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Disclaimer: I don't own FF VII! if you didn't know that by now, then sheesh! read these things more often!

~Still thinking of you, chapter six~

Sparks flew. Emotions blew up. Lightning cracked outside the window. Thunder boomed through the house. And Rufus had no idea what he was do He He kept his eyes shut just in case Cloud’s weren’t, just so he wouldn’t see the shock in his eyes. Cloud’s face pulsed with heat in the seat of Rufus’ palms, his lips slightly shaking, which made Rufus laugh inwardly. He pulled away from his new lover, and looked him in the eyes. Cloud was looking back at him, and blinked once… twice… three times before tripping over his tongue.

“ Uh… I, uh… um… what?” Rufus held up a finger to Cloud’s mouth, shaking his head.

“ Don’t mention it,” he replied silkily, the words falling off his tongue effortlessly. Cloud melted on the spot, losing himself in those blue eyes. He… he kissed him! Rufus KISSED him! Everything was going so smoothly, it surprised him. Even scared him. Was it just lust that drove Rufus to do that? At that moment Rufus smiled, turning Cloud’s legs to liquid concrete. He could ststanstand, but he just needed support: in other words, something he didn’t have at that moment. Rufus laughed.

“ Knees weak, I see…” And with that he swept Cloud up in his arms and started to carry him towards the bed. Cloud felt his arms wrap around Rufus’ neck, and next he found himself burying his face into the crick he found there. Rufus smelled faintly of almonds and cinnamon, making Cloud lose himself again in the tide that was Rufus. First the eyes and now the scent… it was so enticing, so sexy, yet so gentle… he didn’t know where this was going to go or how far they would take it. It was too soon when Rufus flopped Cloud down on the bed, his head at the bottom left corner. Rufus climbed onto the bed next to him, swung his arm over his chest, and gave him a long, deep kiss.

It was amazing. Emotions battled inside of him, something he never thought could happen. Rufus had always been in control of his feelings, but this boy underneath him made him forget all sense of time and space. The faint smell of his own shampoo caught his attention, and Rufus smiled. He broke the kiss and moved further down, nipping and licking his lover’s neck. Soft moans escaped that beautiful neck, and slender hands moved across his back, nails digging in whenever he felt like nipping. Cloud tasted wonderful, like a mix of citrus and honey. It was almost like breakfast, thought Rufus with a small laugh.

Cloud heard his newly acquired lover laugh, and opened his eyes. He hadn’t realized they had been closed as Rufus administered hie treatment, and Cloud looked down. Rufus sensed his movement rather than felt it, and he looked up too.

“ … Um, Ruff?” asked Cloud timidly.

“ Yes, Cloud?” Rufus answered.

“ How… how do you feel about all this? I mean, um, well…” Rufus shook his head, and kissed Cloud again.

“ You want to know how I feel about this?” he breathed against Cloud’s open lips. Cloud’s breath caught in his throat.

“ Y-yes,” he managed to croak out. Rufus moved closer, if that was possible.

“ I think I love you.” That did it. Cloud felt his body light on fire with need. He kissed Rufus back, one of those fierce, passionate kisses you always see in old black and white films. Tongues lashed for control as if they were in an armored battle. Finally Cloud broke away for air, and Rufus moved away slightly.

“ Um, I was wondering…” Cloud whispered, “ How far are you planning to go with this?” Rufus rolled off of him and propped himself up on an elbow, smiling.

“ As far as you’re comfortable with, love.” Cloud looked down, a blush creeping over his face. Rufus leaned forward, his hand moving lower and resting on Cloud’s upper thigh. “ Why, would you like me to stop?”

“ No, it’s just that… tha…” And he was quickly cut off by an enormous yawn. Rufus laughed as Cloud brushed away stray tears from his eye, rubbing the other with his other hand. Rufus rolled off the bed and walked into the bathroom, leaving Cloud alone in his room. The sound of running water greeted Cloud’s searching ears, and soon he heard Rufus step into the shower. He giggled to himself, striping himself of shirt and pants, leaving only his boxers. He climbed into the enormous bed, sitting in the direct middle. It seemed much larger somehow, but Cloud thought he must’ve just been extra tired. He laid back and crossed his arms underneath his head, humming to himself. His eyes traced the room and strayed to the ceiling, watching the flashes of lightning bring up a neon glow in the white paint. He had planned to stay awake long enough to fall asleep with Rufus next to him, but it wasn’t long before he felt himself fall into the oblivion that was sleep.

