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Disclaimer: ... i'm going to shoot someone...

~Still thinking of you, chapter nine~

Cloud had left Rufus’ office somewhere around three in the afternoon (he had refused to leave until Rufus had read his entire packet through,) leaving Rufus once again to type up that stupid damage report he had tried to turn in two hours earlier. He had answered several calls in the last half-hour (mostly from his father, who was screaming about something wrong at Kalm Town) and numerous others for mako shipments. He was, truth be told, pooped out. He had no more stamina to keep going for the day, and seeing as he had yet to take his break, he decided to take it now. He stood up withawn,awn, stretched, and walked out his office door.

He was so tired that even time itself seemed blurred. He had worked his fingers to the bone today and had hardly gotten anything done. It was slowly driving him crazy: Rufus didn’t know how much longer he could take this. He hit the elevator down button, and stood in silent wait. As he waited for one of the four elevators to arrive, a woman’s voice came over the intercom.

“ Rufus ShinRa to Main Proprietor’s Office. Repeat: Rufus ShinRa to Main Proprietor’s Office.” Rufus groaned. He didn’t feel like humoring his father right now, but decided to comply before President ShinRa exploded on him for being late or slacking off, or whatever he felt like choosing as a word choice. Sighing and putting his battling mind onto his shoulders Rufus headed up the stairs behind him, not wanting to know lay lay ahead of him. He reached the top and stopped dead in his tracks: Tseng was also there with the President, along with who Rufus thought to be Rude, a fat man in green, and worst of all, Reno.

“ Ahh, Rufus my boy! About time you got here!” President ShinRa beamed about him, motioning for Rufus to sit before him. Apprehensively, Rufus approached his father’s desk, and gingerly sat down. The two mystery men in the room were giving him the willies, and Tseng was leaning against the wall, furthest away. Reno stood the closest to Rufus, who was decidedly ignoring him.

“ What did you call me here for, father? I’ve lots of work to do, and have yet to take my break.” Rufus’ father laughed curtly.

“ Well, see here now, that’s just the reason why I’ve called you here, Rufus. I had a… ‘talk’ with Tseng yesterday after our conversation, as you will so vividly recall.” Rufus’ features winced, turning stony and foreign. If his father was tng ang about the encounter that had went on during the afternoon yesterday, he’d probably say something very nasty and beast headed, and then end up adding more to Rufus’ plate.

“ Yes, father. I do recall it somewhat.” His father smirked.

“ See here what I told you about, Heideggar? Boy’s got spunk in him!” The man in green laughed, a very alarming laugh that made everyone in the room want earplugs.

“ GYA HA HA HA HA! I do see where you’re coming from, Mr. President sir. However, he still seems a little… snobbish. Bastardly, if you ask me.” Rufus raised his head defiantly. No one had every called him ‘bastardly’ before, and he didn’t like it at all. He was about to speak up when he felt a familiar hand grasp his shoulder. Rufus looked up and was met by the eyes of Tseng, who shook his head ‘no.’ The man called Heideggar continued.

“ But it seems to me that what you’re thinking may just give him the edge he needs to succeed. Then he’ll know just how to ahen hen in the presence of his superiors.” Heideggar snuffed impatiently, then headed to the window. “However, I still say you keep the before mentioned plan of action, sir. It will help him to mold around the business day more… shall we say, effectively. More of a habit, if you will.” President ShinRa nodded slightly, rubbing his chin with the back of his hand.

“ Yes well, I do agree Heideggar, but at the same time I do not think that he needs this kind of work just yet. He’s just two months shy of becoming the vice president and I don’t want him tuckered out before then. So I believe I will go with the more recent action we have discussed.”

Rufus turned his head and, cocking an eyebrow, looked at his father straight in the eye. President ShinRa was giving him a similar look, and after a few seconds slightly smiled.

“ Hmmm. You know boy, you look as though there’s something on you mind. Care to share with us?” Rufus inwy shy shuddered. He hated it when the President called him ‘boy,’ but he wasn’t going to let everyone else in the room know it too. God only knew that Reno would drive Rufus to hell and back with that.

“ Yeah, I do have one question for you, Mr. President sir. Who is he, and who are these other two people?” Rufus gestured towards Heideggar, Reno and Rude. He already knew who Rude and Reno were, obviously, but he decided to feign ignorance lest his father become suspicious about anything that happened earlier that day or at any time.

“ This is Heideggar, Rufus. He’s the new head of the Turks. Tseng is the Superior Officer now, and these two are Reno and Rude. They’re the newest addition to the Turks’ members.” Rufus’ eyes narrowed dangerously.

“ I thought they were the only members of the Turks, Mr. President sir. Or are there more hiding in your cabinets or underneath your desk as well?” President ShinRa’s eyes flared and narrowed, his face flus wit with frustration.

“ Hmph. You are quite a little shit, aren’t you boy?” he said in a deadly quiet. Rufus smirked at him.

“ Perhaps. I must’ve gotten it from you though, considering you’re the only one around who’s also got it.” President ShinRa laughed quietly, and took a large stack of papers that was near Rufus back to his side of the desk.

“ Still determined, I see. Well, that settles it then. I’m keeping you to your old schedule, boy. See to it that you don’t mess it up further. However, I still want you in until 11 PM each night. Understand?” Rufus could plainly see where this was supposed to have gone. Heideggar seemed to have mentioned giving him extra work hours, but his father was letting him off the hook, no more or less thanks to Tseng. Rufus closed his eyes and smiled, shaking his head.

“ You know, you guys are really something, trying to let me off like that. However, I was once told by a wise old bird to follow what your heart had told you. And right now my heart tells me to keep with the new.” With that Rufus stood up, reached over the desk, picked up the stack of papers, turned around and headed for the door. He stopped short, turned around and smirked at the sight before him. His father was, in truth, stunned: it showed plainly on his face. He had never expected Rufus to disincline from an offer like that, ever. Heideggar stood close by him, impressed and silent. Reno’s brown eyes housed no interest, and Rude stood by the window in complete silence, sunglasses hiding his features as the incoming sunlight shone off his bald head.

“ Well, isn’t that odd,” said the senior Turk with a laugh. Tseng walked over to the door also, and bowed his way from the room.

“ If you’ll excuse me, gentlemen, but I’ve an appointment to attend to.” And with that he left the room, Rufus hot on his heels.

“ That was quite something you pulled back there, Rufus. Disinclining the President’s offer like that.” Rufus smiled, hefting the papers onto his shoulder.

“ Well Tseng, you did tell me that the only way to make myself go from ruby to diamond in my father’s eye was to work later hours and to bite off more than I could chew.”

“ Yes, I did, but I didn’t mean literally!” Tseng answered with nothing shy of laughter, hinting at the huge pile of papers that were threatening to fall of the young boy’s shoulder at any second.

“ Oh ha ha. Now if you will se mse me, I’ve these reports and another two stacks to fill out in my office, and no doubt of another 50 e-mails.” Rufus laughed as Tseng shook his head. “Oh, what now?”

“ Sometimes I wonder,” Tseng started quietly, “if all that I do only pushes you harder than your father pushes you.” Rufus smiled, his crystalline blue eyes twinkling.

“ Tseng, nothing you ever do or say will push me harder than what my father does. You have a completely different role in my life than he does. Besides, if I impress him I keep my job.” With a final wink and a last hearty smile, Rufus left to the right to his office, switching shoulders as he went. Tseng watched him until he disappeared behind his office door, then left to the elevators to do whatever business the Turks did at four o’clock in the afternoon.

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