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Chapter 12! Sorry for the wait, I absolutely strug-gle with Yuna POV for some reason. Well, that and this gigantic chapter is crucial in the plot so I had to take great great care with it. Oh, and Naughty!TidusYuna luvins ahead! I tried to keep this story clean, I did! But my damn dirty mind… Anyway. Thanks for the reviews. Btw, Susie, you crack me up. :)


“I still believe in your eyes…”

Time stood still as Yuna absorbed Tidus’ words.

As he looked up at her, she was absolutely floored. He really hadn’t cheated on her? Why was he fighting with Bickson and Abus? All those things he said on the ship… He meant them in a different context? He felt useless without her? Oh no, she had been so wrong…

Yuna slowly realized how hard she had tried to convince herself that he was a jerk, who didn’t care about her feelings. A liar, a cheater. She had nearly made herself believe he was seeing other women and she wasn’t enough for him. She realized how horribly close she had come to making herself believe those awful things.

But as his beautiful blue eyes stared longingly up into hers, all those thoughts evaporated from her mind. He wasn’t a cold-hearted monster, or a jerk. He was just Tidus. With his ticklish tummy and his silly laugh. Just Tidus, with his love for sweets and that little mole on his stomach that he always tried to tell her was a third nipple. Just Tidus, who was down on his knee, imploring her with teary eyes and his shaking hands. Tidus, the one she had longed for, who loved her and would never lie to her.

She believed him.

His trembling hand was still holding hers, and she tightened her grip. New tears welled up in her eyes, and she reached out with her free hand and cupped his clenched jaw tenderly. “I believe you,” she whispered, pulling him up by their locked hands.

His face crumbled as he stood and fiercely wrapped his arms around her waist. She pulled him tight against her by his bare shoulder with one arm, and cupped the back of his head with the other. She squeezed her eyes shut against the sudden onslaught of emotion inside. Her heart was nearly bursting with it. She had been suppressing all the love and affection she had for him for the past two days, and his words had opened the floodgates in her.

Tidus buried his face into the crook under her ear, and Yuna rubbed the heaving smoothness of his back reassuringly. She didn’t know if the act was meant more to console him or herself. This was unreal. She could not believe they had such an incredible misunderstanding. But the relief that was now washing through her was dizzying. He hadn’t been with anyone else. He didn’t want anyone else. All was not lost. She squeezed him tighter, resting her forehead on his chest. “I’m so sorry Yuna,” he choked into her shoulder. “I sorry I made you cry…”

She was sorry too. She was sorry that she thought he lied. She was sorry she had told herself all those awful things about him. But they were together, holding each other. That was all that mattered. “It’s okay,” she said gently, flexing her fingers against his scalp. “None of it matters now.”

He nodded against her, sniffling as he calmed down. She realized that the whole time she had been so hurt by his supposed actions, he had been hurting just as badly by hers. He was so sensitive, and she felt just awful about making him sad too. But it was going to be okay. They didn’t have to hurt anymore. Yuna smiled, blinking back her tears. He was still holding her tightly, and his embrace was so comforting. It had only been two days, but she sorely missed his arms around her. She turned her face into the warmth of his neck, and planted a kiss there. He smelled good; like his cologne and deodorant and his own Tidus-smell. At that moment, she decided that life was entirely too short and too unpredictable to be apart from him anymore.

Yuna felt his arms loosen a little, and he pulled back to look into her eyes. His gaze was intense, and she was almost mesmerized by it. That love, that undeniable force, was practically crackling in the air between them. Slowly, her eyes fell from his, to his full lips. She loved how his mouth curled at the corners, always ready to smile. She wanted him to smile from now on. Presently, she wanted him to kiss her. It took a second, but he must’ve seen her desire in her eyes. His mouth lifted at one corner, and he leaned dond gnd gently touched his lips to hers.

It was heavenly.

