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Chapter 9 is here! Sorry for the wait, I was moving back to college and had no pc for almost two weeks because of three-a-days in soccer. If you care. ;) Anyway, enjoy and thanks for the reviews! I love hearing everyone’s thoughts!

Yuna sat next to Tidus’ bedside, watching him sleep and trying to recall a time when she had been this angry with someone.

It really wasn’t the anger that was the hardest to deal with. She knew anger and how to cope with that. This was a heavy, sinking feeling that made her knees weak and her thoughts run wild. It was like a sadness cocktail; full of despair and uncertainty. However, the anger was the most predominate feeling.

Tidus’ head turned toward her in his sleep, and he mumbled her name. The cool rag fell with a plop from his forehead to the pillow with his movement. Without thinking, Yuna leaned over and picked up the rag, lying it gently on his head. A sigh escaped her at the sight of his battered face. Paine must’ve hit him pretty hard to make a black eye like that. His left eye was pretty red, with just a smear of purple bruising under it. But his right eye was the worst; it was puffy and purple bruising lined the entire perimeter of his eye. Why did he let Paine hit him twice?

He did deserve it though.

Yuna recoiled inwardly at her sudden thought, and unconsciously covered her mouth. These emotions were bringing out a whole new side of her that she didn’t like. She felt like an angry housewife whose husband was a lying cheater. She sighed. Actually, she was all those things expect the wife part.

Closing her eyes, Yuna pushed herself up from her knees and walked toward the window. Kimahri had brought Tidus to the ship, unconscious. Without thinking, she had run to him and cast her strongest curaga spell on him. The spell was so strong that he had fallen into a deep sleep. Yuna was vaguely surprised that her magic had worked so well considering she hadn’t cast one single spell since her fight with Sin. But nevertheless, Tidus was okay, and she wasn’t.

The clouds were speeding by out the window, and Yuna walked closer to see out. She lifted a hand to brush aside the heavy red curtain from her view. Her feelings were a lot like this. Flying every which way. Close enough to identify, but too fast to hold onto and examine. A thought here, a tug on her heart there. She lifted her free hand to rest over her heart. What was going on? It was so confusing. Life was so confusing. Ever since she was a little girl, she knew she would die saving Spira. It was a matter of fact. Nothing could change that. But he changed it. Changed her. Now, there was no plan for her life. He’d showed her how to live life one day at a time, and get the most out it. But she always thought they would live their lives together. Intertwined. But now...

Yuna took a deep breath. How could he? She was so sure that things were perfect between them. Well, not perfect, but wonderful and worth fighting for. It had never occurred to her that he felt differently.

Startled, she released the curtain and turned quickly at the sound of Tidus’ voice. He slowly pushed himself up in a sitting position, then rested his back against the headboard. Two bare hands gingerly inspected his face, then fell listlessly to the bed at his sides. She had taken his gloves off earlier. A dull thump accompanied his head falling back against the tall headboard. “You’re mad at me....huh?” His sleep-husky voice seemed loud in the previously silent room.

Yuna’s eyes fell to the floor. They’d never really had an argument about something like this. She didn’t know what to say. But they had always been honest with each other. Well, until now. Maybe she shouldn’t tell him how much he hurt her. But maybe she should for the sake of their relationship. But what did he care? He was out kissing other girls. She just wanted to be mad at him.

“I take that as a yes.” She heard the sigh in his voice.

They fell into an unfamiliar, uncomfortable silence. Yuna kept her post across the room, and turned to face the window again. She lifted her fingertips to rest on the cool glass. If only she could just hop on a cloud and run away from this. Just long enough to figure out what to do. This just made no sense. Her feelings were running crazy, and she wanted to scream at him and cry at the same time. But doing either would let him know how much he had hurt her. She decided she didn’t want that.

The bed creaked, and Yuna turned to see Tidus sitting on the edge of the bed now, looking at her intently. Well, out of his better-looking eye. He bit his lip, then spoke. “Can I just explain what happened?” he asked quietly.

She shook her head quickly. ‘Explain what?’she thought. There was nothing to explain. She knew how he kissed. Why should he explain how he kissed someone e The The mere thought made her stomach roll. “I-I don’t want to know what happened.” she said in a small voice. “I saw enough.”

