FF XII : Penelo's adventure

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The next day in the plains not far from the forest of Vieras, a troop of ten Chocobos were running at full speed, there were nine well-armed warriors and at their head a young signet ring with silver armor, she had brown hair which descended to the sky. above the shoulders, green eyes, a pretty face with slightly tanned skin, a big chest and pretty hips, at the bottom of her armor she was wearing a short pink skirt and white embroidered tights that go up just above the knees .

Her name was Azuria! She was the greatest warrior in a distant empire, she had won a lot of battles and was one of the chief commanders of the Emperor of Bynzantia, a region far beyond the sea ... her troop and she had for mission to explore Ivalice, but nothing went as planned, he was at the start 150 soldiers there are only 10, he remains the best, creatures had killed the others ...

" Warning ! Drill straight ahead !!! »Azuria shouted

“Got it, Chief! "

" Pay attention ! It may be populated by creatures, shoot on sight! I don't want my story to end here! I want to become a heroine! "

They went deeper into the forest and eliminated a few creatures that were in their path, Vieras scouts watched the scene, panicked they sent a signal to the village!

Jote saw the signal!

“Fran! We are under attack! Let's get ready! "

" Very well ! I'll go get Penelo! "

" Perfect ! I cast a vision through the creatures of the forest to see our enemy! "

Jote saw the troop of Azuria through his sphere

“Fran, Penelo, Mjrn! We will play it discreetly, and kill them by surprise! »Said Jote

"Are we killing them?" »Asked Penelo

“Yes Penelo! No choice their intentions are bad! I feel it ! "

“Got it Jote! "

"Good ! Let's go! "

Penelo, Fran, Jote and Mjrn threw themselves into the forest, thanks to Jote's fate they were invisible, she arrived at the level of the warrior troop who had lost their Chocobos and now walk on foot!

"At my signal, you shoot your arrows! I want the girl alive, she's their boss! Kill the others ”

“Good Jote! »Said Fran

They stretched out their bows, aimed at the soldiers, and at Jote's hand gesture they let their arrows take lives!

"Aaaaaaah !!!! "

“Arrows attacking us !!! show yourself ! Vigo no !!!!!! "

The arrows continued to kill! until there were only 4 soldiers and Azuria left, Mjrn showed up to kill another soldier but Azuria saw her coming, she threw her whip to knock the Viera to the ground! Once on the ground, She unsheathed her dagger and planted it in Mjrn's throat while looking at Jote!

"Mjrn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! »Fran shouted !!!!!

" Oh no !!! »Said Penelo

Mjrn died instantly, blood flowing in abundance! Fran killed another soldier and the Viera surrounded the rest of the troop!

“We drop our weapons! Jote shouted!

Azuria gave a defiant look but could only see her defeat, the other Vieras were now there and pointing the helpless young woman and forcing her to surrender… she let her sword fall…

Fran took Mjrn's body in her arms, she wasn't crying, but she was deeply sad…

"Put the gallows on, no need for a lawsuit, we're hanging them all! »Said Jote

30 minutes later, the last three soldiers were hanged by the Vieras, it was Azuria's turn ...

Penelo looked at the scene, the great signet ring going to die today for her crimes, she started to cry ...

"So this is where my story ends…. »Says Azuria

Jote walked over to her and put the rope around her neck, then stroked her hair and cheek.

" Yes ! Close your eyes it shouldn't be long, your neck will break quite easily…. »Said Jote

“Sniff… not like that…. »Says Azuria

Penelo worried proposed an idea ...

"Jote ... Mistress Jote ... may I speak to you ...?" "

"Of course Penelo ... after hanging him! "

“Exactly wait…. "

Jote looked at Penelo, Fran, Jote and Penelo secluded themselves in a corner,

“Yes Penelo? "

"Let's make her a sex slave… to satisfy our cravings… like you do with me…. That's the Viera tradition, right? "

"Hmmm it's true that she has potential .... but she will never leave this forest .... and if she refuses, I'll hang her ..."

Penelo nodded.

“Jote! Don't offer her directly, let's take her straight to a Viera orgy…. Tie me up like last time blindfold me, do the same to her and let's cum in Mjrn's memory… ”

“Penelo… .how a human can remind me of my traditions…! "

"Jote ... hihi! "

" Good ! Fran what do you think? "

"I love Penelo I would fuck her tonight, you have that Azuria! "

" It's okay with me ! "

Jote removed the rope from Azuria's neck

"Lock her up!" Get her ready for tonight! "

" For tonight ? »Says Azuria

" Oh yes ! And believe me I will make you very docile! "

“I am a great fighter! With great rewards, I am respected by the people I serve! Release me! "

"But here you are nothing ... you will become my slave"

Jote cut the straps of Azuria's armor

"Silver Mithril armor, I'll make a beautiful bow when melted!" "

"No I'm begging you…. "

"Take her away!" Fran I would like to talk to you about the affairs of the village while doing me good, Penelo follow us! I want to fuck your little flat ass"

“Good Mistress Jote! I arrive "

The Viera do not deal with mourning in the same way, he did not mourn their dead, on the contrary, they organize an orgy in memory of the deceased, this may be surprising but the Viera respects those who arrive killed one of theirs because it is a proof of strength, especially when it is a woman who succeeds

A little later, Jote, Fran and Penelo were at the top of a hill overlooking the village Viera with a waterfall at the bottom, the view was sublime, perfect for making love in Penelo!

