Still thinking of you

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ryu-chan: HEY HEY! new chappie, wahoo!
Sephiroth: am i in this one?
ryu-chan: no.
Sephiroth: DAMN!
Cloud: you know, you'd think by now he'd realize that Ryu is in complete control.
Rufus: yep...
ryu-chan: now, see Sephy-sama? *hugs Cloud and Rufus* this is how you'd get yourself in the story sooner!
Sephiroth: blargh! -_- you mean by following what's written in the story and becoming a gay couple with someone?
Cloud: *eating a molasses cookie out of a wicker basket* you're lucky i can't gripe Sephiroth or else you'd be dead.
Rufus: allow me. *pulls out the shotgun*

Disclaimer: *sighs* do you people STILL need this? ... fine. i don't own FF VII, got that? if i did i wouldn't be writing this: it'd be in the freakin' game!

~Still thinking of you, chapter eight~

Sunlight poured through the open curtains and danced throughout the room, bouncing off the walls and reflecting off of the mirrors. Rufus woke first, his eyes still heavy from sleep. He smiled as he caught sight of Cloud, rolled over onto his back, right hand still holding Rufus’ own. His chest was rising and falling rhythmically, and his face looked as though it was made of porcelain. Rufus gently kissed his hand, gave it a tight squeeze, and rolled out of bed. His feet met with dozens of rose petals, slightly wilted from being without water for so long. Lucky for Rufus they padded his uncoordinated footsteps, the reverberating silence in the room withheld. He walked his way over to the bathroom, cursing his own luck for the door to be open. It often creaked when one shut it, and he felt his tongue stick out as he tried vainly to it it without a sound. Rufus heard Cloud roll over, but dared not open the door to check to prevent himself from having to shut it again. He climbed into the shower stall and turned the water on to full blast, cold water first. He shivered as the water ran down his back, chilling his skin and tightening his muscles back up. The hot water soon took over, however, and Rufus proceeded to wash himself up. As he lathered up the soap, a smile crackver ver his tired features as memories of last night caught up with him. Rufus laughed quietly, remembering all the little details he possibly could from the waoud oud turned around at the beginning to the way he squirmed underneath Rufus as he pleasured him to the furthest extents of the galaxy. Rufus turned the water off, stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel. As he headed for the bathroom door, and icy voice stopped him dead in his tracks.

“ Bit early, isn’t it Ruff?” Rufus let his head drop. Only one person ever called him ‘Ruff,’ and at the moment they didn’t sound at all happy.

“ Cloud…” He turned around to face his lover. Sea green eyes were deep evergreen, the loathing harbored there brutal and unnatural. Cloud shifted from his seat on the bathtub’s rim and walked over slowly, retying his robe as he looked Rufus straight in the eye.

“ Any reason you might be up so early?” he asked coldly. Rufus let out an irritated sigh.

“ Yeah, now that you mention it. I have to go somewhere today.” Cloud’s eyes narrowed.

“ Oh really? Any reason why you didn’t wake me up and tell me instead of trying to sneak out undetected like some convicted felon?” His cheeks were beginning to become flushed, and Rufus closed his eyes.

“ Cloud, I didn’t want to wake you because you were sleeping. Is that so wrong?” Cloud’s expression changed from furious to embarrassed.

“ No, and that’s not what I meant!” he said quickly, his cheeks now the color of molten rock. Rufus laughed and pulled him into a tight hug.

“ Like hell it wasn’t. You know I wouldn’t wake you for the world, not after what went on last night.” Cloud buried his face into Rufus’ shoulder, wrapping his arms around his slender chest.

“ I know, but I just want you to trust me with anything and not have to go sneaking off instead!” Rufus hugged his shorter lover tighter.

“ I do trust you, I just didn’t want to tell you now. But since you’re awake,” Rufus pulled awnd pnd placed a tiny kiss on Cloud’s forehead, “ I may just as well tell you why I’m up so early. I was going to leave you a note, but now I guess I won’t have to.” Cloud fake pouted.

“ You’d better have. It’s seven thirty in the morning, Ruff! You’re never up this early except for when you… go to work…” Cloud’s expression turned back to one of contempt. “ Is your Dad making you go to work today, Ruff?” Rufus sighed, shaking his head.

“ Yes, he is. Permanently.” Cloud’s jaw nearly dropped to the floor.