As he kissed her, Yuna wondered how she had gone without this for so long. Granted two and a half days wasn’t long, but it really felt that way. She moaned low in her throat as the kiss deepened, and his answering moan sent shivers through her. His hands slid up to cup her bare shoulder blades in his hands, and he began backing her toward the couch behind her. They stumbled a couple of times, laughing into each others mouths as they moved. Once Yuna’s legs hit the couch, she fell back and pulled him down on top of her. Tidus’ joyful laugh was music to her ears after such a turbulent time. He was placing most of his weight on his leg that was plantedthe the floor and he was resting on his hands that were planted on either side of her head. As he grinned down at her, Yuna pulled his face down to hers by his ears. “Come here,” she giggled.

She kissed him then, sifting her hands through his hair at his ears and temples. She dimly noticed that he had finally gotten a haircut, thank goodness. The kiss intensified, and Yuna was beginning to get excited again. Slowly, Tidus lowered his torso on top of her, but rested the most his weight on his now-bent elbows. Yuna felt almost lightheaded from the heat of his bare skin against hers. He broke the kiss for a moment, breathing heavily. “Is this okay? Am I crushing you?” he asked, searching her eyes.

She shook her head. No, he wasn’t at all. She loved the pressure of his body on her. Especially his lower body, which was pressing firmly into the vee of her hips. She bent her knee and rested her leg against the back of the couch. Her hands moved to stroke the firm planes of his chest. She absolutely loved him topless. Actually, she loved his entire body. Tidus had a body with a quiet strength, he wasn’t overly muscular or bulky, ton toned and well formed all over. Yuna knew she wasn’t the only one who thought so, either. She’d seen women looking at him. Especially on the post-game blitzcast when he often interviewed topless. “Where is your shirt?” she asked. She had been wondering since she first saw him downstairs.

“Gave it to a lucky kid,” he smiled, kissing her nose.

He was so cute. She loved how Tidus was to his fans. She had never seen him refuse to sign an autograph, like she had other blitzers. He was always willing to do what it took to make a kid happy, and Yuna just knew that he would be a wonderful father one day.

“Where are your clothes?”

Yuna laughed. “What do you mean?” She knew what, but she wanted to hear him say it.

His eyebrows rose thoughtfully. “Well, it looks like someone stole half of your outfit,” he commented, running a finger in a slow line down her throat, over her chest, and into her belly button.

She jerked at the touch, giggling. Until Tidus, she never knew she was ticklish there. Well, until Tidus, no man had ever touched her there. “I am not, Rikku made me this outfit for the party. It’s cute,” she countered, reaching under his hair to finger his small earring. “I thought if you came for some reason, you would like it,” she added quietly, looking up to gauge his reaction.

This seemed to relax him for some reason, and a slow smile spread across his face. Had he thought she had worn it for someone else? She wanted to ask him, but as he dropped a kiss on her waiting mouth, she decided it wasn’t important.

A yawn snuck up on her, and she covered her mouth, excusing herself. Her head was still a little fuzzy from those fruit concoctions Brother had given her. They tasted very good, but she hadn’t realized that they were probably alcoholic until it hit her on the dance floor. Since she had never tasted a drop of alcohol in her life, she couldn’t recognize the taste, or the induced feeling. She didn’t think she was drunk, just feeling hyper and she couldn’t sit still earlier. Now, she was just tired. It could’ve been from the alcohol or the burst of emotion, or both.

“Sorry I’m so boring,” he said softly, pushing her hair from her forehead.

A sudden laugh escaped her at his joke. “I’m just a little tired.”

He lifted himself from the couch and scooped her up in his arms. “So let’s take a nap then,” he suggested happily, starting down the dimly lit hallway toward the bedrooms.

His idea sounded great. Now that things between them were just about back to normal, she figured sleep would come easily. Yuna looped her arms around his neck and rested her head on his shoulder. His proximity was warming her; she’d missed him too much. “Which room?” he asked, once they were standing between the two doors at the end of the hall.

“This one,” she pointed to the door on his left.

He turned to steer them in and she amended that command. “No, that one.”

Without a word, he turned back around toward the other door. “Wait. That one,” she giggled.

