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Chapter 6 is up! It’s rated R for some Yuna/Tidus lovins.
Sorry it’s a bit short, but 7 is longer than I expected, so hopefully it will
make up for it. And it will be up in the next two days (I hope). Oh, and thanks
for your comments and ideas, everyone. It makes the story so much more fun to
write. Teaser: Next chapter is where the plot thickens for a few of the


Tidus decided that flying in Rikku’s new airship was the
coolest thing ever.

Well, technically, it was Cid’s airship, but he had unveiled
it for Rikku’s birthday and generously gave them all a ride to Bevelle. It was
much like the first ship, but this one was a little smaller and a whole lot
faster. Updated. Tidus’ favorite part was the glass-enclosed bow where he and
Paine were sitting, enjoying the view of the clouds speeding by. Everyone else
was upstairs, touring the ship.

Cid had said it would be a couple of hours till they got to
Bevelle’s shopping district, so he decided to cool his heels for a little

The idea of the economic utopia that was now Bevelle was
actually kind of funny. Before he had left, Bevelle was a holy city; the town
composed of mainly the priests’ large manors and the temple. Now it was a
goldmine. Businesses had all come there at once and in the same area to compete
with each other. The area was dubbed the “shopping district” because of the
sheer number of markets and stores and attractions. It was kind of like the
six-story mall back in Zanarkand, except it was all outside. Which was kinda
cool as far as Tidus was concerned. Plus, they had a new blitzball team. There
were just tons of people and lots of shops and food, and something was always
going on. It was his kind of place.

He leaned back into the plush couch he and Paine were
sitting on and tapped his fingers on the slick fabric. Rikku’s favorite color
was red, so of course, the velvet couch was red. Tidus chuckled. Red velvet
couches in an airship. Only Rikku.

Paine stood, and Tidus watched her walk over to the glass
and cross her arms. He didn’t really know Paine very well. Not from lack of
trying, she just wasn’t very…outgoing. Kind of quiet and reserved. She reminded
him of Lulu. Maybe what she was like when she was younger or something. He had
never discussed Paine’s personal life with her personally, but Yuna had told
him what she knew of her story.

She’d explained to him that Rikku and her brother had found
Paine walking aimlessly through the Sanubian desert with no memory. It was
about a week after Yuna’s Eternal Calm had begun and the restoration of the Al
Bhed home was just beginning. She knew that she was 17, and she only remembered
her birthdate, her name, and how to fight. That was weird, but the weirdest
parts were that she spoke fluent Al Bhed and had these incredible fencer
fighting skills. But she was obviously not Al Bhed nor was she your typical
soldier. Even though, Rikku and Yuna befriended her and they had becpretpretty

Tidus saw in her what he had felt when he first came to
Spira - that feeling of not fitting in, no matter how hard you tried and
basically feeling lost and frustrated all the time. So he wanted to get to know
her and maybe cheer her up sometimes. She could be really distant, but she had
a good heart. He could tell by the way she was when she was with Yuna and
Rikku, or by the way she looked up to Lulu so much. And according to Yuna, she
even talked her through some of her hardest times while he had been gone.

Not for the first time, Tidus was glad that Yuna had so many
good people in her life.

Pushing himself off the couch, Tidus walked over to stand
beside Paine at the window. The view was really pretty. As far as he could see,
there was green land running alongside the sea. A beach was here and there, and
he could see a few boats and ferries on the sunkissed water too. It looked like giant diamonds were floating
all over the water. “It’s nice, isn’t it?” he commented.

He saw Paine nod slightly out of the corner of his eye. He
continued. “I like this airship. It’s so much nicer than Cid’s old one.
Smoother, too. Keeps me from puking and looking like a wuss.” He joked, using
his hands to represent turbulence.

Paine’s small smile was contagious. She really w pre pretty
girl. In the elegant Lulu-type of way. His teammate, Jassu, had a crush on her.
Not just a crush, an atomic crush. He yammered on and on about her all the
time, and was always asking him to set him up on a date. Yeah right. It was no
secret either, because Paine knew it. He wondered if she just didn’t care, or
if she didn’t like him, or maybe she was afraid of relationships. Jassu was a
great guy too! He was kinda like Wakka, actually. And since Lulu and Wakka fit
so well together, maybe…

“Hey, what do you think of Jassu?” he asked slowly, trying
to sound neutral about it.

“Nothing.” She was already walking toward the elevator. Oh
boy. He was a pro at pissing her off. Actually, it didn’t take much.

He jogged after her. “Wait,” he said, catching up and
matching her stride.