“ WHAT? You can’t be serious!” Rufus saw the disbelief in his lover’s eyes, and wanted dearly to punch himself in the face for making him look so unhappy.

“ Sadly, I am. Will you let me explain to you?” Cloud looked to the floor.

“ Yes, I will. Just don’t hurry through it. I want ALL the details, got it?” He raised his head again, his eyes burning straight into Rufus’ Ruf Rufus smiled half-heartedly.

“ Got it.”

Nearly a half-hour passed by when Rufus was finally ending the recap of what had gone on in his father’s office the day before, along with his conversation with Tseng. Cloud sat there in total disbelief, not fully knowing what to say. So he stated what he thought was the obvious.

“ He… he hit you? Your own dad HIT you?” Cloud couldn’t keep his voice from shaking as he restated this fact. Rufus shook his head.

“ Yeah. Socked me right in the cheek, too. Hurt like a bitch an’ all, but hey: that’s Dad for you.” Cloud’s fists were clenching and unclenching, his face becoming flushed once more.

“ You should call him on that. Rat him out, you know. That’s what any descent person would do!” Rufus sighed.

“ It’s not as easy as all that, babe. Remember what I told you about him saying he’d send you away from me? What if he actually goes through with it? I’m… I’m too scared to lose you…” Rufus let his head drop to his chest, tears welling up in his eyes. He couldn’t bear to think of what life would be like without his golden angel, what it would be like without Cloud here with him.

“ Psh. You won’t lose me, hon. Nothing will ever take me away from you.” Cloud reached out and brushed away the tears that were threatening to run freely down Rufus’ cheeks. Cloud dipped his head down, but Rufus was refusing to look up at him.

“ Ruff, look at me. Please?” Rufus shuddered, the tears cascading over his eyelids. Cloud tilted Rufus’ head up with his finger, his crystalline blue eyes large and transparent from the oily tears.

“ Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING could ever take me away from you. You understand, don’t you?” Cloud received a deserving nod from Rufus in response.

“ Yes, I understand, but I’m just so afraid that what we shared last night won’t ever happen again!” With that Rufus broke down, uncontrollable sobs racking his whole body as he buried his head in his hands. Cloud pulled him close, wrapping his arms protectively around his lover. He lightly kissed Rufus’ neck, whispering in his ear as he went.

“ Ruff, what happened last night will always happen again. Hell, it would’ve happened earlier this morning if you weren’t going to
work today.” Cloud caught himself laughing, and he pulled Rufus even closer. “ What I’m trying to say is that no matter what happens and no matter what your father says, we’ll always be together. I love you, and nothing anyone else does is ever going to change that.” He felt Rufus nod into his shoulder, and saw Rufus’ hands wipe away his tears. Cloud pushed him away and caught Rufus’ lips in a light kiss.

“ Thank you, Cloud,” Rufus said finally after pulling away. “ You mean so much to me… it hurts that I can’t spend more time with you.” Cloud smirked and shook his head.

“ You’ve no idea, babe. You’ve no idea. Now get you booty in gear and head up to your office. With any luck you’ll be home before seven.” Rufus let a smile escape, and hugged Cloud one last time before leaving.

“ Yeah, well, we’ll see, love. We’ll see.”

Rufus had just finished filing the reports from Wutai when he heard the clock on the wall chime for ten. He groaned aloud and faxed the reports up to his father’s office, hoping he would be happy that they were all in before the dead line. Rufus leaned forward onto his desk and hung his head low, massaging his shoulders. He had a long day ahead of him, and it didn’t look like he’d be out of there for a while. Looking back up to his computer monitor he saw that four new messages had surfaced in the last thirty seconds. Cursing out loud, Rufus’ hand fished for the mouse and he began checking the e-mails that were popping up, mainly from Junon (he expected that it was rdinrding the meltdown yesterday) and the Gold Saucer. According to the e-mail Gold Saucer had sent in the wrong report, and was requesting that they be able to send in a new one that was entirely accurate. Rolling his eyes and clicking his tongue Rufus picked up the phone, looked through the cardholder on his desk and dialed for the Main Office. Boy, could he just feel the excitement of getting screamed at through the phone by President ShinRa flow through his veins now. Almost immediately the phone line was picked up. A young woman’s voce curtly answered through the line.

“ ShinRa Inc. Main Proprietor’s Office, how may I help you?”