Tidus lifted his arms, curling her closer to him. “Yuna, I love you, but I will throw you out the window,” he chuckled.

She matched his laugh and pointed back to the room on his right. “It’s that one, I promise,” she giggled. It felt good to laugh after feeling so sad these past days. How had she made it an entire year without him?

He walked them into the guest room and set her on the soft bed. Rikku’s entire place was decorated in red or yellow, and the guest room was no different. It was well furnished, with two plush chairs, a large, fluffy bed and a connecting bathroom. The walls were covered in Al Bhed art paintings, and there and a large stainless steel entertainment center was the current recipient of Tidus’ attention. “Sweeeeet,” he commented, running his hand over the top of the large s.v.

She watched as he went straight to the sports channel. What was it with men and sports? Wakka and Tidus were always watching sports shows or the nightly blitzcast. They hardly everchedched movies or educational channels. Sports sports sports. Granted, they were always on the blitzcast in one way or another, but still. Yuna shook her head at him as he hopped back in the bed. “What?” he said, feigning exasperation. He knew very well “what”.

“Nothing,” she replied, yawning through her answering smile.

He sat up against the headboard, and Yuna scooted over rested her head in his lap. The bed sheets were cool against her suddenly exhausted body. As his fingers ran through her hair, she closed her heavy eyes. She was so glad they were back together; this was how things should’ve been. A contented sigh left her, and she felt her breathing deepen. The sensation of his fingers tracing her jaw sent her into dreams.


Not too much later, Yuna woke up on her stomach, to the sound of Tidus humming and the pleasant sensation of his hand sliding up and down her calf under the blanket. At first, it was strange, since she was so used to waking up alone lately, but their reconciliation came back to her and a sleepy smile spread across her face. Darkness had fallen outside, and the blinds were open, allowing slivers of moonlight to span the room. She must’ve slept for a while.

Yuna propped herself up on her elbows and looke him him over her shoulder. He was sitting at the foot of the bed, watching the blitz commentary on a low volume. She really couldn’t believe how thoughtful he was sometimes. He was obviously trying not to wake her, and he’d put her under the comforter sometime during her nap. It was times like mom moment, when Yuna felt like the luckiest woman in Spira. She was suddenly overcome with the need to hold him. “Anything good?” she poked his leg with her toe.

Slightly startled, he jerked around. “Now there is.” He relaxed, gracing her with a warm smile.

Yuna blushed, shaking her head at him. How did he always know how to get her heart beating like this? She rolled onto her back, opening her arms wide to him. Her lover’s grin broadened, and he burrowed under the blanket from the end of the bed, and crawled up her body to greet her with a loud sloppy kiss.

He reached over her, flicking on the bedside lamp and settling over her. She smiled back up at him, tracing his features with her fingers. His black eye was healing nicely; the last time she had seen him, he looked like a battered raccoon. She tapped his cute little nose, with the faintest smattering of freckles across the bridge he thought made him look like a ‘little kid’. She slid a finger into the slight dip between his bottom lip and his chin, then back up to lightly trace his lips and curve of his chin with her fingertips.

He was patient; enduring her exploration with an amused half smile. She watched as he turned his head and pressed a kiss to her palm, keeping his eyes on hers all the while. He moved on to dip his head and kiss her neck with an open mouth, causing goosebumps to rise all over her. He was awakening the desire in her that she had been afraid of never having with him again. This experience had taught her to never take this intimacy with him for granted again.

Usually, she took a rather passive role in their play. But the day on the ship to Luca, she had gotten up the nerve to surprise him in his sleep. She was terrified, and her hands had been unsteady at first, but his happy noises and gentle encouragement made her at ease. It had been an incredible rienrience; he’d felt so warm and alive between her palms. And when he’d reached his pinnacle, they way he groaned her name had aroused her immensely. Not to mention, the incredible attention he’d lavished on her directly afterwards.

She wanted that again tonight.

Back in the present, he was kissing the spot where her jaw and neck met, while his hand was wandering up her skirt to her hip. As he slid his other arm under her neck, she dipped a hand into the back of his shorts, gently pulling him against her. He jerked at the contact and squeezed her hip firmly.

