Still thinking of you

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ryu-chan: chapter three, yahoo!
Cloud&Rufus: *groan*
ryu-chan: oh, come on! it isn't that bad, you two.
Cloud: yes it is, it's horrid. I hate it.
ryu-chan: do not.
Cloud: I do so!
ryu-chan: if you didn't yo wouldn't be arguing so much about it.
Cloud: ... shut up.
Rufus: tee hee ^^

~Still thinking of you, chapter three~

Cloud woke the next morning in a daze. He was still tired from earlier, but his body didn’t seem to want to sleep any longer. He opened his eyes, and was greeted by a cleaning Tseng, who was currently tidying up Rufus’ bedroom from earlier that morning. Cloud yawned and stretched, and sat up in the bed, taking in the cool breeze from the open window. Tseng noticed he was awake, and smiled.

“ All right there, Cloud?” he asked. Cloud looked over at him.

“ Yeah, I guess… what time is it, Tseng?” Tseng pointed to the clock next to the full mirror by the door. The red numbers read 4:07 PM.

“ Holy shit, man! I must’ve been beat last night or something,” Cloud mused while scratching his head. Tseng chuckled.

“ Yes, well, I’d advise you two for no more late nights. At least not when Rufus has to work and have his lessons the next ” Cl” Cloud blinked.

“ Wait a minute, he’s got to work? Jeez, that blows. And I thought he didn’t have lessons on Saturdays?” Tseng’s features turned to sto

“ Let’s just say that President ShinRa wanted him ahead of schedule this weekend,” he answered darkly. “ It’s not like the President to push his son this hard. That last time he was puslikelike this was four months back when I caught him daydreaming out of the window.” Cloud swallowed.

“ Jesus, what did he make Ruff do? Make up work?” Tseng looked him straight in the eye.

“ Ruff? You’re already off of formalities, eh Cloud?” Cloud blushed ever so slightly and looked away.

“ Well, we ARE good friends, like brothers, so why should we be formal?” Tseng smiled, and returned to straightening out the couch-bed.

“ Yes, you’re quite right. Well, Rufus doesn’t have make up work, as you call it. He has what the President calls ‘extended lessons’ which I might add are no more fun.” Tseng sighed while Cloud slipped from the bed to find his shirt.

“ Oh yeah? ‘Extended lessons’ eh? What’re those?” Tseng rolled his eyes and folded up a nearby blanket.

“ Rufus is sent down to the secretary’s office and is made to file all reports, documents, profiles, magazines, etc until the day’s end. Last time he was down there for 14 hours before he was finished. I never caught him daydreaming again, ever.” Cloud snorted.

“ That’s no way to treat your kid, man. I mean, well, hell! That’s just not cool.” Tseng looked up at him in the midst of organizing the pillows.

“ Yes, well, as you know the President and Mrs. ShinRa haven’t always had the best relationship if you might recall.”

“ … Oh yeah. I, I forgot all about that,” said Cloud quietly. President ShinRa and Mrs. ShinRa were always on each other’s bad side when it came to their relationship. But for Rufus’ sake they had managed to make it work until Rufus was 14. Then his father packed up and left, taking Rufus with him without a word to Mrs. ShinRa. Rufus had always kept in touch with his mother, but never anyone else.ud sud suspected that he was secretly sending the telegrams to her through Tseng, but never really had an accusation.

“ So Mrs. ShinRa hasn’t had any help in Rufus’ latter years, then?” he asked Tseng timidly. Tseng sighed, an irritated sigh.

“ No. I keep telling the President that it’d be good for Rufus to have some contact with the outside world, but he keeps saying no. He wants Rufus to be a heartless prick and rule Midgar with an iron fist when he’s older, just like him.” T sno snorted. “ It’s disgusting. I always catch Rufus looking out of windows or on-line looking at pictures of trees and flowers… natural things that he hasn’t seen in years. I’m disgusted with the way that the President imprisons him, like he’s some sort of breeding animal. All I want for Rufus is to be free to make his own choices in life, but so far that prospect looks bleak.” He snorted again and picked up the rug, proceeding to shake it out. Cloud was left in thought. He had never known just how mistreated Rufus really was. It was so sickening to think that he had to relay messages to his mother through Tseng in secret, knowing that he could never see his mother or talk with her in person. Cloud didn’t think he could manage being cut off from his life in such a manner, a manner in which he could never have any say as long as he was alive.

“ That – that’s just not right, Tseng.” Tseng gave a snort.

“ Really? You think so, Cloud? Me too,” he replied bitterly. Cloud could feel the heat rising in his face, his fists clenching and unclenching.

“ I mean, Jesus Christ, man! What kind of shitbag IS President ShinRa, anyway? It’s almost like he’s paranoid, or fucking insecure to lock away his only kid like that, it’s – it’s just fucking sick, Tseng!” Tseng sighed and pue rue rug back down on the floor, and proceeded to make the bed.

“ Well, I think it’s best if we leave this conversation as is for now, Cloud.” He fluffed the pillows and smiled. “ I think it’s about time you had a shower. The bathroom’s through there, you’ll find everything you need in the sink cabinet.” He stared Cloud in the eye, and finally Cloud capitulated.

“ All right, I’ll go take a shower then.” He walked to the bathroom in defeat, but suddenly turned around and blurted out, “ Hey Tseng? When does Ruff get off of work, anyway?”

“ Around seven, I’d like to think,” said Tseng quietly. Cloud smiled, disappeared behind the door and shut it with a soft click. Tseng shook his head, a faint smile tracing his lips. He picked up Cloud’s discarded shirt, a few of Rufus’ clothes, and silently left the room without a sound.

Cloud walked into the bathroom and shut the door. He turned around, only to find himself gasp in alarm. The bathroom was painted a midnight blue, golden trim lining everything. Quite a change from snow white, Cloud had to observe. A big, blue, fluffy bathmat encompassed the whole of the floor, the tile underneath a beautiful shade of peach. The shower stall was enormous, probably as big as a twin bed, and the bath to the right was no exception either. Cloud figured it was at least the size of a queen-size. Shower curtains flowed from the stall, golden and blue with moons and stars from top to bottom. Cloud smiled, stripped himself of his pants and boxers, walked into the stall, and turned on the water. Four separate showerheads beat down on him with the force of an elephant, turning his muscles from tense to jelly. He sighed as his body relaxed itself, and he let his mind wander – wander to last night in particular.

Cloud’s eyebrows creased as he found himself thinking along those lines again. What had happened between Rufus and himself? Why had his body reacted the way it had? Cloud washed his hair quietly, musing over this fact. He just couldn’t see why what had happened had happened. He wasn’t queer, he knew that much. At least, he thought that much. He now realized that he’d never been attracted to any girls before in his life, and that he dt tht think he ever wanted to be. He had spent every day of his childhood with Rufus, always getting teased by the other kids for liking him as if he were a girl. Cloud had always said that they were jealous of not having a friend like Rufus, but now it seemed, well, different. He understood that it’d been three years since they’d seen each other, so he was certain that was what caused his arousal last night. He washed himself up, rinsed, and turned off the water. He stepped out of the stall and turned the fan on. Drying himself off and gelling up his hair, he subconsciously realized something, something that would probably change his life forever.

He was falling for his best friend.

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Cloud: true.
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Cloud: *rolls eyes*
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