FF XII : Penelo's adventure

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The next day everyone rested from this intense night in sex, Penelo had enjoyed his initiation, three days later, Fran proposed to Penelo to take a bath in one of the hot springs of the village.

"Penelo, are you ready for our bath? "

"Yes Fran as always! "

"Before leaving I wanted to ask you something? "

"Yes tell me Fran? "

"Do not you mind Jote making love to you? "

"I thought we were both ... but I really enjoyed having you both in me .... "

"I'm glad you said that, Jote wanted to join us for a bath, we'll be all three! It does not bother you ? "

"No Fran! Jote is the village chief! If she wants to come she has the right! "

"Penelo .... "

Penelo and Fran went to the hot spring, they entered the locker room, Fran undressed completely, she now had a big penis between her legs since her affair with Penelo.

Penelo was looking at Fran's big cock with a small smile, she took off her usual jumpsuit, her boots, her pink panties were gently removed by Fran, Penelo was naked, revealing her small breasts and her nice flat ass ...

"You are so cute Penelo! "

"Hihi thanks Fran! You are even more beautiful! "

They headed for the bath, a hot spring with a small waterfall surrounded by log and bunk stone, a large tree that was rooted on the outside overlooking the bath hiding the gray clouds of today ...

Fran entered the bath and held out her hand to Penelo so she would not fall, once in the water she would play together in this throwing of water, then Fran start washing Penelo's body, she passed her hand on her small tits and stroked her little ass

"Fran ... your hands are so sweet! "

"I'm glad you like them"

"Fran at the sweetest hands in the village! Said Jote who had just arrived

"Jote voila finally, go back quickly in the bath! Says Fran

Jote was naked, she also had a big penis, those of Viera was bigger than those of humans, once in the bath Jote splashed with water, the water streaming between her two huge breasts ...

"I see that you started having fun without me! "

"We were waiting for you Jote! Says Fran

"Well then, let's start! Penelo, are you ready for your special Viera bath? "

"Yes Jote I'm ready! "

"That's what I like to hear! Volunteer girls are the ones I prefer! "

"Jote you want to reverse, the last time during the party you were behind Penelo"

" It's okay with me ! And you Penelo? "

" Yes me too ! "

" Perfect ! "

Jote stood in front of Penelo and began to kiss her while stroking her thighs, Fran went quietly behind Penelo and took her small breasts to knead them, Penelo felt the excitement rise, the water was at a pleasant temperature ...

"Penelo this time your hands are not attached but if you prefer we can bind them to you? "

"Yes Fran tie up my hands, I want to be sure not to fight .... "

Fran approached the edge and took handcuffs in her bag, she locked both wrists in the girl, meanwhile, the penis of both Viera were erect, Jote stooped and began to lick Penelo's pussy, Fran fit likewise but she lick her anus ....

"Haaaaaaaaaan it's so good, your rough tongues caress my holes! "

Jote's tongue caressing her clit, Penelo squeezed her thighs of excitement, Fran licked her little asshole, she circled her orifice contraction with her tongue, Jote found that Penelo was watching his penis passionately

"Fran approaches Penelo from the edge, I think she plans for me"

" Okay ! "

Jote sat on the edge of the pool and Penelo approached his penis, the pretty blonde threw himself on it and began to suck, it was so big that these lips deviated to the maximum of what she could allow, that did not prevent Penelo from tasting this wide penis that she suck with passion and envy ...

"Haaaan Penelo, your lips are so sweet, Fran I promise you, she strokes my penis with her lips, it's so good! "

"Her anus relaxes I will not delay to enter, my penis can not wait, I will push some fingers to open a little more! Relax Penelo, continue to suck Jote's penis! "

"Hum humm huum! "

Fran thrusts some fingers into Penelo's anus and once inside she begins to spread her anus, Penelo intensely suck Jote's big dick, she sucks it by closing her eyes, Fran's fingers in her anus excite her so much that she squeezed her hands that were attached

"I'm going to take it back princess! Says Fran in Penelo

"Keep sucking me princess! it's so good ! "

Fran applied a lubricant on her wide and long penis and positioned it against Penelo's anus, she exerted small pressure, the anus widened little by little, her penis gradually entered, then totally

"Haaaaaaaa Fran !!! huuuuuum! Something big comes in my ass !!! "

Jote took the head of Penelo to gently put it back on her big penis, Fran looked at Jote with a smile and she began to move her pelvis to move in Penelo, The girl sucked with more desire and desires the sex of Jote Penelo was very sexually exciting!