She grabbed his head and kissed him again, as deeply as she could. She found herself wanting to be closer to him still, even though they were flush against each other. It was intoxicating for her; she could feel him everywhere. She could taste him, run her hands over his body, smell his manly scent, and she could hear their rapidly beating hearts in the quietness of the room. He was suffusing all of her senses and she loved it.

But a sudden thought wiggled into the thick haze that was her brain at the moment. She’d nearly forgotten they were in Rikku’s house, about to terribly disrespect her furniture. She giggled stupidly at her own thought, knowing she was holding Tidus fully responsible for her giddiness. He lifted his face above hers, breathing heavily. “What’s so funny?” he panted.

She shook her head, suppressing the giggles. His hair was sticking up everywhere from where her hands had been, and combined with that black eye and the wild look in his eyes, it was funny. He looked like some crazy caged animal. “Nothing,” she fibbed. “We just can’t do this here.”

“Why not?” His hand was running down her bare midriff.

“Because we don’t live here,” she smiled. Tidus really had a one-track mind sometimes.

Understanding finally showed in the disappointment on his face. prespressed a final kiss to his parted mouth, letting his talinglinger on her lips. “Yeah, Rikku would kill us, huh?” he groaned, gingerly pushing himself to a sitting position beside her.

A blanket of cooler air rushed over her at the departure of his warm body, and she gathered the blanket around her. Yuna watched in amusement as he threw his head back against the wall and covered his eyes with his hands. His chest was heaving, and she could tell he was trying to control of himself. She wondered if all boys got this worked up or if it was just Tidus. ‘Probably just Tidus,’ she thought. Yuna directed a smile at him, scooting back and resting her head against the top pf the large pillow at her back. She wanted this with him as well, but there was no way she could in Rikku’s guest room. It was bad enough that she couldn’t rein her lust in on the ship.

But how could she? Her eyes raked over his body, studying him for the first time that night. He was topless for goodness sake, and his tanned, muscular torso made her hands want to explore the hills and valleys of him. The long, red beach shorts she’s bought for him adorned his lower body, which was showing his excitement from their actions just minutes before. Yuna decided for the umpteenth time that she absolutely loved his body.

After a minute, his breathing had evened out, and his shorts were less…excited in the front. “Don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you when we get home,” she promised, folding her hands on her tummy.

He peeked at her from between his fingers. “Really?”

She nodded at him, smiling at his enthusiasm. His hands fell from his face, and he reached down to the end of the blanket and took her feet in his hands. “Maybe I’ll make it up to you,” he said, pulling her legs around so her feet rested in his lap.

“Really?” she echoed, wiggling her toes. She hoped he wasn’t going to tickle her.

“Mmm-hmm,” he smiled, beginning to rub her feet.

Yuna relaxed, half-sitting up, on her side into the mountain of pillows, humming her contentment. She had never had a foot rub before, and never desired one, but she was beginning to see why Lulu was always raving about Wakka rubbing her feet. It felt wonderful. With her eyes closed, it was easy to picture herself, rounded with child, while Tidus did this very thing for her. She thought about parenthood often, but never broached the subject with him. She knew how he felt about his upbringing and how secretly insecure he was because of it. But she would spend forever proving to him otherwise, if that’s what it took.

The two sat in a lazy silence, Yuna enjoying his loving ministrations while he rubbed her and watched the blitzcast. This ordeal had brought their feelings to the forefront and tested their love successfully. There were still other questions on her mind and she was sure he had a few things he would like to discuss with her as well. Yuna couldn’t think of a better time to open up a forum with him; they had already wasted so much time with petty things anyway. “Tidus?”


She was a little nervous about raising the subject, but she told herself that doing so would raise their comfort level with each other in this arena. “Will you do this for me when I am pregnant?”

His eyes brightened, and he smiled widely. “Well yeah!” he replied happily. “Like every day.”