She turned her icy stare on him. “Um, I was just asking
Paine. Sorry.” Hferefered, scratching his head.

The tilt of her head meant she accepted his apology. Phew.
She walked onto the elevation pod and he followed. “So….my hair’s getting long,”
he was trying to make amends as they began to ascend. “will you trim it for

She leaned back against the rail, crossing one ankle over
the other. “Sure.” She said, locking her garnet eyes on his. “You and Yuna have
the same haircut. I’ll do them at the same time.”

The pod reached the first floor, and the metal doors slid
open. Tidus just stared after herozenozen, as she strode down the hall toward
the cockpit.

Wait. He and Yuna had the same haircut?

“It was a joke,” Paine threw over her shoulder, disappearing
between the sliding doors leading to the cockpit.

Okay. Lesson learned. Don’t ask about Paine about boys. Her
sense of humor was almost lethal. Tidus scrubbed a gloved hand down his face.
He really needed a nap.

He made his way down the lighted hall, and to the left, into
the sleeping quarters. It was a moderately sized room, with 6 beds and
nightstands between every other one. There were three beds to a side, and the
entire room was red. Red walls, red beds, red everything. Of course. Rikku was
such a weirdo. Tidus chuckled to himself.

Thankfully, the room was empty and he was looking forward to
a peaceful nap. Flopping down on his stomach, he toed his boots off. A deep,
exhausted sigh escaped him as the boots clunked to the floor. Even though the
entirely-too-red room was getting on his nerves, the bed was really
comfortable. And he was so sleepy…


Tidus woke what seemed like moments later, to a pleasurable
feeling in his shorts. He was on his back, and he cracked one sleepy eye
open….then two in disbelief.

Yuna was on her knees between his spread legs, with her hand
in his fly. It was the hottest thing he’d ever seen. She looked so shy and she
was concentrating so hard that she hadn’t noticed that he’d awaken. He wanted
to close his eyes and just enjoy it that way, but this was too good. It was her
first time to touch him so sexually, and he didn’t want to miss a second. He
couldn’t remember why he hadn’t let her do this before…

She was frowning her frown of concentration and he noticed a
flush on her chest. A groan escaped him, in spite of himself. Yuna jerked to a
startled stop, looking apologetic and guilty, like she had just committed a
crime. Tidus grinned. She was so shy and in the cutest way. Another reason he
loved her so much. “Don’t stop Yuna.” He whispered, encouraging her. “Keep

Slowly, and even more shy than before, she continued her
infinitesimal movements. Her apprehensive eyes were locked on his, but he saw
the want there that was pushing her to do something so…well, aggressive. Tidus
smiled reassuringly at her and folded his arms behind his head. He knew Yuna
had never done this before, and that was part of what was turning him on so
much. But more importantly, he loved that she had woke him up like he had done
for her that morning.

Yuna continued her gentle ministrations, until Tidus’ desire
finally hed hed the boiling point. His back arched, and a low groan of Yuna’s
name escaped him. Sighing happily, he grinned a loopy smile as he relaxed
spread-eagle into the bedding. His chest was heaving, and he was going to have
to find a way to clean his shorts before they got to Bevelle, but he felt so
good that he wasn’t worried about it. “Yuna,” his voice was strangely hoarse.
“That was awesome.”

She smiled the brightest smile he’d ever seen on her.
“Really? Was it?” she asked, pulling her hand from his now-sticky shorts.

He nodded. “C’mere babe,” he said softly, reaching for her.

Tidus hooked his hands under her arms and pulled her to lie
beside him. Her eyes were dancing with happi, bu, but they had that brightness
to them that was only there when she wasned ned on. Being her studly man and
all, he decided that he would have to do something about that.

Leaning in, he pressed his lips to hers gently and then
pulled away, leaving her mouth agape. A smile spread across his face as he sat
up to pull off his shirt. She was going to need something to wipe her hands
with. Tugging it over his head, he pushed the Aurochs practice shirt into her
hands. “Here,” he offered.

A frown creased her brow, but she took it andan tan to wipe
her hands. Tidus leapt from the bed and padded over to the door to lock it.
Man, it was good thing no had walked in yet. He’d been so turned on that he’d
forgotten where they were and who could walk in on them. He could just imagine
Rikku walking in and passing out or even worse, Cid or Lulu. Geesh.

“What are you doing?” Yuna called, sitting up straight in
the bed. Her feet were brushing the floor as she stared at him.

Tidus grinned. The poor girl didn’t know what he had in
store for her, and he was looking forward to giving it to her. His plan had
been to wait until the night he asked her to marry him to do this, but after
her selfless performance moments ago, he decided to cheat just a little….








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