"You were right Jote, her asshole is really tight, I can barely move, plus she contracts when I come back! it is so nice ! "

"Yes she had the same thing the little slut during the party, do not stop Penelo continues to suck me! "

Fran moved faster and faster in Penelo's anus she grabbed her small breasts with her hands to knead them, she pull her nipples forward, Jote's penis was licking and sucking by Penelo who enjoy it with pleasure!

"Haaaaan Penelo! I hesitate to fill your mouth with cum? What do you think about it ? "

"Hum hum huuum huum !!! "

"I see that you're busy, but I know your pussy is wet and squirts with pleasure, I think you too do not want to wait and you want sex in you! "

Jote stood up and Penelo stopped sucking his wide cock, she grabbed the young blonde's thighs to the top of his penis, Fran stopped moving his cock while Jote penetrates Penelo's pussy, she crossed her thighs around Jote, the penis of the head of the village struggled to enter Penelo! She had two wide penises in her

"Haaaaaaaaaaaaan Jote he is so fat! "

"And your pussy is so tight! it is so good ! "

"Move in me! I beg you it's so good! Move in me !!!! "

"With great pleasure my little one we have all our time to fuck you! "

Fran and Jote penetrate Penelo together in the bath, legs around Jote's waist and head against Fran's shoulder, Penelo was at the mercy of both Viera who savor their moments, Fran's penis made small circles in the anus of Penelo and that of Jote was going back and forth in her pussy constantly

"Haaaaaa !! haaaaaa! Haaaaaa! Haaaaaa! Too good! Too good ! Again !!! "

"Haaaaan Penelo your anus is so hot and good! My penis do not want to stop! "

"And your pussy is so wet! You are really exciting! You really like that little slut!

"Your penises are so big! And my holes so small! "

" Say it ! Say it Penelo! Says Jote

" Yes I like that ! I love your sex! "

" Again ! "

"I love your sex! They are so big! "

"Penelo again! Otherwise we stop! "

"Noooooo! I like this! I like this ! fuck me! I like this ! I am a slut! I belong to you so fuck me! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan !!!!! "

"Jote I'm going to cum! Her little ass ... ..I can not stand! "

" Me too ! She suck me well! I will not resist! "

"Me too I will enjoy! It rises I feel it, I feel it! "

Both penis move quickly in Penelo, The girl had the lost look and pull the tongue of pleasure, saliva flow down her face, Jote and Fran move frantically, Fran closed her eyes and enjoy the moment Jote looked at Penelo intently.

"Come on! I will cum! I will cum! it's too good ! Really too good! "

"Me too, Pénelo! Your anus does not leave any chance! "

"Fran you can cum! it's too much for me ! "

Penelo's nipples hardened like those of both Viera, their balls swelled too, they all three enjoy together! Some Viera who had heard the sound of Penelo had climbed the trees to watch the exciting scene!

"Fran! Jote ca come! I feel it ! Haa! Haa! Haaa! Haaaaa! Haaaaa! No! Yes ! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan hyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! it's so strong !!! again ! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! "

"Penelo your asshole! Huumm! Hmmm! I will fill it! Hmmm hummm haaaaaaaaaa ... ..I spur !!! I spur !!! haaaaaaaaan "

"Me too Fran, I'm going to push my cock deep into her pussy ... .haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaa! Hyaaaaaaa hyaaaaaa! I fold you with all my love Penelo! Yes ! Haaaaa! haaaaaaaaaaaaaa !

The two penis squirting in Penelo, the sperm was flowing in abundance as he escaped directly from Penelo's anus and pussy to flow down their respective penis, once finished, the two penises was removed, the sperm sank in the bath ...

The removal of Fran's penis farted Penelo spraying cum on Fran, the withdrawal of that Jote squirted wet on Jote, Fran and Jote Penelo squeezed against them by kissing and caressing it, we heard that the sound of the waterfall ...


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