Rufus stepped out of the shower, and as he wrapped a towel around his waist he peeked back into the bedroom. Cloud was under the covers, his chest rising and falling slowly as the thunder outside boomed overhead. He didn’t stir. Moving with stealth, Rufus opened his dresser drawer, put on a pair of gold silk boxers, and slipped into the bed with his golden angel. Cloud moved closer to him, wrapping his arms around Rufus’ torso.

“ Mmmm… love you…” he slurred through his sleep, digging himself into Rufus. Rufus smiled.

“ Love you too, Cloud. Good night.” He turned out the lights, leaving on a newly added night light. Clouds covered the light itself, and one solitary bird flew across them. And as Rufus finally fell asleep, his arms pulling his lover even closer to him, soft breathing the only sound heard, the door creaked open. A pair of almond eyes and a smile greeted the sight of the two boys in bed, and with that, black hair whipped around the door as it shut with a soundless click.

It had been two weeks since Rufus had kissed Cloud and set the ball rolling. He and Cloud had escaped the ShinRa mansion four times wit det detection, three times with it (Tseng had let them go however, claiming thafus fus needed a break,) went skinny-dipping in the backyard pond, and spent every waking moment together that they could. They hadn’t tried to take it past that though: they both wanted for it to be at the right time. However, summer was almost at its end, and Cloud had to legally start school again. He didn’t like that prospect, considering he had to be sent away to the school he was enrolled in, some special academy near Junon. Rufus had been distraught when Cloud had told him the news, and it had shown in his work effort. President ShinRa had become increasingly more aggravated at him for his sloppy reports and slacking off, even missing some days of work altogether. On top of that, his “friend” Cloud seemed to always be near him, even if he was at work. He was sick of it, and called Rufus into his office to speak with him.

“ Sit down,” he said coldly as Rufus entered his father’s enormous office. He sat down apprehensively, afraid of what was coming. His father had always been a loose cannon, and was known to fly off the handle at any moment’s notice. Rufus’ eyes met with steely gray as his father coughed loudly.

“ Well? What have you to say of this disdainful behavior of late?”

“ What disdainful behavior, father?” Rufus replied blandly. President ShinRa’s eyes narrowed dangerously.

“ Don’t play games with me, boy. I know what you’ve been up to.” Rufus felt his stomach plummet a good six feet. Did his father really know about him and Cloud? Was Tseng telling him about his son’s antics around the city? Rufus felt ice pour down his throat as he forced himself to swallow. President ShinRa smiled, a dangerous smile that let his canines escape.

“ Yes… I thought you’d react in a way that would spill the beans. You know I don’t tolerate that sort of behavior, Rufus.” President ShinRa stood form his desk and walked to the window behind his desk, overlooking the outer walkway and the city below.

“ Rufus, I don’t appreciate the fact that you’ve been leaving work early lately.” Rufus’ father turned around, a murderous look in his eyes. “ You know very well that I only push you this hard so that you’ll become a successful business man when you take over this company. ShinRa Inc. is a worldwide power, my boy. Our actions effect this entire Planet, whether for right or for wrong.” He turned back to the window again. “ And I do not like the fact that your friend seems to be everywhere you are at all times.” Rufus looked up defiantly.

“ He’s only there because he knows no one else here, father. He just wants someone to talk to!”

“ I don’t care if that certainly is the case, boy. You’ve missed work. Your reports are turning to mush. Your effort is below that of a novice. For Christ’s sake, boy, you’re the up and coming VP of this company and you don’t seem to care!” An uneasy silence followed, both men avoiding the other’s eye.

“ … Well I don’t.” Rufus said at last. President ShinRa’s face turned dark.

“ … What was that boy?” he spat out, an icy hiss in his voice.

“ I don’t care. I don’t care about becoming vice president of ShinRa Inc. I don’t care about even being a part of it, and I certainly don’t care about –“


Rufus felt himself fly across the room, heat radiating from his left cheek. He landed on the waxed floor with an earsplitting crash, sliding a few feet before coming to a total stop. He was on his right side facine wie window, and he heard his father coming towards him. He clumsily tried to get to his feet, but his slick shoes didn’t make much for help. President ShinRa took him by the shirt collar and hoisted him off the ground, his toes barely touching. Rufus grasped his father’s thick wrists in a futile attempt to rid himself of that powerful grasp, but to no avail. He looked into his father’s eyes: they were cold and murderous, and Rufus swore he could see a red glint hidden there deep within the harbored gray.

