FF XII : Penelo's adventure

BY : Dext3
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Six months after the tragic events in the happy ending of Ivalice, Penelo joined Fran from the goal of acquiring Vieras skills, Penelo wanted to learn to listen to nature, make potions and make the best use of the bow and white magic of which only the Vieras have the secret.

They stopped in the suburb of Nalbina, a small town in the desert, to take a break and buy some ingredients that are only found here ...

“We finally have everything we need Penelo, we did well to stop here!” Says Fran

“Yes ! I can not wait to start learning potions, this is the last thing I have to learn!” Says Penelo.

"Yes, you still have the techniques of listening to nature, but that I can not teach you because I do not have the power to do it since I was banished from the village remember you" says Fran

"Yes it's true ... and that's what I wanted to learn first, that's why I wanted to become a Viera ..." says Penelo

"I'm sorry Penelo .. but it's like that, I made this choice a long time ago .." Said Fran

"Oooh .. there is really no way for him to take you back? "

Fran motioned to Penelo to follow her into a narrow Nalbina lane and she sat on a barrel in the middle of several crates that hid the viewer from the street.

"Why are you taking me to Fran? "

"Penelo .. there may be a way that allows me to be taken over by the Vieras but you must first tell me what you think of me ... what you feel .."
"Fran .. I..I.."

"You have to be honest because if you're not, it will not work"

"Well, I really like you, Fran .. I like being with you ... I can not explain it but I would not be good if I left you ... it's really weird .. "

"Okay Penelo me too, I appreciate you a lot, I love your innocence, your joy of living .."
"Hihi Fran! So ! What is this means? "

"There is a way that would allow me to reintegrate the village and make you a true Viera resident despite your human appearance"

"Oh? It's awesome ! Tell me ? "

"Well, we must pass the bonding ceremony! "

" What is it ? "

"It's a Viera tradition that allows two people to unite for life, usually it's always between Viera, but there are rare cases where other species may be bound by conditions that are virgin. ., which is your case if I understand correctly .. "

"Do you want us to unite? For life ... I..I do not know .. »

"You have to decide Penelo to be a Viera is to reach a higher life and it is not Vaan who will give it to you! "

"... It's true Fran .. you're right! it's OK ! I want to bond with you!

"Ahah Penelo me too! I would have thought it would have Balthier but it's an eternal flirty .."

"So we start when! "

"Not so fast Penelo ... I'm going to explain to you first what this will consist of"

But Penelo did not want to hear him right away and he started kissing Fran

"I want you Fran ..."

"You will have wanted it! "

Fran and Penelo continued to kiss each other in that dark alley of this village in the middle of the desert.
Then Fran turned Penelo to be behind her and started defeating the top of Penelo's suit in order to get her breasts out.

Then Fran began to stroke them and then knead them.
Penelo closed his eyes and began to emit small moans, then Fran began to squeeze intensely her small nipples that began to harden ..

"Your nipples spikes, Penelo, I see that appreciates! "

"Yes..Fran is intensely good, and the fact of feeling against me excites me even more .."

“This is only the beginning Penelo you will learn very quickly that for the Vieras, sex has a primordial place! "

Then Fran continued to undo the combination of Penelo to get to her little white panties that looked more like piece of cloth she put between her thighs like a lot of underwear of that time, then she caressed her panties and dipped her hand to start touching her sex ..

"Ahh Fran! Ahh! "

"Do not moan so loud, we could hear each other .."

"Sorry Fran ... but .. Ahh .. it's too good .. do not stop! "

"I see you're already getting wet"

"It's because..you ... do good! Aaaah "

Fran inserted one of his fingers into her vagina and started to move it to give pleasure to this new darling!

"It shows that you're a virgin it's all locked inside I'm struggling to move my fingers"

"Ah..ah..ah I beg you ... do not stop! I belong to you! "

"That's what I like to hear! Our love is true the Viera chefs will be obliged to bind us .. "

"That's what I want Fran! "

Fran continued to stimulate Penelo's sex, which was bubbling with pleasure as she leaned against the chest of the Viera and the two sat on the ground Penelo against Fran.
More and more strong Fran multiply back and forth in Penelo's pussy that gets wet more and more, then ..

"Fran..Fran...FRAN !!..."

"Cum my beautiful, cum ... but know one thing it's just the beginning of waiting for you ..."

Then Penelo fell asleep against Fran who re-dressed because some passerby heard the moans of pleasure of the young woman who enjoy with the fingers of Fran.

The two young women resumed their routes towards the village Eruyt, which is the village of Viera in order to pass the bounding ceremony but Penelo did not expect to go and wait for him.

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