Still thinking of you

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ryu-chan: whoohoo, chapter two!
Cloud: damn it...
Rufus: *groans* not this torture again...!
ryu-chan: *evil smirk* mwee hee hee! ^^

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of FF VII or any of t ele elements... except me. Steal me, and i'll hunt you down!

~Still thinking of you, chapter two~

It was three in the morning, and the boys had finally settled down enough to really start “talking.” They had raided the kitchen when Cloud had flown in, pulled pranks on the cleaning maids, had a small but deadly lethal kick boxing tournament resulting in Rufus almost losing an eye, and had basically just turned the whole of the ShinRa house upside down (which included seven plugged toilets and an unrecognizable living room.) The two had made their way to Rufus’ room and were now sitting on the bed, a bowl of popcorn and some Reeses snack sizes out between them. Cloud was stretched out on the foot of the bed, where Rufus was sitting cross-legged neas pis pillows at the head. Cloud was the first to start the questions.

“ So, where exactly has life taken you, Ruff? Like, what’re your plans for later life and stuff?”

“ Father wants to makevicevice president on my birthday, if that’s what you mean…” Rufus answered with a sad tone. Cloud was confused. How could someone with such a cool sounding future be pained by it? For all he knew, Cloud thought that being a vice president for a multimillion-dollar company would be a sweet vicinity. He continued stuffing his face with popcorn as Rufus continued.

“ Not that it wouldn’t be cool an’ all, but I just don’t want that responsibility yet,” Rufus sighed with contempt. “ I want to get out some and see the Planet. I haven’t been free of this city for years, ever since I left Neibelhiem… I want to be free again, Cloud!” He slid of the bed and walked over to the bay window. Moving the curtains aside, Rufus sat on the cushions and let his head fall against the panes. The rain outside created a waterfall look on the window, and the view outside was murky and blurred. Rufus sighed again.

“ I just… want to be me for a while…” Cloud watched his child hood friend with remorse. He had no idea that Rufus had been locked up like some barnyard animal for the last three years and denied his life. It was sickening: disgusting, even. Sure, Cloud had his expense of work and school, but he always had time to himself to do just as heaseeased. He couldn’t see someone like Rufus not doing what he or she pleased. It was a really saddening sight to see him curled up on the bay couch, watching the rain fall and beat against the windowpanes as he looked out with hopeful eyes, almost like a bird in a cage.

Cloud slid from the silk sheets and walked over to the window, sitting on the other edge of the bay couch. He nudged Rufus with a foot, and gave him a small smile.

“ You know, everything’s gonna be aht. ht. You’ve got me now!” Cloud said while he stretched his arms out wide like an actor. He winked at Rufus reassuringly, giving his eyes a kiddy glint that brought back memories of their childhood to Rufus’ mind. He smiled in return, and nodded.

“ You know, you’re right! Now that you’re here, I don’t feel so empty anymore. It’s nice having the past back.” Rufus moved to the edge of the couch and he swung his feet over to find his slippers. An arm around his shoulders brought his head up, only for his eyes to be inches from Cloud’s. Cloud’s hand squeezed his right shoulder, and he gave Rufus another smile.

“ Yeah, it is nice having the past back. The last three years have really sucked, having to grow up without you there. We were like brothers back then, and we still are now, right?” Rufus gave a large smile back.

“ Yeah, we are still brothers!” Rufus wrapped his left arm around Cloud’s shoulders and squeezed the left one. Cloud smiled, and Rufus smiled back. Suddenly, Rufus busted out laughing, and for some reason Cloud started to laugh too. Two boys, hugging each other sentimentally? He couldn’t help but laugh. He expected it was from being so delirious. After all, it was three in the morning. The two slowly made their way back to the bed while knocking over two tables and a chair in the attempt. Regaining their composure, they sat in their old spots again and started to talk again.

“ So how’s your mom?” Rufus asked, unwrapping a Reeses from the foot tall pile. Cloud shrugged.

“ You know, same ol’ mom. She hasn’t changed much, except for she’s been trying to find me a girl. Wants the family to keep going, I expect.” Rufus scowled.

“ I think that you should be able to choose who you love, personally.” Cloud nodded furiously.

“ Seriously! That’s what I said. She keeps setting me up with Tifa. I told here nothing was going to happen, and so far nothing has. Tifa and I are just frs ans anyway, so it’s pretty damn unlikely that anything will EVER happen.” Rufus laughed. He always knew that Tifa had a crush on Cloud, ever since her mom had died and the whole falling off of the bridge with Cloud incident had occurred years back.