“ Mainstream Office calling for President ShinRa. It’s an urgent issue regarding the Gold Saucer report faxed in this morning. We are requesting that we be put through immediately.” Rufus thought he sounded perfectly pompous inside his head, an easy way to put his father’s favor on him, and mentally slapped himself for it.

“ Yes, young Master ShinRa. You will be put through momentarily. Please hold.” The hold music came through the phone as Rufus let out an irritated huff. Everyone in the entire building seemed to always call him ‘young Master ShinRa’ no matter how many times he asked them not to call him that. It had gotten old, and he was tired of being called something so pompous that it rivaled even his father’s position of ‘Master or President ShinRa.’ The hold music suddenly disappeared as Rufus’ father’s voice yelled through the line.

“ What? This had better be good, boy!” President ShinRa sounded a little more ticked off than usual, so Rufus decided to keep his call short and simple.

“ I think you’ll find this interesting, Mr. President. I’ve just received an e-mail regarding the Gold Saucer report that I filed last night. Seems to me that they’ve sent ShinRa Inc. the wrong report, and that they’d like to send an entirely accurate report regarding the last mako shipment they received. Would you like me to answer it for you, or would you like for me to forward it to you?” Rufus nearly jumped out of his seat at the volume President ShinRa projected through the line.

“ WHAT? They sent us the WRONG REPORT? Damn those idiot bastards, that’s going to cost us very valuable time!” Rufus could hear his father’s voice through the phone at a foot’s distance, a bewildered look taking over his face. However, he just sat there and listened to President ShinRa huff and puff through the line.

“ Fuck… I suppose they’ll want to negotiate they’re last deal considering that they’ve yet to receive it… hmmm. Just forward it to me, I’ll answer the damn thing. Do me a favor and forward any more e-mails from Gold Saucer up to my secretary, and any from Junon directly to me.” President ShinRa hung up, leaving Rufus’ ear still ringing. He hung up the phone and went ahead forwarding almost every e-mail on his monitor up to his father’s office. He was skeptical of sending them all at once, but President ShinRa had requested him to do so. And if what his father had said about Gold Saucer was indeed true, Rufus would be spending quite a lot of time on the phone later negotiating some cost cuts for the late shipment.

It was almost twelve when Rufus was interrupted by a soft knock on the door. He was in the midst of typing up a damage report from a freighter that had crashed near Rocket Town, but buzzed the door open for whoever was there. His fingers flew across the keyboard as he typed up the report, eyes flashing across the monitor as such a rapid pace that he was entirely unaware of the two people that had entered the room. It was until he had finished with the current paragraph that Rufus looked up, spying two men looking at him. Tseng was one of them, but the other he didn’t recognize at all. A large mop of fiery red hair fell around chocolate eyes, sunglasses holding up thick red bangs, a broad smirk covering the slender face underneath. Rufus felt his eyes narrow: Tseng had never brought other people into his office, ever. Why would he all of a sudden start doing that now? Rufus went back to his typing, expectant of Tseng to start speaking soon. A long silence followed, until finally Rufus sighed crossly.

“ Yes, Tseng?” he said in a venomous tone.

“ Sir, I’d like you to meet the newest of the Turks’ recruits. This is Reno.” Tseng stood aside to allow the man behind him some room. Rufus looked up again, nodding in acknowledgment. Reno tipped his head forward, hand meeting his forehead in some sort of a minor salute.

“ Nice ta meet ya, Mr. Rufus sir,” he said. His voice was very boisterous, but not very loud, a definite twang cutting through his tone. Rufus again nodded in response, continuing to fly through his reply to the Rocket Town mako department. Tseng shifted slightly.

“ Rufus sir, som some business to attend to. Will you please allow Reno to stay here and get a feel for the environment?” Rufus noddgaingain, for the third time, and Tseng left the room without a sound. As the door slid shut, Reno whistled.

“ Well, how ‘bout that? He’s quite the pretty face, ain’t he?” Reno received the tenacious tapping of keys as a response, and as he looked over to the young man at the desk before him he received no movement other than that. Reno smiled and licked his lips: he had a thing for younger boys, but this one blew all his previous encounters right out of the water. Perfect gold hair, deep blue eyes, crystal clear complexion… he was an angel. Reno walked around the black leather chair in front of him and fell into it, one leg hanging off of one arm as he propped his head up on the other with his right hand.

