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Tidus stood on the bow of the S.S. Liki, surrounded by running, chattering kids.

The Junior Aurochs had stunned everyone by winning the tournament over the Junior Fangs. That Cup was coming home to Besaid and the kids were so excited to show their parents, as well as the Aurochs. He was excited to show Yuna, he loved it when she was proud of him.

“They did real good today. I’m real proud of dem,” Wakka smiled, coming to stand next to Tidus.

He smiled back. “Yeah they did. Bickson was so pissed when we eliminated them in the semis.” He replied, laughing.

Wakka laughed as well. Bickson, the star of the Luca Goers, wouldn’t even shake Wakka and his hand after the game. Tidus hated coaches like that, they reminded him of his old man when he was younger.

The two stood in silence, watching the excited children re-enact the final game with the Fangs. The score was 5 to 4, and it had been a fight to the finish. Terth Ronso, their coach, was very gracious and congratulated the boys on their win. Coming from a proud Ronso, this pumped up the kids even more. Now, they had to deal with hyper kids all the way back to Besaid.

Tidus sighed, as Otley kick-tackled JoRaph onto the deck of the ship. ‘It’s gonna be a long trip.’ he thought.

Wakka clapped Tidus on the back, laughing at the kids. “You guys be careful, ya?” he yelled.

“Hey. Wakka?” Tidus said, growing serious.

Wakka turned to face him, leaning against a crate. Tidus continued. “I uh, well. I….” He trailed off, reaching up to scratch his head. He’d been dying to talk to someone about this, and now he couldn’t even spit it out.

A frown creased Wakka’s forehead. “What’s wrong man?” he asked, smile slowly fading.

‘Shit.’ Tidus thought, turning away to face the sea. He knew this was going to be hard, but he never thought it was going to be like this. He felt like he had gigantic butterflies in his stomach, and his mouth was dry. Maybe if he just leaned over the side of the rail and puked, Wakka would forget abouts whs whole thing….

“Ey Tidus”, Wakka persisted, leaning closer. “What’s with you?”

Tidus took a deep breath, and then turned to Wakka. “I wanna marry Yuna.” He blurted. There. It was done.

“Whoa...” Wakka said, crossing his arms and leaning back against the crate.

Tidus turned to face him, to gauge his reaction. The frown was still on Wakka’s face, his upper lip screwed in thought. He wondered if Wakka was thinking of a way to kill him, or push him off the boat. He’d looked this same way right before he busted Luzzu in the face on Mushroom Rock. Shit. He began to fidget, dancing from foot to foot.

They stood for almost a minute like that, Wakka looking down and thinking and Tidus slowly dying inside some from the dread that was building. Obviously, Wakka didn’t think his marrying Yuna was a good idea. Oh man, this was not going to be good.

Finally, Wakka looked up and met Tidus’ eyes. His usual genial smile spread over his face, and he reached out to playfully punch him in the arm. ‘Huh?’ was Tidus’ first thought.

“So you wanna marry Yuna, huh?” Wakka asked, coming to stand next to him on the wall facing the ocean.

Tidus felt the relief wash over him so quickly that he was almost dizzy. “Yeah,” he nodded, as Wakka crossed his arms again.

Wakka nodded too, reaching up to rub his stubble. “You know Yuna’s like my baby sister, ya?” he said, in an uncharacteristically serious tone.

Tidus nodded again, turning to face him.

“Well, I just want her to be happy, ya? I know you love her and everything, but I don’t want anything to happen to her.” He turned his head to look Tidus straight in the eye. “That means body, or soul. See what I’m sayin?”

Tidus nodded, feeling kind of touched by Wakka’s obvious love for Yuna. He’d known that he was like a big brother to her, but hen’t n’t the the love went this deep. “I know, Wakka.” He replied, leaning back against the wall. “I would never hurt her at all. She deserves to be treated like the special girl that she is, for the rest of her life. I feel like I can do that and then some.”

“So why you askin’ me instead of her?” he laughed.

Tidus laughed in chagrin. “Because you’re so hot, Wakka.” He said, pretending like he was going to grab Wakka’s ass.

A guffaw burst from Wakka as he threatened Tidus with a huge fist. “Do it and die, you weirdo.” He said, still chuckling. “Maybe it’s not such a good idea - you marrying Yuna. Maybe you should go off and find a nice guy for yourself.”

The two laughed and exchanged jokes for a bit, then stood in companionable silence. The sun had long since set, and the ocean was beautiful at night. All the stars were visible both in the sky and dancing on the gently waving water. The moon was out, shining its serene glow on the vast sea. The light constant breeze kept the summer night comfortably cool, and the view was gorgeous as fa the they could see.

“So when you going to ask her?” Wakka asked, breaking thlenclence.