She chuckled at his enthusiasm. He’d obviously thought about this very thing. This was a really good idea. “You’re going to be a wonderful father one day.”

Her foot rub ceased. “I um…I’m gonna try really hard Yuna.” His insecurity was beginning to show in his eyes.

She shook her head. “No trying,” she said, crunching her toes in his bare side to hear him laugh. “you just will.”

“You’re gonna be an awesome mom, you know,” he said, once his laugher died down.

She felt herself blush a little. “Thank you.”

Although she always thought she would be, it was humbling to hear it from Tidus’ mouth. Like him, she had secret fears, but his never dying faith in herer cer ceased to amaze her. But over the past few days, she hadn’t shown him the same faith. Her stomach sunk at the sudden thought, and she fixed her eyes on her hands. She was ashamed of herself. “I’m sorry I didn’t believe you,” she offered quietly.

She felt his eyes on heut dut didn’t dare look up. “Why? You saw what you saw. What were you supposed to think? Wha What was she supposed to think? But shouldn’t she have given him the benefit of the doubt? Been more understanding and asked for his side of the story? Actually, she had, but in retrospect, the action had been nothing more than semantics. The truth was: she had wanted to be angry with him. Because she was jealous of the attention women gave him? Because she felt inadequate? She gasped.

“Hey babe,” he was shaking her legs by her ankles, breaking into her thoughts. “What’s wrong?”

She swallowed, finally bringing her eyes up to his. It was awful, but she finally understood the emotion lurking behind her actions. Oh, how she was tempted to just keep it inside like she always had. But she couldn’t; not in the face of this test their relationship had endured. Not in the face of the honesty that was written all over his face. Yuna took a deep breath, and sat up. “Do you….do you think that I’m…” Goodness, she was stuttering, and she felt foolish for not being able to articulate her thoughts.

Tidus chuckled. “Yuna, slooow down. Don’t be nervous.” His gentle smile eased her fears, and she smiled back. “You can ask me anything.” He was stroking the tops of her feet.

“I just, I don’t,” she began, “sometimes I feel like I’m not enough for you. Every woman and girl in Spira swoons when they see you, and some of them are really pretty and I know it sounds strange-“

“Huh-uh, Yuna,” he objected, sitting up completely straight. “Come here.”

He reached for her, and Yuna let him pull her closer to him by her hands. Her cheeks were on fire, and she felt torn between embarrassment for allowing him to see an insecurity she’d hidden so deeply inside, and relief for the same reason. He leaned forward and planted a tender kiss on her forehead. “I think…” he began, pulling away and looking down at their laced h, “t, “that you are the most beautiful girl in the world. I love you with like, all of me. And it’s not so stranSomeSometimes I kinda feel that way too, you know. Like you could do better than me.”

Her brows knit together. Better than him? Better than the guy who had just given her a foot rub for no reason? How could he think that? He was wonderful; everything she had ever dreamed of as a little girl. “No,” she said in a near whisper, “you’re my everything.”

A small smile appeared on his face. “You know, I never knew you could dance like that.”

Oh yeah. She’d forgotten about that. But it sounded like he liked what he saw. In all fact, the alcohol had given her the courage to just let loose on the dance floor. She giggled nervously. “I was just having some fun.”

He was playing with her fingers. “I’m glad. I’ll bet nobody ever knew Lady Yuna could move it like that,” he joked, shaking his shoulders and hips.

Laughing, she smacked his arm. “Keep talking and it will never happen again,” she threatened.

“Oh man, I’m sorry Yuna. I take it back,” he trailed off in a laugh.

“I forgive you,” she smiled.

A frown suddenly creased his forehead and he licked his lips. “Hey, I wanna talk to you about something.”

She tilted her head, feeling a small jolt of butterflies. “Okay.”

He looked nervous, and she saw him swallow before he spoke. “I um, I know that you’re um, a virgin.”

Yes, she was. She nodded.

“But I’m not.” he looked up at her, biting his lip.

Though she suspected that he wasn’t, her stomach dropped when he said the words. Her mind was racing, picturing him kissing and touching other women like he did to her. She couldn’t help it; she was jealous. “W-with women in your Zanarkand?”

