusts, and it wasn’t soon after that Cloud let out the loudest scream yet, signaling that Rufus had indeed found his sweet spot. Rufus reached between them, and finding Cloud’s forgotten erection dripping with desire, grabbed hold and stroked along with his thrusts. Cloud’s screaming increased, an endless barrage of passion filled screams that let out the very feeling that he harbored for Rufus. They danced the oldest dance of time to a rhythm that came naturally, meeting each other with each beat.

It wasn’t long unClouCloud felt the lava boiling in his gut again, Rufus’ thrusts and added strokes sending him closer and closer to the edge. He leaned up and caught Rufus’ lips in his, giving him the most passionate kiss he could manage through the haze that was threatening to envelop him. Cloud’s head fell back to the pillows, and he opened his eyes to look at his lover. Eyes clenched shut with passion, eyebrows furrowed, mouth open and panting… Rufus was truly a beautiful sight, even when he didn’t feel it. Cloud smiled and, arching off the bed came into the arms of nirvana. Wave after wave of euphoria crashed into his as he screamed out his final note, his hot passion spilling over him and his love. He collapsed back onto the bed, breathing coming short, a smile creeping back onto his face.

Rufus felt he was being watched, and when he was just about to open his eyes, felt Cloud arch off the bed and scream. His member pulsed in Rufus’ hand, and shuddered a final shudder before Cloud’s seed flowed openly, coating his and Rufus’ chest. His muscles clenched around Rufus’ manhood and, bestowing the final straw, sent Rufus crashing over the edge. He let out a hoarse cry as he came deep inside his lover, filling him with his ownd, cd, claiming him. He fell on top of Cloud, a boneless being, panting loudly. The two boys’ pants filled the room, the only sound echoing off the walls. Rufus pulled out after a while, rolled off of Cloud and took him into his arms. Cloud nuzzled into Rufus, wrapping his own arms around his lover as he felt his breathing become more steady. Rufus pulled the covers up over them, their sweaty and sticky bodies melding into each other. He laid his head on the pillow, kissing Cloud’s forehead lightly.

“ Thank you Cloud. Tonight was beautiful.” Cloud giggled softly, moving closer to Rufus.

“ Yeah, well, I tried.” Rufus smiled, his chin resting on the top of Cloud’s head.

“ I love you, Cloud,” he said quietly before the dregs of sleep overtook him.

“ I love you too,” Cloud said into his shoulder, “ And just for the record, I don’t regret anything.” With that, Cloud fell into the oblivion that was sleep, his love’s arms keeping him safe for eterni

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