Alpha Redux

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A warm island breeze ruffled Yuna’s hair as she sat on the beach.

She was reading under an umbrella, next to Wakka’s coaches’ hut outside the newly built Aurochs team clubhouse, and watching the children play in the waves. This was her favorite relaxing spot and she indulged herself whenever she could. It was such a sensory experience: the waves lapping at the shore, as well as the beautiful weather and the salty smell of the sea. The seabirds squawked above, and the happy sound of children playing was music to Yuna’s ears. Some days, she and Lulu would come sit and watch the Aurochs practice from here.

“Lady Yuna!”

She looked up at the sound of her name, and spotted Japeth, Keepa’s youngest son, waving at her. She smiled, waving at back at him as well as the rest of the smiling children that had spotted her and were now waving wildly. The boys were flexing, making muscles to impress her and Yuna clapped for them gleefully. The kids were so cute. After a few minutes, the children went back to their play and she looked back down to her studies.

‘Break time’, Yuna thought, releasing a slow breath. She put her book and notes down to her side, kicking off her sandals and digging her bare toes into the sand. It had been nearly four hours since she had started, and concentration was slowing leaving her. She leaned back to rest with her hands planted in the sand behind her. Her head tilted back and she took in the clear, deep blue sky. Closing her eyes, she smiled and enjoyed the warm sun bathing her upturned face. It was really was a lovely day.

Come to think of it, nearly every day was wonderful for her now that Tidus was back. ‘What a difference a month makes,’ she mused, thoughtfully.

It had been a year since they defeated Sin and the Eternal Calm was finally upon Spira. Upon their return from her pilgrimage, she was to deliver a victory speech to Spira at Luca stadium. She should’ve been happy, and she was, really. It was just that… something was missing. Something huge. Actually, someone.

Sighing inwardly, she recalled the sense of loss and anguish she had felt. Goodness, she had missed him so. It tore at every fiber of her being that he was not there with her. Even as she smiled and delivered many speeches to many people, the sadness would settle over her spirit like an old musty blanket. It was even there while she had stood at Mt. Gagazet, with all her friends from her journey by her side and watched her Ronso statue be unveiled. Sometimes, if she thought about her lost love long enough, the grief would feel like it was actually choking her. It was horrible.

So, she had thrown herself into her new ‘job’ as the kind of… official…unofficial Grand Maestress of Spira. She visited a town a day, almost every day for four months. Delivering speeches, encouraging villagers, and cheering at every blitzball game she could. Even still, it seemed like the harder she cheered, the sadder she felt.

Spira wanted a new religion. There were those who still held fast to their teachings of Yevon, and refused to take the Eternal Calm seriously. There were others who even wanted to treat her like the new Yu Yevon. She didn’t want that at all, but she wanted Spira to be able to believe in something good, honest and true.

Besides, it took her mind off of Tidus.

For the past year, she had been meticulously studying the book of Yevon, the teachings of Sawanai, Kruat, Shintaoe, and many other ‘minor’ religions that were not widely practiced. She wanted to find out what about these religions was so captivating and made people believe in them so whole-heartedly. Yuna just wanted to find a religion that was meaningful and worth teaching Spira. But it was hard work, and it stressed her at times.

Well, when it came to her self-imposed mission, Tidus hated it the most. She knew he couldn’t stand to see her upset at all. Especially not over something so meaningless to him as religion. He felt like everyone who even mentioned anything about it was pressuring her and strictly using her for his or her own selfish gain. She tried to convince him otherwise, but he didn’t understand. Even still, he knew it was important to her, so he always encouraged and uplifted her when she was down. He was such a wonderful person.

Besides the religion issue, there were the suitors. Oh, there had been so many. Before Tidus had come back to her, men and boys were writing letters or sending her picture spheres. The whole past year someone was knocking on the door to her home or leaving flowers for her nearly everyday. When she was visiting another village or town, there were men trying to woo her there as well. It was crazy. Rikku wanted her to find someone to make her happy, and Paine wanted the boys to just leave her alone. “Just say the word, Yuna.” She’d said, brandishing her huge sword at the knock at her door one day. “Just say the word...” She was kidding of course, and the three laughed about the incident for days.

Yuna chuckled at that; Paine’s blatant distaste for mushy or ‘pretty’ boys was humorous to her and Rikku both.

Rikku and Paine had become her closets friends in the past year. The girls always knew when she was upset, and made sure she was always having fun or keeping herself busy. Lulu and Wakka were great too, and always there for her when she was sad or needed a friend, but they were older and had a life of their own. She didn’t want to worry them with her problems. Paine and Rikku understood what she was going through, and since they were all around the same age, it was easier to open up to them.

