FF XII : Penelo's adventure

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Fran and Penelo are on their way to Eruyt village, which is the village of Vieras, Fran was banned 50 years ago because she wanted to see the world, meet other people ... but Viera precepts are accurate all Viera leaving the forest and the village are banned ... But Fran had explained to Penelo that there was a way to reintegrate the village, it is necessary to realize a bounding ceremony that serves to unite two people, Penelo is pleased with this new because she wanted to develop her skills to be like a Viera, Penelo thought that it would be a good idea to live like the Vieras to hope to be as strong as her ...

Fran and Penelo stopped to take a break in the middle of a small peaceful forest with some rays of sun that cross the leaves of the trees, they tied their Chocobos to a tree and set up a tent, Penelo lights a campfire to cook to eat then Penelo sat next to Fran

"We're coming to Fran village soon."

"Do you apprehend? "

"A bit because I do not really know what this ceremony is about .."

"This is a very special event for the Vieras, to make this ceremony allows to unite two Vieras, it is not forbidden to unite with humans but this is almost never happened, the few times or it is produced, humans left the village because he refused to live like us .. "

"I want to stay Fran! "

"Ahh, you say that now, but you humans do not have the same longevity as us ... one day or the other you want to leave, but I will not be mad at you .."

"Fran ..."

"That's how you have to live the moment"

"You still have not told me how this ceremony will consist? "

"I wanted to keep the surprise but it's okay, I'll tell you more. The liaison ceremony is, for us Viera, the loss of chastity ... "

"Chastity? Do you mean that ...? "

"Yes Penelo, it consists of a mating or two Viera lose their virginities, this ceremony and considered a proof of maturity and allows to" recommenced "a new life, it's like a rebirth, our peaches are forgiving you understand why he is necessary to do it "

" Oh ! Well ?... "

"You do not have to accept Penelo ... we can still turn back! "

"It's not that .. it's just that ... as you say when you caress me the pussy in the alley ... I'm a virgin ... I'm never really done love ... except what's going on between you and me in Nalbina ... "
"We were all born a Penelo virgin and one day or another we must lose it. It's up to you to see! "

"But I think about it!, I could not really lose it because we are two girls hihi, it reassures me a little! "

"Penelo I have not told you everything yet ..."

" What do you mean ? "

"You never ask yourself how the Vieras did to reproduce when we are all women? "

"Now say it ... No ... I guess you'll tell me ..."

"Hm ... before the bonding ceremony .. the priestess asks the two Viera to choose the assets and sex liabilities .."

" And so ? "

"Once the priestess has the power to" change "the sex of the active Viera, that's why we're hermaphrodite ..."

"And so after the blessing of the priestess the active Viera will have a penis...Right ? "

"You have understood everything Penelo..in this case, since I am the only Viera in our union I would have a penis and you will keep your vagina of course ... I'm sorry Penelo I would have told you before than... "

"Do not worry, Fran, anyway it's logical, is not it? Hihi! You would not hurt when you penetrate me..promise? "

"Penelo ... I love you you know it ... since the beginning of our meeting I have always felt for you a deep attraction ... I would not hurt ... at least ... at first ahah! "

"Fran! hihi "

Fran and Penelo started to tickle and kiss each other, then Penelo, very playful, spread her face close to Fran's chest, looking her in the eye for two seconds then she undid Fran's bra and began to lick her nipples who began to get hard and sharp, Fran closed his eyes and began to breathe harder and harder.

"Oooh Penelo ... nibble them ..."

Penelo was executing and Fran gave a shout of pleasure, then she began to undo the combination of Penelo by the closure that was behind, which released the small breasts of Penelo who already had very hard nipples, Fran stroked Penelo's hair and then told him ..

"Darling, do you want a glimpse of how the Viera mate?" "

"Yes Fran ... show me"

"It's good ... you're learning fast ... you'll become as strong as the Viera one day, I'm sure! "

Penelo undressed completely then Fran took some items in one of the bags, she asked Penelo to put her back to her and on her knees, once made Fran tied her hands behind her back, after that she did the same at the knees and then she placed a ball gag in her mouth.
Penelo could not do anything anymore, she was at the mercy of Fran who began to caress her clit ..

"HUM HUM ... ... Huuum !!! "

"I understand you like that my little Penelo, you'll see after that you'll want to make love this way .."

"HUUM..Raaan ... HUM !!! "

Then Fran inserted a finger in Penelo's pussy while caressing her nipples, Penelo had tears in his eyes ... it was not tears of pain or sadness ... but tears of joy and pleasure. .Fran installed Penelo in the tent, lying on his back on cushions so as not to disturb his arms attached, the floor was covered with several carpets covered with cushion of colors ..

"How are you, darling? "

"Huuum ..."

"I take that for a yes! "

Fran began to lick Penelo's pussy in a slow and gentle way and then she returned to her ... Penelo was in paradise, she totally abandoned herself under the licks of Fran who was doing massages in her pussy ... This lasted for thirty minutes then Penelo began to enjoy intensely by expelling vaginal fluids directly on the face of Fran ...

"Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum ... .. !!!! "

"Little naughty I see that it did you good! But I'm not finished with you »

"Hmm? "

Fran turned Penelo on the side and placed her head on her buttocks, she began to caress them

"That's one of my favorite things ..."

"Um ..? "

"It's a place so underrated and yet so pleasant! "

Fran spread Penelo's buttocks which showed his anus, Fran caressed him with his fingers making small circles, then put it in his mouth ..

"It's now that we will play"


Fran was getting closer to his anus then gently licking it by still making small circles until his tongue enters Penelo's anus, which closed his eyes to let it go, anyway she did not have too much choice ... Fran licked intensely inside her anus for long minutes while caressing her own clit, Fran's vagina was wet, in her mind she was waiting to have her penis because she was very eager to penetrate her girlfriend…

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