FF XII : Penelo's adventure

BY : Dext3
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Jote still penetrated Fran's anus, she stroked her butt while her cock roamed her buttocks, Fran was on all fours, Jote had her hands on her partner's butt and continue to fuck her, Fran's penis bend, she was having fun ...

“Jote! Jote! Haaan haaan haaaan haaaan again !! Yes ! "

"Fran your ass is always so delicious!" "

“Jote! it's like my first time .... you remember it was you who fucked me! "

“How could I forget that! I remember you barely shit after I pulled my cock out! "

“Oooh yes! it was so good! "

“This Pénelo! She is motivated! She reminds me of you once! "

" Yes ! She is adorable ! "

"Like your ass…. "

Jote spanked Fran's ass and increased the speed of her hips, her thighs slamming against Fran's big ass, Her big breasts swayed in all directions like Jote's!

“Jote! Further! Further! Make me cum! Piss me off…. "

“Fran! Your anus tightens! He sucks my cock! it's hard to go any further! "

Both Viera kiss intensely! Jote's cock pushing against Fran's uterus, although she has had a penis since the ceremony, her female sex was always part of her, the penis was just an extension, a wonder of Viera magic!

Jote's cock strokes followed, she pulled very lightly at Fran's hair to wrap it around her finger while the other hand stroked her big ass, what she didn't know was that she was. observed ...

"Jote I'm going to cum !!! "

“Go ahead Fran! it's good for me ! "

“Jote! Haaaan haaaan haaaan haaaan yes! It comes haaaaaaa! Haaaa! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! "

"My pretty Fran…. My lifelong love!" "

Fran's penis ejaculated in large quantities, squirting away, Jote withdrew her penis then they heard a crashing noise behind her….

" What is that ! »Asked Jote

" Who are you ??? »Fran asked

This is a young boy, a teenager, he had leather armor with the logo of the small army of Azuria that had attacked the village earlier in the day ... he had brown hair and with a face quite childish

"This logo, Fran I'm going to strangle it I'm coming back! "

“No mercy! Mrs ! I beg you, I am not armed, I beg you ... "

Penelo woke up ... she was still naked and saw it from the young man she hid her small breasts and squeezed her legs ...

“Hyaaaaaaaa! A boy… .Jote… what are you doing? "

"Get dressed Penelo, I'll finish it off and we'll go home ..."

"He's still young Jote ... he's unarmed ... it's not fair ... to kill him ..."

“Penelo is right Jote…. "

"Hmm ... what do we do with him ... He has seen it all…. "

"Penelo looked at Jote with a charming smile ..."

"Oh no ... him too ???? "

“Yes hihihi! "

Penelo approached Jote

"No question of letting a young human touch me do you hear him? I have to hang him, that's the rule! »Said Jote

"Very well Jote I understand" whispered Penelo before leaving for the village.

“Pénelo! You are an amazing person! Really ! But you have to comply with all our rules to become like a Viera! »Thought Jote

"Alright Jote! Promised! "

"Promise I wouldn't say anything ..." said the young man

"You won't leave the village anyway" said Jote

"I am Asbel"

"Don't care" said Jote

“Jote looks at he tape…. "Said Penelo in a surge of hope.

"Tsss not for a long time"

Jote walked over to him, she pulled out a small knife and ripped the straps off Asbel's clothes… he was in his underwear…

“Woah! Slowly ! I will obey don't be aggressive ... "

"Fran is coming back to the village, I don't like him left without a boss, go and question the prisoner, I still want to fuck I will join you later after hanging him"

" Count on me ! "

Jote was facing Asbel who was on her knees, Viera's penis was at rest which remained imposing, Asbel watching him in amazement while Viera tied her long hair leaving her large breasts perfectly visible to the young boy ...

"Why did you join the army of this Azuria and want to invade our lands? Aren't you a little young to fight? "

"I am only the squire of Lady Azuria, the greatest warrior of Byzantia, Chief Champion of our Holy Emperor, I am devoted to her ..."

"You admire him ... no you love him ..."

"Yes ... but our customs prevent me from talking about anything other than war or battle .... "

"I see ... we all have our customs from what I see, it must have made a choice for you to know that she is a prisoner for life in our village? Knowing that she will be my slave and that she will never go to war again? "

" On the contrary ! »Asbel replied with a smile.