“ So, Mr. Rufus sir, you ain’t much o’ a talker, are ya?”

More tapping.

“ Like I said though, boy! Isn’t that Tseng fella quite the character now?”

Click, click, click.

“ Sir, you aren’t even hearin’ what I’ve been sayin’, have ya?”

Tapitty tap tap tap.

Reno sighed. This was going no where, and fast. He stood up from the plush chair and walked behind the other boy’s, leaning over his shoulder and watching his fingers sweep over the keys underneath them.

“ Watcha typin’?” Reno asked quietly, a lustful edge in his voice escaping subtly. Rufus’ eyes glanced towards him, then back to the monitor.

“ Damage report,” he responded curtly.

“ Mmm… what on?” Reno let his hand fall across the chair, his hand sweeping across Rufus’ chest.

“ Crashed freighter near Rocket Town.” The boy seemed unfazed. He continued to type relentlessly, the keys being crushed under his fingers. Reno leaned closer, his mouth deadly close to Rufus’ ear.

“ How’d it crash?” he whispered seductively. He slid his other hand down across Rufus’ other shoulder, letting it brush lightly against his thigh. Rufus took a sharp intake of breath, but other than that remained unmoved. However, he did speak apart from his work, an icy tone encasing his voice.

“ Unknown. Now kindly remove yourself from my close proximity or I shall have you removed by force, Reno.” Reno shrugged and moved away, but not before he spotted a small picture leaning against the computer monitor’s screen. He walked around the desk and flopped back into the chair, snatching the picture from its place on the desk. Rufus watched hinomonomously, then returned to his work. Reno looked at the picture closely, regarding every detail carefully. Or so it looked like, anyway.

“ Hey. Can I ask who’s this pic of, sir?” Reno asked, waving the picture around violently. Rufus wanted to rip it right out of his grasp and put in a spot where it wouldn’t get ripped to shreds, but remained focused.

“ Friend of mine,” he said coldly. Reno smirked.

“ That you standing next to him, then?” Rufus’ eyes narrowed, piercing through Reno’s own.

“ Yes.” Reno arched an eyebrow.

“ Hmmm… you aren’t very keen on the subject, sir, if you don’t mind me sayin’ so,” Reno replied smoothly. Rufus didn’t answer.

“ So, this a close friend o’ yours then, eh?” Rufus nodded. “ Hmmm, thought so.” Reno put the picture back on Rufus’ desk, and let his eyes rake over the boy’s features again. Damn, Reno thought, he’s so fucking perfect! Like a little angel… Reno let his eyes fall to the nameplate on the desk: Rufus ShinRa, Mainstream Executive. He nearly shot through the roof.

“ Holy shit! You’re the President’s kid?” Reno exclaimed out loud, disbelieving what he read. Rufus looked to him.

“ Yes. I’d have expected Tseng to have told you that much, or for you to at least question the authority when you had to ask to enter the room, Reno.” Reno smiled sneakily: the venom he heard in Rufus’ tone was the perfect tone for of of an office child, or
a quickly capitulating victim of charm. Reno sighed and shook his head.

“ So… got anybody of late?” Reno asked, drastically changing the subject. He was answered by silence, a silence that hadn’t been heard since before he had entered the Mainstream office. Reno glanced up at Rufus, who had stopped moving altogether. His eyes were slowly moving to Reno, growing wider with each passing second.

“ Why do you ask?” he said finally, a fearful edge in his voice. Reno smirked. Gotcha, Rufus!

“ Well I only figured I’d ask, seeing as how you’re about the age to get into that sort of stuff.” Rufus’ breathing was becoming quite shallow, and Reno observed that his eyes were darting back to the picture quite often.

“ N-not of late… I think,” Rufus stuttered nervously. Reno smirked and leaning forward took the picture off the young vice president-to-be’s desk again.

“ Hmmm… you know, I could almost swear I’ve seen this kid around here before…” Reno said slyly, his eyes looking up to meet
Rufus’. “ Is there a look alike here or is it just me?” Rufus felt his stomach turn to jelly. His mouth became dry as he fought for words to say.

“ Must be a look alike problem, but I’ve never seen someone around here who looks like Cloud.” Rufus gasped. Shit! he thought quickly, I can’t believe I just let it slip out like that. Shit, shit, shit! He felt the sweat run down his face as Reno’s eyes became alarmingly large, a victorious glint appearing rapidly.