“ So what about you, Ruff? Got anybody’s eye lately?” Cloud asked with a smirk. Rufus rolled his eyes and sighed.

“ I wish there wasn’t. Every time I try tobusibusiness with someone, they always seem to be girls. I hate the all the attention… it’s unwanted, anyway,” he added. Cloud “psh-ed” him with wide eyes.

“ Are you kidding? Shit man, I would kill to have that sort of attention! You must be nuts.” Rufus snorted.

“ Well, I find it most uncomfortable. I’m not looking for anyone and I certainly don’t want anyone as young as I am now. I want some experience in the world before I do anything rash like that.”

“ Amen to that. Well said,” Cloud said with a heaved sigh. Suddenly he whistled. “ Damn, it’s fuckin’ hot in here! Since when did it get so hot, Ruff?” Cloud sat up and took of his shirt, which startled Rufus a bit. Perfectly sculpted muscles lay under a tight layer of bronze-gold skin, chiseled features giving way to a remarkable beauty. Rufus felt his face grow hot, and quickly look down. No man had ever removed their shirt in his presence so unannounced, and it threw Rufus off a bit. Cloud tossed his shirt aside and looked to Rufus. He saw the blush in the boys’ cheeks, and raised an eyebrow.

“ Um, Ruff?” Rufus squeaked as he was brought back to the moment. He looked up at Cloud, who was in the midst of giving him a quizzical look.

“ Sorry… I usually don’t react like this. I don’t know why I did now…” Rufus leapt from the bed and proceeded to open the bay window. He fumbled with the lock and finally pushed the glass open, a cool fall breeze making it’s way past him and into the room behind him. Why had he reacted that way? He’d never ever blushed before when he had seen a guy shirtless. The cool air was nice against Rufus’ face, and he felt the heat receding. But he still felt way too warm to breathe, and he hitched up his shirt, took it off and tossed it to the corner of the room. His body welcomed the breeze as it enveloped his every sense, bringing his mind to a state of tranquil.

Meanwhile, behind him, Cloud wasn’t doing too well. He was still confused. He heard Rufus unlock the window and heard it creak as it opened, but he was too busy thinking. Why had Rufus reacted that way? They used to go swimming when they were younger, like it was any different now. Cloud turned his head to glance at Rufus, only to see him take off his shirt and toss it to the corner. Now it was Cloud who felt out of place. Rufus’ back was tense, giving full view to all the muscles underneath. They reached and stretchver ver his frame, which was very thin and beautiful. His skin was tight to the muscle beneath, perfectly showing off a very supple prize. Now Cloud felt the blood rise and he too looked away. Shit, why was HE reacting this way now, too? Rufus was like his brother! This was no way to feel towards a brother, was it?

Rufus chose at that moment to turn around just as Cloud chose to look away. He felt his eyebrows crease as he saw a blush creep into Cloud’s cheeks too. This was getting a little weird. Why were they both reacting way way? It wasn’t right for one thing. They were like brothers, and they were both guys. It just felt weird. Rufus gave up on thinking, and shrugged it off. Maybe it was raging hormones, he didn’t know. Suddenly, he got an idea and felt a smirk creep over his face.

“ Hey Cloud!” Cloud took a sharp intake of breath as he looked over at Rufus’.

“ Y-Yeah?” he answered timidly. Rufus was smirking in a most disturbing way, which made him blush even more.

“ Wrestle time!” Rufus yelled as he pounced on Cloud. Cloud smiled and answered back.

“ Alright, but you asked for it!” They rolled off the bed with a loud bang and rolled all along the hardwood floor. Running into a dresser along the way, they finally stopped rolling when they reached the rug in the middle of the room. Rufus, who was on bottom at the time, flipped Cloud to his stomach and locked his arms behind his back. Cloud smiled, remembering this trick from when they wyounyounger, and kicked Rufus from behind. Rufus flew with the force of a bullet, smashing into the couch and sending pillows flying everywhere. Cloud screamed and pounced again, only to be met in the face by a Greek embroidered pillow. Rufus leapt from the couch and grabbed Cloud around the middle, forcing him to the floor. Sitting on his abdomen, pinning him to the floor, Rufus reached like lightning for Cloud’s wrists and brought them on top of his head. Cloud struggled and lashed about, but couldn’t get out of Rufus’ death lock. They were both panting loudly, and were both smiling.