Tidus shrugged. “I dunno yet. I still have to get Lulu and Kimahri’s permission first,” he sighed. “Then I have to get the nerve to ask her.”

“You were asking for my permission?” Wakka asked.

Tidus turned to look at him. “Well, yeah.” At Wakka’s confused frown, he continued. “I mean, you guys are the closet things she has to family. I’m asking Kimarhi because she’s the closest thing she has to a father figure. You guys’ opinion matters a lot to me. And her too, I know.”

Wakka smiled, looking back out to sea. “There you go again, soundin just like Chappu.”

Tidus tilted his head quizzically. “Huh?” he asked.

“Well, when Chappu first decided he wanted to marry Lulu, he asked me too.” Wakka said, smiling. “Since you know, none of us had parents and we were all pretty much each other’s family.”

Intrigued, Tidus asked, “So what did you say?”

“I said I thought he should.” Wakka shrugged. “Man, I was dyin inside when I said it. But he was my brother and I couldn’t tell him how I felt about her.”

“Wow.” Tidus said softly. “You’ve loved her for like, ever.”

“Yeah.” Wakka replied a wistful note in his baritone. “It feels that way sometimes.”

Tidus was suddenly very glad he’d brought all this up. Lulu and Wakka’s relationship had been sort of a mystery to him, and now he was finding out lots of things about them. It must have been hard for Wakka to love Lulu for so long and never be able to tell her how he felt. Then to lose his brother, and still be faced with the woman he loves but can’t be with because of his dead brother. He-avy.

“So when did you tell her how you felt?” Tidus asked.

Wakka smiled, sighint wat was the look of a man in love. Tidus briefly wondered if he looked that way when he thought of Yuna. He decided he probably did. “I think she always knew, but I told her that night we camped out in Zanarkand.”

Tidus remembered that night well; they had all sat at the fire in silence for hours, each lost in their own thoughts. He remembered getting up to take a leak sometime before dawn, and seeing Wakka and Lulu talking by the campfire. It had looked like a very intense conversation. “So what did she say?” he asked.

“She said she loved me too.” Wakka replied and lowered himself on one arm to sit against the wall. “I asked her to marry me if we made it out alive and she said yes.”

“Jeez, you make it sound so easy.” Tidus frowned, bewildered. “How the hell did you just ask Lulu, of all people, something like that? Were you nervous? I get nervous when I ask her to pass me the salt at dinner.” He joked, looking down at him.

Wakka chuckled. “Brudda, I was so nervous let me tell ya.” He said, but then softened his voice a bit, “But I think I could only do it cuz I thought that might be our last night together.”

‘Desperate times call for desperate measures.’ Tidus thought, nodding and sitting down next to Wakka.

It was times like this when the gravity of he and Yuna’s situation would hit him. He still couldn’t believe he was back with her after all that had happened. On the airship after that final showdown with Sin, he thought he would never see her again. Or anyone for that matter. The terror he had felt at literally watching himsdisadisappear was outweighed by the sadness of never seeing Yuna again. He’d run off the ship because he didn’t know what else to do, and he didn’t tell her he loved her back.

He sighed inwardly. That was his biggest regret. He now made sure that he told her every day.

Tidus bit his lip, drawing his knees into his chest and wrapping his arms around them. He had really missed Yuna all day. He wondered how she’s spent her day off. He knew that she didn’t have any trips planned, so maybe she had gone out with Rikku and Paine. Whatever she did, he hoped she hadn’t been stressing herself out over those damn teachings.

In any event, when he got home, he was going to tell her all about the tournament. He knew she would be proud of him, and sometimes that was all he needed to feel like a man. Besides, since the kids had won the tournament, there was no practice for them in the morning. Which meant he could sleep in. Which meant he could pleasure Yuna all night until she passed out.

He tilted his head back and closed his eyes. He was so freaking lucky.

Wakka stood up, yawning. “I’m gonna go make sure the kids are doin' alright,” he said, interrupting Tidus’ thoughts. “We should be back in Besaid soon.”

Tidus stood up as well. An answering yawn escaped him. “I’ll come with. I’ll bet they’re pretty tired.”

As Tidus trailed behind Wakka toward the sleeping group of kids, he smiled to himself. ‘One down, two to go.’ he thought. Well, he still had to tell Rikku and Paine, but he would tell them last. He was worried that either Rikku would spill the secret, or that Paine would slit his throat in his sleep. Or maybe both.

‘Ah well.’ He thought. “‘Desperate times call for desperate measures…” he mumbled.

“Huh?” Wakka asked, turning around.

Tidus waved him off. “Nothin, just talking to myself.”

To be continued….

Author’s notes: I know this story is going slow…but I promise the plot will thicken soon. Thanks for reading! :-)

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