FF XII : Penelo's adventure

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The sun rose on Dalmasca, and our two heroines were still not awake, the night was short for Fran and Penelo, for the first time in her life she had lived a real sexual relationship, a report Viera way but a report nevertheless, after all, did she not want to live like the Vieras and adopt their customs in order to become a great warrior ...

Fran was the first to be awake, who comes to snuggle against her sweet darling while detaching her from her ties, Penelo also woke up ...

"How are you? You fell asleep while I take care of your little anus "

"Fran ... yes sorry. It was so intense that it drained me of my energy."

"Anyway, I'm glad to see you liked it the way Viera and I hope it reassures you for the future .."

"Yes ... you know what I said yesterday when you did me good? "

" No tell me ? "

"I thought ... that the priestess is offering you a penis ..."

"Ooooh ... Penelo! "

Fran caressed Penelo's cheek and then began to kiss and put himself against each other, breasts against breasts, Penelo's hands come to caress the buttocks of Fran who took the head of Penelo between his hands and who l kiss tenderly.

"It's incredible this sexual energy that emerges ... we may be really made for each other ..."

"Yes I think Fran ... I want you again ... but this time I want to enjoy together ..."

"It's that you become a little naughty, very well we will do that like that"

Fran lay on his back, spreading his thighs and beckoning Penelo to put his pussy against his, Penelo passed his left leg over Fran's right leg, and his right leg underneath the left leg of the Viera, then she began to move in circles, one to the right and the other to the left, while going faster and faster.

"Haaan Fran it's so good! "

"Haa yes ... it's good .."

The two young women increased speed over time so that after an hour Penelo pulled his tongue salivating with pleasure and had his blue eyes in the air as a sign of total abandonment, Fran looked tenderly Penelo in full enjoyment and began to imagine what she will be able to do with her once the bonding ceremony completes ...

Two hours later, the two women had repacked the tent and resumed the route on their chocobos, at the end of several roads they finally arrived at the jungle Golmore she must cross to get to the village, after some fighting won face to some creatures that populate the jungle and several paths borrowed Fran motioned to Penelo to stop!

"Stop Penelo! "

"What is Fran? "

" Do not say anything ? "

At the same time several Vieras made their appearance and pointed their bow on the two young women, Penelo began to see fear,

"Fran the last time we came that it was pretty good no? Why are she pointing us? "

"Because I did not have to come back ..."

Then a Viera began to approach Fran and Penelo

"Jote told you not to come near the village, I know you do not hear anything since you left but it's not a reason to disobey our leader! " Says the Viera

"Catrina!" Says Fran

"Oh, do you remember me? But do not deceive yourself, I will kill you anyway unless you prefer to be executed according to our precepts in order to erase your many sins! "

"Sorry to disappoint Catrina but I just ask to participate in a liaison ceremony"

"Ahahah you make me laugh Fran does not tell me that it is with this human that you count you bound? "

"This human as you say it's Penelo, and yes I want me bound to it! "

"... is she a virgin? "

" Yes I am !" Penelo responds

"You were human! I do not talk to you! "

"Excuse me ... I .."

"Fran you know you can not deceive the priestess and bind you to a person just to regain your rights and get privileges, you have to prove your love to him! Besides, you told this poor little man what was going to wait for him? "

"Yes Penelo knows, she knows it will not be easy but we love each other! And once bound, you will owe him respect as much as your sisters! "

"Rrrrr ... follow me to the village! "

Fran and Penelo are accompanied to the village by Catrina, the head of the Scots, she passes the magic barriers and after a few minutes arrive at the village Eruyt. It is a hilltop village in the jungle of Golmore, the view beyond the village is impregnable we are seeing Rabanastre in the distance and the desert of Dalmasca but Penelo already knew all that it had already come during his previous adventures.

The village is a wooden bridge that allows to reach circular wooden platform with pagodas that serve as dwellings Vieras, each wooden board is decorated with ornaments of the Viera culture, the fireflies that pass behind leave behind them very colorful luminous powders, in the center of the village there is a kind stone stele with a large pieces of carmine red rectangular tissue very decorated with fruit baskets and various offerings ..

Our two lovers arrive in front of a religious pagoda suddenly a pretty Viera came out of the pagoda ..