They were great friends – when they saw she was getting frustrated with her inability to come up with a solution, or when she was just plain sad, they took her shopping in Luca or swimming and sphere hunting. Sometimes, they all just sat and talked. Rikku had even made her a shirt with Tidus’ blitzball logo on it to cheer her up when they thought he was gone forever. They were a blessing to her, and she loved them very much for caring so like they did.


Speaking of blessings… Her smile widened into a full-fledged grin at that thought. He was her everything - her protector, friend, confidant, and her lover.

‘And what a lover he is…’ she thought, feeling the color rise in her cheeks.

They spent every night together, aside from the nights he went to Luca to coach or to play, and the nights she had visits at the other villages. Every day she looked forward to what the night would bring. Of course she always looked forward to just seeing him in general, but their nights together were something else entirely.

She had kissed him first, that night. It was their second kiss since Macalania and it had been absolutely wonderful. She sighed, drawing her legs in to sit cross-legged. Leaning forward to rest her chin in her hand, she began to ponder the issue further.

Before him, she had only kissed one person’s lips, and those were Seymour’s on that awful day in Bevelle. ‘Ugh.’ She thought disgustedly, shaking her head.

Having to endure that…disgusting...mockery of a union had been for Spira and Spira only. An involuntary shudder ran through her frame. She was so glad that things turned out the way they did, and that they had all found each other again. And as horrible as it was, she was glad Seymour Guado was dead.

Even still, she wished that Tidus had been her first kiss. Actually, he was…kind of. He was the first boy she had kissed with more than just her lips. She’d kissed him with her mind, body, heart and soul that night. Oh, how she loved kissing him. He was so passionate, and a very good kisser. Well, she only had that one horrible kiss to compare him to, but she just knew that he was amazing at it. His lips were so soft and gentle, and the way he used his tongue…

‘Mmmm.’ She thought, absently worrying a lock of hair between her fingertips.

She also loved the way he touched her when they were alone at night. He was always so gentle and loving, and always asked if it was okay or if it felt good to her. And it always felt good to her. He knew how to touch her so well, in such a short time. Her first orgasm had been from his fingers on her. She remembered the unexpected waves of pleasure rippling through her at his gentle caresses and loving urging. Oh, it had been amazing.

Losing her virginity to him had been on her mind since that first night. She knew he wanted to, but something was holding him back. Those talented fingers of his always brought her to orgasm, every single time, and it made her want him inside her so badly. But he always politely turned her down and wouldn’t let her return the favor. He would never let her touch him…there. She had never even actually seen it.

There were times during their play when she’d seen his hardness tenting his shorts, but never the real thing. It looked huge straining against his clothes like that, and the sight always aroused her immensely. She wanted to ask him why she couldn’t touch, but she was still too shy to talk about some things and the words would never leave her mouth. So she was just hoping that he was just waiting until they got married or were together longer. She really hoped it wasn’t because of something she had done….or not done.

Her experience with men in that context was zero, so she was pretty insecure about her sexuality. Tidus’ life in Zanarkand had been one of great fame and stardom, and there were probably girls all over him, just like now. Yuna didn’t know if he was a virgin or not, but she guessed not by the way he was in bed. The thought of him with another woman in the past made her jealous, even though she knew it was irrational.

Yuna released a sigh again, wondering what time Tidus and Wakka would be back. All this thinking made her want to see him very badly. Maybe she would get the nerve to talk to him about it tonight.

She rose, brushing off her long, light cotton skirt and tucking her hair behind her ears. A haircut was in order, and she decided to ask Paine for one when she and Rikku came by tomorrow. At the moment, they were in Guadosalam, teaching the Guado how to use some machina they’d ordered from Home.

Yuna walked closer to the water’s edge, hopefully scanning the horizon for Wakka and Tidus’ boat. As she did so, movement from the corner of her eye made her turn toward shore. She smiled, spotting Lulu. Her friend was giving a travel chest to Vilucha, the retired blitzer now in charge of the Kilika/Besaid/Luca mail ferry.

Since her job as a guardian was over for good, Lulu had taken the job as one of the Black Mage instructors of Spira. Yuna was very happy for her because she knew how much Lulu enjoyed practicing her magic and now she could teach others who had ‘the gift’ as well. Of course, she was pregnant and couldn’t travel as much as she used to, so she recorded instructional spheres and shipped them to her students. No doubt those were what were in that chest.

Yuna made her way back over to her things and began to gather them in her pack. Now that Lulu was done, she wanted to spend some time with her before the boys came back. Maybe she could convince her to get a maternity dress that didn’t have buckles and belts all over it. ‘Maybe a color besides black.’ Yuna thought, giggling to herself.

The umbrella was now tucked under one slender arm, and the pack slung over her shoulder. Still smiling, Yuna began to hum happily as she waved Lulu down and made her way across the beach.

What a lovely day.

To be continued…

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