Alpha Redux

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Tidus woke on his back, a warm body draped over his.

He yawned, running his hand through Yuna’s soft hair. The soft light of dawn shone through the fluttering drapes over the window and the sun’s rays warmed his bare chest. Tidus took a deep breath of sleepy Yuna and a Besaid morning breeze. It was just a little bright outside, and early. Crap. He could hear Wakka and Lulu downstairs making breakfast, which meant he and Wakka had to leave soon.

‘Wakka and Lulu’, he chuckled inwardly. He just knew that there was something between them beyond a friendship. Yuna had shocked him by informing him that Lulu was pregnant…and who the father and husband was. She’d recounted their wedding to him, and it sounded like it had been a pretty cool affair. He was sad he’d missed it. Lulu’s slightly swollen belly, mood swings, and strange new eating habits were a source of endless amusement to him. Speaking of which, he figured he’d get up before she came up to get him and used that Flare spell of hers. He shuddered in remembrance of the time she’d blown up a Raldo with it.

He carefully, regretfully, extracted himself from under Yuna, and sat up, swinging his bare legs over the side of the bed. He didn’t dare look at her, she was so sexy in the morning and he really needed to get dressed and get downstairs. Well, she was always beautiful and sexy to him and if he admitted it – all the guys in Spira – but especially when she was sleeping and unguarded. He was one lucky guy.

As he rose and padded to the bathroom in his boxers, he stretched his arms above his head and popped his back. He proceeded to grab a washcloth and wet it to wash his face. Yuna’s frilly-smelling soap was on the counter, and he was entirely too lazy to look for his, so he decided to use it. As he scrubbed his face, the loud flowery smell made him wrinkle his nose. Wakka was going to smell him and make fun. Oh well, at least if he caught a whiff of it during the day, Yuna would be on his mind. Next, his toothbrush was slathered with toothpaste, and he began humming happily to himself as he brushed. ‘Today’s gonna be a good day,’ he thought with a smile full of toothpaste.

It had been a month since his return, and a lot had happened. Tidus was still getting used to it all day by day.

Wakka had talked him into joining the Aurochs again, who had improved tremendously since the last time he’d played with them over a year ago. They’d gone from last to third in the standings behind the Luca Goers and Ronso Fangs, respectively. They were in the summer offseason right now, which consisted of just tournament play and exhibitions, but he knew that with him in the lineup they could go to first place this summer and next season.

Since it was summer, and he would have more time on his hands than ever, he’d signed on as Wakka’s assistant with the Junior Aurochs. This morning, the two had to be in Luca for a mini-tournament for the kids. They weren’t going to be the best team there, but they weren’t the worst, and they were improving every practice. “Do your best” was their cheer, and they always did, so he was happy.

He walked out of the bathroom, pulling his yellow, meshy Aurochs coaching shirt over his head. His shorts and socks were next, and he stepped into his old yellow and black boots. Wakka had given the shirt to him a few days before, and Tidus proudly wore it. Wakka had been so happy that he pulled Tidus into another of his deadly headlocks and gave him a ferocious nuggie. Rikku had seen the whole thing and laughed at him for hours for it. It had even gotten a chuckle out of Lulu. Irt, rt, and he’d almost been tempted to ask Yuna to work her curative magic on him or something.


He smiled at the thought of her and made his way across the room to sit beside her on the bed. She lay on her back, her head tilted to one side and arms folded above. She had kicked the cotton sheets off one long, slender leg in her sleep, and her little cotton tank top had ridden up as well. Tidus’ hand was itching to run along her thigh and up into those panties, to wake her up properly….but he bit his lip and clutched hist tst to resist the urge. Not enough time. His admiration of her went unnoticed, for she was still asleep with a half-smile on her face. He wondered what she was dreaming about, if she was dreaming about him. Although he decided he didn’t care, as long as she was happy.

What a relief it was, to see her smiling in her peaceful slumber instead of the fitful sleep she had during the first few days he was back. They’d been so worried about him leaving again, and it seemed silly now that they wasted so much time pondering something out of their control. Yuna would say it was a blessing, but he didn’t know from whom. Or what.

Spira was different now, it almost reminded him of his old Zanarkand. Blitzball was more important now than Yevon had been, and he was some sort of a celebrity in such a short time. Not only for his blitzball prowess, but for being a guardian of Yuna during her journey and helping to defeat Sin. It was ridiculous, the attention he and Yuna got in public. Spira’s savior and blitzball’s phenom. He loved it, of course, but Yuna was a little taken aback by all the attention. She was getting used to it though.

As far as religion went, there really was no structured religion as of yet. All of Spira was looking to Yuna for guidance; some even wanted to idolize her to worship. He admired her for her spirit, and the honest good-natured person she was. She took it all very personally, and he, Lulu, Wakka, Rikku, Paine and even Kimahri all made sure she didn’t get stressed over such things. If he had it his way, she would let the people of Spira find religion on their own. It wasn’t her burden to take. Spira had a free choice, right? But Yuna was Yuna, and she took it upon herself to replace a religion she had exposed and destroyed with a real one. She was so unselfish and caring and that was part of the reason he loved her so much. All he could do was support her and love her. She made it so easy…

He reached down, bringing the sheet up her body to cover her. He was really beginning to wish he didn’t have to go. This past month, their sex life had been moving forward in baby steps. It had started the night he and Lulu had talked at the dock a couple of nights after his mysterious return. They’d talked for nearly an hour, and traded theories on how his return was possible and what it meant. She had reminded him of what they had been told - that Spira would not forget its saviors. This reassured him immensely, and he began to believe that he was there to stay. In turn, his respect for Lulu had ratcheted up about 50 notches that night. He’d always respected her, but never in an ‘older sister’ type of light. Afterwards, he’d hugged Lulu, scooped a sleeping Yuna up, and the three made their way home.

He’d later told Yuna what they’d talked about, and they agreed to just enjoy their time together no matter what: no fears and no regrets. That was when she kissed him, and he’d thought he was going to pass out. He’d almost forgotten how kissable her lips were, and how she tasted so good, and how responsive she was…

Almost every night since, they indulged in a heavy make out session. He didn’t really know what else to call it. It was frustrating and fun, and wonderful all at the same time. He knew she wanted to take it further – to make love, and so did he, but he wanted to wait until their wedding night. He wanted to do right by her. By whatever means necessary. Even if it did mean not letting her touch him. They would just wait till then. Well, if he ever got the balls up to just ask her…

“Ey Tidus! C’mon slowpoke!”

Wakka. Crap. He’d gotten so lost in his thoughts that he was probably going to make them miss their boat. He kissed Yuna softly on the arm, then on her forehead and hurried out of the room. Closing the door softly behind him, he slung his bag over his shoulder and hurried down the stairs to meet Wakka.

To be continued…

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