"Mjrn? "

"Fran! "

Mjrn was Fran's childhood friend, during their adventures our heroes rescued her from Henne's mine when she was under the control of a demon. It is a Viera with white hair, course that goes down to the top of the neck, it has a small chest and buttocks flat but firm, like Penelo elsewhere ..

"So you chose this path ... it's not the simplest you know!" Says Fran

"Yes, but I'm finally happy now," answers Mjrn

" So much the better... "

"Mjrn I leave it to you to judge if she can participate in the bonding ceremony, I'll warn Jote that Fran and back! Says Catrina

"Good Catrina," replied Mjrn

Catrina left Fran and Penelo in the hands of the priestess to test their love and validate or not the ceremony. The three of them returned to the pagoda and Mjrn closed the doors with two guards to prevent anyone from interrupting the judgment, according to the precepts Viera, interrupt the priestess during a judgment and punished by death, inside the pagoda have an altar at the bottom on which were available the offerings and small statues of the deity Viera, a ray of light on each side of the pagoda comes to illuminate the interior but it remains slightly dark ..

"On your knees! Each on a sheet! Asked Mjrn

Penelo and Fran knelt on a sheet Fran on the right and Penelo on the left

" Undress ! "

Fran withdrew his light clothing revealing her huge breasts, big ass and vagina with white pubic hair, Penelo did the same to reveal her small breasts and her little pussy and her flat ass and firm

Once the two young women naked, Mjrn asked them to put on two pretty beige cuffs decorated with small flowers embroidered on the top end ..

"So you're going to unite with her ... I would have thought you would have chosen me ..." Mjrn said sadly

"At a time yes .. but life has made it no longer possible ... me banished you priestess ... it would be incompatible ... anyway I could have returned to the village and know it! "

"Yes Fran ... now that you are going to unite, we will have the opportunity to talk to each other more often .."
"Of course Mjrn we'll have plenty of time for that! "

"Well, as you probably know, I'm going to seal your arms, put L in the back one on top of the other," asks Mjrn

Mjrn sealed the arms of Penelo and Fran with the aid of two cadena provided for this purpose on the headlines

"Penelo! Do you rely on the judgment of Viera deities to determine the sincerity of your love for Fran?

" Yes ! "

"Fran! do you rely on the judgment of the deities Viera to determine the sincerity of your love for Penelo "

" Yes ! "

At this moment, Mjrn blindfolded the two young women and put it in the center, then she pulled off her long white priestess Viera's dress, revealing her small naked breasts, and a piece of white cloth between her thighs with a string between her buttocks that was a string of yesteryear, Mjrn removed her thong and was completely naked, she stretched Penelo and Fran on the side face to face and lay in turn in the middle with her buttocks and sex at the level of the head of two young women

"Now ... prove to the deities your love for each other ... I would be their receptacles, consider my virtue as your half and cherish me as I was the one you loved" says Mjrn

Fran was lying to the right of Mjrn and had to prove his love for Penelo by stimulating the vagina of the priestess, Penelo, she was on the side of her buttocks and had to prove his love for Fran by stimulating Mjrn's anus.

"I implore you ... to show all your love, all that you feel for each other ... to the non deities! Start! Says Mjrn

Fran licked Mjrn's clit tenderly but with a lot of passion and envy she stroked her labia with her tongue up and down, nose in her pubic hair, Fran was unstoppable ...

Penelo was a little more reluctant because she had never licked anus, she find that a little disgusting, for her it was the place where Mjrn defecate ...

Then she remembered two things, the first was that if Mjrn was not satisfied she would be judged as not being in love with Fran and the second was the sentence pronounced by Fran while she licked her anus ...
"It's a place so underestimated and yet so pleasant" ... it was not enough Penelo to devour Mjrn's anus with his tongue, she turn in the direction and even returned to the inside her ass.

Mjrn on her side pulled the tongue of pleasure her eyes point to the top of her eyelids, for a moment she fully savor her priestess function, unfortunately for her, the precepts Viera forbade her to verbally express the slightest Feeling of pleasure because his role is only to feel the love of both being judged worthy or not to participate in the bonding ceremony.

Fran and Penelo continued to lick Mjrn's vagina and anus intensely until their tongues joined and caressed each other for a moment to return to their original orifices Fran toyed with Mjrn's clit while Penelo savored his anus was too much for Mjrn who uttered a huge cry of pleasure that had been heard throughout the village.

This cry was synonymous with success for Fran and Penelo ... the liaison ceremony was going to take place!


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