“ You always did fight dirty,” said Cloud with a pant. Rufus grinned.

“ Yeah, well, as long as I won, huh?” he answered between pants. They stayed in the position for a while, smirking at each other before something hit Cloud with the force of a cannon ball. Rufus – on top of him – pinning him to the floor – possessively. His eyes widened and he swallowed as he slowly felt the blood rush to his cheeks… and somewhere else as well…

NO! he screamed at himself, clenching his eyes shut. DON’T LET YOURSELF GET AROUSED RIGHT NOW! DO NOT GO TO PHASE TWO! His body reluctantly listened and he felt the blood flowing back up to his face. Opening his eyes, he now realized that Rufus’ face was barely inches from his own, and his eyes were pouring into his. He felt his face go from boiling to steaming, and felt as though he could fry an egg there. Oh shie the thought to himself, now he’s gonna think I’m queer or something!

Rufus, however, did not think that at all. Being sheltered for most of his growing up time, he was very naïve at these things. He was about to get off of Cloud when he observed that Cloud’s face was slowly going from flushed to beet red. He didn’t understand why at all, and was even more startled when Cloud’s eyes clenched shut, as if he were in undeniable pain. He eased himself lower to see if he could read the expression on Cloud’s face, when suddenly his eyes shot open again. Rufus saw his reflection deep in those sea green eyes as Cloud’s face turned an even darker shade or maroon. He could feel the heat from Cloud’s face radiating onto his own, as if he was sick or something. Rufus tilted his head.

“ Cloud, are you feeling alright? You don’t look so good,” Rufus asked. Cloud winced. There was a soft tone to his voice that was very arousing…

“ Um, y-yeah… it’s… it’s just a little hard to breathe right now,” he answered in a wavering voice. Rufus WAS sitting on his chest, so that remark did make logical sense. Although that certainly was not the reason why he couldn’t breathe…

Rufus looked down, only to see that he was sitting directly on Cloud’s chest. Eyes widening with shock, he quickly leapt from Cloud and pulled him to his feet. The teen swayed slightly from blood rush, and clutched to Rufus’ shoulders. Rufus was frantic.

“ Oh my goodness, I am so very sorry Cloud! You should’ve told me I was sitting on your chest like that!” He helped Cloud over to the bed and helped him to sit down. He sat, but shakily. “ Cloud, are you alright? You don’t look so well, maybe you’d like to see the family doctor? I can call him if you’d like me to.”

“ No!” Cloud practically screamed. Rufus took a step back, a look of shock on his face. Oh great, Cloud thought, this is really going somewhere fast… “ I’ll… I’ll be all right. Could I maybe have a wet washrag and a bowl of ice water?” Rufus nodded quickly and eased Cloud onto the pillows. He walked over to the bathroom and disappeared behind the door, and soon Cloud could hear the sound of running water and the clink of ice into a bowl. Cloud took a deep breath and tried to relax. Why was he being this way? He didn’t understand it. And anyway, he wnternterested in girls, right? Right?

“ Maybe it’s just the fact that it’s four in the morning,” Cloud said out loud as he rubbed his temples with his index and middle fingers. He rubbed his eyes with his palms as Rufus came back from the bathroom, a washrag in one hand and a bowl in the other. He immediately made short work of Cloud, tucking him into bed and bathing his forehead with the cold rag. Cloud closed his eyes and was finally able to relax. He was slowly losing control of his senses as everything around him grew fuzzy, and Rufus cooling him down. It wasn’t long before Cloud stopped thinking about what was going on with his body altogether and fell into sleep.

“ Cloud?” No response. Good, thought Rufus smiling, he’s out like a light. Looks like he needs it too… He stood up and cleaned the bowl out in the bathroom and made the couch into a bed. He stripped down to his boxers and crawled into the makeshift bed, shutting out the lights. It wasn’t long before light started to seep in through the bay window curtains, accompanied only by the faint sound of Cloud’s snoring. Rufus smiled, and closed his eyes. It was good to have his best friend back with him, and with that final thought he drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

ryu-chan: oh man, that rocked. is it just me, or is it hot in here? hee hee. review please? my muse is threatening to set fire to my cat!!
Cloud: correction: I am threatening to set fire to your cat.
Rufus: i thought that was fun...
Cloud: WHAT?!
Rufus: *blushes*
ryu-chan: Cloud, you're such a pansy.
Cloud: *blushes too* am not!
ryu-chan: hee hee!

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