FF XII : Penelo's adventure

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The next afternoon at Eruyt village, the Vieras are busy preparing for the liaison ceremony between Fran and Penelo.

It will take place in the center of the village on the circular stele decorated for the occasion of luxury fabrics, colorful silk cushions, small candles that forms an arc of circles on one half of the stele, once the preparations are over, Jote , the village chief indicates that the ceremony will have and indicates that all virgin Vieras must offer offerings to the new uni, most of the time it is fruit, chic fabrics that serve as lingeries.

Then all the Vieras are circled around the stele, Jote speaks!

"Today the deities have chosen to unite Fran of Viera race, to Penelo of human race, their sins will be forgiven and erased, you will have to accept them as your sisters! "

"Long live the bound! Long live the bound!" Exclaims all the Vieras!

"I declare the beginning of the ceremony!" Says Jote

Suddenly the village was marked by a part of myste, a magical aura that the Vieras know how to control!

"To begin ..., I ask the one who penetrates to join us"

Fran exit Mjrn pagoda held very light, with a veil of white silk transparent, very light, which served as a nightie and let appear her huge breasts, silk tights that had gone up to half of thighs and a black thong with jewels on the waist. She slowly approached the stele

"Fran, you chose to be the one who penetrates, remove your thong and sit on the altar, spreading your thighs! "

Fran, without saying a word, sat on the altar after removing her thong, then she spread her thighs as Jote had asked, Then Mjrn the priestess approached the vagina of Fran and began to concentrate the mystery in her hand and start to mimic a masturbation like on a penis, then she says this ..

"In the name of the gods, Fran, I give you a penetrator, use it to enjoy the one you love"

Then Fran began to scream in pain, her vagina began to disappear to become testicles and a penis, the penis became bigger and bigger until it finally appeared.

Mjrn started to smear Fran's penis with a clear greenish liquid, at that moment Fran's penis erected and became huge, it was hard to be able with a single glance, determine its size and thickness but this who is sure is that it was much larger than a human in terms of thickness but have a standard size

" Get up ! And go on the other side of the stele by putting you back! Asked Jote

Fran did what Jote asked and settled in front of the altar on the side of the candles back to the Mjrn pagoda

"May the one who will penetrate us join! "

Penelo slowly out of the pagoda, she tremble a little bit because she knew what he was waiting for, she was red with shame .. she was wearing a black thong very light silk had very light pink tights that closer to the white than the pink and had the arms crossed tied in the back with machetes white with patterns, two small padlock allowed to lock the straps so that it can not move the arms. Her breasts were naked and visible to all.

Penelo was intimidated by the many Viera who was a spectator of the ceremony, her heart was beating so much with excitement but also with shame that she wanted only one thing ... Escape!

"Hurry up, human! Would you have changed your mind? Catrina shouted

"No..no..I.Is that .."

" Oh ! You did not think it would happen that way, and sorry to disappoint you but you do not have much choice now, we do not disturb the deities Viera without reason. So you'll make me happy to put your butt on the altar and spread thighs that can start! "

"Oui..je snif..snif ... .."

Penelo began to cry gently, Fran to worry for her, because she knew that the other Vieras would be much less indulgent with a human than a Viera.

"I'm sorry ... I ... I ... I can not go on my own anymore ..."

Penelo was paralyzed with shame and fear so that Catrina, Jote and the other Vieras found that Penelo was urinating on the floor ... she had tears in her eyes ..

" Oh that's not true ! A scythe, Fran seriously you could not have chosen Mjrn instead of this weak human!" Catrina shouted

"That's enough, Catrina! Or do you want me to punish you for disrespecting a person who binds? " Replied Jote

"But it's just that .."

"Shut up, she's scared you do not see him? No it's true you never had the courage to unite! Maybe I should get in front of our sisters! You owe him the respect she at least has the courage to participate in this rite! "

"Pardon Jote ..." said Catrina, bowing her head

"Penelo..what will follow and a very special event for you you will remember forever this day, this night and this ceremony, because the hardest for you and what will follow the ceremony ... is not shame Penelo, your sisters around you do not judge you!, she respects you for what will do, even see, she envy you!"

Penelo looked at Jote looking surprised

"Come with me, be strong! "

Jote took Penelo to the stela, put her in a seated position, removed her string, spread her thighs and asked the washerwoman of the ceremony to wash Penelo's vagina still full of urine, which relaxed Penelo as it made her Well, Jote stroked Penelo's hair, saying that it was going to be fine, that after that she would become a Viera!

"Fran approach! "

Fran approached Penelo

"Fran ... .."

"Penelo ... I'm going to go slowly"

Penelo lowering his head and looking at Fran's thick penis

"Fran ... you got your penis, he's ... so big .."

"Yes Penelo ... I love you ... close your eyes ... it will be easier for you ..."

" Okay.. "

"Penelo and Fran! In the name of the deities, I give you permission and obligation to mate! Let the bond begin! Jote shouted

And without losing a second, all of a sudden, Fran dug his huge penis in the vagina of Penelo who did not expect it, she had pierced, like an execution.

Penelo had just lost her virginity, she was so shocked by her penis that she could not even scream in pain ... she was stunned, and all this for a second

At the moment Penelo was going to drop to lie on the stele, Jote kept her telling him that everything was going well.

Some Viera still virgin took each other in their arms to reassure themselves and imagine what Penelo could feel if she chose the voice of the passive Viera. A Viera with a drum began to beat him to give a rhythm to Fran's future penis shot that still had not removed his penis from Penelo to deliver another blow.

"Forgive me Penelo," says Fran

Then Fran began to give several successive blow to the rhythm of the drum, his penis come in and out of Penelo who could not do anything, Fran had all the control on her little pussy

"Hum..hum..hum is too good," says Fran

"Haan ... Haaan ... Haaan..Fraaaan Fraaaan ... ..."

Fran's sex was unstoppable and over the course of the minutes Penelo's pain turned into intense pleasure.

"I feel like you're enjoying Penelo, are not you? Says Jote

"Yes..ca is better ... now! "

"Penelo your pussy is so good, it's so good to penetrate you"

Fran multiplied the penis stroke in Penelo's pussy that began to cum

"Fraaaan ... I ... .I ... ... cumming! "

"Hmm ... hmm ... hmm so good Penelo ... hmm ... cum ... you deserve it ... my sweet darling .."

"I love you Fraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan"

"Huuuuum Me too! "

" This feeling ? Am I going to cum? "

Fran had seen right and ten seconds later she was enjoying

"Penelo, I'm going to cum on you! "

"Go there Fraaaaaan! Go ahead ! "

"Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Screamed Fran who began to enjoy

Fran was cumming herself in Penelo's pussy, she filled her with all her seed then she took him in her arms and kissed her while keeping her penis in her ...

"I declare Fran and Penelo bound!" Says Jote

"I love you Fran! "

"Me too Penelo"

"Let the afterparty begin!" Jote shouted!


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