FF XII : Penelo's adventure

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After the ceremony, the sexual tension of the Vieras was at its peak, and as the custom to celebrate the liason of two beings, the Vieras organizes a night a little special, and his Penelo who had just recovered from his emotions did not know what was waiting for him again.

"Are you going to Penelo? Asked Jote

"Yes Jote, it was an incredible moment! "

"You see, I told you that, ah, but I told you earlier that the evening's just started for Fran and you. Fran was back in the village and you are now part of the tribe "

"Thanks Jote, it's an honor! "

"Do not thank me, it's normal!" Now, says me Penelo, two choices are offered to you for the rest of the evening! "

"Tell me all Jote! "

"You can go to rest ... or you can continue to explore your senses with Fran and the other Viera who are also linked to others for a moment of pleasure that you will not live anywhere else! "

"Hihi..you already know my answer Jote ... I want you to fuck me! "

"That's the kind of thing I love to hear, but know that the new passive girl is entitled to hazing, are you ready for the challenge? "

"After this ceremony I am ready for anything! "

What Jote, Fran and the others Viera did not say was that the viscous liquid applied to Fran's penis had aphrodisiac properties, that's why Fran was erect directly after coming into contact with the liquid. Obviously this liquid entered Penelo who affected and wanted only one thing ... fuck.

Fran and Jote took Penelo to a pagoda to join the afterparty, but before returning Jote and Fran bandaged Penelo's eyes and put a ball gag in his mouth, not to mention that she still had her arms crossed tied in the back Penelo was a prisoner of the desires and fantasies of the Vieras.

In the entrance of the pagoda some Vieras prepare for what was going to follow, we put silk stockings Penelo that go up to half of her thighs, we put her thong with a transparent silk veil over, everything was beautifully decorated, the Viera have the taste of good things and this kind of party together the elite Vieras.

The interior of the pagoda was illuminated by torches because it was dark, the interior was covered with carpets and cushions of many colors, predominantly red but blue, yellow, purple
There were about twenty Vieras inside counting Fran, Penelo and Jote.

"My sisters! ............ .that the party begins! Said Jote

After his statements, a huge orgy started, in the middle of the room a couple of Vieras kissing and kissing, another Viera, deep left, wasted no time and already penetrated the pussy of his partner, on the right of the entrance, a Viera penetrated the vagina while another lick her nipples.

Another couple in the middle of the room made love differently, she was sitting on the penis of her partner who was behind her while fucking, to sum up everyone fuck and have fun.

"Fran, put it with Penelo I'm coming! Asked Jote

"Okay Jote!, Lie down Penelo have fun with you and me"

Fran stretched Penelo on his back, then carefully spread his underwear, revealing Penelo's pussy that had been cleaned in the meantime

"I want you Penelo ... .Huuuum" says Fran

Penelo could not say anything because of the ball gag she had in her mouth, but anyway, Fran had already penetrated, her big penis was going back and forth, Fran was kneeling face to Penelo who was lying on cushions.

Fran removed her transparent silk veil that she wore in the ceremony revealing her big breasts, another Viera began to lick Penelo's left breast, while Fran stirred her huge dick in Penelo's pussy that could not fight !

Another Viera who had just penetrated three of her sisters began to cum in Penelo's hair up to her forehead, the Viera then began to lick her own sperm, frankly ejaculate, Penelo knew it, she was in the middle of an orgy.

Jote had joined Fran from behind and began to caress her breasts and lift him up and down, Fran loved it!

"I missed you, you know Fran," says Jote

"You ... too ... Haan ... sorry it's just that ... Penelo is so good"

"I see that, I hesitate to penetrate right now or if I take care of you now? "

"Ahah it's a hell of a dilemma"

Then Fran bent his buttocks towards Jote

"You are welcome in me, Jote"

" I know well ! But do not forget that we have a guest of honor is not it Penelo? "

Fran and Jote looked at each other, kissed each other, then they put Penelo on the side, Fran stood in front and penetrated her vagina that she loved so much, Jote began to lick Penelo's anus, then she smeared her penis with the viscous liquid aphrodisiac, his penis was now erect, Jote was known to have the thickest penis Vieras ... but that ... Penelo did not know it yet ...

Fran began to make circles with his penis in Penelo's pussy, Jote spread Penelo's buttocks, then his anus, to finally sink his huge penis, Penelo emitted some of his suffocating gag ... surely cries of suffering and pleasure as she was ... double-penetrated ..

"Ooooh Penelo ... I never push my dick into a hole as tight, I can barely move! Says Jote

"You know her pussy is not better it's very tight too"

"Seriously Fran you should try his asshole after, it's just fantastic! "

"Jote! the first who cums to a pledge! "

"Ahah very well! Sorry Penelo but it will be intense for you »


Fran and Jote began to stir their ponds to do good with their penis Penelo, Fran caressed the hair of Penelo affectively, because she knew that at that time, Penelo was taking a lot of pleasure, Jote caress the thighs of Penelo and back to his chest and then start again, the goal was simply to take pleasure.

Their penis was actually so big that the wall of Penelo's anus touching her vaginal wall, as well saying that Penelo was in heaven and was disconnected from what was happening to her.

The cocks followed each other in the holes of Penelo, Jote and Fran kissed, tongue against tongue and caress each other, They went more and more in Penelo, it was impossible at that moment to check but Penelo had to enjoy it several times.

But Penelo was the most to be pitied, behind her a Viera was penetrated by four penises, one in the vagina, one in the mouth and two in the anus, she wanted to beat Penelo.

After two hours, it was not uncommon to witness several ejaculations on both sides, some had fallen asleep there remained only Jote and Fran who was still in action, then suddenly!

" Oh no ! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah "says Jote

Jote had just filled Penelo's anus with semen that had spurted out of her hole because of plenty, she had ejaculated for twenty seconds without stopping

"Ahah Jote! I won ... ..Haaaaaaaaaaaan Haaaaaaan Haaaaaaaaan Haaah "shouted Fran

"You should have shut up," said Jote

Indeed Fran also came to ejaculate in Penelo's pussy, sperm dripping from her anus and her vagina. Jote removed his penis from Penelo's buttocks and Fran did the same and detached Penelo from all his bonds

"Fraaan .." says Penelo

"Penelo" says Fran

Then the two fell asleep ... without a word from several


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