“ If you ever…” his father started in a tone that Rufus never wanted to hear again, “ Say those things again, you’ll wish you’ve never been born, boy!”

“ I already do,” Rufus spat out, feeling his own hate for the man before him pour out for the first time in years. “ I do wish that I’ve never been born, father. At least not to you!” President ShinRa’s grasp tightened, and Rufus felt his shirt constrict around his neck. White spots were dancing in front of his eyes, and he felt his lungs expand as he fought for breath.

“ That so, then? I daresay you can do much to change that.” He dropped Rufus to the floor, watching him land on all fours. He was gasping for breath, and sweat was running off his face. It spattered onto the floor, leaving small tarnishing puddles every few inches. President ShinRa looked down in disgust, an evil smirk overtaking his face.

“ Oh, now look what you’ve done, boy! You’ve dirtied up my shoes…” He walked away from his panting son, shaking his feet as he went. He sat down at his desk again, pursing his lips and tapping his fingers together.

“ Now then, Rufus,” he said with a deadly manner, “ If your work effort does not improve, I will be forced to take certain actions regarding your personal time. Likor ior instance, sending your friend back home to Neibelhiem.” Rufus’ head shot up, fear in his widening eyes, his heart constricting like it was in a vice.

“ Father, no! Please, don’t –“

“ Rufus, I’m afraid you’ll have no say in the matter.”

“ Father, please! I’ll do anything, anything! Please don’t send Cloud away from me! I need him here, I –“ His father coughed loudly, continuing with his lecture.

“ As I have just stated boy, you’ll have no say in the matter.” Rufus fell silent, afraid that his father would really take the before mentioned course of action. “ Now then… we’ll start with some schedule changes. You will work later hours, up to 9 total at least five days a week. Saturdays will be a permanent workday, and Sundays will become your extra days to be used twice a month. Your reports will be twice as long as they are now, and if they are not satisfactory they will be rewritten and another two pages added on. If you leave work early even one day that I do not specify, I will take certain action. If you are caught slacking off, you will work the Sunday shift from five in the morning until seven o’clock the FOLLOWING evening. Am I clear, Rufus?”

“ … Yes father, crystal,” Rufus answered monotonously. He couldn’t believe what he’d just heard. Longer hours? More days? Possibly a shift that was more than 30 hours long?

“ Good. Now leave my office.” With that, President ShinRa turned his chair around with a small squeak, turning his back to his son. Rufus slowly got off his knees and onto his feet, straightened his jacket, and left the room.

Rufus felt himself walk back to his own office, but his brain didn’t. It was still trying to process everything that had just happened. Considering his workday started at two in the afternoon and his “new schedule” was more than likely already in effect, he would have to work until 11 each night. What a pain in the ass this is going to be, Rufus thought to himself as he opened his office door. That added on top of Saturdays and possible Sundays, and he decided he was officially screwed. Even if he didn’t have anything to do other than work he would probably break down at some point. But now that he had Cloud in his life he didn’t know how he would deal with this. The only way he could was to actually WANT to become vice president of ShinRa Co. That way he wouldn’t have to have lessons five days a week, just work, which he could possibly start earlier on in the day. He eased himself into his chair, wincing as he felt an ache in his back take shape.

“ Bastard…” he said quietly. He looked to his computer monitor, only to find that half his hair had fallen in front of his eyes. He brushed it back quickly, and looked to the clock on the wall. Three o’clock. Great.
Rufus sighed and leaned back in his chair. Towering his fingers together, he closed his eyes, and lost himself in thought. How was he going to break this to Cloud? For all he knew the only time he would see him was when he was already asleep. He didn’t want to break his beloved’s heart, but it seemed the only thing he was capable of doing right now. A knock at the door brought him back to reality, and he felt his eyebrows furrow as he opened his eyes.

“ Come in,” he said quietly. The door clicked open, and Tseng walked in. Rufus felt his eyes roll. Great, he thought blandly, now I have Tseng to deal with. Tseng sown own and crossed his arms, giving Rufus ‘that look’ once again. Rufus sighed.

“ Tseng, would you knock it off with the look, please?” Tseng shook his head.

