FF XII : Penelo's adventure

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A week later, after the battle, the village Viera was about to experience several changes, Jote would become Queen Viera and no longer chief, the village would become a matriarchal monarchy , but the village council to ask the new queen to marry someone! In order to have a royal couple as well as a sex slave as tolerated by the new constitution, also the council ordered Jote to expand the territory Viera via conquests in territories not or little inhabit, because the overpopulation begins to be felt.

It was daylight and the sky was gray, Jote was with Penelo on the heights of the village, in the same place where they had fucked before fucking Asbel’s ass
You will become queen! Congratulations!" said Penelope
«Hm.. thank you but...I don’t deserve it...» replied Jote
"Why do you say that? You are our leader!"
"Because I’m going to have to bond with someone! Like you do with Fran!"
“Well, I don’t see where the problem is...”
“Penelo...apart from Fran, who is my sister, I am not attracted to the Vieras, I have always preferred humans…. like Fran….”
"Wait! What! What? Are you a sister??”
“Yes…. binoculars…. incest is not a problem here, it’s totally normal!”
“Wow, you hid your game!”
“Forgive me, little angel...I love you very much, you know…. I would like to be linked to a human like my Fran with you… but I’m not going to have the choice to choose a Viera because I have to reveal my choice and bind myself tomorrow directly!”
“Oh I understand…. and Asbel?”
“He will become my sex slave his case and settled, he will not be hanged like his leader Azuria”
"Wait!" Jote! You are bound to Azuria!"
“What! You are crazy! He is our enemy!"
“Not necessarily, I walked past her cell this morning, she was naked, crying, waiting for the rope around her neck to take away all the breath of life…. she is a great warrior, a good strategist...she can be beneficial to us and she will not have the choice of this relation, she does not want to die despite what she says...”
“Then she looks pretty…. her anus looks good….”
Hihi Jote! You and the anus are a big deal!"
Hahahah yes you are right! Penelo… .je.. I want you tonight...you don’t have to accept it because I don’t want you to do it because as a human you are submissive to us...I want you to want it!”
“Jote…. I can’t refuse you or Fran!”
Penelo got on all fours, Jote lifted the short white dress of the young blonde, she had white tights that went up just above the knees, Jote lowered her panties to get access to Penelo’s flat ass… Jote glued his penis against the pretty blonde’s anus
“Jote...sinks the….”
The penis came back without difficulty, Jote climbed the young Penelo’s ass, she put on her pelvis to fuck and do herself good, Jote’s penis was long and did not hesitate to push it further and further into Penelo!
"Haaaa haaaa haaaa! Your penis is so long, Jote!"
"Hmm hmm your ass is so tight!"
"Fuck me!! Fuck me!!"
“That’s what I do!”
The bottom of Penelo’s dress bounce slightly with each stroke of Jote’s basin, the Viera catches Penelo’s arms and holds them firmly while fucking her! The fuck was fleshy, Penelo had come a long way from the streets of Nalbina, since Fran had fingered him in a dark alley... She thought about all this, about her journey to the village, about her affair ceremony, the afterparty, the double penetration in the baths...her heart went now to Jote as much as to Fran! But Jote wanted her just for herself…. she was up to something against Fran...
In the evening Jote went in front of Azuria’s cell, she got up and advanced close to the bars
“Turn around and I’ll look at you, I want to see your ass, your breasts, your face...”
Azuria turned around, Jote observed the pretty big tits of the general in chief of Byzhantia, without his armor, Jote also observed his pretty well rounded buttocks, his skin with a slightly matte complexion, less matte than the Viera. She passed her pretty brown hair over her shoulders behind her ears.
"It’s crazy, how to take off a suit of armor to someone takes off all your warlike look, this rage to fight...it’s as if it had dissipated..." says Jote
“Hm.. I don’t want to fight for Byzanthia anymore…. the king is a tyrant, I did not have a childhood, he had my parents killed to make me fight because I master the Myst...I do not want anymore, tomorrow when you hang me this will be a deliverance for me..." said Azuria
“I will not hang you…. I will bind you to me…through the liaison ceremony….”
"What do you mean? No, I want to die, hang me!"
“You will become my wife, and lead the Viera people with me…. but if you prefer the rope, go ahead! I will take Penelo as my wife and I will have my sister exiled...for the second time...»
Jote uttered this while holding the bars and lowering his head, Azuria approached and did the same…
«I will become queen, You will belong to me and obey me as your squire and as Penelo whom I love above all...you understand?»
«As long as Fran does not get in my way and let me fuck Penelo she can stay here, otherwise...»
“If not what?”
“Why do you care?”
“We are going to get married...although I will obey, I would like to support you...”
"Hm? Why? You know what’s waiting for you? You’re gonna be my fucking bag! I’m gonna fuck your ass every day and you’re gonna have to beg me to go on and on! And you want to support me?"
“I am your life prisoner, I will never see my country again, so I might as well make it go as smoothly as possible...”
"Hm.. I may be a little hard on you, you may be able to help me!"
The next morning in Fran and Penelo’s room… They were lying in bed, under the duvet, making love tenderly, she had not been alone in making love for a long time.”
“Haaan haaaan haaaan Fran…. I feel you filling me….”
“Haaan Penelo…. haaaan….. I am emptied…”
«It is today that Jote binds to Azuria...»
“Yes Penelo…. I don’t know why I feel something bad is coming...”
"What do you mean?"
«The Myst...it becomes foul»
