FF XII : Penelo's adventure

BY : Dext3
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A week later, Penelo and Fran had gone hunting, after two hours they set out to return to the village, the rain began to fall on the plains followed by a thunderstorm, they accelerated with their Chocobo to save time but the rain slowed them down ...

"The rain and the wind are too strong we have to take shelter from Penelo! "

“Ok Fran! "

Suddenly a lightning struck not far from her which frightened the Chocobos and made them fall to the ground, the animals were running in the distance leaving behind their two mistresses….

“Come back !!! »Cried Penelo

"We must take shelter, a tornado is approaching !!!! surely an elemental air !!! "

“Let's face it! "

" Without weapons ??? they are on the Chocobos !!! "

“Noooo !!! "

They ran close to the entrance to the Viera forest. Luckily she found a big tree with a hole in the trunk for shelter!

“Phew! Fortunately this tree was there ... »said Penelo

"Yes ... Penelo ... how are you feeling?" "

"Well, Fran is just water! "

"I'm not talking about that ... but about our sexuality, two weeks ago you didn't know anything and now you've had an orgy, a double penetration in the baths ... isn't that too much for you? "

"Fran ... no! I have a lot of fun, I like to let myself go, no matter which Viera penetrates me, I just want to have fun like you, to feel one of yours…. "

“The other Viera really appreciate your dedication you know! Jote loves you very much and that's no small feat! She's having sex with you a lot after the ceremony and in the bath! "

"I'm glad it's appreciated! "

"Don't you mind not getting in?" "

"No I am a human woman and not Viera this is normal for me!" "

"Penelo ..."

Fran kissed Penelo and lifted her hunting skirt, Fran took off her panties from Viera and that of Penelo, Fran pulled in his penis to leave only her pussy ... "

“Fran! Your penis! "

"Today we're both together and it'll be pussy to pussy! "

“Fran !! Aaaaaaah! "

While kissing Fran lifted the legs of Penelo who was lying on his back and rested her pussy against his, she started to move her hips… .Penelo hugged Fran….

“Fran !! Fran !!! Aaaah !!! again !! I'm wet !!! "

“Penelo !! I like this !!! Aaaaaah !!! "

“Again Fran, I'm coming !!! I come !!!! "

“Me too Penelo !!! "

“Aaaaah Fran !!! Hyaa aaah! Stir harder !!!! "

“Penelo, I'm coming too !!! Haaaa! No I come before you !!! Hyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! "

"I'm almost there Fran! don't stop !!! don't stop !!!!! Hyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! "

Penelo wet and squirt while Fran wet slowly ... while kissing, the storm was still raging ...

"Let's keep making love, Fran! Get out your big cock sweetheart! "

“Hmmm naughty !!! here it is ! "

Fran lifted Penelo's thighs, her skirt pulled up on its own to above the navel, Penelo took hold of Fran's very big cock!

"I'm going to put it in your ass!" Get ready ! "

"In my ass ... hmmmm it's still painful .... hihi"

Fran smiled and placed his big cock against the young blonde's anus, she used Penelo's wet to lubricate his big cock, she exerted little pressure against the small hole she wanted to penetrate!

“Fran! Push it in! Fuck my ass! "

"Grit my teeth, I sink! "

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!!! so big !!!!! "

Fran's cock had entered Penelo's anus naturally, without too much effort, she hugged the pretty bung in her arms and began to move that big cock inside her, her anus was wide apart, and Fran's cock went a little further on each round trip!

“Fran !! it's too good ! Your big cock lime my ass and your glans pushes against my vagina from my anus !!! "

“I know that likes it! Your ass sucks my cock !! and it's so hot and so fatty! I love !!! "

“Fran !!! if you continue like this I will…. come !!! "

"I'm not going to stop !!! "

Fran's cock penetrated Penelo's anus more and more intensely, forcing quickly but powerfully, the tip of his cock was pressing against her uterus from her ass, Penelo drooling with pleasure, her gaze lost she let herself be totally fucked by la Viera!

“Penelo, I will come !!! my beautiful! My sweet, I can't hold back aaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaah !! "

"Fraaaaan wait I ... I ... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!!! "

“Penelo !! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!! "


Fran fills Penelo's ass with Viera's sperm, she felt the hot juice run through her anus, Fran squirted in great quantity, once finished she landed in the arms of Penelo who caressed her, her penis began to shrink, then she withdrew, Penelo immediately began to fart because of the air, but Fran kissed his sweetheart and did not laugh….

The sun came out after the storm, The two women kissed tenderly, while the Chocobos had found them ...

They set off again, looking at each other with a smile

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