"What? "

"Now that she's a prisoner, her titles aren't worth anything, I could finally declare my love to her ..."

" I see…. "

"You know I'm not a warrior, but I love to study, I know all your customs and traditions, your people, your village ... I wanted you to capture me ... to learn more about you because you are fascinating ... while forgetting the consequence of all that ... my death .. "

" I understand better now... "

"I know I would never get out of your village if you made me your prisoner, to keep it secret, but I know you are probably going to hang me ... you are adamant about this ... no man can reside in your village ... it's the rule ... but I wanted to take this risk ... "

"Hm ..."

Asbel started to cry as Jote installed a rope to hang the young boy on a sturdy tree branch just off the top of the hill where they were ... once the rope was installed Jote invited the young boy to enjoy the view

"Sit down and enjoy the view, you came for that too, didn't you?" "

"Sniff, sniff yes ... thank you Mrs. Jote"

“Hm! It'll be quick, promise ... you don't look bad ... "

"Make me your squire…. I beg you… I don't want to die at my age… I wanted to explore the world…. I could be of use to you…"

"You could go home if I let you go..hm?" "

"No, they will kill me too to take responsibility for the failure of Azuria ..."

"Hmm I see, your people don't look the happiest ..."

"No with them it's war, torture, prison, betrayal and power play ... I want to be a scholar not a killer ..."

She didn't understand why, but Jote began to fall under the spell and the ardor of young Asbel…. Hundreds of years separate them and yet… the idea of executing him started to question her! She started to stroke his hair and then started to kiss him ...

Young Asbel let himself be carried away by the events, Jote began to hug him and pin him to the ground ... she took off the underwear that hid the boy's small penis ... and she began to caress him ...

"He's very small, you never stuck in a girl I hope? "

"Huh? No uh never…. "

" He is mine ! But first I'll cover your eyes ... "

Jote blindfolded Asbel, she coated his penis with her lubricant, it was hard as a rock !, then she put him on all fours

"Asbel, you will become my personal slave!" Better than being hanged, right? "

"Much better ... I want to be your slave!" "

" Good boy ! I will fuck your ass! it's OK for you ?

"Yes Lady Jote… fuck my ass!" "

“What a good boy! "

Jote gently sank her cock, he was on all fours butt stretched while Jote was on his knees, his thighs spread apart to penetrate him ... she did this very gently, the lubricant prevented Asbel from hurting, because Jote's penis was very wide wider than that of an adult man!

“Stretch your buttocks well! "

"Aaaaaaah you are in me Mrs. Jote!" it's big! I am in pain but I am yours Lady Jote! "

"And you are very, very tight! I've always wanted to fuck a young man's ass! I'm going to move to do myself good! ”

" Okay ! Aaaaah !!! aaaaah! Hmmm! "

“Relax! Forget the prejudices, let yourself be fucked by my cock, you are no longer in Byzantia! "

"Alright, Lady Jote! I will have fun if you allow me! "

"You are my slave but I always allow them to have fun!" "

Jote left her hands along her body and only moved her big butt to fuck the young squire, the movements were gentle so as not to risk hurting him with her big Viera penis, Jote had never fucked such a tight ass, she began to touch her breasts with both hands while she let her penis penetrate the anus of his new slave ...

“Lady Jote! its good ! Your penis is big I can feel it in me…. ! "

“Haaa haaan! Haaan haaan haaaan it's good! "

"You like, Lady Jote!" I hear it ! "

"Do you like it too?" I can't hear you moan ... and your penis is very small again ... "

"I'm holding back… for my penis I don't know… yet I'm excited…."

"In this case I will increase the pace! I told you not to hold back "

“Haaaaaaaa! Haaaaan haaaaaan haaaaaan yes! it's strong ! "

"Hmmm maybe I have too much lube, your ass doesn't hurt enough ..."

Yet Asbel was enjoying himself, Jote noticed that he was moaning, he had his mouth open to breathe, Jote massaged her breasts while her hips moved to penetrate Azuria's young squire ...