The sky was gray, the village square began to be ready for the liaison ceremony, Jote was sacred by Penelo who had become the new priestess of the village!
Jote, I make you our queen! Govern us humbly and lead our women and daughters to greatness of spirit and freedom!”
“I promise you that”
The village was preparing the feast, but also the ceremony of liaison, Azuria, chained hands behind the back and feet was brought to the altar in the center of the square, it was obviously completely naked, the Viera guards lowered it on the altar on the belly, his buttocks were the future disposition of Jote who could penetrate her while standing, because the altar was high enough...it brought back memories to Penelope
The whole village had gathered around the altar, she made offerings, in turn the Vieras kissed the buttocks of Azuria as a good fortune, Jote finally approached the ass that she was going to fuck to seal the affair, she let herself be undressed by Penelo, The musicians began playing the lute.
"I will now seal your affair, will Azuria accept your affair with our Queen Jote?"
“Jote , our queen, do you agree to be bound to Azuria?”
“Bind yourselves in the purest pleasure!”
The anus of Azuria had been chosen by Jote, but this one was too tight because of the stress, the big sex of Jote could not go inside, in this case it was necessary to fuck Azuria, Penelo approached her and made her eat a small pellet…
«Eat this»
Azuria ate her, then suddenly her gargoyle belly, and her anus began to relax, then she began to shit with a pleasure of release by closing her eyes and uttering a sigh of relaxation! Jote waited until the last piece of poop fell to the ground to penetrate Azuria’s ass…
«Hmmmm, your ass is so hot»
With a detached look, her left hand on her hip, the look of contempt for his wife’s ass, she began to move her pelvis to start fucking… his penis was big, too big for the small anus of the former captain of the armies of Byzantia...who had known no sex…
“Haaaaaaa...ca hurts…. haaaaa….”
Tears in his eyes, sad face, his mouth let out the drool that fell on his hair that was against the altar stone, while his handcuffed hands in his back tensed for the will of survival to free himself, Jote continued to penetrate Azuria without expressing any emotion or pleasure... Penelo watched her act like this, lowered her head and prepared a small cloth, which she soaked in water…
“Relax, Azuria, Relax or you’ll always hurt….”
«Shut your mouth Penelo does not get involved in this fuck...» shouted Jote
“Pardon...my queen...”
"Do your priestly work and shut up!" asked Jote.
“Yes, my queen...”
"Queen Jote!" cried Jote.
«My queen... Jote...» replied Penelope
Penelo was very surprised that Jote spoke to her in that tone, she decided to obey despite everything, she soaked the rag in the wooden basin, drew it out, then she cleaned Azuria’s face, her mouth, then she gently cleaned her back, to get to her ass, she cleaned each of the young woman’s buttocks, then she washed her anus a little, which was always being penetrated, poop was always present, she also washed Jote’s penis which was always going in and out.
«Wash my breasts I sweat Penelo!»
"Yes, my Queen Jote!"
Penelo washed her breasts like asking, the whole village watching the scene, some holding fruit cups, some were sweet others was aphrodisiac, Penelo wondering that it made a lot of fruit and maids Viera for a single fuck, Of course she knew that at any moment it could end in an outdoor orgy but this time she had a doubt, without knowing why, the atmosphere of this ceremony was full! And she was right…
“Haaaaaan…. haaaaaaan…. pity…. you hurt me…. you didn’t tell me that when I was in prison! Our agreement...”
Jote mouse and leaned to Azuria’s ear…
“There has never been an agreement…. just obey and stop complaining that we can finish this ceremony in style….”
Penelo asked, “How’s it going?”
Jote looked at her angrily and then slapped the young blonde who fell to the ground….
Penelo I told you to do your job! Last warning...if this bitch asks you to help her relax you obey, if I ask you to wash my ass, you obey! Do you understand that?”
“Got it!?”
“Yes….” said she, looking down
«Penelo...this ceremony is different from yours...so just obey if you don’t want to be punished next to him...»
“Haaaaaaaaa!!!! Help me relax….I’m in pain...my ass...makes me suffer.”
For the first time, or the second time, Penelo felt alien to the village…. she took an aphrodisiac fruit and brought it to Azuria’s mouth, she ate a bite, then a few seconds after her face, relaxed, her mouth began to smile, her gaze became mischievous, and Jote began to feel pleasure, Azuria’s ass was relaxed and sucking the queen’s penis!
Haaaaaa! Haaaaaaa! Damn it! Azuria stop it!"
«Hmmmm fuck me Jote! Fuck me!!!!!”
Hmmm, damn it! Nooooooooooon!!!!”
The sperm squirted into Azuria’s ass! Jote was just coming! She withdrew his cock from a disappointed look and with a taste of unfinished! Azuria peta which propelled sperm from the Jote...she turned to Fran who nodded, spread her veil from her crotch and penetrated Azuria’s pussy! Penelo understood nothing, Jote cast a spell in her tongue Viera, Fran kissed Azuria then she began to cum, Cum flowed from her pussy, another dignitary Viera began to penetrate her, then another!
«Fran what’s going on!»
"Step aside, Penelope!"
The Viera succeeded each other in the ass and the pussy of Azuria who lost in vitality cock stroke after cock stroke, Jote got back together and then went towards the ass of Azuria, penetrated her…. then the young prisoner died… it was not a liaison ceremony but an execution ceremony….
Azuria had died, executed, under the gaze of Asbel who decided to flee in silence...nobody was there to watch him, tears in his eyes he ran without stopping through the forest…
Fran! You knew!!!! Fran!!"
“It’s not true…! I don’t believe it…it’s horrible!!!”
Penelo was shocked, she ran to isolate herself...she felt betrayed...

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