Alpha Redux

BY : Seven
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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy X, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Alpha Redux
By Seven

Summary: Tidus is back! A story of beginning again…

Rating: R because I have a dirty mind. Sometimes some cursing, and some adult situations. Consensual, loving ones, of course.

Disclaimer: FFX is not mine. If the characters were, that game would’ve been rated M. As it is, they belong to Square. Tidus and Yuna belong to each other. Tidus belongs to me when Yuna isn’t looking.

Author’s notes: I know that this is a very very popular theme in ffx fanfic, but I wanted to write my own and this story started out with just one idea and the second I wrote that idea down in the back of my notebook, it blew up into a story of some sort. (grin)

This is my first fic, so feedback and reviews (the good, the bad, and the ugly) welcome and loved!

Yuna was sitting on the bow of her Uncle’s airship with Rikku and Paine when it happened.

The ship had been descending down to the coast of Besaid to drop her off for the night. After sphere hunting all day, Yuna was exhausted but kind of happy. She loved spending time with her cousin and friend, and that day was no different. Little did she know, it would turn out to be very different.

“So do you think he’s cute?” Rikku asked, leaning back against the guardrail.

Yuna assumed she was referring to one of the religious...enthusiasts…they had run into earlier from a group called the Alliance Ajito. Rikku thought he was a freak, but Paine seemed to show a genuine interest the young man himself. Well, in her own Paine way. What was his name…?

Paine crossed her arms, eyes narrowing. “No, I don’t. He’s blonde. Blondes are airheads.” She reached out to tug one of Rikku’s braids. “See?”

“Hey!” Rikku complained, pulling away. Yuna ducked her head a bit and covered her mouth, not quite hiding her chuckle. Paine leaned back, a smirk on her lips.

“Don’t be jealous, Pain-ey,” she chirped, flipping her hair and turning around to watch their descent. “Just because you can’t be the great Rikku doesn’t mean you should act like an angry shoopuf mother…Whoa!”

The surprise in her cousin’s voice startled Yuna. She stood, rushing to lean over the rail next to a wide-eyed Rikku and Paine. The village children were running wildly about, flailing their arms and yelling up at them. The roar of the ship’s engine was too loud for them to hear what the kids were saying. Dread spread through Yuna’s stomach at the sight. What was wrong? Was Sin back?

She looked over at her friends, and knew the worried expressions on their faces mirrored hers.

“Rumo cred…” Paine mumbled.

As the ship settled in the shallow water close the shore, Yuna could finally make out what the kids were saying.

“Lady Yuna!”

“Lady Yuna! Sir Tidus is back!”

“Wakka took him!”

“He’s heeeere! ”

Three words and she felt like her world was turning upside down again.

Tidus is back.

Three words, and she was running full speed down the beach. Her hair was in her eyes, and tears were streaming down her face. Her lungs were on fire and she had a side cramp. One of her boots was untied. She could hear her friends telling her to slow down and wait, but she couldn’t. It didn’t matter that it was all so unreal, that she hadn’t seen him in over a year. All she could think about was him…

When she burst through the door of the house, Lulu was waiting for her in the kitchen. Without a word, her friend smiled and pointed upstairs. Yuna took the steps two, maybe three at a time, and rounded the corner to Wakka and Lulu’s room.


There he was, lying in Wakka’s bed, asleep. Unconscious? He looked just like he had on the last day she had seen him, over a year ago. His hair was wet, plastered to his forehead. He was covered in a large blanket, and she noticed his damp boots lying by the side of the bed. Had he been in water?

She felt numb, save the dreadful feeling in the pit of her stomach. This was impossible. “Is…what…how did he...” she stumbled over her words, eyes filling with tears again.

“He just sleepin, Yuna,” Wakka soothed her softly, walking around the bed toward her. His large hand rubbed her shoulder gently. “Don’t worry, ya?”

She ignored him, instead focusing on the rise and fall of Tidus’ chest. It was nearly sensory overload; the emotions and questions she had. She wanted to know how he got there, how he was alive, and if he even was alive. How was it possible to be happy, angry, sad, and relieved all at the same time? How was his being there possible? And why was he wet?

Lulu came in at that point, and stood next to Yuna. She spoke then. “Some children found him, washed up on the shore.”

Yuna gasped, wondering at that. At the whole thing.

“They came and got Wakka and me, and he carried him home.” Yuna felt Lulu’s comforting hand on the crown of her head. “Try and relax Yuna.” she murmured, “Just sit with him and be. He’s going to be fine.”

Yuna nodded, slowly sitting on the bed. She dimly noticed that Wakka and Lulu had left the room. She began to study his sleeping face. His beautiful face. His well-shaped eyebrows...the freckles sprinkled on his nose…his mouth. That same mouth that always had a smirk to it, even now. Oh, how she’d missed his face. She wanted to reached out and touch him, to assure herself that he was real, but she was afraid that he might disappear under her fingers all over again. Terrified, even.

Again, her eyes filled with tears. The adrenaline was slowly draining from her, and she was more exhausted than before. But she couldn’t leave his side. What if he woke up and she wasn’t there? The moment she had been longing for was finally here, and she wasn’t going to miss it for anything. Crawling up beside him in the bed, Yuna wrapped her arms around his body and drifted off to sleep. He felt cold, even through the blankets, and she hugged him tightly, trying to warm him.

In what seemed like just a short time later, she was awakened by something moving under her. Yuna’s eyes shot open, and she pushed herself above Tidus on one arm. She realized she must’ve fallen asleep and rolled on top of him. Slowly, he opened his eyes and her heart nearly stopped beating at the sight of his gorgeous blue eyes….

She vaguely felt his hand clutch her shirt. “Yu-na...” he whispered, his voice cracking on the second syllable. He looked pained, like talking took great pain.

She gasped as the smooth fabric of his glove touched her face. Joy filled her at that moment, and they shared the first smile in an entire year and a half…


Rumo cred = holy shit in Al Bhed ;)

To be continued…

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