He nodded sadly. “Yeah.”

She told herself to be quiet, but she kept talking “How many women?”

He hesitated before he responded. “Four,” he breathed, looking down.

Four. He had slept with four different women. It was almost shocking to hear. Her Tidus had made love with four women. They hadn’t even made love. What did that mean? She wasn’t hurt, or angry, just a little jealous. And confused. “You made love with four women?”

His head snapped up and he shook it violently. “No.” His usually genial voice was firm.

What? “I though you said-”

His finger on her lips silenced her. “I said I’ve been with women. I had sex. I thought I was a stud or somethin back then.” He was gesturing with his hands, punctuating his words. “I mean, I’ve never loved a woman in my life, so I’ve never made love to anyone but you.”

Now he was really confusing her. It must’ve shown on her face because he began to explain. Her hands became suddenly very interesting to him, as he focused intently downward. “This is gonna sound dumb, but I feel like I, you know, mlovelove with you when I touch you or um, when we, when we um, kiss.” He frowned then. “Does that make any sense?” He asked, raising hopeful eyes to hers.

Wow, was her first thought. He wasn’t dumb for thinking that at all. Sweet, yes. Not dumb. His words warmed her with the love in them, and she leaned over and touched her mouth to his. “Yes,” she said against his lips.

She felt his hands splay across the small of her back as they kissed languidly. As he made love to her. Yunaned ned softly at the sensuality of the thought, and looped an arm around his neck. It was such an arousing thought - to make love to someone with your mouth or just your hands. She had never thought of it that way, but she felt incredibly happy that he did. His hand slid down to rest on the curve of her hip while her other hand slid up his firm chest, over the cool ridges of his heavy chain, and up to cup his jaw behind his ear. He was letting her take the lead, making yummy moaning noises in his throat as she took control of the kiss. She tried to infuse every movement of her lips on his with the love she felt inside for him, instead of her usual technique. It was a new concept to her. Trust Tidus to open her eyes.

How was it possible to love someone this much? She knew in her heart that they belonged together. Only before, she thought it was merely love. True love, even. She had no idea that it was something elemental like this. This thing that bound them through such trivialities as time and dimensions. Death and loss. Dreams and reality.

Yuna absolutely adored Tidus. His kiss. His heart. Everything. She only then realized that she had no real choice in the matter. Neither did he. They were created for each other.

They kissed for long minutes, and for the first time, Yuna felt unhurried. She wasn’t nervous about pleasing him or letting her feelings for him rush them. In the end, he was the one who finally broke their passionate kiss, tapering off with small kisses around her mouth and along her jawline. “We need to stop, Yuna,” he said quietly. “I can’t get worked up again.”

Yuna kept her eyes on his heavy lidded ones, positive that his expression matched hers. His lips were swollen from her kisses, and his cheeks were a little rosy. He looked fairly “worked up” already, and she decided to tease him a little. She licked her lips, and she saw his eyes immediately drop to her mouth, and a she let a finger trace the top of the wbandband of his shorts. “Why not?” she mimicked his words from earlier.

He chuckled, and lifted her hand from his shorts to lace it with his. “You’re mean Yuna.”

It was amazing, the ease they had with each otheNo INo I’m not, I told you I will make it up to you when we get back to Besaid.”

Satisfied with her response, he fell onto his back. “Oh maaaaan,” he groaned, reaching for her. “You are awesome.”

She reached down and brought the blanket up to cover them as she curled into his side. “With you I am,” she smiled, kissing his yawning cheek.

He sighed, propping himself up on and elbow to lie on his side. “You make me so happy,” he said, cupping her chin in his hand.

And he did her. “Me too,” she smiled, rubbing his forearm.

“You make you happy? You’re so self-centered, Yuna,” he complained, flipping onto his other side away from her in mock anger.

Laughing, she sat up, and began tickling his sides. As his mirthful laughter filled the room, Yuna decided that life was perfect.

To be continued….

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