“ So Cloud’s the name, eh? Hmmm…” He looked back to the picture, a mischievous smirk widening over his face. “ Now that you mention it, I think I’ve seen this kid before. He was hanging around your office a few days ago, if I remember correctly.” Rufus felt his lungs explode. He looked down at his hands, trying desperately to think of another topic. He couldn’t keep this up for long, and it seemed to him that Reno already understood what he was trying so vainly to hide.

“ How long have you been working as a Turk, if you don’t mind my asking?” Rufus’ voice quivered dangerously close to breaking, extracting another smile from the man across from him.

“ About a week. At first I thought Tseng was quite a prize an’ all, but man when I laid eyes on this kid, wow! I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.” Rufus looked up defiantly.

“ If you’ll be so smart as to stay away from him, I don’t think there will be any problems between us, Reno,” he said quietly. Reno’s face lit up as he sat up in his chair.

“ Oh, so he is here, then? I might just have to go and ask him to dinner soon, then.” Rufus slammed his hands onto the desk as he stood up, face flushing.

“ You keep away from him, Reno. I’m warning you!” Reno cocked another eyebrow.

“ So you’ve already got that type of connection with him, eh?”

“ If you’d like to put it that way, yeah. I do. So keep your filthy face out of our business and I won’t put in a recommendation to have you fired.” Reno shook his head, clicking his tongue lightly.

“ Now now, Mr. Rufus sir, threats won’t be getting us anywhere. How about you start off with a nice ‘please,’ maybe?” Rufus felt his bottom lip start to quiver, his temper slowly riding over the edge.

“ Not very likely,” he said with a frigid tone. Reno stood up and, leaning over the desk, came within three inches of Rufus’ face, his left hand coming up to caress the boy’s cheek.

“ Hmmm. Plainly speaking, Mr. Rufus sir, I understand where you’re coming from, but we may be able to come to an… ‘agreement.’ This is, if you’d like to keep this Cloud out of our little game, if you get my message.” Rufus’ upper lip curled dangerously, his canine escaping in a manner much like his father’s.

“ Leave, now. If you ever come back to my office again, I shall have you fired on the spot and arrested for sexual misconduct.” His voice was one of pure venom, his eyes narrowed to a point that Reno could barely see the blue surrounding Rufus’ pupils. Reno closed his eyes and shru, tu, turned around, and walked to the door. He opened it and continued to pass through, but was met by a seemingly irritated Tseng.

“ I’m sorry for taking so long, but the dratted elevator wasn’t functioning properly and… what’s going on?” Tseng was greeted by an exiting Reno and a flustered Rufus, eyes like daggers. Tseng eyeballed Reno, cocking an eyebrow as he looked him up and down. Reno was avoiding Tseng’s eyes, his hands hidden in his pockets. Tseng knew that type of posture: he was hiding something, something that had just gone on. Rufus, however, was an open book. Reno had done something to him while Tseng was away, his eyes clearly showed it, and Tseng wasn’t going to stand for that.

“ Reno, please wait outside.” Reno nodded slightly, and slid past Tseng into the hallway. Tseng closed the door and walked toward Rufus, who sat down with a loud huff of exasperation.

“ Rufus, sir, can you tell me what went on while I wasn’t here?” Rufus sighed and rubbed his temples with the middle finger and thumb of his right hand.

“ It was, um… a violation of sorts,” he answered quietly, “ Both physically and personally.” Tseng’s eyebrows furrowed.

“ Sir, I need to know exactly what type of violation it was. Don’t skirt around the bush with me.” Rufus looked up.

“ He was invading my private space and asking questions about my personal life. There, does that make more sense as to what type of ‘violation’ it indeed was, Tseng?” There was an irritated tone in Rufus’ voice, one that Tseng couldn’t blame him for having. He sat down and steepled his fingers together, looking at Rufus the whole while.

“ So in other words, he was making his move on you.” Rufus looked down and twiddled his thumbs.

“ Yeah… or hitting on me, if you want to put it really bluntly. Of course, he didn’t know that I was the President’s son until he noticed the plaque on the desk front and all, but still… it was rather, um, weird in a sense.” Tseng smiled lightly.