"If your mistress knew that!" I stopped Byzantia's greatest fighter and I fuck her squire, sometimes life has surprises in store for us ... "

"Haaaaan haaaaan haaaaan lady Jote!" Your penis is banging against something pleasant in me…. "

"Hmmm your prostate ... I'm going to make you cum through your young squire ass!" "

" Thank you ! Haaaa haaa haaaa again ... "

Jote file Asbel's ass and touch his prostate, the back and forths multiplied and the young squire's cock began to bandage ... he was going to cum .... "

"Lady Jote !!!! I feel that I will come !!! haaaa haaaa haaaannnnn…. "

"Go ahead Asbel…. Let yourself go…. "

"It's wrong… .if the Emperor knew that…. "

"The emperor is not here ... I am and I want you to let go ... "

"Alright… .thank you Lady Jote…. "

"At the Viera we don't care who fucks whom and how, we only focus on the pleasure, no taboos, no refusals… .everyone fucks through the hole they want! "

" Unbelievable ! You are so evolving… .haaaaa haaaa it comes yes !!!! haaaaa haaaaaan haaaaaaaaaaan !!! my prostate! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan !!!! "

The Viera stopped long enough to let Asbel come, he was shaking with pleasure, his head against the ground he was standing on his forearms, he clenched his teeth to savor his very powerful orgasm ... Jote watched him as his sex remain motionless in the wide-spread ass of the young squire ...

“Lady Jote! Haaaaaaaaa! It doesn't stop !!! Dame Jote !!! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! "

Jote sank her cock, wanting to get closer to him, she stroked his hair as semen flowed from his small penis….

"This is just the beginning… .I still want you…. "

“Lady Jote…. "

"Bring me over, get on top of me and shake your ass, make me cum with your ass!" "

" Good ! "

A few minutes later Asbel straddled Jote's penis and he was wiggling his ass, wriggling his small penis! Jote put his hands on the young man's thighs ... she was about to come ... Viera's big penis smashed the ass of the young squire who was drooling with pleasure and gazing lost ...

" I will come ! I'll fill your little hole…. "

“Haaaa haaaaa haaaan haaaaan come to me!…. "

“Hmm Hmm hmmm! Hmmm hmmm haaaa… .it feels good…. ! "

The semen from the Viera flowed down Asbel's butt and into him, he let himself fall into the arms of the Viera who hugged him while she finished moving in her little ass to finish her orgasm .... the sun to get up in an hour, Jote kissed Asbel tenderly on the mouth, had she found love?

"It was good Lady Jote ..."

"Hm ... I have to admit that yes ..."

Jote stroking his own penis

"That penis… he's fucked so much… the pussies of my sisters, young Viera, creatures you don't know exist…. And most recently Penelo's asshole..to end up with what I wanted to taste most, a man's asshole…. »Said Jote

"Wow… it was my first time…"

"With a Viera?" "

"No with anybody at all ..."

" Oh I see... "

"Lady Jote ... what were you going to do with me now? .."

“Hm… .you know that very well…. "

"Please, Lady Jote…. I don't want to die now…"

"Stop crying ... you will live!" I have two options for you ... "

"Thank you Lady Jote ..."

Jote stood up, his penis was still hard, Asbel at the sight of Chief Viera's breasts and his penis, began to become hard again….

"First option: you are free, travel this world as you want, I will provide you with food and equipment, you gave me your ass I owe you that! "

" And the second ? "

"Stay ... and become my husband ..." she said blushing discreetly

"Lady Jote !!! "

"I could finally give up that penis and unite with a man .... you could be dealing with a woman, at least a Viera with a vagina ..."

"To marry… .with a Viera…"

"Of course you are very young, surely more than Penelo, but you can decline this offer…. "

"Jote ... can I stick my cock inside you?" "

Jote looked at him in horror ...

"Don't ever ask that again!" You can leave!… .Because if you stay I will have to punish you for asking that… ”

"Sorry Jote… .but you're going to have to punish me then…. "

“Asbel…. "

The young boy got on all fours, Jote got behind him and penetrated him again to punish him…. Jote's cock entered without difficulty into Asbel's anus, Jote leaned over the back of the young squire, her big breasts crushed against him then she brought her mouth to his ear to whisper something to him ...

"What a good boy ..."

Then Jote fully sank her penis in him then she swirled his pelvis with pornstar! The fuck go on ...

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