“ I’m sorry sir. Habit, you know.” His eyes suddenly became serious.

“ You know, I’ve just been visitiith ith President ShinRa,” he stated quietly. Rufus looked him straight in the eye, matching the fierceness he saw there.

“ Yeah, what about it?” he answered. Tseng sighed.

“ You know very well that you were just there. I’ve come to expect so much more of your comprehension levels by now, young vice president.”

“ Tseng, I’ve asked you many times to stop calling me that until I actually am vice president. And what are you going on about my comprehension skills for, Tseng? I don’t see how they could work into all of this… this…” It dawned on him. Rufus knew well enough that Tseng could see without being seen, and hear without being heard. So if he had just been ‘visiting’ with the President, then that meant that…

“ Yes, Rufus. I was there,” said Tseng coldly. Rufus felt his head lower in utter defeat. Terrific, now he had Tseng breathing down his back as well.

“ Rufus, I know how hard it is for you to please your father. You’ve alwbeenbeen ten levels under what he wants and I don’t think you’ll be going up any further sometime soon. But you didn’t have to lose your cool like you did. That wasn’t very tactical of you. Now you have three times the load you had before, and even then you hardly ever found time to be with Cloud.” Rufus buried his face in his hands, feeling the tears start to well up in his eyes. Tseng was right. Now what was he going to do, really? He reflected on what had happened earlier up at his father’s office, and looking back on it now he saw that no matter what he did now it wouldn’t change the results.

“ Tseng,” Rufus said with a small sob, bringing his face back up to meet his friend’s, “ Isn’t there anything I can do? You know, to change my father’s resolve?” Tseng lowered his gaze.

“ I’m afraid there is nothing you can do. But I do have an idea.” Rufus felt the tight feeling in his throat disappear. No way could Tseng have an idea to help! Well… he was a Turk and all, but for this matter? Even Rufus had his doubts. Tseng gave a small, humorous snort.

“ Rufus, sir, have I ever pointed you in the wrong direction with any of my advice?” Rufus slowly shook his head. “ Thought so. Now, you’re not going to like this idea, but I say try to comply with your father’s wishes in a way that even he will be forced to admit.” Rufus cocked his head to the side, a questioning look starting over his face. “ What I mean is, put extra effort than you’ve been asked for. Like, for instance, work later than 11 a few nights a week.” Rufus gave a loud snort. It would take all of his self-control not to leave early today, but work later hours normally? Tseng had to be kidding.

“ Sorry Tseng, but not even I have the self control for that.” Tseng stood up with a sigh and walked to the window to the right of Rufus’ desk.

“ You know sir, sometimes the best way out isn’t always the easiest one.” Rufus rolled his eyes. You can say that again, he thought bitterly. Tseng continued.

“ I remember back when you were still a child, Rufus, and you always did more than you could handle just to be able to stay up and extra half hour one night a week. You would do anything and everything possible for your age just to getyes’yes’ out of your father, and your mother never said ‘no’ to anything either. On top of that, you always found time to go galloping off with Cloud no matter how tired you were. Now answer me this, sir. Where did that child go? Where did that determination and hard effort go to and leave you behind? I’ve never seen you back down from anything, sir, now matter the odds or the consequences. And now you’re planning to just let it all cave in and abandon what you most believe in? No, Rufus. I think no matter how tough this looks, or how difficult it feels, you will come through with a smile and the perseverance that you’ve had since you were little. That’s what I see.” Tseng turned from the window and looked at Rufus. He was staring at his desk, eyes wide and spacing, fingers lifeless at his sides. His mouth was slightly open, and his eyebrows were slowly creasing. Tseng walked over to him, and shut his mouth.

“ Now if you’ll excuse me sir, I have some new recruits to attend to.” And with that final note, Tseng turned heel, opened the door, and left Rufus’ office. Rufus stared after him, thinking over whaeng eng had just told him. He stood from his chair and walked to a filling cabinet near the wall, and opened the second drawer down. He pulled out a very thick and very old file, which was stuffed to the brim with what looked like pictures. He sat back down at his desk, and let the file slide open. Sure enough, pictures flooded his desk, all shapes and sizes, black and white, color…. He started with a pile that was closest to him, a pile which contained pictures of him and his mother. Rufus smiled. He hadn’t seen her in years, but Tseng had been kind enough to bring him recent pictures from his visits at Neibelhiem. He went through that pile and quickly started on another.