“ I can understand that. He is quite the character, if I may say so. I didn’t know he was that way as well until a few days ago when he suggested going out to a club that he was quite fond of.” Tseng shook his head, laughing quietly. “ Of course, it was only when we got there that I saw just what he was.” The almost vice president looked up, gasping. Rufus was, in all fairness, shocked. Tseng, go to a gay bar? No way!

“ You… you really went to a gay bar, Tseng?” Tseng shrugged.

“ Like I knew where I was going. Of course, Rude was with me.” Rufus’ eyebrows creased.

“ Who?” he asked precariously.

“ Rude. Another new recruit of the Turks. He’s been paired with Reno. No, not that sort of pairing, Rufus, sir,” Tseng answered quickly when he saw the outburst on Rufus’ face, “ Just for missions and training. That kind of pairing.” Rufus sighed, a look of understanding forming onto his face.

“ So… I take it that Reno won’t be bothering you anymore. That is, of course, the desired action, correct?” Rufus rolled his eyes. Tseng always did know exactly what to say to get back on track of a conversation, even if it was the bluntest of choice.

“ Well, I haven’t made any decisions or taken any action yet, but –“

“ I have, Rufus. If Reno ever makes a mistake like that again, I will onalonally see what befalls him. This warning goes toward
Cloud, as well.” Rufus was once again astounded. It was amazing how fast Tseng could make these seemingly rash but totally deliberate decisions, but what was even better was the fact that he could actually go through with them. Tseng stood up and headed for the door. But before he could reach it, Cloud came bursting through, a smile over his face and a crumpled pack of papers in his hands.

“ Ruff, babe, I’ve got some great news!” However, Cloud stopped a little short of his destination as Tseng looked at him, a worried look on his face. Cloud gave him a questioning look in response, and saw Tseng eyes flick to the door. Cloud turned around, but all he saw was a red haired man sitting on a nearby bench. Hokedoked back at Tseng, and shook his head, wondering what the hell that was all about. Presently, Tseng smiled and bowealkealked by Cloud and left the room with a snap from the door. Cloud looked to Rufus and shrugged.

“ … The hell was that all about, Ruff?” Rufus shrugged.

“ I’m really not sure,” he lied. Cloud rolled his eyes.

“ Yeah, right. But look, babe! Look what I’ve got here!” He rushed around the large wooden desk, feet sliding over the waxed floor as he went, and jumped into Rufus’ lap. Cloud smiled and thrust the papers into Rufus’ open hands… well, hand seeing as how one was holding up Cloud lest he fall to the floor. Rufus peered at it, trying to make out the crumpled typing, but a very impatient Cloud quickly ripped it out of his hands.

“ Remember how I told you about how I have to start school again, and I have to be sent to Junon for it?” he said quickly. Rufus felt his heart drop, and apparently his face showed it too. He had completely forgotten about that, but Cloud kissed his forehead and continued.

“ Well, worry no more, Ruff! This is my official application for the ShinRa Soldier Cadet Academy! I’m gonna be a ShinRa Soldier!” Cloud bounced up and down in Rufus’ lap, pointing to a paragraph on the third page while at the same time sending all of Rufus’ blood supply to his cheeks and his crotch.

“ Um, yeah, terrific, hon. Now kindly stop bouncing in my lap so I don’t ravish you right here and now on this very office desk!” Although I wouldn’t be in any way opposed to a little fun… Rufus thought to himself. Cloud giggled and wrapped his arms around Rufus’ neck, and buried his cheek into Rufus’ shoulder.

“ Man, isn’t this great? I get to stay here for school, and I won’t have to get sent away! I’ll be here with you the whole time! So we can still be together without any obstacles at all!” Rufus felt himself smile as he hugged Cloud to him. He was, in truth, ecstatic that Cloud wouldn’t be taken away from him: in fact he felt hugely blessed, but he was still worried what Reno would proceed to do, and what his father would do if he found out. Pushing those thoughts aside for the moment, he decided to let Cloud whisk him away to a land of delighted excitement, watching as Cloud read through the ShinRa Soldier application four times and point out every important detail countless millions, all the while smiling as Cloud giggled and grinned from ear to ear.

ryu-chan: well, isn't Reno the dick of the story!
Reno: HEY!!
Cloud: *gasps* how DARE you make a move on MY man! *smacks Reno with Ultima Weapon*
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