His eyes widened at that. Yeah, she’d seen what he had done. He probably thought she hadn’t. After that awful sight, Rikku and Paine had tracked her down almost a mile outside the market. She’d been just running and running to try and get that awful image out of her head. Finally, her legs had given out and she had fallen to her knees in tears. Through gasping breaths, she had told her friends what she’d seen, and once Paine stormed off toward the market, there was no question in Yuna’s mind as to where her friend was going and what she was going to do. And at the time, she didn’t want to stop her.

He continued to bite his lip, then: “Will you just sit down for a sec?” his voice was gentle, and he motioned toward the chair she’d been sitting in earlier, next to him.”Please?”

Yuna complied without a word, but she lowered herself into the chair next to the window. Sitting close to him was not an option. She knew his proximity would draw her in, and she needed to be angry with him. He needed to know how he had betrayed her. Taking a deep breath, Yuna folded her hands in her lap. She watched as Tidus leaned forward to rest his elbows on his knees and regarded her solemly. He looked sorry, but for the first time, Yuna felt like being sorry was not gong to be enoug“Yun“Yuna, I..” he trailed off, searching for words. “I didn’t mean for it to happen. It just did.”

She wanted to roll her eyes. “It just happened? Just like that?”

He turned his palms up. “Well, yeah. I mean, it’s not like I meant for it to happen. I kind of didn’t think before I acted, ya know?”He pushed his hair out of his eyes.

What? was was being so casual. Like he dropped a mug and broke it. Not like he’d broken her heart. The anger and hurt and frustration were all simmering at the surface, ready to explode. Yuna stood quickly, unable to help herself. How could he? “But why?” she asked, her voice wavering. “Why would you do such a thing?”

He sighed heavily, ducking his head. “I don’t know Yuna. I’m just-I’m sorry. I know that. I didn’t want to make you mad at me. I hate this.” he trailed off in a voice that was almost a whisper.

Yuna shook her head, making two fists. She really wanted to throw something or throw him. Mad at him? How about betrayed by him? Oblivious to her thoughts, he kept talking. “I guess it’s one of those stupid guy things, ya know?” he shook his head a little, frowning. “Like to be macho or something. I dunno.”


His scratched the back of his head. “Well yeah. Guys just do dumb stuff like this sometimes. To show that they’re cool or something.” his lifted his eyes to hers. “I knew you’d be mad at me, and I thought of you and I tried to walk away, but then I just let me emotions get out of hand. I just kind of...acted.” he expla. “I. “I mean, to me, it’s not a really big deal. But I know it is to you, and I’m sorry I made you mad, Yuna. I am.” his voice was imploring now.

But at that last statement, Yuna decided she couldn’t hold the conversation anymore. He was being ridiculous. How could he not care about her feelings? Did he really love her? Spira help her, he had to. They had almost died for each other, lost each other, and now they were given a chance that many people she knew never got. And he just treated it like nothing. She felt a tear slide down her cheek, and she turned her back to him. He didn’t deserve her tears, no matter how much she loved him. “Oh, Yuna no. Please don’t cry. I’m so sorry. It’ll never happen again-“

“Do you love me?” she interrupted him, swiping at the tears on her face.

She felt his warm hands slide across her back to rest on her hips. “Yuna,” he whispered brokenly, “You know I do. Please let’s just talk this out. It’ll never happen again.”

He was crying, she knew it. And it tore her up inside. She wanted to turn in his arms and hold him, and tell him that everything would be okay. But she didn’t. She wouldn’t. The image of him with his arms around someone else, kissing her with the same lips he used to tell her he loved her....

At the thought, Yuna broke free of his hold and left the room. As she walked down the corridor, against his cries of protest, and into the elevation pod, she broke down, crying in hiccups. What was she going to do?

Once she got to the lower floor, Yuna began swiping angrily at her face. She told herself she wasn’t going to cry and she did. But how could she not? It just hurt so much.

She walked slowly out the elevator into the observation room. Lulu was sitting on the plush velvet couch, waiting. Sniffling, Yuna sat down beside her friend. She really didn’t feel like talking, and she felt embarrassed for crying in front of Lulu. But instead of talking, or asking questions, her friend opened her arms, and Yuna let herself fall into them. She felt Lulu’s hand stroking her hair softly, and the other was rubbing her back reassuri. “T. “The morning always comes after the dark, Yuna.” she said softy.

Yuna said nothing, instead closing her eyes and absorbing the loving words from her friend. Maybe she was right; things would be clearer tomorrow. Maybe not better, but clearer.

She could only hope so.

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