Penelo was naked, her hands tied with white sleeves that were tied behind her back, on all fours, she was sucking Fran's big cock with passion, Jote getting ready to penetrate the anus of the young adventurer….

“Penelo !! you suck well !!! Carry on my heart! »Said Fran

"I'm going to fit in your ass Penelo!" And you ready? »Asked Jote

“Hm! "

Jote applied a lubricant to his penis and directed it towards Penelo's anus, she pushed without difficulty to enter it in Penelo, the Viera lubricant allowed to relax any orifice in particular the anus ... that of Penelo was no exception ...

"Hmmmmmmmmmmmm !!!!!! »Moaned Penelo with Fran's penis in the mouth

“Penelo !!! Hmmm your anus is hot and tight! Especially for big sex! "

Penelo was owned by Fran and Jote, despite being married to Fran, Jote, as chef, has access to everyone's wives and can enjoy Penelo as much as Fran!

“Aaaaah! Fran! Her anus is still much better than her pussy, don't you think? "

" Certainly ! "

Jote placed Penelo on the ground and put her on the side, Fran could now penetrate Penelo, she thrust her penis into the girl's pussy who crossed her legs around the Viera…

“Fran !!! welcome to me! Do yourself good! "

"Penelo ... you are double penetrated, just let it go and relax, you can't do anything else"

Fran kissed Penelo on the mouth and began to move his cock inside her, Jote kissed the young blonde's hair, everyone hugging and kissing sensually! Jote's butt was bouncing every time she moved her cock in Penelo's ass, all of this happening very slowly but it was very intense ...

"Hmmm hmmm hmmmmh two penises in me… .that's so good! "

“Penelo! Your ass tightens against my cock! "

"Let's fuck for Mjrn!"  Said Fran

Fran's big breasts were against Penelo's small breasts who smelled like Jote's behind her back! It was a real moment of sharing and relaxation, the sexes moving in Penelo in a fluid but slow way, Jote's thighs were glued to Penelo's buttocks and wiggling against her, while Fran's cock slipping naturally into the pussy of the young woman….

"Haaaaan haaaaan haaaaaan haaaaaaan ... ..." Penelo moaned

“Hmmm hmmmm haaa! Jote moaned

“Hooooh hmmmm Penelo…. »Moaned Fran

Fluid noises were heard, the three partners stopped talking, but they just moaned to savor the present moment, Fran and Jote also kissed, stroking the cheek

"I'm glad you came home Fran!" »Said Jote

"Me too…. I missed you! "

Jote caressed Penelo's breasts then Fran's, then she took off Penelo's handcuffs, her tied arms hampering Jote, she was able to hug Fran in her arms…. Jote's thighs slammed very lightly against Penelo's ass…

Suddenly, Fran got on his back carrying Penelo with her, Jote got behind to continue to fuck the pretty blonde's anus ... after a few minutes, Jote did the same and got on the back ... carrying Penelo with her, she parted her thighs to the side for Fran to come back inside her ... to return to the starting position after a few minutes!

"Haaaaan haaaaan haaaaan it's coming !!!! »Cried Penelo

" Me too ! »Said Fran

"Hmmm" moans Jote

"My stomach is growling Jote!" it's not good oops ... "

"Don't shit just let me fill you up and take you back!" "

“Penelo I'm coming !!! "

“Me too hyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! "

Penelo began to enjoy both holes! Her body gave her a terribly powerful orgasm, also thanks to the Viera lubricant! Fran closed her eyes and ejaculated in Penelo in silence .... Jote sped up in Penelo's anus then she started to slow down, cumming in her ass!

"Hyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!! haaan haaaan haaaan haaaan I cum !!!!!!! "

“Haaaaaaaaaaan Penelo !!!! "

Jote fills Penelo's anus too… .The young blonde was having spasms of pleasure! Both Viera withdrew from Penelo! Jote stroked Penelo's hair, gave him a kiss and whispered in his ear ...

"You can relieve yourself my beautiful and fall asleep…. "

But barely the penis withdraw from her anus and the words of Jote to pronounce that Penelo began to shit naturally .... the back and forth in her anus were too intense for her to hold back any more ... she fell asleep while immediately after ...

Fran and Jote had seen Penelo shit and fall asleep, they looked each other in the eyes and decided to kiss each other tenderly, intensely, fiercely ... their penises bend again, she was hugging herself in a very sensual way! Jote went down to Fran's butt then began to lick her little hole with pleasure

“We often forget that this hole is made more for shitting and less for fucking. »Said Jote

"I thought it was the other way around…. »Said Fran getting on all fours

Jote penetrated Fran by the anus, Fran bandaged with pleasure, Jote fucked her wildly! She took Fran's big breasts in her hands! And wiggled her hips against her ass! She was fucking intensely as the full moon had spread to the sky and light up the village Viera in the distance!

“Fran! Your anus leaves me no chance, I will come !!! "

“Jote !!! go ahead ! I can't take it anymore !!! "

“Fran !!! "

“Jote! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaan haaaaaaaaaaan it's hot !! your cum is hot !!! "

“Fran…. "

Both Viera moaned at the same time looking at the full moon….

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