Rufus felt tears well up again. Pictures from his childhood, pictures with Cloud in them. There were pictures of them climbing trees, pictures of them swimming, even pictures of them sleeping. There were ones that showed them playing soccer, Cloud’s 12th birthday, and one that showed Cloud laughing at Rufus, who was at the time stuck in a tree. Rufus went through every last picture until he came to the very last one. It was of Cloud and himself the day before he had left home, Cloud winking and smiling, Rufus doing the same. They were giving each other bunny ears, and Cloud had grabbed Rufus by the scruff of his neck. One solitary tear fell onto the picture, and for the first time in minutes Rufus realized that he had been crying. He smiled to himself and wiped the tears away, propping the picture against his computer monitor. Sliding the pictures back into the file and putting the away, he came to a realization. Tseng was right once again. Rufus couldn’t let even this set back get in the way of anything, especially his blossoming relationship with Cloud. He loved him deeper than anything he felt he possibly could, and nothing his father could do would stop him. Sitting down again, Rufus grabbed his phone and dialed home. He had to tell Cloud now, just so that he wouldn’t be worried about him coming home late. The ringing stopped as the phone line on the other end was answered.

“ ShinRa residence, my name is Hilde. How may I help you?” Rufus smiled: trust it to Hilde to answer everything.

“ Hilde? It’s Rufus. Could you get Cloud on the phone, please? Quickly?”

“ Yes, young Master ShinRa. Master Strife will answer presently.” With that the phone went silent, and Rufus waited in earnest as he heard the clicking of the maid’s feet disappear. He decided not to tell Cloud everything to save time, just that he would be home late. It wasn’t long before hurried footsteps were heard through the phone, and the cord falling as it was picked up.

“ Yeah, this is Cloud.”

“ Cloud, baby? It’s me.”

“ Ruff? What are doing calling from work? You never call home,” said Cloud in a pouty voice. Rufus laughed quietly.

“ Yeah, I know. Listen, I have to work late tonight, so I’ll be home around 11:30, alright?”

“ 11:30? No way! You can’t be home that late, I’ll be asleep by then!” Rufus felt his heart drop at the tone in Cloud’s voice.

“ Hon, I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do about it. Dad’s being a real asshole today, and I have to stay late.” He heard Cloud sigh, and irritated sigh.

“ Well, why do have to stay so late? Can’t you leave earlier than that?”

“ No, Cloud, I can’t. I’m very sorry, but I swear I’ll explain it all to you when I get .”

“ Yeah, if I’m still awake then…” Cloud answered slowly. Rufus closed his eyes. Cloud had an angry tone in his voice, one that Rufus didn’t often hear.

“ Look, don’t get mad over this. It’s not my fault I have to stay late, it’s just…”

“ Yeah, yeah, I know. Sorry, love,” Cloud said sweetly. Rufus smiled.

“ Glad you think that way. Well I have to get back to work, babe. Anything you need before I go?”

“ Just you, sexy.” Rufus shuddered. Cloud rarely spoke in a seductive voice, but when he did it was like the world had just exploded.

“ Hmmm, I’ll see what I can do.”

“ Oh good!” Cloud replied in a sweet voice, one that he used when eating mostly.

“ I love you, bye.”

“ Bye, Ruff. Love you too!” Rufus hung up the phone, smiling. He looked again to the clock on the wall. Four thirty. Rufus sighed. This was going to be a long day…

Cloud hung up the phone, his heart falling four stories. He never really had time alone with Rufus anyway, but now this? He sighed and flopped down on the couch, scratching his head. Why would President ShinRa all of a sudden keep Rufus so late? It wasn’t as if he’d done something wrong. On the contrary, Rufus hardly did anything wrong. But Cloud was determined to stay awake for his love, and with a mischievous smirk, he picked up the phone and phone book. He knew just the way to stay up for Rufus, and boy was he ever going to be surprised...

Cloud: WHAT?! you just HAD to make me seem all sectretive, didn't you?
Sephiroth: yeah, how did you manage to pull that off? the last time Clwa swa secretive was the day he was born: no one knew! BWA HA HA!
Rufus/ryu-chan: BWA HA HA!
Cloud: ... *sniffles* you guys suck!
Rufus: *giggling and clutching his sides* r&r please! ha ha!

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